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Nota: Since these pages were prepared, in 1996, the definitive book on LaSalle
automobiles has been published; it is entitled La Salle - Cadillac's Companion Car
[ISBN #1-56311-519-0]. Thoroughly researched and written and by my friends
Ron Van Gelderen and Matt Larson, I strongly recommend that you refer to that
book for more precise facts and figures, plus lots more photos of these beautiful cars



1933 La Salle Series 345-C (90° V-8)

Bore : 3 3/8"

Stroke : 4 15/16"

Displacement : 353 cu.in.

Compression ratio : ???

Brake HP : 115 BHP

Wheel bases : 130", 134" and 136"

Total units built : 3,381 (Ackerson), 3,482 (Van Gelderen),

Price range : $2245-$2645

Introduced : ???

Engine numbers : 2000001 to >>>>> [1933]

  ls33int.jpg (6767 bytes)
1933 La Salle instrument panel


Body styles
Carried over from 1932 and extensively restyled for 1933

Fisher Bodies on 130" Wheel Base
(in ascending order of rarity)


The Sedan for 5 Passengers

ls33tgsd.jpg (8773 bytes)    ls33sdn2.jpg (7628 bytes)
Style #33-659, 5-passenger sedan
(1491 built)

Apparently a custom job with closed  quarters and landau bars
[ I did not find it in the book, LaSalle, Cadillac's Companion Car]

The Town Coupe for 5 Passengers

ls33cp5p.jpg (8444 bytes)
wrong image ???

Style #33-672,  5-passenger town coupe, $2,395
(271 units built)


The Coupe

ls33cp2p.jpg (7636 bytes)

ls33cp.JPG (13271 bytes)    ls33cpe.jpg (10642 bytes)
Style #33-678, 2-passenger town coupe, $2,245
(154 units built)
[lower row, left, artist's view from period ad; right, a fine survivor]


The Convertible Coupe

33LaSCvCp.jpg (109995 bytes)

ls33cvc2.jpg (12593 bytes)      33lascnv.jpg (10753 bytes)
Style #33-668, 2-passenger convertible coupe, $2,395
(146 units built)


Bare Chassis

(only 1 unit)

Fisher Bodies on 136" Wheel Base
(in ascending order of rarity)


The Town Sedan for 5 Passengers

33LasTnSdn.jpg (74179 bytes)      Las33TnSdn2.jpg (107267 bytes)
Style #33-652, 5-passenger town sedan, $2,495
(752 units built)


The Sedan for 7 Passengers

ls33lim.JPG (15499 bytes)    ls33tcpi.jpg (5583 bytes)
Style #33-662, 7-passenger sedan, $2,495
(467 units built)


The Limousine for 7 Passengers

33v8sed7.JPG (9537 bytes)    ls33sdn.JPG (12480 bytes)
Style #33-663, 7-passenger limousine, $2,645
(190 units built)


Special Fleetwood Bodies on 136" Wheel Base

Fleetwood built four town coupes for 5 passengers (style #5281); these are listed in the
Master Parts Book.  These probably looked quite similar to Cadillac style #5581 (below)
of which Fleetwood built four units on the sixteen-cylinder chassis in 1933

v6335581.JPG (6796 bytes)
Style #33-8-222 ( #5281), 5-passenger town coupe,   price not recorded
(only 4 units built)


Bare Chassis

(only 1 unit)


Mystery 355-CX Series
Cadillacs with La Salle Bodies on 140" Wheel Base

The Town Coupe for 5 Passengers

33cp5p.JPG (8732 bytes)    ls33tncp.jpg (8461 bytes)
Style #33-8-272, 5-passenger coupe [Cadillac body - as illustrated], $2,695
(only 2 units built)


The All-Weather Phaeton

33awp2.JPG (8641 bytes)
Style #33-8-273, 5-passenger all-weather phaeton [Cadillac body - as illustrated], $3,195
(only 2 units built)


[ Photo needed ]
Style #33-8-256, 5-passenger special phaeton [Cadillac body], $2,695
(only 1 unit built)


World's Fair Cars

Six specially prepared cars were on show at the 1933 Chicago World Fair exhibition.  They were: a red 5p. town sedan, a blue 5p. town sedan, a green 5p. sedan, a blue 5p. town coupe, a dark blue 5p, town coupe and a green 2p. coupe (illustrated below)

33lasch4.jpg (8997 bytes)    33lasch3.jpg (7105 bytes)

33lasch2.jpg (5905 bytes)    33laschi.jpg (5939 bytes)
This World's Fair LaSalle coupe was offered for sale on e-Bay in June, 2002


Principal features: Fender-mounted parking lights, [easy ID = new, horizontal hood louver doors + new, fine-mesh "V"d radiator grille with one vertical and seven horizontal separations], new skirted fenders front and rear, single-bar bumpers, new headlight support (no tie bar), twin, streamlined, bullet tail-lights with LH number-plate stanchion,  LaS  emblem at top, RH corner, clamshell fenders, new trunk rack with emblem, Syncro-Mesh clashless transmission, mechanical 4-wheel brakes, safety glass all round, adjustable front seat, chrome-plating, battery under front seat (formerly mounted on running board), No-Draft ventilation (vent wings front and rear [in sedans]).

Here's what Cadillac's own copywriters had to say about the new LaSalle chassis for 1933, which they hoped to sell to the funeral trades:

The new LaSalle chassis, manufactured at the Cadillac factory, is, we sincerely believe, the greatest value offered for funeral service.   Powered by the 125-horsepower Cadillac V-8 engine, it provides performance unduplicated by any other chassis of comparable cost. The one-piece, heavy-duty frame has a reinforcing "X" member of "I" beam construction, extending all the way to the kick-up for greater strength and rigidity.

N.B. Weights and prices listed in AT differ from other sources

Las33Prices.jpg (97575 bytes)



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