Car Body #404

"Car #404was advertised on e-Bay in October 2002. Later, it was offered at auction bythe Kruse group at the Auburn Fall venue in 2002. Bidding is reported to havereached $39,000. The Ebay vendor mentioned only two knowndefects: a crack in the driver's side wing window and an inoperative power seat ...whichhas since been repaired. The bidding closed at $31,400 but the car was not sold(reserve price not met). The car now resides happily in the garage of an avidCadillac collector in central Illinois... Troy Negray [he also has car #586, below]. Troy bought #404 carafter it appeared on e-bay last year. The car is in exceptionally nice shape... the greeninterior is especially stunning. Troy is a firm believer in enjoying his cars, and driveshis Brougham whenever the weather allows. To date the car has needed nothing other than anew water pump and some heater hoses! "