Car Body #406

"Car #406 is owned byCLC member, Harry Carlson. Harry says of his car (which, incidentally, is for sale): Thiscar is an older, not-quite complete restoration. In my judgement, it needs as much moneyput into it again as its current market value. Owner added detailed, honestdescription of vehicle: Rescued from a barn by previous North Carolina owner who did most of therestoration. Purchased from estate of former owner. Have owned for nearly 10 years. Fiverestorable original alloy wheels, four restorable center wheel covers - car is currentlyon incorrectsteelwheels with incorrect wheel covers. Three small dings on leftrear stainless roof. Each electric system needs to be troubleshot until electric drain isfound. Currently, all fuses pulled. Three of four horns are missing. Runsrough. Stalls in traffic. Owner getting a little old to push a 5,300 lb. carthrough an intersection on a highway while blocking traffic. Mechanic says#2 carbneeds a rebuild and he ' ain't the guy to do it 'cause' he ' don't want toget married to it' . Driver door trim held in place by duct tape at themoment.Car stalls when wheel is turned hard left, very upsetting especiallywhen making a left turn in traffic.Seems to be an electrical problem. Originalgraycarpetreplaced with ghastly gray green one. Windshield has discolorationand bubbling laminations on upper right side. Broken outside driver's mirror. Needs 3 newtires. Atireunraveled from old age. Windows, electric trunk and otheraccessories were working when we pulled the fuses a few years ago. Running,licensedwith historic Michiganplates. Clear Michigantitle. Currently on springs. Bottoms out too easily.All air suspension itemsin a container (except, missing 1 of 3 originalvalve levelers). Sorry, no vanityitems. The inside of the glove box with2 trunk control switches is missing. Newexhaust system with incorrect tips on end of exhaust (no louvers). Restoration leatherinterior in gray is not quite correct. Missing front passenger side ash tray door. Brokendriver's sun visor (repairable). Missing 1 underseat rear heater. Straight body, appearsto never have been in an accident or had a body-off restoration. No major corrosion orrust, except a bubble under paint here and there and superficial surface rust under thecar. Believed to have spent most of its life in North Carolina."