Car Body #13

Car #13 was locatedby Jean-Claude Franchitti [1960 Brougham #68]. Hedescribes it as missing parts, but roadworthy. Jean-Claude is on the hunt for a nice1957-58 Brougham and in his travels has come across a few of them that were not previouslylisted here. I will add them in due course, with his help. This car was acquired recently(2002) by Tony Dutton, a New Zealander who currently [2002] works in Aberdeen, Scotland.In July 2002, Tony wrote: I bought the car in California a few months ago and importedit here to Scotland. I too am someone who left his native land (NZ) to seek fortune (stilllooking!). The car runs but needs quite a lot of work: engine, running gear, windshield,air suspension, brakes and body, before starting on all the other smaller jobs. The carhad been vandalized. I plan to restore it but realize this will be a long, expensive job(I saw Mike Rizzuto's web site before buying the car). I'm not sure of the run number asthe plate is missing from under the hood (why the plate is missing I don't know?) but Iwas told it was # 013?? The engine number is correct as stamped on the frame right handside behind the engine mount. I will check with the Cadillac archives as posted in the CLCWebsite to confirm build spec etc. [Tony presumably was referring to this, The (new) Cadillac Database ©). In a subsequentmessage, he supplied the picture, below; he said: Attached is a picture of theBrougham before it was shipped from California. You'll have to excuse the wheels, theturbines are long gone, I'm afraid. You can see the vandalism damage to thewindshield and some hammer dents to the panels. I plan to get some more digital pictureslater this month and I will send them if you're interested.