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Nota: Since these pages were prepared, in 1996, the definitive book on LaSalle
automobiles has been published; it is entitled La Salle - Cadillac's Companion Car
[ISBN #1-56311-519-0]. Thoroughly researched and written and by my friends
Ron Van Gelderen and Matt Larson, I strongly recommend that you refer to that
book for more precise facts and figures, plus lots more photos of these beautiful cars



1937 La Salle Series 37-50 (L-Head 90° V-8)

Bore : 3 3/8"

Stroke : 4 ½"

Displacement : 322 cu.in.

Compression ratio : 6.25:1

Brake HP : 125 BHP @ 3400 rpm

Wheel bases : 124" and 160" (commercial chassis)

Total units built : 32,000 (Ackerson), 32,005 (Van Gelderen and another source)

Price range : $995-$1485 (price list dated October 20, 1936)1

$1095-up (another source)

Introduced : Late Fall 1936

ls37pro2.jpg (6632 bytes)     ls37pro1.jpg (10928 bytes)
Factory prototype model of 1937 la Salle

ls37gril.jpg (5556 bytes)     ls37dash.JPG (8271 bytes)
Grille ID (left) and typical instrument panel (right)


Body styles
All Fisher bodies on 124" wheel base

The Coupe

ls37cp.jpg (8331 bytes)

ls37cp3.jpg (12033 bytes)

ls37cp1.jpg (8093 bytes)    ls37cpe2.jpg (6922 bytes)
2-4 passenger, 2-door 5027 Coupe $995/1141/1239

37_5027a.jpg (8387 bytes)    37_5027b.jpg (10219 bytes)
This lovely survivor is (was) part of the Steve Plunkett collection
[ Photos:  Internet, 1/2008 ]

This lovely survivor hails from New Zealand
[Photo: "Finz", magazine of the New Zealand CLC]

The 2-dr Sedan

ls37cp5p.jpg (8574 bytes)
5-passenger, 2-door 5011 Sedan, 3780lbs $1105/1257/1355

 ls37sd4d.jpg (8103 bytes)    ls37sdn.JPG (12545 bytes)
5-passenger, 4-door 5019 Sedan, 3810lbs $1145/1299/1397
Right: a period ad for the same model

Ls37sv.jpg (6645 bytes)
Above: a survivor waiting to be restored

The Convertible Coupe

ls37cvcp.jpg (8349 bytes)    37las_ca.jpg (8341 bytes)
2-4 passenger, 2-door 5067 Convertible Coupe,  3715lbs $1175/1331/1428

ls37race.jpg (6095 bytes)   37LaSDePalma.jpg (17008 bytes)    37LasDP3.jpg (8290 bytes)
This La Salle convertible coupe paced the Indianapolis 500 race in 1937; it also set a new stock car speed record (see below)

37LasDEP2.jpg (57405 bytes)    

37LaSPace.jpg (9332 bytes)
The official pace car of the 1937 Indianapolis 500
[ Photo:  courtesy Ted Spector ]



The Convertible Sedan

ls37cvsd.jpg (8453 bytes)
5-passenger, 4-door 5049 Convertible Sedan,  3850lbs $1485/1672/1734 [new]

124" bare chassis:  $850
160" bare chassis:  $925


Easy ID and Principal features: New, diecast, curved "egg-crate" grille, also more rounded at the top and more upright, new, elaborate hood ports with six narrow chrome strips, three chrome chevrons on leading edge of front fenders, "LaS" medallion in center of front bumper, vertical  assembly at front end of hood sides featuring eleven louver ducts , new Cadillac V-8 engine, gold-colored "V8" symbol at upper RH side of grille, headlights lowered and moved towards fenders, larger car, more luxurious interiors, large, trunk storage space, Fisher, "Unisteel, Turret Top" roof, heavily reinforced X-member frame, split-V windshield, pontoon fenders, cut off at the rear, streamlined "bullet" tail-lights, independent "Knee-Action" front suspension, hydraulic brakes, hypoid rear axle, optional fender-mounted spare wheels, disc wheel covers.

Accessories: Group "B5" (5 trim rings, flexible steering wheel) $23.18, Group "B6" (as above but 5 trim rings) $24.72, Group "A5" (4 wheel discs, flexible steering wheel, license frames) $37.60, Group "A6" (as for A5 but assumed 6 wheel discs) $ ??? [$37.60 in error on price list ???]. Standard tires: 7.00 x 16 black-walls, Royal or Firestone extra. Whitewalls $3.50 each extra. Extra charge for RH fender well and metal tire cover (standard on convertible sedan) $39.14. Color and upholstery options included in price list.

Trivia 1: Again a La Salle was used as a pace car for the Indianapolis Speedway race

Trivia 2: Ralph De Palma beat the stock car speed record at Indianapolis on 10.5.1937 in a La Salle convertible coupe averaging more than 82 mph.

N.B. Second price [after slash "/"] is for 6-wheel job; prices include bumpers and guards, spare tire and tube, ornament, electric clock, air cleaner and [on 6-wheel jobs] 2 metal tires covers.
1 Thanks to Dennis Derion for sending a copy of the price list and the 1937 Prestige catalog [6/2000]

ls37cust.jpg (8689 bytes)
Unidentified custom model

ls37vet3.jpg (9619 bytes)    ls37vet2.jpg (9177 bytes)
Custom proposals by Veth, Holland



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