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Cadillac (USA) Professional cars and chassis

40COMCHA.JPG (6561 bytes)
1940 Cadillac commercial chassis

1940 Cadillac business sedan

4072buch.JPG (6702 bytes)    4072busi.JPG (8609 bytes)
Series 72 business chassis (left) and sedan (right)

4072lim2.JPG (15445 bytes)    4072pro3.JPG (35009 bytes)
These two Series 72 business are easy to recognize on account of
their high-mounted tail-lamp units; the two illustrations are from period ads

Catalog illustration of funeral coach on 1940 LaSalle chassis


Derham (USA):  [This entry is from an Internet web site devoted to Derham custom coachwork] One unusual-looking invalid car was built in early 1940 on a Cadillac Series 75 chassis for Irving R. Strauss of Behnar, New Jersey. It featured an unusual-looking extra-tall roofline similar to that found on a modern limousine equipped with commercial glass. The main feature of this body was a disappearing inclined ramp the fit under the rear compartment floor that could be pulled out and used from both sides of the car. Also included was a back seat that was cut in two, one half was replaced with a portable wheel chair luxuriously upholstered to match the car’s interior. A totally flat floor was also installed so that the chair could be easily rolled into the space then securely locked in place. The Barclay Portable Chair Auto Body Corp. at 55 West 42nd Street also specialized in the conversion of invalid cars. Its owner, Wright Barclay, had patented an auto ramp and wheelchair in the early 1930s that looked remarkably similar to the arrangement used by Derham. He even sent a threatening letter to Derham’s current client threatening action if any of his patents were used in the conversion. Derham had dealt with Barclay before, and assured their customer’s attorney that they would indemnify Mr. Strauss in the event of a lawsuit.

dr40DerhInv.jpg (12001 bytes)


Flxible (USA) Various professional car styles for the ambulance and funeral trades

40flxamb.jpg (9831 bytes)
Flxible ambulance on 1940 Cadillac chassis

40lsfxam.jpg (8425 bytes)
Flxible ambulance on 1940 LaSalle chassis


Flxible (USA) AA carved panel hearse on LaSalle chassis, McC p.247

Meteor (USA) limousine style hearse; see also McC p.243

40metamb.jpg (8678 bytes)     prf40meteor.jpg (41027 bytes)


Meteor (USA) funeral flower car, McC p.244

40metfc.jpg (7206 bytes)

40ls_flc.JPG (7927 bytes)

40mtrin1.jpg (5487 bytes)    40mtrin2.jpg (5756 bytes)
Tray with removable stainless steel railings


Meteor (USA) 8-door, Woodie station wagon on LaSalle chassis, McC p.247. This additional information was received in March, 2003 from Hugh Nutting, a regular visitor to the Cadillac Database:   In the 1940 'dream car' site you have two LaSalle station wagons [previously]   listed as "unknown (USA)".  Both are Meteor Funeral Coach bodies.  The 4 door belongs to CLC member Tom Boehm, and the 8 door is owned by a guy in the Detroit area.  It was built for the widow of one of the Dodge Brothers, Mrs. Wilson, who owned Meadowbrook Farms, where they have the classic car shows now.  These station wagons are one serial number apart.  They were Funeral car chassis when delivered.  I think Meteor cut each chassis in a different place then switched rear halves as neither finished wagon has a standard long wheelbase.   Hope this helps. 

40lsunk.jpg (9023 bytes)

40lsunk2.jpg (10653 bytes)


Miller, A.J. (USA) funeral flower car, McC p.247

40mlrfc.jpg (7379 bytes)

40lshhug.jpg (7943 bytes)
In the inscription on the side of this 1940 La Salle ambulance by A.J. Miller
may be seen the name "Howard Hughes" (the billionaire and ultimate recluse)
He had donated the vehicle to the Canadian Red Cross organization

40lsamb2.jpg (6445 bytes)
This La Salle ambulance, also  from A.J. Miller saw service in London
during the Blitz; it has the mandatory, war-time black-out lights


Philadelphia Specialty Mfg. Assoc. (USA) special 8-door airport bus for American Airlines [have poor photo]

Sayers & Scovill (USA) S&S funeral coach on LaSalle chassis

40LaS-SS.jpg (9645 bytes)


Sayers & Scovill (USA) S&S Aristocrat landau funeral car, McC p.243

Schmidt & Bartelt (USA) Founded in 1887 in Menomonee Falls, WI, this company gained a reputation for building vehicles to transport sick persons or invalids. They started making motorized  ambulances in 1919. Conversions were done on the following Cadillac chassis: a 1931 Series 355A 7-pass. limousine, then a 1940 Series 75 limousine (converted in 1948), then a 1948 Series 75 limousine in 1951. The conversion required careful removal of the "B" pillar and the making and fitting of special door locks at both the roof and floor sills. When used as an ambulance, the front bench seat was removed and a single driver seat fashioned and installed. The conversion from a 1940 Cadillac limousine is shown below. McC, p.242

39INVCR0.jpg (9171 bytes)    39INVCR9.jpg (8041 bytes)
Removable center door pillar allows quick installation of ambulance cot (left)
Ramp facilitates access with an invalid chair (right and below, left)

39invcr4.jpg (5586 bytes)    39INVCR5.JPG (5544 bytes)    39INVCR6.JPG (6101 bytes)
Invalid chair fits conveniently in the area where the right half of the rear seat normally would be

39INVCR7.JPG (5552 bytes)    39INVCR8.JPG (6510 bytes)
These two illustrations  show the front compartment
with full front seat (left) or half seat to accommodate invalid chair


Specialty Manufacturing Co (???) (USA), special 8-door airport limousine on Cadillac chassis, for American Airlines [photo OCW, 22.8.91]

Superior (USA) Gothic carved-panel hearse, McC p.244

40suphrs.jpg (8850 bytes)

40lsfire.jpg (7447 bytes)
Superior built also this fire department service car, as well as some ambulances on La Salle chassis
[ Photos from factory product brochure on professional cars ]


Unknown (USA?) Gothic carved-panel hearse, possibly by Superior (above).  This one was used in the funeral procession of Rosa Parks, an unwilling African-American activist who made history by refusing to give up her seat on Georgia a bus to a white man.

40LaShrs.jpg (14979 bytes)




Cadillac (USA) Professional cars and chassis

41GRIL~1.JPG (8501 bytes)    41buscha.JPG (6516 bytes)
Cadillac's new "egg-crate" grille   (left) and the ..." wheel base commercial chassis (right)

41busi2.JPG (9651 bytes)    41LIMO75.JPG (8851 bytes)

41busi.JPG (6963 bytes)
(Above two rows) Artists loved to stretch and lower the otherwise boxy Series 75 sedans and limousines


Eureka (USA)

41unkam3.jpg (9606 bytes)
Eureka ambulance

PR41_EUK.JPG (3144 bytes)    PR41_EUR.JPG (4067 bytes)


Eureka (USA) custom 15-passenger bus, McC p.254

Flxible (Loudonville, OH , USA) Various professional car styles for the ambulance and funeral trades

41flxhrs.jpg (10426 bytes)
Flxible limousine style hearse

41flxamb.jpg (9249 bytes)
Flxible built 100 of these coaches in 1941, for the ambulance and funeral trades; it was
a new style of coach and had an unusual rear door and window, setting it apart from the competition.

pr41flxb.jpg (11177 bytes)
Similar to the preceding model, this Flxible ambulance has the "tunnel" style emergency lights

41flxflc.jpg (8942 bytes)
Flxible flower car, Model. #C61-FC, finished in white with
high grade mohair upholstery and stainless steel flower
bed;  the rear door is equipped with casket rollers


Hess & Eisenhardt (USA)   Airport shuttle bus (limousine)

41HECoach.jpg (8481 bytes)   41commSS.jpg (7936 bytes)
Left: the airport shuttle; right: tradional front ensemble of S&S ambulances and funeral cars


Knightstown (USA)

40unkam.jpg (9091 bytes)
Knightstown ambulance?


Little, John (Ontario, Canada)

41hrs2.jpg (9116 bytes)    41hrs1.jpg (10020 bytes)

dr41goth.jpg (12430 bytes)
This carved-side, gothic styled hearse was converted from a Series 62 coupe in the shops of John Little, of Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. The "cathedral"glass in the rear body  was stained blue and the interior was lined with maroon mohair. Originally delivered to the Needham funeral home in Ontario, the car subsequently was sold and saw further service with the Dodson & Habkirk Funeral Home in Kingsville, Ontario. Sadly, after it was retired from service in 1958, it ended up in a field [two upper pictures]. Fortunately, it was recovered before it was too late and got a professional, ground-up restoration. Currently (2002) it is owned by Lloyd Needham of Blenheim, Ontario (a descendant of the original owners?)


Meteor (USA), the limousine coach, the service car, the carved Gothic hearse,  the Landau funeral coach.

dr41mete.JPG (9998 bytes)
Gothic carved hearse on Series 62 chassis [see McC, p.255]

41meteor.jpg (5844 bytes)
This survivor was for sale in Cars & Parts, in the mid-seventies

41hrs.jpg (8761 bytes)    41metor4.jpg (5045 bytes)
This Meteor Combination coach belongs to a Database visitor and Cadillac enthusiast who wishes to remain anonymous; he wrote: here is a picture of Pugsey [hidden, right] fulfilling its current purpose...the kids love it at Halloween;
it does have the compartments on the back of the divider, for ambulance service. It also has a rear heater
built into the rear of the divider that is housed by the ambulance compartments.


Miller (USA) classic combination coach

41unkhr2.jpg (8392 bytes)    41unkam.jpg (8580 bytes)
Combination coach with an attractive paint scheme

41unkam4.jpg (10017 bytes)
Miller ambulance


Miller A.J. (USA)  included in their program this year the regular limousine, the Art carved model,  the Cathedral carved coach, the flower car and  the service car [McC p.264]

dr41milr.JPG (5537 bytes)
This is the Cathedral carved-side funeral coach

The two unidentified vehicles below (picked up on the Internet) may be Miller models

dr41hrs.JPG (7712 bytes)    dr41hrsa.JPG (7689 bytes)

dr41hrsb.JPG (5916 bytes)    dr41hrsc.jpg (6418 bytes)

41flca.jpg (11862 bytes)    41flcb.jpg (9586 bytes)


Silver Knightstown (Indiana, USA)

S&S (USA) by Hess & Eisenhardt, offered the DeLuxe, the Superline, the Statesman and the Macedonian funeral vehicles [McP, p.200].   Ambulances too were available.

41unkam2.jpg (8556 bytes)
S&S Victoria

41unkhrs.jpg (8183 bytes)
S&S limousine style ambulance


Superior (USA), Military field ambulance [McC p.255]. Other professional cars offered this year include those illustrated below:

Dr41bclf.jpg (7779 bytes)
Briarcliff side-loading limousine funeral coach

Dr41lnda.jpg (9114 bytes)
Landau hearse

41proarm.jpg (8265 bytes)
Superior ambulance dressed up in drab olive
and used by the U.S. army's medical department

41usmed.jpg (7934 bytes)    41usmed2.jpg (8483 bytes)
Two different views of the same car

41CONISL.JPG (8982 bytes)
Fire department ambulance used at Coney Island, New York


[Unknown, Spain]: break-down truck conversion from 1941 Series 60 Special believed to have been owned at one time by renowned artist Salvador Dali.

41daltrk.jpg (8865 bytes)     41daltr2.jpg (6798 bytes)
I saw and photographed this break-down truck in the province of Barcelona, Spain, while driving from Geneva to Valencia in the early 60s [in a tiny, Italian Fiat 500!]; among the few people in that area who could afford a Cadillac at that time was the great artist, Salvador Dali who in fact lived not too far away, near Figueras, in the province of Gerona; I often wondered if this might have been one of his old cars

[Unknown, USA?]:

41ambS.jpg (8999 bytes)



42bus767.jpg (7870 bytes)

42bus67a.jpg (5046 bytes)    42bus67c.jpg (6028 bytes)
Above two rows, the roomy  Series 67  business sedan

42bus9.jpg (9132 bytes)

42busin1.jpg (4051 bytes)    42busin2.jpg (3921 bytes)
Above two rows, the equally roomy and more luxurious  
Series 75  business sedan and limousine

42comcha.jpg (6911 bytes)
1942 Cadillac commercial chassis



Eureka (USA)

42SSCrvd.jpg (9518 bytes)
S&S carved-side funeral coach

42eukflc.jpg (7567 bytes)
Eureka flower car

42flctbl.jpg (4512 bytes)    42flctra.jpg (4650 bytes)
The table (left) extends onto the door, which includes
four rollers; note the tray cover (right)

Flxible (USA) carved panel flower car, McC p.261. Also miscellaneous other professional vehicles for the ambulance and funeral trades. America went to war this year; Flxible built a mere 26 funeral coaches and ambulances on the Cadillac chassis

42flxamb.jpg (10409 bytes)

42flxpol.jpg (10321 bytes)

41flxbfc.jpg (10598 bytes)
This is NOT a flower car; note the smooth top of the rear deck; this was a new style offered by Flxible that year
called the Innovation; unlike regular flower cars, it had a fully upholstered rear compartment


Meteor (USA)

42metflc.jpg (8471 bytes)
Meteor flower car


Miller A.J. (USA) 

42MILLER.JPG (7682 bytes)

42flcmlr.jpg (8891 bytes)
Miller flower car with unique roof line and decorative landau bars

42mlrfl2.jpg (5191 bytes)    42mlrfl3.jpg (4829 bytes)
The table (right) extends onto the door, which includes
four rollers; note the tiered flower tray (right)


Miller(USA) landau style funeral car, McC p.261

Proctor Keefe Co (USA) rescue squad car for Detroit Fire Department (2 built), McC p.261

Sayers & Scovill (USA) One of a number of professional cars built for the funeral trade

42SS_HRS.JPG (8083 bytes)

42ambACCFnl2.jpg (9775 bytes)    42ambACCFnl1.jpg (11426 bytes)    42ambACCFnl3.jpg (10360 bytes)
This lovely survivor turned up in the Netherlands circa 2007-08
It was brought to my attention by "Philippe", regular contributor to the Forum of the American car Club de France - ACCF
[ I have Philippe and the ACCF to thank for these three  superb images ]



Silver Knightstown (USA) One of a number

42slvkni.jpg (7725 bytes)


Schmidt & Bartelt (USA) Were these effectively built ? Not according to research, as recorded above in the 1940 section. According to professional car enthusiast and expert, Bernie De Winter, this may be a NuSystems conversion. This was a sedan ambulance conversion available through a network of shops scattered throughout the US before the war; their conversions were available on any number of different sedans.

42ambcom.jpg (10280 bytes)    42invch.jpg (7643 bytes)


Superior (USA) One of a number of coach-built vehicles offered by Superior for the ambulance and funeral trades

42SUHRS.JPG (5341 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Cadillac hearses [Internet photos]

42pckup1.jpg (13181 bytes)

42pckup2.jpg (11095 bytes)    42pckup3.jpg (5674 bytes)
This pick-up truck was found in Florida by a French biker and Cadillac collector; it is
one of two 1942 pickups converted in the forties from the Series 62 sedan at the request
of a Las Vegas casino; they were used as baggage trucks for the casino's VIPs
[ Photos: courtesy Daniel "Zoot" Dimov and France's Nitro magazine ]



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