Car Body #2

[1957] Car #2 is the THIRD Brougham built [chassis #5770-035764]. It is painted bright primrose yellow, a special color [code #0 on the original body tag] that is not included in either the regular color palette for 1957 nor on the special color palette for the new Brougham models.

[1958] As confirmed by the late Cy Strickler, first President of the Brougham Owners' Association (BOA), the car is used for some time in Cadillac's Engineering Department (possibly as a second test car); it has a fuel injected engine. It is later re-worked, re-painted black, mounted on 1958 chassis #58P-014243 and sold as 1958 Brougham #475. Photos of this car are identified in many specialized auto magazines as a "1958" Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, whereas in FACT it is 1957 car #2].

[Late 70s] Cy Strickler lists the car as belonging to Larry Muckey of Muskegon, MI. At that time, it is reported to be still in fine condition. Larry also owns also car #471 (Larry helped piece together the story of the 1956 Eldorado Brougham town car, special, Motorama model).

[August 2002] Per a message left in the Cadillac Database "Visitors' Book" by enthusiast Glen Durmisevich: "I owned this car from 1978 to 1984. In addition to Cy Strickler's info, Body #2 had a 1958 VIN #58P014243. Door panels were labeled #475 [which fits the 1958 chassis number]. Previous owners include Francis J. Novak, Larry Muckey [noted above], Dr. Rick Zeiger, and myself. The car rode on springs. I sold it in 1984 to Fred Collins in California. I have photos after I painted this car and used it for my wedding."

[February 2010] Glen Durmisevich provides some photos of the car, which he once owned, after the body had been removed at the factory and put on 1958 Brougham chassis #58P014243. Glen points out that the structure in the background is not Meadowbrook Hall, he was told it was more likely the stone-built mansion of one of the Fisher brothers, located in the Sherwood Forest/Palmer Woods Subdivision in Detroit (see first three pictures in the gallery). The B&W photos in the gallery have been widely publicized; the car has often been IDd in error as a 1958 model; in fact it is car #2 of the 1957 production; HOWEVER... in 1958, the body was mounted on 1958 chassis #58P014243, repainted and given a new body tag, #475; this begs the question: how many 1957-58 Brougham bodies were effectively built? 704 or 703? The color photo of this car painted yellow is intriguing; it was featured on the rear cover of a 1957 Cadillac "mailer" brochure entitled, "You and your Cadillac" [the emphasis actually appears on the cover title]. Factory records show that the paint code for this car to be "0" [i.e. special order]; the only 1957-58 Brougham to have been painted a special order color is #2 of the 1957 production run, this car most probably; this photo and the three B&W pictures provided in the gallery are believed to have been taken in front of one of the stone-built mansions belonging to one of the Fisher brothers and located in Detroit's upmarket Sherwood Forest / Palmer Woods subdivision; the photo of the car painted black in the gallery shows the car after it was repainted black and mounted on 1958 Brougham chassis #58P014243 [© and courtesy of Glun Durmisevich, a former owner].