Harley Earl recalled in an interview that the first minutes of meetings concerning the Eldorado Brougham were recorded on May 4, 1954, and included preliminary specifications of the passenger compartment. The four-passenger seating was tentatively agreed upon as well as general seating dimensions. Shortly afterward the wheel base and treads were pegged and a seating buck was fabricated with seats, steering wheel, and foot controls installed in accordance with our full-size layouts. At the same time I gave approval to start immediately on a full-size clay model. In the Eldorado Brougham dream car of 1955 were combined all the styling and mechanical characteristics that had been seen in earlier Cadillac dream cars [the Orleans, in 1953, and the Park Avenue, in 1954]. Ed Glowacke, then in charge of the Cadillac studio, had the clay model ready for show to management in August 1954. The sleek, low model was approved. Work began immediately on the hand-built prototype that was to be displayed at the 1955 Motorama show just five months later. The car was painted on January 10, just nine days before the show was due to open in new York, a two-day trip away from Detroit. At 2 a.m. on January 19, just 14 hours before curtain-up, the Brougham was accidentally damaged, front and rear, when it collapsed from its transport dolly. Emergency repairs were hastily carried out. Fortunately, there were no visible traces of the mishap when, a few hours later, the public thronged around the car on its revolving stand at the show.

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