Aphorisms Aphorisms

What people have said about the Cadillac automobiles.

Books Books

The best-known books devoted to Cadillacs and LaSalles.

Mascots Mascots

Well-known "fake" Cadillac and LaSalle mascots.

Art Art

An assortment of collectible objects and artifacts related to Cadillacs.

Knick-Knacks Knick-Knacks

A number of knick-knacks bearing the proud Cadillac name.

Movies Movies

Some well-known movies in which Cadillacs have a leading role.

Songs Songs

Some well-known songs that are related to Cadillacs.

Stamps Stamps

A catalog of postage stocks that features Cadillacs and LaSalles.

Models Models

A catalog of scaled models, toys and replicas based on Cadillacs.