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The Cadillac V16

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4. Bodies by Fleetwood
[ Styles with initial digits "43..." ]



Latest available information





Info from Rick LeForge




Formerly owned by a Mr. Sanders. Info from Rick LeForge




Enthusiast-historian, Rick LeForge, has heard that this V-16 chassis and drive-train were used to power a replica of a Fleetwood style #4302 roadster. Confirmation is sought.




This one is/was in France; I read an article about it in a French auto magazine at the home of a friend, in Switzerland, in October 1999 [this may be the car owned or restored by Paris' André Le Coq].  It may subsequently have found a new home in Germany [photos in 2nd and 3rd rows]. I saw such a repro roadster offered for sale in Germany. The car was said to have matching numbers. The car was totally restored and "ready to go"', with German inspection papers for possible registration in that country or elsewhere. The car is 2-tone red, with red leather interior. Cadillac enthusiast and friend, Gilles Dreux of Paris, France, sent me a copy of an earlier title document to this vehicle; apparently a previous owner was indeed André LeCoq, formerly Paris' premier auto restorer [now out of business].  Late Extra [2/2007]: The new owner resides in Pottsdam, Germany; he says the car is possibly one of only two such models in Germany (the other being located at the VW museum (Autostadt) in Wolfsburg. Can anyone help this gentleman find a shop manual and spare parts for this model? He confirmed that his car began its life as a sedan style and was later converted to this roadster.




     700333Lecoq.jpg (24421 bytes)     4302sv1a.jpg (11027 bytes)
(Left)André Le Coq, front row, center, with some French celebrities
(Right) Same car, different lighting conditions ?

4302grmn.jpg (7830 bytes)     4302German.jpg (9565 bytes)

 760917c.jpg (7842 bytes)     760917a.jpg (9061 bytes)     760917b.jpg (7771 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet ]

700333G.jpg (8200 bytes)     700333B.jpg (6373 bytes)     700333D.jpg (7071 bytes)     700333E.jpg (6944 bytes)

700333C.jpg (8511 bytes)     700333A.jpg (8076 bytes)
[ More Internet photos ]





The VIN is that of a replacement engine.  The owner, Jack Wade, believes the original VIN was 703052. This info from enthusiast Chris Cummings.




Rick LeForge provided a "fingerprint" of this car's body tag, showing that it came from a 1931 V8 model [Series 353]. The Fleetwood style number is 3902 and the body is #115.  This car is pale blue and maroon. The current V-16 chassis and drive train formerly belonged to Fleetwood style #4330-S sedan, #95, for 5 passengers]. In July 2007, it was advertised for sale by the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, with a $450,000 price tag.  This was the poster car for the CCCA Museum at Hickory Corners, in 1989. Among its previous owners were Dee Howard and Sam Vaughn [material for this entry provided kindly by V-16 owners, Chris Cummings and Rick LeForge]. The new owner, Aaron Weiss, made himself known to me in February, 2008. This posting was included in "The Car Auctions" by the Imperial Palace:  Excellent mechanically, toured in 2000, and driven regularly since. CCCA Primary, Senior and Premier. Scored 99 points at the CCCA Grand Classic in 2001 ... Side mounts, side curtains, golf bag door, rumble seat, low boy trunk.  


4302_700482a.jpg (14204 bytes)     4302_700482c.jpg (9003 bytes)

4302_700482e.jpg (5983 bytes)     4302_700482f.jpg (6137 bytes)     4302_700482d.jpg (7651 bytes)
[ Photos: Internet, 12/2000 ]

This car?





Is this the same car as above? It is featured in AQ, for the fourth quarter 1984, as belonging to Rick Carroll. In the CLC Directory, 2002, this silver and maroon roadster (which I believe is the same car) is said to belong to D. Anderson, TX. As I have said often, without the VINs and body numbers it is never easy to identify precisely a V-16 model car and its present owner.


[ Photo (left):  AQ,  fourth quarter 1984 ]





Black and silver body with red leather interior. Rebuilt by Marc Ohm




Offered for sale at auction by the J.C. Leake organization in Tulsa, OK [lot #2462, June 2006], this apparently is a rebody from a Fleetwood style 4361S. The catalog description reads: VIN 700720 - the chassis and engine are documented by the GM Heritage Center as a Series 4361-S, V-16 Club Sedan. Archie Meinerz of Wisconsin found the chassis and engine with a fire truck body on it in Michigan. He had the California Metal Shaping Company build a roadster body to exact Fleetwood standards with a wood frame and sheet metal body. This tip from V-16 enthusiast, Chris Cummings [6/2006]: Apparently this roadster left the factory as a town sedan [Fleetwood style 4361-S], later acquired a fire engine body, and even later was supplied with a newly-manufactured roadster body). It did not sell at the Leake Auction this year.  In June 2006 it was seen on Ebay with a $100,000 starting bid .  V-16 owner-enthusiast,Chris Cummings, believes this is the same car I had shown earlier as an acquisition by a Russian auto museum; it had been brought to my attention by enthusiast Andy Chrisanfov. The car has been repainted, as may be seen in the second row of photos, below.


4302grnC.jpg (13218 bytes)     4302grnB.jpg (9574 bytes)     4302grnA.jpg (9912 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 5/2006 ]

V6_mosc1b.jpg (5503 bytes)     4302Moscow.jpg (7548 bytes)
[ These two photos: © 2005, 2008 and courtesy Andy Chrisanfov ]

4302-700720.jpg (129517 bytes)





Jack Tallman, an old friend and Cadillac dealer  from Decatur, IL, owned this one for many years. It was the New York Spring Auto Show car. Acquired by Inglis Uppercu, the New York Cadillac dealer, it went first to a buyer in California, then to Jack. Its restoration is described in SS, 4/64. In the late fifties this car starred in the movie Tarnished Angels. Enthusiast and V-16 owner, Brent Merrill, believes (and has convinced me) that Jack's car remained unchanged (red with black fenders) since he acquired and restored it in the early 60s. Late Extra (Jan. 2011): Jack's car was offered for sale, along with a score of his other classic cars, by RM Auctions at Amelia Island in March 2011. Latest (Mar. 2011): The car was acquired by another enthusiast and friend, Brent Merrill (see his comment, above) who had invited Gita and me to attend the auction. I can vouch that a grand time was had by all ...especially by Gita and me, as we were able to meet again with Jack and Marilyn Tallman, as well as their loverly daughters, Jill and Joy, all of whom whom we had first met in Switzerland, in 1974, when they were scouting for a 1937 V-16 roadster by Hartmann of Lausanne. Brent was overjoyed to be able to add this fabulous car to his growing collection of classic roasdsters.  Gita and I were equally overjoyed to be able to ride around the island  in Brent's new toy. Sadly, Jack passed on just a few months after our meeting in Amelia Island; our heartfelt condolences go out to Marilyn, Jill, Joy and their family. 

v6p302b.JPG (10198 bytes)  
The car when Jack Tallman owned it

4302jack1.jpg (51140 bytes)     4302jack2.jpg (53024 bytes)    

4302jack3.jpg (39620 bytes)
[ Photos:  RM Internet site ]

RM auction sale, Amelia Island, 2011


4302 #24


This car was restored by Jim Bradley of Edmond, OK. Parts of the original roadster body were replaced with others during restoration. It was offered for sale, in April 2001, at the J.C. Leake auction in Tulsa, OK. Offered again at auction as Lot #48 by RM auctions, it was sold in Arizona in 2002 to a Mr. Ray Scherr of California. On August 19, 2007 it found a new buyer at the Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach Auction for five grand short of half a million dollars ($495,000). Late Extra (Dec. 2010):   The car was on the block again at an RM auction on Amelia Island in January 2011.This detailed history of the car was provided (excerpt): Prior to its restoration, Mr. Bradley inspected the chassis carefully, comparing each of many individually numbered components to the original numbers listed on the build sheet, confirming that each major numbered component was still in place, including the engine, chassis, steering box, front axle, bellhousing and even the generator. Furthermore, by all appearances, the chassis had never been taken apart in the past. When Mr. Bradley located the car, it was clear that while the chassis was original (and according to the factory build sheet delivered with Style 4302 roadster bodywork [#24], parts of the body were missing and other parts had deteriorated. Rather than build new coachwork, Bradley searched extensively until he located another correct, original Fleetwood-built Style 4302 roadster body and he used original components from it to restore his own car. The resulting body-off-frame restoration required three years, and it was completed in 1995, followed by the achievement of CCCA Primary, Senior and Premier awards, with the car scoring a perfect 100 points all three times. Subsequently, the mighty V-16 passed through the ownership of noted collectors John Groendyke and then Ray Scherr, who acquired it in January 2002. In August 2007, shortly after having been completely serviced by Mosier Restoration of California, John M. O’Quinn acquired the car. Since then, it has benefited from proper storage and logged few, if any, miles. As offered, the car is very well equipped with period features including dual side-mounted spares with correct metal covers and mirrors, stainless-spoke wire wheels, whitewall tires, wind wings, Cadillac-scripted spotlights and Pilot Ray driving lights, chrome hood vents and a radiator stone guard, as well as a correct and original Cadillac "lo-boy" accessory trunk, complete with fitted luggage. In 2010, the award-winning professionals at RM Auto Restoration refreshed the V-16. During the process, the convertible top was carefully refitted to allow proper alignment with the windshield frame, the luggage trunk was disassembled, refinished, polished and reassembled, and the exterior finish was touched up as required, then polished and buffed. All chrome and brightwork was detail cleaned, the upholstery was cleaned, and the engine bay was detailed. According to V-16 owner, Brent Merrill, the car sold in Jan. 2011 for $577,500 (fees included). He got the build sheet for the car, it shows "Body #24", which is the one fitted originally to the chassis, parts of which were later taken from another original "4302" to complete the restoration.

v6_4302ac.jpg (5961 bytes)

4302_19c.jpg (11082 bytes)     4302_19b.jpg (12631 bytes)

700809c.jpg (50163 bytes)     700809a.jpg (36808 bytes)     700809b.jpg (63356 bytes)

4302srv10.jpg (78792 bytes)    
[ The upper three "fuzzy photos" are from my computer monitor ]


& 4161-S]


Enthusiast and V-16 owner, Chris Cummings, provided all the details about this car. An owner of a 1930 V-16 sedan, Fleetwood style 4330-S, with engine number 700917, removed the sedan body and commissioned this reproduction roadster body to be mounted on the sedan chassis. The latter was fitted with engine #702368 that formerly had powered a Fleetwood style #4161-S Madame X sedan.  The car was completed and sold on to the next owner. Unsatisfied with the way the car ran, the new owner engaged noted Cadillac restorers Automotive Restorations of Bernardsville, New Jersey to rebuild the power plant. When the engine was removed from the chassis, it was discovered that the front end of the frame was not in proper condition. A correct 1931 front chassis was sourced and work undertaken to join it to the Roadster's frame. This was the start of what became a four year, body off, total restoration of the car to the highest standards possible. Over $300,000 in work went into the project. The result is a virtually as new 1931 Cadillac V-16 Roadster. The maroon paint is deep and lustrous, without a polish mark or scratch. The gray leather and polished wood of the interior is almost as new. No effort or cost was spared to make the car exactly as it should be. The level of detail in the four-year restoration withstands the closest scrutiny. Complete with Pilot Ray spot lights, Tilt Ray headlamps and tail lamps with the correct engraved "V Sixteen", the car is correct down to the smallest details. This helped it to win an AACA National First Prize in 2004 and today the car is nearly as perfect as it was at the time of the win. Later [8/2007]:   Chris Cummings reports that this roadster copy was sold by Christies, the auctioneers, at The Exceptional Motor Cars at the Monterey Jet Center on August 16, 2007. It brought $275,000, which was within Christies estimate of $250,000-$350,000. As a matter of interest, here is the write-up that appeared in a Christie's of London catalog when the British auction company had the car on sale in Monterey, CA, in 2007:  Among the most attractive of the V-16s has to be counted the Fleetwood bodied roadster. Cataloged as the lowest-priced V-16, at over $5,000 it nevertheless cost more than ten times the price of a contemporary Chevrolet. Only 105 of the V-16 Roadsters were ever built and they have become among the most valued of classic Cadillacs. Due to the rarity of the V-16 Roadster, many who have wanted to own one were unable to find the car they wanted. The car which Christie's is proud to offer is the vision of several owners, brilliantly realized by one who wished to create the Roadster of his dreams. It began with a collector in Oklahoma who acquired a V-16 5-passenger sedan, engine no. 700917 (Cadillacs of this time were identified by engine number rather than chassis number). The next owner removed the sedan body and commissioned an accurate re-creation of the Fleetwood roadster. During the work, the engine was found to be in very poor condition and was replaced with number 702368, a 1931 unit. The car was completed and sold on to the next owner. Unsatisfied with the way the car ran, the new owner engaged noted Cadillac restorers Automotive Restorations of Bernardsville, New Jersey to rebuild the power plant. When the engine was removed from the chassis, it was discovered that the front end of the frame was not in proper condition. A correct 1931 front chassis was sourced and work undertaken to join it to the Roadster's frame. This was the start of what became a four year, body off, total restoration of the car to the highest standards possible. Over $300,000 in work went into the project. The result is a virtually as new 1931 Cadillac V-16 Roadster. The maroon paint is deep and lustrous, without a polish mark or scratch. The gray leather and polished wood of the interior is almost as new. No effort or cost was spared to make the car exactly as it should be. The level of detail in the four-year restoration withstands the closest scrutiny. Complete with Pilot Ray spot lights, Tilt Ray headlamps and tail lamps with the correct engraved "V Sixteen", the car is correct down to the smallest details. This helped it to win an AACA National First Prize in 2004 and today the car is nearly as perfect as it was at the time of the win. The V-16 Roadster not only impresses visually, but it drives as well as it looks. As the sixteen cylinder engine should, it has smooth, abundant power and runs cool. The handling is as precise as can be, a testament to the superb balance of this large car.  Later still [1/2008]:   Chris wrote again to say that this car is being offered for sale at auction, as lot #26, during the Gooding & Co. venue in Scottsdale, AZ, on Jan. 19, 2008. The reserve is set between $300,000 and $400,000 ! [Thanks for the update, Chris].  Latest [1/2008]:   Chris sent me the auction results; the car sold for $297,000, which includes the buyer's premium. There is a YouTube video clip on the Internet which appears to feature this car.

4302RedGray.jpg (52090 bytes)

4302ChristiesA.jpg (6497 bytes)    4302ChristiesB.jpg (7065 bytes)     4302ChristiesF.jpg (6488 bytes)

4302ChristiesC.jpg (4589 bytes)     4302ChristiesD.jpg (6129 bytes)     4302ChristiesE.jpg (8254 bytes)
[ Thanks to Chris Cummings for correcting my earlier photos which were mistakenly those of car #700333 ]


4302 #28


Included as a survivor on the listing prepared by Rick LeForge. Owner shown as "Strauch" [Russell?]. Thanks to Chris Cummings (he never sleeps!) we were able to identify this roadster as the one that was highly modfiid by a former owner, a Mr. Stuck. It was featured in an article from an old issue of Special Interest Automobiles, circa 1983 (?).  Mr. Stuck had converted the car to semi-automatic operation; he could start the car from a distance, engage 1st gear and "remotely" drive the car towards himself !  This one is (was?) owned by V16 owner-enthusiast, Steve Nanini in Arizona.

AutoV16aS.jpg (41711 bytes)     autoV16b2S.jpg (39452 bytes)

autoV16b5S.jpg (43604 bytes)     autoV16b4S.jpg (49166 bytes)     
Looks like a regular Fleetwood  #4302 roadster on the outside, but this one got a makeover and a score more instruments,
making it  quasi-automatic; it was reported to have a top speed over 120 mph
[ Photos:  courtesy Special Interest Automobiles ]


4302 ?


The Kruse auctioneers offered this car for sale at one of their venues (which year?).  It was lot #663. The car is gold and black in very good condition. Among previous owners cited were Otis Chandler and Herbert Hoover.

[ photo ? ]


4302 #26


Solid car, but wrong wheels and many wrong details. Info from Rick LeForge.
4302 #37


On the listing of survivors prepared by Rick LeForge, the owner is listed as  Senator Woods. Restored in USA in the eighties. I saw the car for sale in France (5/2000).  It is the same color as the ex-Harrah V16. This may be a car that was sold in the USA in 1988 or 1989 and that went to a museum in France the same year. The car has a Cadillac-LaSalle Club badge. The museum paid close to $500K in 1989 although today it is for sale for $280,000. It is reported to be in concours condition.


4302pho.JPG (6620 bytes)

4302harr.jpg (12136 bytes)     v630rds#43.jpg (14803 bytes)
"Before" (top) and "After"   pictures of what is believed to be one and the same car

4302aa.jpg (7553 bytes)     4302rrGray.jpg (16558 bytes)     4302ab.jpg (6749 bytes)

This car?
[ Photo: Copyright ConceptCarZ - Internet ]


4302 #29 701056

Included in the listing of survivors prepared by Rick LeForge, the owner being a Mr. Sanders at the time. Possibly still owned today by Richard Sahlin [info from "Fleetwood" book by James J. Schild]



[Re-body from a Fleetwood "4375-S" sedan].  In July 2013, my favorite V16 sleuth, Chris Cummings of Virginia, found this car offered for sale at auction by RM's London branch. Comparing the upper 2 photos (which I came across in the 70s) with the others below it (from 2013), it seems highly plausible that we are looking at one and the same car.  The colors appear slightly different but this may be simply a matter of lighting and exposure. Chris got the VIN from RM's Chris Summers who said the transformation was done "a long time ago". He estimated the (last) restoration had been done in the 80s;  RM had no prior history about the car, other than it had been last sold through  a Brooks auction in the mid-90s and had been in Italy since then. Based on this latest information, I went through my own archives and came across a snippet indicating that V16 VIN 700353 (described as a Fleetwood style "4302" roadster) had been offered for sale at auction, in Geneva, Switzerland, in the nineties. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the source of that information but I was a resident of Geneva at that time and may have got wind of the auction through a friend and Ferrari dealer in that city. V16 enthusiast, Alan Merkel, said the roadster was mounted intially on a 1930 V8 chassis, as Fleetwood style "3902"; it was put subsequently on chassis #700353", that had initially got a Fleetwood sedan body (style "4375-S"); it is one of  the 367 "Sixteens" that shipped from the factory in February, 1930 (the first 3 "Sixteens" were shipped in December, 1929, and 5 more followed in January, 1930). Whether the sedan body survived and was put on another chassis is not known at this time (see the entry, below, for VIN 700353 in the section for Fleetwood style "4375-S). 

Trivia: It appears that in the 60s and 70s, a number of closed "Sixteens" were sacrificed to "create" the more appealing and more valuable roadsters (mostly), as well as convertible coupes, AWPs, phaetons and special phaetons. One of the most knowledgeable, older V16 owners and enthusiasts I know, who has helped me to try to keep this Database as factual as possible, is Rick LeForge; Rick has been a V16 owner and admirer since the 60s. He mentioned to one roadster owner in 1978 that to authenticate a "4302", one would need a genuine "4302"cowl; that cowl is unique and, Rick said, "would be needed  as a model to make a replica body or to convert the near identical 353 (1930 Cad V8) body to a 452" (the 1930 Cad V16).



I found these two images in the 70s; thanks to the tireless research of my friend
Chris Cummings, I believe he is right in saying that this is the same car pictured
below and offered for sale by RM at their London venue in 2013

V16 aficionado, Alan Merkel, pointed out that the body used for this "V16" roadster actually came from a "V8" chassis; the body is Fleetwood
style  "3902", illustrated above;  the V16 engine on which it is mounted was installed in February 1930 to power a 7-pass. sedan ( Fleetwood sedan style "4375-S")





4302 ?


Leading on from the preceding entry ... in June, 2005, V-16 enthusiast, Chris Cummings pointed me to a Web site where this car (or, as I initially thought, the preceding one) was listed for sale. It was item 13092 at the Collectors' Motor Cars, Motorcycles & Automobilia sale held at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline, Massachusetts on April 30, 2005. According to the catalog description, the chassis is #701031. The current owner acquired the car from Lawrence G. Written II of Easton, Connecticut, on March 30, 1972. As the current owner recalls, Witten had saved it from destruction at a Yonkers [New York] salvage yard. Since then, the owner used it very little, mostly for local outings. Less than enthusiastic about the beige and red color scheme (which is the reason I may have the car confused with the one above), the vendor decided to have the car completely restored in a new livery. In April 1989, the venerable Cadillac was entrusted to Al Rogers of Charlton, MA. It emerged in the Spring of 1992, resplendent in its current green and black colors. At the same time, the interior and rumble seat were re-trimmed in tan leather. Documentation held by the vendor showed that more than $118,000 had been spent on the restoration.


30v64302.jpg (8198 bytes)
The restored car [VIN 701301?], on a snowy day
[ Photo:  Internet, June 2005 ]

4302srvBlkBlkTan.jpg (31786 bytes)
This looks like the same car  (cloth spare tire cover and triunk),  pictured once again in a wintery scene


4302 #46 701225

This V-16 was shipped to Chicago, IL, on March 23, 1930. On the list of survivors prepared by Rick LeForge, a Mr. Markley owned this car.

4302 #23 701432

[Previously listed in error under VIN #700847] Formerly in the Harrah collection, Reno, NV, according to the listing prepared by Rick LeForge. The car has been well restored, but some details are incorrect. I believe it is the car shown below. Once again, Chris Cummings has been doing some detective work on the V-16s and has found that this car almost certainly is the one shown on the ConceptcarZ.com web site (photos below). According to that web site, the order for this car was placed on January 27, 1930 by a Mr. Floyd E. Becker of Roseland, NJ, at a total cost of $5,896.40. The car has still the original 20" wood-spoked wheels and a pair of rear-mounted spare tires (most buyers preferred the metal-spoked wheels and fender mounted spares). A complete restoration was completed in June 2001, involving no fewer than 3,392.5 man-hours of labor. I hate to think what THAT cost! Chris Cummings provided the correct VIN (confirmed by V-16 expert, Alan Merkel).


v6wood.jpg (8003 bytes)
It is rare to see one in this configuration, i.e.   with
the standard artillery wheels and no sidemounts

V6_4302wood1.jpg (7527 bytes)     v6_4302wood2.jpg (9683 bytes)

v6_4302wood4.jpg (6884 bytes)     v6_4302wood3.jpg (5569 bytes)     v6_4302wood5.jpg (5899 bytes)
These 2 rows:  after the restoration completed in 2001


4302 #20 [701495]

Rick LeForge says the original phaeton body (#98) on this V-16 chassis was destroyed.  He supplied kindly a "fingerprint" of the original body tag that he took in the fifties. This roadster body (style #4302) was later mounted on the chassis.

4302 ?


This car started it's life as a Fleetwood style 4330-S sedan, per the "fingerprint" of the original body tag supplied kindly by enthusiast-historian, Rick LeForge in May 2009.  The [poor] photo is from a French auction catalog sent by enthusiast Jean-Baptiste Dewever. The car is said to have been imported to France back in 1930. It was perfectly restored in the late eighties or early nineties by the RCopyrighttromCopyrightcanique workshops at Montigny le Bretonnneux (subsequently J. Hilliou Automobile at la Garenne-Colombes) on the outskirts of Paris.  New paint was carefully applied by the workshops of JL Bonhomme.  At one time the car appears to have been owned by Jean-Michel Cerede, a French auto appraiser.

V64302fr.jpg (10766 bytes)





J. Moir, NH [CLC Directory, 2002]. The car was sold at auction in Hershey, PA, in October 2014. Here is what RM Auctions had to say about that venue: We’re so pleased to share results from our 2014 Hershey auction, with our best-ever sales total at more than $14 million US. With 157 vehicles sold, including great results for both the John Moir and Jeffrey Day collections, the event saw numerous bidding contests that captivated the auction room and online viewers. Top sale honors went to the 1930 Cadillac V-16 Roadster offered from the Cars of John Moir. Representing the ‘C’ in Moir’s unique A-to-Z Car Collection, the Cadillac had been in the Moir Family Car Barn since 1933. Proving that the car’s unparalleled history, quality and presentation were in high demand, it sold for an incredible $1,100,000 to applause from the crowd, establishing a new auction record for the marque.



Photos: © 2014 and courtesy RM Auctions


4302 #58


This car was shipped to Portland, ME, on June 5, 1930. According to Rick LeForge, it was formerly owned by a Mr. Holtenmar.
4302 #77


Formerly owned by the late "Cadillac Jim" Pearson of Kansas, the car was delivered to Norwich, CT, on June 13, 1930. It had disc wheels and may be currently in CA, according to Rick LeForge who kindly supplied a fingerprint of the body tag for the Database.
4302 ?


This is believed to be a reproduction Fleetwood style #4302, powered by a V-16 engine from a former Fleetwood style #4361S close-coupled sedan, owned at the time by Wayne Merriman (info from Rick LeForge). Enthusiast and V-16 owner, Brent Merrill, brought to my attention in March 2011, this short write up from a Christie's of London auction catalog.  Apparently the British auction house had this car offered for sale as Lot 1232, in Geneva, Switzerland, on 22 May 1997 (although Gita and I were still residents of Geneva at the time, I was unable to attended the auction owing to a death in the family in Pennyslvania):  This excellent example of a vee-sixteen has two-seater roadster and dickey bodywork which is most likely original coachwork coming from another chassis. It is made of steel, has beautiful black paintwork and chromium plate and a beige fabric top. The interior has red leather seats and red carpets and is in excellent order throughout. It is a truly beautiful motor car combining engineering of extraordinary innovation and quality for its time with considerable period elegance. The car is also said to be in excellent mechanical condition. On that occasion, the car sold for $126,900 (it was estimated bewteen $159K and 195K).
4302 #87


This one was first delivered to Philadelphia, PA on June 28, 1930; it is included on the roster of "survivors" prepared by Rick LeForge, although the photo he sent subsequently tells a more tragic tale (below)! Rick kindly sent also a copy of the build sheet on which he noted:   "Basket Case". At that time the "remains" are believed to have been in the possession of Robert E. McGinnis of San Diego, CA.

4302-87_2137.jpg (9620 bytes)
[ Photo:  Rick LeForge ]


4302 ?


Included in Rick LeForge's listing of survivors, dating back to the fifties, this car was shipped from the factory   on July 14, 1930; the destination was not specified but it was possibly in Iowa, seat of the Schaeffer Pen Company at Ft. Madison. The car was auctioned  in August 2008, at Pebble Beach, by Gooding & Co. This catalog description was sent  by V-16 "sleuth" and friend, Chris Cummings:  This captivating V-16 Roadster was originally purchased by the Schaeffer family of Schaeffer Pen Company fame. At the time Schaeffer Pen Company was one of the most recognized brands in America and the very expensive V-16 Roadster was a most fitting choice for such a respected captain of industry. The family owned the car for quite some time before it was purchased by prominent collector Bob Bahre, a testament to the high quality and desirability of this particular V-16. In the mid-1990s, Bahre sold the car to its present owner who commissioned the highly regarded V-16 authority Steve Babinsky to restore it. The car was in excellent, original condition having covered a mere 33,000 miles from new and requiring absolutely no rust or accident repair during the exacting restoration. Subsequent to restoration, this handsome roadster was presented at the 2002 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where it was recognized with a Class Award for both its correctness and superior condition. Today the car is in immaculate condition, finished in a captivating blue-over-blue combination, with a tan top, and complete with correct Tilt Ray headlamps and desirable dual side mounts. It is offered with a copy of its factory build sheet and is ready to show or tour. The consignor tells us this car drives extremely well, feeling freshly restored, tight, responsive and easy to handle. The 16-cylinder engine runs smoothly, delivering the abundant, turbine-like power for which these cars are known. A true classic, this exciting V-16 Roadster is ready to compete at the highest levels of the CCCA and the AACA where it is sure to receive praise for its superb, authentic presentation and wonderful provenance.”
4302 ?


The Kruse auctioneers offered this car in the nineties (?);   it was lot #96;  the car was green.


V6rdshuf.jpg (9289 bytes)     V6rdshu2.jpg (8442 bytes)
[ Photos: © The Huff Report ]





It is believed the car has a replacement engine, possibly from a 1931 V-16 sedan body style [this information is being verified as I write]. This may be the car that was offered at auction by Kruse in 2000-2001, as Lot #100?. It was bid up to $195,000. It was later offered for sale on Ebay in July, 2007 (item #230145327030).  The starting bid was $300.000! Nobody bid!  At another Kruse auction in March 2008 the bidding peaked at $700,000 ...but did not meet the vendor's reserve !!! Owner-enthusiast Brent Merrill knows the car well; he says he saw it in New Jersey, through a private sale. He says it is a beautifully restored car Late Extra [6/2009]:   the car is currently in the collection of Sun Belt Corporation CEO, Jim Rogers of Las Vegas, NV. I had occasion to visit that collection in June 2009 with members of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Inc. who were attending the 2009 Club "Grand National". When I saw the car, I suspected it was the one in this entry. The tour guide was kind enough to open the hood for me and I was able to cross-check the body number.  It is indeed this car.

4302_91.jpg (8088 bytes)     4302_a.jpg (6634 bytes)
[ Photo (left):  Kruse auction catalog]

4302_91d.JPG (25069 bytes)     4302_91F.JPG (18142 bytes)

4302_91a.JPG (19679 bytes)     4302_91b.JPG (24107 bytes)    4302_91e.JPG (22456 bytes)

4302_91c.JPG (19938 bytes)
The Sun Belt collection is available for viewing by appointment only;
it is housed in a special building with a background decor of famous '50s movies
[ Photos (above 3 rows): Copyright 2009, Gita Saunders ]


4302 #107


On the listing prepared by Rick LeForge, the owner is listed as Roy Egidi, Jr. This one was advertised for sale at auction (on Ebay) by Hyman Ltd., Classic Cars, in St. Louis, MO. Brown with beige trim this magnificent motorcar is reported to have undergone a full nut & bolt restoration up to concours standards. It is the last of the 105 roadsters built on V-16 chassis in 1930-31, even though it carries body #107 [two others probably were mounted on the V-8 or V-12 chassis].  Sticker price:  $335,000.  There were NO bids. Late extra: the car was been acquired [Apr/May 2004] by enthusiast George Westmoreland who informed me, kindly, that the car was owned previously by  S. Brauer and R. Bowersox; the latter restored the car in 1996 (the car came originally from the Craven collection in Canada). George provided also the correct VIN and body numbers. Even later extra [6/2005]: Chris Cummings, a V-16 enthusiast and patron of the Cadillac Database tells me the car has been offered for sale again. It was auctioned by Kruse, in Tulsa, OK, during the 33rd J.C. Leake venue on 10-12 June, 2005. It sold for $325,000. Apart from the Goddess mascot, the car also has wind wings, mirrors, full covers for wire wheel sidemounts, trunk, pilot rays, horns, spotlights and stone guard. The 2-tone brown paint is beautiful and the interior is tan leather. The example offered here is one of the finest examples RM has had the pleasure to offer. The workmanship is exceptional, with very good panel fits and few, if any, chips due to minor wear and tear. Finished in two-tone brown with light brown wire wheels, it has a tan canvas top with dark tan leather interior which remains in show quality condition, as does the dash and instrumentation. The odometer indicates 38 miles, which appears consistent with mileage since restoration. The engine bay is as new (or better). The car is also very well equipped, including dual sidemounted spares with correct metal covers, stainless spoke wire wheels, wind wings, Cadillac script spotlights, Pilot Ray driving lights, a chrome stone guard and a rear mounted lo-boy trunk. Although the car’s early history is long since lost, the car is well known among classic car enthusiasts. In March of 1997, Mr. Bowersox sold the car to a St. Louis collector named John Berra. On November 11th, 2004, Berra sold the car to George Westmoreland via dealer Mark Hyman. Then, in 2005, Westmoreland consigned the car to the Leake auction in June in Tulsa, where it was acquired by John O’Quinn who unfortunately suffered an accidental death in late 2009. The condition of the car today remains exceptional, with only minor polishing haze to attest to the years that have passed since restoration. Likewise, the chrome and stainless remain in as new condition. Unlike many of these roadsters, the originality of the example offered here is undisputed, confirmed by the original factory build sheet. Notably, the car’s body number is the highest known, making this example in all probability the last or one of the last "4302" roadsters built. The exceptionally high standard of the restoration makes this one of just a handful of original high-point restored roadsters in existence today. Latest (Mar., 2010): the car was offered at auction by RM at their Amelia Island venue, in March 2010, where it achieved a sales price of $418,000. Latest (2011):  I guess this predates the RM sale;  I did see the car listed as sold by "The Auto Collections" (Imperial Palace, Las Vegas) on this web site. If I am not mistaken, this car was shown at the Amelia Island Concours d'ElCopyrightgance, in March 2011, by Frank and Milli Ricciardelli of Monmouth Beach, N.J. I was so busy enjoying the hundreds of other classics (Cadillacs and others) at the show that I missed making contact with the owners of this splendid car.


703118.jpg (5859 bytes)

4302SVB.JPG (9127 bytes)     4302SVC.JPG (7971 bytes)     v64302_107AS.jpg (13705 bytes)

     703118B.jpg (23272 bytes)

4302SVD.JPG (4848 bytes)     4302SVA.JPG (6759 bytes)     v64302_107DS.jpg (10227 bytes)
[ Photos: Copyright 2004, Hyman Ltd., Classic Cars, St. Louis, MO ]

703118C.jpg (13290 bytes)     v64302_107CS.jpg (9199 bytes)     v64302_107BS.jpg (12465 bytes)





This V-16 was shipped to Rochester, NY, on September 18, 1931. Enthusiast-historian Rick LeForge kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of the body tag that he took at the time it was owned by "Cadillac Jim" Pearson of Kansas City. Renowned car collector, Richard "Dick" Gold, bought this from Jim, who was responsible for its perfect, ground-up restoration in the seventies. Originally all black and delivered to Massachusetts [Rochester?], now the car has dark brown fenders,  silver mink body with a soft orange double body stripe and chrome wheels. This one is a multiple first-prize winner. The car once found its way to Paris where it was sold as Lot #5001 by Christie's of London, according to this writeup on their Web site. Late Extra [Mar., 2009]:  the car found its way to Belgium; it was brought to my attention by Cadillac aficionado, Dirk Van Dorst who is the CLC's "Cadillac man" in Europe.  Later [Oct., 2009]:  According to V-16 owner, Brent Merrill, this same car sold at an RM auction in London for £247,000 (circa $375,000). He brought to my attention this write-up from RM:  According to its original build sheet (available for inspection) as supplied by Cadillac Historical Services, the car was delivered new on 19 September, 1931 by Mabbett Motors of Rochester, New York. Little is currently known of the car’s history through the 1960s when it was owned by Lou Moore of State College, Pennsylvania who sold the car to Jim Parsons [actually "Pearson", aka "Cadillac Jim"] of Kansas City, who in turn sold it to Richard G. Gold of Minnesota, likely in the mid-1970s. Gold, who later became President of the Classic Car Club of America, most likely restored the car. It would receive a National First Prize award from the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) and a first prize award in CCCA competition (#0794). Gold sold the car to Fred Weber of Missouri, another V16 enthusiast, in 1989. Weber passed it on in 1990 to Hans LCopyrightscher. The present owner purchased the car from the late-Belgian collector Bob Lalemant in 2007. Despite its older restoration, the car remains in remarkable overall condition, still proudly wearing its medals obtained from successes on the concours lawns. Brent saw the car in Amelia Island; it was shown there by Robert Pass.  Latest [Jan., 2010]:  Rick le Forge sent a magazine cutting from a February 2010 magazine (early publication date?) showing that the car had been sold at auction (Amelia Island?) for $420,626. The paint was described as having aged; the top cover and trunk were described as discolored and worn. I am guessing this is one of the many desirable "Sixteens" that will crop up again and again on auction blocks across the country and overseas. I believe the new owners (2010-2011)  are Aaron and  Valerie Weiss of Sam Marino, CA.


4302BrnTanTan.jpg (105634 bytes)

4302gld2.jpg (10236 bytes)     4302gold.jpg (8687 bytes)
[ Photos: © Dick Gold and AACA ]

v64302xb.jpg (7932 bytes)     v64302xa.jpg (8648 bytes)

V6rdsB.jpg (8539 bytes)     V6rdsC.jpg (7356 bytes)

4302-94aa.JPG (12406 bytes)     4302-94ac.JPG (20464 bytes)     4302-94ad.JPG (12309 bytes)     4302-94ab.JPG (17730 bytes)

4302_94ae.JPG (18797 bytes)





Possibly in France [owned by a Monsieur Denisot]



Possible survivor; Rick LeForge supplied a "finger print" of the body tag that he got in the 50s.



Photographed by Larry Wright of the Detroit News On Line, this car is owned by Knox Kershaw of Montgomery, AL.

v64302g.jpg (8655 bytes)





This car was seen at the annual Barrett-Jackson auction in January 1998;  it is red-red-red. Could it be the one belonging to Frank and Milli Ricciardelli of Monmouth Beach, N.J., as seen at the 24th Annual Meadowbrook Concours d'ElCopyrightgance







Dick Kughn [current or former owner]

Kughn00.jpg (7246 bytes)
Dick's roadster is shown here with optional rain curtains


4302 ?


This one belongs to Carmine Zeccardi

v64302xd.jpg (61342 bytes)


4302 ?


Owner, anyone? This one is believed to be (or to have been) a holding of the Imperial Palace collection in Las Vegas. Owner, anyone? This one is believed to be (or to have been) a holding of the Imperial Palace collection in Las Vegas, NV

v6_4302ImpPal.jpg (7527 bytes)

4302_AA.jpg (10485 bytes)     4302_ab.jpg (9296 bytes)

4302ac.jpg (7493 bytes)     4302ad.jpg (5307 bytes)


4302 ?


Owner, anyone? This is from a color PC and is believed to show a car from a US museum


4302 ?


These pics are from the Internet. The car's owners are Connie and Dennis Sobieski.

4302unident1.jpg (18474 bytes)     4302uniden2.jpg (22499 bytes)     4302uniden3.jpg (12265 bytes)



Possibly this car, with the Low-Boy trunk, before restoration (Internet photo)


4302 ?


How about this guy? Pic also from the Internet

4302srv11.jpg (76716 bytes)





And how about this one?


[ Photos:  Internet ]


43 ? ? I believe this prize-winner belongs to Donald Bernstein of Clarks Summit, PA.  I saw it (or one VERY similar to it at the Amelia Island Concours d'ElCopyrightgance in March, 2012. A placard in front of the car read: This car was originally purchased by the Schaeffer family of Schaeffer Pen Company fame. The family owned the car for quite some time before it was sold to prominent collector Bob Bahre. In the mid-1990s, Bahre sold the car to its present owner who commissioned the highly regarded V16 authority Steve Babinsky to restore it. The car was in excellent condition having covered a mere 33,000 miles from new and requiring absolutely no rust or accident repair during the exacting restoration.

4302srvBluBluTan.jpg (99153 bytes)


The photos in the above two rows were taken at the 2012 Amelia Island Concours d'Elégance in March;
I believe it is the same car as the one pictured in the top row


4302 ? ? W. Parfet, MI  [CLC Directory, 2008]

Photos: (left)  Copyright 2011, Dr.Warren Koehl, (right) CCCA


4302 ?


Nice picture ... but to whom does the car belong


4302 ?


Unidentified: was photographed in 2013 in London (St. James classic car meet, London) (VIN and body number, please)


4302 ?


Unidentified: was photographed at the Gilmore Car Museum (VIN and body number, please)


4302 ?


[Unknown at this time]

I wonder where this one is today?
[ Photo:  Internet ]


4302 ?


One was owned by Homer W. Fitterling of the CLC in 1959
4302 ?


Kruse offered this car for sale by auction as lot #666 at one of their venues (which year?); the car is painted silver and black.
4302 ? ?

CLC Member Ray Jones of Birmingham, MI, had this car for sale in the SS classifieds in June, 1969; the asking price was $15K.  It was described as "original in all respects" and in "good condition".  Where is it today  

4302 ? ?

R. Ames, TX [CLC Directory]  




D. Anderson, TX [CLC Directory, 2002]; car is silver and maroon




HBI Financial, WA [CLC Directory, 2002]




J. Bradley - a black beauty with a light-colored belt molding ( this one was photographed by Canadian enthusiast, Stephen Nadon, at the 1997 Meadowbrook Concours d'ElCopyrightgance)




P. Maloof, NV [CLC Directory, 2002]

4302 ? ?

R. McGinnis, CA [CLC Directory]  




J. Scott, TX [CLC Directories, 2002, 2008]




H. Strohecker, PA [CLC Directories, 2002, 2008]




Robert Thayer, GA [The Classic Car, Autumn 2001 - Ex-Harrah ?]; CCCA "Senior" car #2388




G. Tinney, MI [CLC Directories, 2002, 2008]




D. Underwood, WA [CLC Directories, 2002, 2008]

4302 ? ?

J. Wade, Jr. LA [CLC Directory]  

4302 ? ? S. Plunkett [CLC Directory, 2008]  
4302 ? ? G. Tyree, CA  [CLC Directory, 2008]
4302 ? ? S. Brauer, MO [CLC Directory, 2008]
4302 ?


Offered at auction in Auburn, IN (Fall 1998) as lot #1068, it is reported to have been sold for $160,000.  It was described as having a Kingston Custom de luxe body (?)
4302 ?


Was offered for sale in the SS classifieds for June, 1969. The body was from a V8 roadster of same vintage (not known what body was on the original V-16 chassis.  It was unrestored and came with many extras from a V-16 sedan.  Price (in 1969) was $8,500 !


Late Extra (May, 2014): The VIN was supplied kindly by Chris Cummings who got it from the current owner/vendor in Japan. The car appears to have the short rear body (lower row, LH side), identifying it as a style #4312.  I believe all three images show the same car. V16 connoisseur, Alan Merkel, pointed out that chassis  #702042 was assigned first to a Fleetwood sedan style 4130-S; the latter was destroyed in a fire in Ormond Beach, Fl in the 1980s. He did not know how much of the car survived, in addition to the engine, but the chassis eventually got the body off a V8 Fleetwood style #3912 and the car was sold to Japan in the early 1990s.  At this writing (2014) it still resides in Japan but is currently being advertised for sale there.

4312srv.jpg (8601 bytes)

v64312ey.jpg (9832 bytes)     v64312ex.jpg (8883 bytes)
These photos could all be of one and the same car   - who can confirm it?
[ Note, however,  that the car in the lower row is not a 6-wheel job ]





The B&W photo was supplied kindly by Katie Robbins. I believe this is the car formerly owned by J. McMullen, MI [CLC Directory, 2002].  It was auctioned in June 2007 by RM Auctions, in Lapeer, MI. The reported selling price was a hefty $374,000 !  In a recent You-Tube clip with Larry King, the new owner was reported to by the singer-star, Kid Rock


v6p312a.JPG (8450 bytes)
Possibly this car
(photo:  courtesy Katie Robbins, CCCA )

4325Srv1.jpg (59259 bytes)

V6_4325.JPG (10695 bytes)     v6_4312.jpg (10229 bytes)     4325srv2.jpg (30147 bytes)


4312 ?


This partly legible excerpt from the shipping ledger for 1931 gives the original destination as Chicago. The car is not known to have survived.




One of them is registered to R. Greene, NJ [CLC Directory]




I'm not sure if this car actually survived. It belonged to the grandmother of one-time Database visitor, Alan Brander of Phoenix, AZ. Alan's mother learned to drive in the car; now THAT is something else! The Branders were residents of the Chicago area in the thirties and were friends of the J.P. Morgans and Vanderbilts. Alan sent many photos of the car and many details about his family's life and times; sadly they were lost in a computer melt-down I suffered a few years ago, as was also Alan's address and e-Mail. The two photos below were supplied kindly by fellow CML [Cadillac Mailing List] member, Norm Zabala, with whom Alan had been also in touch around the same time as me.


4235d.JPG (9804 bytes)     4325E.JPG (12767 bytes)
These are truly exceptional family photos and  I am devastated that I lost many others like them in a computer crash!





Mr. Long obviously  used to sell "old cars".  I wonder where he was located?


This original photo dates back to October 1961;
I wonder if it might be the car that once belonged to Alan's Grandmother





I first learned about this car in the Australian CLC magazine, La Cad, special issue for 2004 (the "rally" edition). Author and friend Maurice Hendry [Cadillac - The Complete History] related the full story when we visited him in Auckland in February the following year. The car was purchased second-hand from Don Lee in SF, in 1933, by Sir Jack Newman of NZ's Newmans Coachlines. It was converted to RHD by Lance Dixon [later Dixon Cadillac] in SF. After about 10 years, Newman sold it to a Mr. Gould who replaced the sedan body with a station wagon body; in that configuration, the car was used for many years as a people-hauler on the hilly route between Nelson and Tekaka. In the fifties, it was acquired by Barrie Grand.  Maurice himself found the original sedan body and helped Barrie mount it back on the chassis; he kept the car for some 50 years then sold it for NZ$140,000 to the World of Wearable Art Museum  in Nelson, where Gita and I were able to admire it in March 2005, through the kindness of  Garry Orton, the museum curator [I tried to photograph the body tag  but it came out fuzzy -  the body number was supplied later by the Museum's Richard Grimes, via V-16 enthusiast, Chris Cummings].


V6WOW_NZ2s.jpg (8542 bytes)
The original limousine was converted to this "station wagon"
and used as a "bus" by Newmans Coachlines in New Zealand

aus_v16b.jpg (7715 bytes)     aus_v16a.jpg (6934 bytes)
Barrie Grand and Maurice Hendry restored the original body to the car
Photos: courtesy Garry Horton, World of Wearable Art Museum

© 2005, Gita Saunders





This one is mentioned in a Self Starter issue of 1963. At that time it belonged to CLC member Norman Taunton.

4330taun.jpg (13890 bytes)





Formerly owned by  Jack Finden (according to Rick LeForge), the chassis and drive train from this 5-pass. limousine were coupled to a roadster body from a V-8 Cadillac.  This certainly makes sense, considering that a roadster [especially a "Sixteen"] is worth a whole lot more money [even as a re-body, like this car] than a sedan!  The new owner, Aaron Weiss,  informed me in December 2008 that he had acquired this car.   Aaron has quite a collection of cars, including some of the finest surviving Cadillac "Sixteens".

[ photos ?]





Aficionado Chris Cummings of Virginia writes :  I have become the new owner of Cadillac V-16 Series 4330 imperial sedan, engine #702861.  The build sheet says that the car was sold new as a “rush order” to Prather Cadillac LaSalle Company in Dallas, Texas. The car had a heater (register in rear compartment only) and a radio, neither of which remain, unfortunately. But this is an exceptionally well-preserved example of one of the large V-16 sedans (in a body style of which 50 were made). Three prior owners ago, Bob Schill in New Hampshire had begun a restoration (removed and repainted fenders, hood and sills, rebuilt the engine) when Jim Bradley of Edmund, Oklahoma, bought the car to serve as a reference while he and his brother restored a V-16 roadster (Engine # 700809). He put the fenders etc. back onto the car, finished putting the engine back together (manifolds and carburetors hadn’t been reattached) and sent the chrome parts (together with those from the roadster) to be re-plated. The better looking re-plated parts went onto the roadster. New tires were installed and the undercarriage was detailed. Then he sold it to Lawrence Smith of Wichita, from whom I bought the car. Apart from the foregoing items, the car is original. The upholstery has some holes and worn spots, but on the whole it is quite presentable. My predecessors decided not to re-upholster the car, but to preserve the original character of the interior.


4330Chr1.jpg (8262 bytes)     4375SRV2.JPG (8466 bytes)     4330Srv.jpg (9014 bytes)     4330Chr2.jpg (10348 bytes)
[ 2 center photos: Dan Reed, Self Starter, 1/2006 ]

   4330-45c.jpg (75531 bytes)     4330-45b.jpg (55706 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 2010, Yann Saunders, courtesy Chris Cummings ]

4330Chr4.jpg (6944 bytes)     4330Chr6.jpg (6348 bytes)     4330Chr3.jpg (10111 bytes)     v630Cumm2.jpg (4404 bytes)     4330Chr5.jpg (9103 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet Web site - Ebay and Self Starter ]





J. Asterino, WV [CLC Directory, 2002]




This car was among the first "Sixteens" exported to France in 1930. It may well have survived [let's hope so - these huge "beasts" don't just "disappear"]. Not clearly visible in this low-resolution image, it wears French license tag number "2017 XB" issued in the Seine inférieure (lower Seine) region of France, suggesting that it may have been shipped from the US to Le Havre, one of the larger, French, merchant sea ports. The tag could have been issued at Le Havre, or more likely at Rouen, the district capital of that French region. Note that the number is quite close to the numbers issued in June 1930 to the six European Tour V-16s.

A car of this body style was one of the six European Tour cars;
that one carried license tag #2148-XB





Is known to have been shipped first to New Bedford. But did it survive?





This car was offered for sale in the Self Starter classifieds, for Nov.-Dec. 2014. The vendor was John Walsh of Hudson,  Maine. The car is totally restored, in nice condition and ready for touring. It is black with sable interior. The assking price was $120,000.  Late extra (Nov. 2014): Chris Cummings said:  This Series 4330-S is a very nicely restored car (I saw photos, courtesy of the owner, shortly after I acquired my car [Style 4330] in 2005.) ... I don’t think it’s ever been [before] in the Database. Chris was sharp to point out also a typo in my Database table that lists the known Sixteens that were shipped from the factory, by month, for the years 1930-32. Thanks, Chris; I have now corrected that entry.




Formerly owned by Ronald G. Renaldi. Info from Rick LeForge [listed earlier, in error, as limousine style "4330"; thanks to enthusiasts Chris Cummings for the correction]. The low engine number matched with a high body number suggests a possible change of engine or body. Enthusiast Chris Cummings is going to have a closer look.  This car was offered at auction on Ebay in June, 2007. On a scale of 1 to 10, the vendor rates it at "about 6.5".  It is in excellent restorable condition.  The body is in great shape as well as the interior. The engine "turns over" (?) but needs a distributor cap [it appears to have acquired along the way a second-generation distributor cap; on first generation distributors, ignition cables exit through the side of the cap]. This vehicle was built in March of 1930. Restored, the vendor believes it could bring in excess of $175,000.00. In fact, the car was sold on Jun 19, 2007 for $78,200.  The buyer was a gentleman from Spain.   Chris contacted me again in January, 2009 and pointed me to some video clips on You-Tube that depict the car in motion (starts off very rough but is quickly tuned to a kitten purr!)



v6_4330Sb.jpg (4250 bytes)     v6_4330Sa.jpg (5498 bytes)     v6_4330Sc.jpg (3399 bytes)     v6_4330Sd.jpg (5410 bytes)
Owing to the car's location it has not been possible to get a full-view of it
[ Photos:  Internet, June 2007 ]





Rick LeForge provided information relating to this car. It is not known what became of the body, but the chassis and rive-train were used to power a Fleetwood roadster of which the body  came from a 1931 V8 model [Series 353]. The Fleetwood style number of that roadster is 3902 and its body is #115 [see above].

188 700850 This one was formerly owned by Bill Webster.  Late Extra (Nov., 2014): Chris Cummings has come  to the rescue once again. He reminded me that this car had been offered on eBay last July (2013), but had been purchased before the auction ended: the buyer remains anonymous. Chris got the color pics, below, while the car was still listed on eBay. He noted similarities between the B&W and color photos, including the reversed door handles and the removed hood side panels necessitated by the downdraft carburetor installation getting in the way. Sorry, Chris, for the delay adding this info.

[ Photos:  (not sure) Possibly Cadillac Connoisseur, a magazine out of Palm Springs, CA
to which I subscribed for a few years in the 70s and '80s]

Left: reversed door handles; right: "Heron"  hood ornament








Not sure if this one survived.  I have a copy of the factory build sheet that I got from a Cadillac enthusiast, back in 2002. The car was a special order, 6-wheel job (#6C 4601) and was to be shipped to the factory, c/o Chief Engineer C.F. Kettering.  It was subsequently diverted to Dayton, OH, on April 10, 1930. The color was black. The body number could be 185 or 135 [the build sheet print-out I have has faded with age and is practically illegible].This car found its way to Europe where it subsequently received custom coachwork by Paris' Jacques Saoutchik.  Unfortunately I have no details about the kind of coachwork it got and (to date) no photos are available.




This car was shipped to Los Angeles on May 6, 1930.  It was acquired later by  Rick LeForge who said it was in very good condition when he got it, a real CA car! Rick sent me a "fingerprint" of the original body tag from his former car. He said he drove it all over the CA basin ...but carefully, because, he said, the brakes did not work too well.   Rick traded it later to the late "Cadillac Jim" Pearson who actually drove it from Los Angeles to Kansas City, KS ...with another car in tow! 




This body tag came up for sale on Ebay. The vendor said he used parts of this body to create a convertible coupe.  Anyone have the engine VIN  that matches this body number? The data plate was supplied kindly by enthusiast and V-16 owner, Chris Cummings [VIN 702861, car #45]

v64330s.jpg (10942 bytes)





May be a survivor; owned at one time by Paul Schinnerer (?); Rick LeForge supplied a "finger print" of the body tag that he got in the 50s.




According to Rick LeForge, who supplied a "fingerprint" of the original body tag that he got in the fifties, this car was shipped to Oklahoma City on May 21, 1930.  The body was later destroyed and a roadster body [Fleetwood style #4302] was put on the original chassis [see above]. The sedan was formerly owned by Elmer Franzen of Minneapolis, MN.



[replaced by

I saw what appeared to be a Fleetwood style #4302 roadster for sale in Germany. The car was said to have matching numbers [even though it was converted from a Fleetwood style #4330-S sedan; note that the engine from this car was apparently transferred from a Fleetwood style #4161-S close-coupled sedan, before it was put in the roadster style #4302, replacing V-16 engine #700917; I assume the "Madame X" model (4161-S) was either  destroyed or sold for parts]. The roadster [see above, engine #700917] was totally restored, with German inspection papers for possible registration in that country. The car is now 2-tone red, with red leather interior.  Cadillac enthusiast and friend, Gilles Dreux of Paris, France, sent me a copy of an earlier title document to this vehicle; apparently a previous owner was AndrCopyright LeCoq, formerly Paris' premier auto restorer [now out of business]. Late Extra [2/2007]: Its new owner (at that time) resides in Pottsdam, Germany; he said the car was possibly one of only two such models in Germany (the other being located at the VW museum (Autostadt) in Wolfsburg. Latest [1/2008]:  V-16 enthusiast and owner, Chris Cummings, tells me this car is being offered for sale at auction, as lot #26, during the Gooding & Co. venue in Scottsdale, AZ, on Jan. 19, 2008. The reserve is set between $300,000 and $400,000 ! [Thanks for the update, Chris ].




This one may or may not have survived.  V-16 enthusiast Chris Cummings came across this interesting letter in the Self Starter for September, 1972.  It's from CLC member,   T.L. Tallentire of Aurora, IN:  Dear Fellow Member of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, I should like very much to find out what happened to my father’s 1930 (?) Cadillac V-16 sedan, Type 452-A, Engine #702415 Job # 4330S, Body # 285 (I put the question mark after the year because my father purchased the car used, Aug. 1, 1932, and there is no mention of the year on the receipt that we have.)  I am going to send this letter to everyone listed in the club directory as owning a V-16 or V-12, with the hope that somehow I may just run across someone who has some knowledge of the car.  Of course, I hope that it still exists somewhere, but the odds are that it was cut up for scrap. My father, a Cincinnati attorney, drove the car regularly until 1941, and after that it was parked out here at our country home for a few years.  I can well remember riding in it as a little boy, and later on playing in it.   If only my father could have been able to see into the future and recognize its potential value!  In about 1945 (perhaps a year earlier or later) the caretaker sold it for my father to some man from Lawrenceburg , Ind. (or possibly from rural Dearborn County ,) who claimed that he wanted to use it for a taxicab.   I feel sure this idea was never carried out!  What high rates he would have had to charge in order to make any money, with that 16 cylinder gas-guzzler! We never heard anything more about the car, and I suppose it ended up in some obscure junk yard.   However, I wonder if someone might have been poking around in junk yards, looking for old Cadillac parts, and might possibly have kept some notes on serial numbers of cars he found in them?  Could there just possibly be someone in the country who knows something about the fate of old # 702415 (yes, it had a name, “Charlie!”)   “Charlie” was painted a dark green (Brewster?) and had some black trim.   This was the original Cadillac paint job.   It had no glass division between front and rear seats, and the front seat was upholstered in the same kind of cloth as the rear seat.  The 4330S, of course, was a “Standard” Fisher body (or Fleetwood.)  If any member should happen to know anything about the car, or know of any non-member who might, I hope that he will get in touch with me.  Any information will be most sincerely appreciated. Does anyone know for sure if it is still around ?Formerly owned by Dave Towell, Cadillac dealer of Akron, Oh.  Info from Rick LeForge.




Formerly owned by Dave Towell, Cadillac dealer of Akron, Oh.  Info from Rick LeForge.




This V-16 was shipped to Denver, CO, on March 8, 1931. Formerly owned by "Cadillac Jim" Pearson of Kansas City, the car was T-boned and "totaled" by a railroad locomotive (!!!) .   Today the remains are used for parts. Rick LeForge kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of the original body tag that he took in the fifties.



or 701168

Brought to my attention by Rick le Forge in April, 2010. Rick has provided the VIN as well as the pics below.  It appears the car is (was) undergoing restoration when the pictures were taken.  I am hoping that Rick (or another aficionado) will have more information about it.  Late Extra (Feb. 2012):  My favorite V-16 "detective", Chris Cummings, has added this:  The photos on Clark RittersbachCopyrights website, to the extent they are reliably sorted, appear to indicate that the engine number for the maroon and black 4330-S is 701168, and not 700959. 394 Series 4330-SCopyrights were made, and this one is number 341. Based on that alone, I would go with the higher engine number, pace Rick LeForge. Notice that the Kettering Series 4330-S for which you have the build sheet, and which became part of the Saoutchik story, had engine number 700979 and body number 185. I doubt that the car shown below is engine number 700959. This car (the one below) was owned for years by CLC member Roger Ritterbeck of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Platinum Classics (Concours Classics) says itCopyrights being restored (almost done) for a European purchaser. You can see many detailed progress photos on their website (which unfortunately hasnCopyrightt been updated since November).









J. Wade, Jr., LA [CLC Directory, 2002] Late Extra [3/2007]: This came in from V-16 owner-enthusiast, Chris Cummings: Attached is a picture of Jack Wade, Jr. and his 1930 Series 4330S sedan taken in the mid 1990s in New Orleans .  Jack has had the car since 1962, when he bought it from a fellow in West Pecos, Texas.  The Cadillac’s engine number is 702785 and the body number is 408.  Jack and his wife used to drive the car regularly in highway traffic along the Gulf coast.  It’s been garaged for some time, but Jack hopes to get it out and drive it in the near future, once he finishes the post-Katrina cleanup at his place.  The sunshade for the windshield was removed when it became loose while Jack and his wife were driving through the edge of a hurricane.  He has it in his office, but the brackets need replacement. Jack also has a V-16 roadster (body number 92) with a replacement engine in it (number 700416).  He thinks the original engine number was 703052, and he’s had that car since 1961. Jack is a delightful fellow and he said he didn’t mind if I shared the picture.

v64330SWadeS.jpg (8664 bytes)





One of these was offered for sale in the Self Starter classifieds, in 1963, by a Wilber F. Sanders of Detroit, MI. Described as 100% complete, the vendor was asking for offers "around" $3,700!




T. Baganz, MI [CLC Directory, 2002]




D. Holtzman, MI [CLC Directory, 2002]




This one was brought to my attention by V-16 owner-enthusiast, Chris Cummings.  The car was offered for sale in December, 2006, by RM Auctions; the price estimate was between $200K and $240K. The red, orange and maroon Pennsylvania-bodied convertible coupe sold January 19, 2007. The new, happy owner is Brent Merrill. Late Extra [8/2008], from Chris Cummings: the car was sold again at Meadow Brook for $324,500. Later [7/2009], Chris informed me that the car would be sold again at the RM auction at Meadowbrook Hall in fall 2009. Thanks to Chris also for pointing out that previously I had an erroneous photo of the car here.   Latest [3/2010], a former owner, Brent Merrill, contacted me with this information: I was on the site tonight checking out a few things. It is an amazing site and I thank you so much for the time you spend on it. I noticed you had a couple of pictures of this car that I used to own. As an update, apparently when I sold the car through RM, the gentleman who purchased it for $324,500 at the RM Meadowbrook auction in 2008 was from Europe. I asked RM why the car was up for auction again the following year at Meadowbrook where the high bid was only $210,000 and it did not sell. They told me that although the gentleman was relatively young, he had unexpectedly passed away shortly after buying the car and hence the family put the car back in the auction. I believe that after the Meadowbrook auction RM may have purchased the car as it was as owned by them when it was entered into the RM Scottsdale Arizona auction in January 2010 where it sold for $253,000 including commission. I have included for your site a few more pictures of the car when I owned it.




v64335b.jpg (21461 bytes)     v6_4335.jpg (10142 bytes)

4335ap.jpg (47827 bytes)     v64335c.jpg (18389 bytes)
Note on 1st and 2nd photos, the erroneous position of the landau iron

Same car?


 Note again, on RH side of car, the erroneous position of the landau iron






Here's an interesting piece of trivia for all you V16 aficionados: CLC member Paul Schinnerer, who has been active in the club for decades and has owned a number of V16s, sent Chris Cummings this manuscript "bill of sale" (receipt)  for what is believed to have been a Fleetwood style 4335 convertible coupe. $275! Those were the days!!!  The question is:  where is that car today, assuming (righly) that it survived?

v6-701081.jpg (30965 bytes)





This one was once owned by Dayton Card and was featured in an article in AQ, for the fourth quarter 1984. It was sold at an RM auction in 2015.  Here is an extract from the catalog:  Just 11 of these beautiful Classics are known to have survived today, and among them is the V-16 offered here, which is noted by its original build sheet to have been intended for the renowned Don Lee dealership in Los Angeles, only to be diverted to New York. Importantly, this document serves as verification that this is the original body and engine for this chassis. The present owner acquired the car from the family of its long-time owner, the late Bob Kuhlman, whose widow noted in a letter to him that it was “my husband’s favorite toy…we know we have given up a family member (I know it’s only material), but the history and material attachment is so profound.” ...  Not surprisingly, the car is a former AACA National Senior First Prize winner, and it was also a Classic Car Club of America First Prize winner ... it is a great runner, which starts at the touch of the button and has a great sound; it steers easily and shifts smoothly.”


v64335ex.jpg (10968 bytes)        v6p335b.JPG (9858 bytes)
These first 3 images show the car when it was in the ownership of Dayton Card, in the 70s.
Not sure if all 3 images show the same car (the one on the left has cloth sidemount covers; the other has metal covers)



Images (above 4 rows) © 2015, courtesy RM Auctions


4335 #83 701851

NEW - 2014: This one found its way to the Czech Republic in 2014; the owner, Jan Střilka, provided the photos below. The car looks complete but obviously will need a lot of TLC to regain its former good looks.  Good luck, Jan.






? 702025

This survivor was formerly owned by a Mr. Johnston A. Bowman of Evanston, IL. At that time, the hood and cowl were painted Credinga green while the fenders and moldings were Emerald green. The original (1930) cost of this car, with options, was $6630. A subsequent owner in the Seattle area offered the car on e-Bay. The ad said the car had been restored in 2001 and had about 100 miles on the odometer since restoration. The engine and transmission were reported to have been rebuilt by a Cadillac expert with 60 years of experience with these cars. Suspension, brakes, gauges, chrome all were excellent. The repaint, in burgundy and silver, was done by a multiple Pebble Beach winner. The car scored 99.5 points at the CCCA Grand Classic and won first in class, most elegant and best of show at the prestigious Forest Grove [Oregon] concours d'ElCopyrightgance. “This is one beautiful car!” In October, 2002, V16 enthusiast Johan Boltendal in the Netherlands called my attention to a modification of the Ebay ad stating: "RE-BODIED FROM A COUPE IN THE SIXTIES." Subsequently the car was offered for sale on a website in Indianapolis, IN (www.significantcars.com), where it was stated that this car had a known history having been formerly owned by noted Collector Tom Lester. The car apparently left the factory as a Series 4376 coupe and was professionally converted to the Series 4335 body style in the 1960s. The fact that this is a conversion does not take away from the fact that it is a superb restoration and exemplifies what an authentic Fleetwood style #4335 should look like. Latest [Dec., 2010]: The car is shown on the website of Significant Cars.com, as having been sold (this info from Chris Cummings).


v6-4335PC.jpg (56823 bytes)

v64335.jpg (11044 bytes)     V764335.jpg (9839 bytes)     v6p335a.JPG (11429 bytes)
[ These early photos: Copyright Nicky Wright ]

4335srva.jpg (8033 bytes)     4335srvb.jpg (6672 bytes)     4335srvc.jpg (6916 bytes)

4335srvd.jpg (6268 bytes)     4335srve.jpg (5446 bytes)

4335srvf.jpg (8020 bytes)     4335srvg.jpg (8777 bytes)
[ Photos in above 3 rows:  Internet, 5/2004 ]

4335a.jpg (9761 bytes)

4335b.jpg (12388 bytes)     4335c.jpg (9125 bytes)
[ Photos in these 2 rows: www.significantcars.com ]





The Kruse auctioneers offered this car for sale (what year) as lot #660.  It is a red and maroon (4 tones) with a red leather interior; this 100-point CCCA and AACA show car won prizes at both Pebble Beach and Meadowbrook  A Mr. James Schultz had the same car [The Classic Car Autumn, 2001]. This one was formerly owned by Jean-Claude Labrecque of  Montreal, Canada; he had it advertised for sale in Cadillac Connoisseur, Vol. 23:5, circa 1983-84.  No price was given. Is this the same car that was on show at the Meadow Brook Concours d'ElCopyrightgance, Rochester, MI, on August 3, 2008? Is it the same "4335" that was sold during the RM Auction, held on the Saturday before the Concours, for $295,000? Chris Cummings believes the car was acquired by noted author, Clive Cussler, who began writing novels in 1965 and published his first work featuring his continuing series hero, Dirk Pitt®, in 1973. See www.themotor.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14:cussler-museum-arvada-co&catid=2:museums&Itemid=12 (URL provided kindly by Chris Cummings). Late extra (Dec., 2010):  There is a style 4376 coupe in the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History near Rosanky, Texas (see below), with this same VIN.   Both cars have a similar paint scheme and similar, unusual metal spare tire covers). The coupe has a leather-covered roof and landau irons similar to those found on a 4335 car (but painted). Chris thinks that both cars may have been owned by the same person, at one point, and that owner had the cars finished to be a matched pair - convertible and stationary coupes. He surmises that the paperwork for the Cussler car shows engine #702089, but that that engine is now in the 4376 car. There's no way to be entirely certain without examining both cars personally. For now it's an intriguing puzzle.


Read "Jean Claude" and not "Gene Claude" ... even though "Jean" and "Gene" are pronounced the same in English!

v6sv4335.jpg (10534 bytes)     4335sv.jpg (7829 bytes)     v6_4335ax.jpg (21205 bytes)
[Photo, left:  Kruse auction catalog, wherein the car is described in error as a
Madam X  convertible coupe - there were no Madame X convertible styles]
[Photo, right: is a magazine cover featuring this or another survivor]

v64335Cussler.jpg (13266 bytes)
It is believed the car is currently (2010)
in the collection of noted author, Clive Cussler





Chris Cummings identified this one as belonging to Charles and Cheryl Eggert of Morristown, NJ. The couple are members of the Classic car Club of America (CCCA).


4335Eggert.jpg (61249 bytes)    

unident4335.jpg (32395 bytes)     unident4335b.jpg (21841 bytes)

v6-4335blk.JPG (55219 bytes)    


4335 -- --

This is a very well restored 1930 Cadillac Fleetwood convertible coupe, style #4335; it is one of 100 units built in 1930-31 and one of a dozen or so known survivors, the majority of which are registered in this "Cadillac Database". It currently resides in Spain (2014-15). At the request of the owner, on December 15, 2014, all PRIVATE information about this car (i.e. VIN and body number) has been removed from this Database. He also said that NO PICTURES of his car were allowed in the Database; however, ALL the images below are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN; they are the sole property of Yann Saunders, a long-standing member of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. and of the Society of Automotive Historians. ALL zhese images were taken in  PUBLIC PLACES in both Belgium and France where they had been put on PUBLIC display by the owner


v6-4335Dirk.jpg (17885 bytes)



Pics above are from the biennial International Cadillac & LaSalle meet held in Bruges, Belgium (fall 2006)
[ all images © 2006, Gita and Yann Saunders







 Pics above are from the biennial International Cadillac & LaSalle meet held in Richelieu, France (fall 2010)
[ all images © 2006 and courtesy Gita and Yann Saunders ]





J. Schultz, CA [CLC Directory, 2002].




J. Bohmer, MN [CLC Directory, 2002].

4335 ? ?

R. Faurot, CA [CLC Directory]  

4335 ? ?

B. Flannigan, NJ [CLC Directory]  

4335 ? ?

R. Hand, TX [CLC Directory]  




Rick LeForge [SS #6, 4/1963) In an article entitled Happiness is a sixteen-cylinder Cadillac, Rick mentioned that he had three V-16s of which one was a parts car, with 50K miles on the odometer; his 4355 limousine [this car], featured on the cover was one of 6 prepared for the NY auto show; subsequently it was shipped to Los Angeles on February 13, 1930. It was able to leave the tour in LA. A previous owner was Haswell Parker. The car is bright yellow and the interior was still original in 1963. It has the original roll-up division, opera seats and intercom.  Rick contacted me in Feb. 2006, after seeing his former car in this, the survivors' roster.  He wrote: I am the Rick LeForge you noted in your listings. "Ole Yaller" is Style 4355 Body 4 Engine 700115. I usually give my cars names. "Old Yeller" was a 1957 Disney movie about a boy and a dog named Old Yeller. I traded this car to Jim Pearson - See my article in SS "Turn Left at Tucumcari." Jim in turn sold the car to J. B. Nethercutt and it is now part of the Merle Norman Museum. Yeller ran so well, that for a few years it was my go-to-meets car. I felt it was so reliable that we drove it to Kansas City, KS.


v64355sd.jpg (11880 bytes)     v6p355b.JPG (10605 bytes)

v64355gd.jpg (9894 bytes)     v64355in.jpg (4692 bytes)

v64375C1.jpg (20357 bytes)     v6TrumToot.jpg (14962 bytes)     v64375c2.jpg (17929 bytes)
[ Photos;  courtesy Merle Norman collection, San Sylmar ]


4355 #32 701758 This survivor photo appeared in SS for 6/71; the car was owned at that time by George Ackerle of Camden, NJ.  Chris Cummings, indefatigable V-16 sleuth,  mentioned that the car was featured in AQ, third quarter 1973 (Vol. XI, No. 3); it was shown simply to illustrate an article. He noticed the car was mentioned again in SS issues for February and March, 1988; a photo of the car's firewall showed "701758 BODY 32 Job 4355" (definitely this car). From these clues Chris deduced that the car was owned by George and/or Chares Ackerle in the '70s and was acquired in late 1987 (according to C&P) by Jim Houck of Pennsylvania as part of a package deal of 12 cars from an elderly collector in New Jersey (Ackerle?). Chris asks (as I do too): where is this car now? It was reportd to have under 10,000 miles on the odometer, an "incredible interior" with seats and door panels still protected by clear plastic. C&P reported in error that this car was "one of only 2 made"; in fact, production of Fleetwood job #4355 comprised 52 units.    

4355-701758a.jpg (61192 bytes)     v6p355.jpg (10345 bytes)
Left: Photo from cover of Self Starter magazine, 5/2005 (courtesy Automobile Quarterly)
Right:  Photo from Self Starter magazine, 6/1971

Left: Photo from cover


4355 ? 702892 This partly legible excerpt from the shipping ledger for 1931 gives the original destination as Chicago. The car is not known to have survived.

4355 ?


(Former) owner, Travis B. Stewart of Atlanta, GA. This one was offered for sale in the SS classifieds for  April, 1963.  The asking price was a mere  $1,850 (!). It was described as "restored where necessary" but otherwise all original. It had 23K miles and had been purchased from the original corporation owner in August, 1961. It was acquired later by Jim Black, who told the story of driving it home to Denver, in the Self Starter issue for May, 1966.  He had it up for sale again in the Self Starter for  Nov.Dec. 1966. I wonder where it is today ? Possibly converted to a roadster or phaeton !
4355 ? ? One was brought to England by a private owner in 1930 [article in the British Motor, for 5.27.30, p.791 - incomplete copy]; not sure if it still survives
4355-S ? ? T. Goad (Criss Goad?), MI [CLC Directory, 2002]


The same car... in different lighting conditions, or repainted?

   v64355xa.jpg (12391 bytes)     4355int.jpg (17783 bytes)
This one [2-tone green] was photographed at the 2002 Grand National in Detroit.  Is it the same car?


4361-S #13


This one was owned by John McMullen, 2103 E. Newark Rd., Lapeer, MI 48446 (purchased for $160,000 ...although the original list price range was between $5950-$6525!); article in CLC 1/94, p.22. More recently (2004?) the car was acquired by G. Roskamp. He says the car came from Massachusetts. He is trying to trace its history. It was delivered to Don Lee Cadillac in San Francisco in March of 1930. The former owner does not remember where he bought it; it was rebuilt prior to his ownership and apparently may have had subsequent owners.


v6p361s.jpg (9555 bytes)
Possibly this car (older photo)

Again, possibly this unidentified car, posing at CCCA Museum in Kalamazoo, MI


4361-S #27


NEW, NOV. 2014:  This mysterious 1930 (originally Fleetwood) model was converted some time in its life to resemble a 1937 Packard sedan (using Packard body parts?). It was (re)discovered in a SE Asian country where it had been stored (in a cave) to protect it from Japanese invasion forces during WW2.



Photos and information, courtesy of a Cadillac enthusiast in New Zealand


4361-S ?


Located in Roseburg, OR, according to the listing by Rick LeForge.

4361-S #52


Per Rick LeForge, this one was previously in the Harrah collection in Reno, NV. C. Sorrell, Jr., NJ [CLC Directory, 2002]. The owner informed me in April, 2004, that this is a very original (unrestored) car in pretty good condition (no rust or serious dents).  It may have been used at one time as a swap parts source (trim, ignition lock, speedo, etc.), but that has all been taken care of.  The build sheet shows that it was ordered by Don Lee, Inc. of San Francisco on Mar. 25, 1930 and was at the loading dock at Cadillac on Mar. 29.  Except for the ignition lock, all numbers match those on the Cadillac build sheet.  It was originally painted black with lower panels of R&M Regent Maroon and carried a Gold Bronze body stripe.  The purchaser also ordered optional 7.00 x 19 Firestone tires.  The car is currently all black with red wheels but will eventually be repainted the original colors.


700759b.JPG (10186 bytes)     700759.JPG (7786 bytes)



4361-S #78


(NEW, 3/2010) Once again, Chris Cummings has come up with yet another surviving Sixteen.  He wrote:  Here's a new one. Engine number 700892 is an all-black Series 4361-S sedan, body # 78. It is kept at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon, Texas. It was purchased new by a rancher and his wife shortly after oil was discovered on their land. The fact that the driver of a Cadillac V-16 could do away with most gear shifting may have influenced the rancher's purchase decision, as he had lost an arm some time previously. The wife died a few months later and the husband passed away the next year. In the 1950s the car was found in a barn and donated to the museum, where it has been kept ever since. The car is complete, but has not been run in some years.




Saw this one advertised for sale in New South Wales, Australia (9/2000); it was reported to be "barn fresh" with low miles; asking price was A$120,000, negotiable

4361sv.jpg (9974 bytes)




Included as a survivor in the listing prepared by Rick LeForge. Owner shown as "Brucker".




According to the historical notes kindly provided to the Cadillac Database by enthusiast-historian, Rick LeForge, this car was shipped to New York City, NY, on April 15, 1930. He said it was subsequently  destroyed.
4361-S #134


This V-16 was shipped to Los Angeles  on April 18, 1930. Rick LeForge kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of this car's body tag from the time it was in the Wayne Merriman collection.  Rick described the car  as a "Good original" at the time.

4361-S ?


Was brought to my attention by Chris Cummings; it appeared for sale on Ebay in March, 2009 with a starting bid of $395,000. Vendor writes: All original 40,000 mile car, second owner. This was bought from original owner in 1987 and brought to N.Y. were it was restored. The restoration was done as a labor of love every nut and bolt was scrutinized. This car looks as good under the car as on top. This is a V16 automobile all original, the engine was never taken out of the car, original clutch, the exhaust manifolds are porcelain covered, the exhaust was replaced with  polished stainless steel, all the wood frame is original. This car runs better then it looks. all hardware was replaced with polished stainless steel. The head lamps and tail lamps are original. All original wire harness was replaced. I know the carburetors are suppose to be black, but I had them polished to look like chrome. The vacuum fuel pumps are original and work. (no electric pump added) All the chrome was sent out and redone. The wheels are triple plated chrome and polished stainless steel spokes. The original flying lady is on the car. The interior was never touched original. The car is stored in a climate control garage. Late Extra [June, 2009]:  the car is up for sale again on Ebay.


1208C.jpg (12523 bytes)

1208B.jpg (71441 bytes)

4361Se.jpg (11966 bytes)     4361Sa.jpg (25238 bytes)     1208A.jpg (21892 bytes)     4361Sd.jpg (13290 bytes)

   4361Sb.jpg (14021 bytes)     4361Sc2.jpg (7692 bytes)
[ Photos: Internet ]




This one was first delivered to Toledo, OH, on June 20, 1930. Formerly owned by Wayne Merriman, the engine is believed to have been transferred into a reproduction Fleetwood style #4302. Info from Rick LeForge.

4361-S ?


NEW, Dec., 2010 : Chris Cummings brought this one to my attention. The owner, Brian Keating describes this car as having the original interior and some original paint. All the numbers match from the build sheet. Originally this V16 went to Canada, Mr. Keating doesn’t remember the gent’s name. From there it went to Connecticut, approx. in the 1950's, and then was traded to the gent Mr. Keating purchased it from approx. 1960's. Speedometer shows less than 40,000 miles, one of 258 built.   He says it “runs great, looks like the way I like'm original! Al Capone had one just like this one, same colors even-Brewster green & black. I actually have CAPONE as the license plate!!”   Alan Merkel later kindly clarified the ownership history of this car.   He said that the McGowan brothers bought the car from the owner in Canada and sold it to Dick Garrett in Houston.  In 1984, Mr. Garrett advertised the car in the Classic Car Club of America “Bulletin” and a Mr. Perkins in Connecticut bought it.   In 1985 he traded it to Charlie Harper, who owned it until recently. Late Extra [Nov., 2011]:  (from V-16 owner-admirer and friend, Chris Cummings) the car is currently (2011) offered for sale on my friend Dick Shappy's website for $159,000. I have added some more photos from Dick's web site. Even Later  (again from Chris):  Dick apparently sold the car on October 17, 2012; he has given no indication of its current destination. Latest [Dec. 2012]:  Chris found from Dick that the car has gone to a collector in Russia.


4361S-702577bb.JPG (83718 bytes)     4361S-702577cc.JPG (78222 bytes)

 4361S-702577aa.JPG (63517 bytes)     4361S-702577dd.JPG (69593 bytes)     4361S-702577ee.JPG (65534 bytes)
Photos: © 2010 and courtesy of Brian Keating



Photos: © 2011 and courtesy of Dick Shappy


4361-S ?


Fred Weber collection [info from "Fleetwood" book by James J. Schild]




This one was advertised for sale in the "Classifieds" section of the club's Self Starter magazine for February, 2006. It was described as a gorgeous car with an older high-point restoration, a consistent trophy winner and a reliable touring beauty. This may be one of the cars already listed above, for which I have neither VIN nor body number.

Srv_4361s.jpg (9126 bytes)
[ Photo:  Self Starter - 2/2006 ]





Could this be the same car (older photo of survivor) ?

 v6p361a.JPG (11802 bytes)


4361-S ?


This survivor is located in Brazil (2002); details sought 

4361sbrz.jpg (3032 bytes)


4361-S ?



v6304360.jpg (12340 bytes)


4361-S ?


R. Castignetti, MA [CLC Directory, 2002]

4361-S ?


B. Kerns, WA [CLC Directory, 2002]

4361-S ?


Dennis Sobieski owns one of these that he got from a vendor in Illinois; it had sat in a museum in Texas for 40 years.  I have no other details about the car at this time; it was featured in a YouTube video in 2009; here is the URL [from June, 2009].  In the interview. Dennis said they made 40-50 of these; actually, total production for 1930-31 was 258 units.

4361-S ?


Just in from V16 owner and researcher, Chris Cummings, who saw it listed on Internet in 2013 (it had been posted there already in 2008). The car is well restored and in 2008 was located at Muttontown, NY; mileage stood at: 34600. It was originally purchased on March 12, 1930 from Don Lee Cadillac Inc. in Los Angeles, California. The current owner [not identified as yet] grew interested in 1930s automobiles as a youngster on the Gold Coast of Long Island. There were countless days when he would sit on a street corner during the late 1930’s, as young as 8 years old, waiting, watching and identifying the make, model and year of the automobiles as they approached him. It was a dream come true when he finally found and was able to afford this beautiful antique car that he had wished for since he was a very young boy.




Engine only



NEW, Jan. 2013: (information from Chris Cummings) Surfacing in time for the Bonhams Scottsdale auction later this month [Jan. 2013] is a fascinating ambulance conversion of a 1930 V-16 Series 4375-S seven-passenger sedan. The engine is from a Series 4361-S town sedan (more details on this page).
4375 ?


May have survived.  Info from Rick LeForge.
4375 ?


Thanks to the extraordinary powers of observation of owner-enthusiast, Chris Cummings, I was able to combine three former entries on this page into a single one. The color photo, below, may have been from an Internet "For Sale" ad, 2006-07. I like that color scheme! This car may have been owned previously by Joe Cali, San Jose, CA, and Ted Raines, CA [CLC Directory].  I saw it mentioned first in the Self Starter, 6/65, p.4. It is black and blue with light trim. I am told that  this survivor was originally sold to the Crocker Bank in California.  It has a dealer installed sliding glass divider between the driver and passenger compartments, making it an "almost limousine". Acquired in 2007 by Dave Mikol, an enthusiast who also has four LaSalle models, Dave has promised to supply more recent photos as well as the missing numbers (body and VIN).  Thanks in advance, Dave. Late Extra (May, 2012): (by Chris Cummings) This entry is the car that was owned by the Countess Dandini, and later by Ted Raines and David Mikol. I believe that car is, in fact, in Steve Plunkett's collection now. The divider window on the Dandini car is a horizontally sliding one; if you look through the driver's window on the top photo below, you can see the vertical edge of one of the sliding panes of the divider glass.

4375srv3.jpg (7571 bytes)     v64375UNK.jpg (12883 bytes)

4375plunkett.jpg (74704 bytes)    

4375SA.jpg (9955 bytes)     4375sb.jpg (9873 bytes)     4375sc.jpg (5062 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 1/2008 ]


4375 #157


May have survived in Chico, CA.  Info from Rick LeForge.
4375 #155


This survivor was offered for sale by auction on the Internet (11/2000); the owner desperately was seeking parts for the accelerator pumps on the carburetor. Late Extra: 10/2002: The car is currently located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It was advertised for sale in the September 2002 issue of the CLC Self Starter for $89,900 firm, by Mickey Moulder, 8515 Riverside Dr., E., Windsor,  Ontario, Canada N8S 1G1,  Tel. (519) 974-0679 [PHOTOS BELOW - Internet]. On the (undated) Web site of Platinum Classics of Macedon, NY, the car is listed as "SOLD".  The ad that accompanied the pics (below) reads: This fabulous V16 Cadillac has resided in a prominent private collection for the last 25 years. It was restored from a excellent original car about 10 years ago. It still remains in excellent condition considering the restoration is 10 years old. Late Extra [6/2009]:  Enthusiast Chris Summers reports that the car is now a part of the J. Taylor automobile collection in Huntington, WV. He kindly supplied a few more photos (below).

4375srvc.jpg (8215 bytes)     v64375ab.jpg (6903 bytes)     4375srva.jpg (6672 bytes)

4375srvd.jpg (9671 bytes)     v64375xa.jpg (9052 bytes)     700859a.jpg (7700 bytes)

    4375srve.jpg (4131 bytes)     4375srvf.jpg (4927 bytes)     700859b.jpg (6882 bytes)     700859c.jpg (5908 bytes)
Photos:  courtesy Clark Rittersbach, former owner and Chris Summers


4375 #397


May have survived;  Rick LeForge supplied a "finger print" of the body tag that he got in the 50s.


V-16 "sleuth", Chris Cummings, brought to my attention a V-16 that was offered for sale by Bonham's & Butterfields (as lot #229) during their auction  held on 14 August 2009 at the Quail Lodge and Resort in Carmel, CA. It is reported to have belonged to notorious Chicago mobster, Al "Scarface" Capone. The information and images that follow are drawn from Bonham's auction catalog entry: Based on a seven-passenger Imperial Sedan by Fleetwood its doors are reinforced with Copyright" steel armor. All the glass is 5-ply laminated. The side windows have round ports cut in them, and they are not for ventilation. A police band radio nestles under the dashboard conveniently above the front seat passenger's feet. His [Capone's] indictment in 1931 on Federal income tax evasion charges and subsequent conviction and sentence to eleven years in Federal prison soon followed and may account for the pristine condition of the Cadillac which would have taken some time to be armored and may not even have been finished before he was released from a nine month sentence imposed in August 1929 for a minor weapons infraction, then brought up on the Federal tax charges. Purchased by Sid Craig in 1994 from the Imperial Palace Auto Collection in Las Vegas where it had been on display since 1982, this may be the most elaborately equipped and modified Cadillac V-16 in existence. It is equipped with armor plating in the doors and sides and five-layer laminated glass windshield and windows. Despite their great weight the door windows, which have round gunports cut in them, roll down into the doors. Other defense features included an oil slick and smoke screen system. Painted a low key black with matching black painted wire wheels, it has dual sidemounted spare tires with mirrors and a radiator stoneguard. A rollup divider window separates the privileged rear compartment with its luxurious dark brown leather upholstery and black leather door panels and headliner from the driver and front seat passenger who repose on black leather seating surfaces. A police radio could monitor the good guys' activities and might also hint at the opposition's moves. It was discovered in the 1960s by Paul R. Eakins of Sikeston, Missouri who recognized its unique features and began a long term cosmetic restoration. In 1975 it was authenticated by Morris & "Red" Rudensky, who had been Capone's cellmate at the Atlanta Penitentiary in 1932 before the mob boss became one of the first inmates to experience the newly-built maximum security prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay (a recording of Rudensky verifying the car as Capone's to Paul Eakins can be heard here; a further recording of Rudensky describing his experiences with the car can be heard here). After touring the country with it for several years Eakins sold it to the Imperial Palace Auto Collection. Repainted and the engine compartment cleaned up many years ago, it has subsequently been maintained and preserved in largely original configuration, a time capsule commemorating America's most infamous gangster. According to Rudensky the armoring alone cost $30,000, a massive sum at the time but not even rounding error in The Outfit's estimated $100 million annual turnover. Sidney's car was the basis for a highly detailed 1/24 scale model by the Franklin Mint, the "1930 Al Capone Armored Cadillac" (item number B11XE83).   The car is reported to have sold for $309,500 versus pre-sale estimate of $250,000 $300,000. This was a no-reserve sale. Latest (2009/2010?):  Not sure if this predates the sale by Bonhams, in 2009, but I did see the car listed as sold by "The Auto Collections" (Imperial Palace, Las Vegas) on this web site.

[ Photo:  Bonhams Auction Co. ]


ex-4375 [now]
V-8 Body
701630 This car was sold through the Don Lee Cadillac dealership in San Francisco, CA; advertised for sale on the Internet in 2000 [described as "partly restored"], the car was acquired in April that year by CLC member and enthusiast Tom Young. He says there was little left of the original body; he found a phaeton body from a Cadillac V-8 of the same vintage [Fleetwood style #3980] and installed it in lieu of the original limousine style. Even though the car may not win prizes in national competitions, still it is a very pretty car [paint and upholstery need to be completed].

4375srvx.jpg (13965 bytes)
Although a re-body, this is still a fine looking V-16


4375 #319


This car was formerly listed as a style 4275 survivor, following an erroneous entry in the CLC directory. Owner-enthusiast Rick LeForge contacted me in Feb. 2006 to correct the error; he sent also a copy of the build sheet.  He said:  our current V16, "Ole Rip", is titled in my son's name, Ben Le Forge, and listed in CadLaS [Directory]  as a 4275 although it's a style 4375 Body 319 Engine 702488. Rick sent a "fingerprint" of the body tag that he had taken in the fifties. The car was first shipped to Pittsburgh, PA on July 26, 1930.
4375 ?


This survivor was owned in 1965 by Paul R. Eakins, as well as by the Broach (?)  Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi, MO. I believe this is the car that as sold for $130,000,  in February, 2006, at an auction in Atlantic City [tip from V-16 owner/enthusiast, Chris Cummings]. Another prior owner was Scott Eckenhoff, of Eckenhoff Cadillac, Jenkintown, PA. Late extra [May, 2007]:  the car was offered for sale by the Kruse auction house as lot #2738 at the Auburn, IN, venue in September. Thank you Chris Cummings for the update. Late extra [5/2007]: Ms. Audrey Barnes, Kruse International Auction Coordinator, confirmed the accuracy of the VIN but was not able to supply the body number. Latest [9/2007]:  Chris sent this summary for the file: This series 4375 imperial sedan with wooden wheels, lately owned by New York/New Jersey Cadillac dealer Scott Eckenhoff, was sold at the 2007 Kruse Auburn Auction for $200,000.  The car appears to be the same as the vehicle shown on a postcard from a motor museum at Natural Bridge, Virginia (next to a manikin dressed as a chauffeur).  Sometime after that postcard photo was taken, the car underwent a complete restoration at White Post. It last sold at the 2006 Borgata Auction in Atlantic City for $113,000.  Unless there were interim purchasers, it would seem that Troby’s Memory Lane in New Jersey turned a nice profit on this car.  It would be interesting to know more about its history.

STR30CAP.JPG (10711 bytes)     V6_4375sv.jpg (11014 bytes)
Both cars are painted burgundy & black and both have the Lo-Boy trunk and the uncommon wooden artillery wheels

v6ArtillB.jpg (7337 bytes)     v6ArtillC.jpg (6321 bytes)     v6ArtillH.jpg (5624 bytes)     v6Artilli.jpg (6123 bytes)

v6ArtillJ.jpg (4740 bytes)     v6artillE.jpg (3718 bytes)     v6ArtillF.jpg (3896 bytes)     v6ArtillG.jpg (6551 bytes)


4375 ?


Body number not known.  Was formerly owned by Akron, OH, Cadillac dealer Dave Towell.  Info from Rick LeForge who recorded that the car was shipped to San Francisco on 8 November 1930.

4375 ?


Formerly owned by my friend Olle Ljungstrom of Sweden, he sold it to Stig Andersson, of Saltsjobaden, Sweden.

4375 ? 702824 [New, October 2010] This one is owned by Tage Jingnert, President of the Scandinavian Cadillac Club; it was brought to my attention by Anders Wald, another keen Swedish Cadillac collector and enthusiast, during the 2010 Grand European Cadillac Meet held in Richelieu, France, Anders tells me the car is for sale.

v6muller4175a.JPG (16545 bytes)     v6mullerv4175b.JPG (14461 bytes)

TageV16.jpg (14713 bytes)     TageV16b.jpg (37356 bytes)

Tage owns also the black, 1953 Fleetwood Series 75 limousine seen in the 2nd photo, right
[ Photos: Copyright Tage Jingnert, courtesy of the owner, through Anders Wald ]


4375 ?


This partly legible excerpt from the shipping ledger for 1931 gives the original destination as New Bedford. Although the body style is not completely visible, it was correctly identified by Rick LeForge.  The car is not known to have survived.


4375 #358


Owner: Daniel Hanlon.  This car was in a building fire but sustained only heavy smoke damage; it did require full restoration nevertheless. Currently [5/2004] it is 99% complete [information supplied kindly by the restorer, Miles Morstatter]. This car appears to have been listed TWICE in the survivors' roster; I have just moved the second entry here. I believe it is the car photographed  in the seventies by the late Gene Babow.  Info from Rick LeForge who recorded that the car was shipped to San Francisco on 8 November 1930.

v6_4375Bab1.jpg (40249 bytes)
[ Photo: © 1972, courtesy the late Gene Babow ]


4375 #411 703108

This V-16 was shipped to Aurora, IL, on June 18, 1931. It was delivered with a pair of stainless-steel spoked sidemounts. Enthusiast-historian Rick LeForge kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of this car's body tag that he took in the fifties when it was owned by "Cadillac Jim" Pearson of Kansas City. The car was affectionately known as "Blue Boy". Rick reckons this is the finest, unrestored V-16 Cadillac in the world.

4375 ? 703181

Is currently [2008-09] located in the Toyota Automobile Museum in Japan. The car was originally part of Gene Zimmerman’s “Automobilorama” collection in Harrisburg, PA. Owner-enthusiast Chris Cummings pointed out  the fact that the car has smaller V8/V12 headlights.  Chris wondered also if I had the original postcard (below, top row); sorry, Chris, no, I don't.


These two pics are the obverse and reverse of a museum PC from the 70s;
the one on the left shows the car prior to restoration (as seen below)

31_703181a.JPG (14274 bytes)     31_703181b.JPG (10052 bytes)


4375 ?


I saw it first in a Hemmings ad in December 2003.  The car is fully restored; the accessories in the passenger compartment all are gold-plated. It was priced at $165,000. Late extra [6/2005]: Enthusiast and Database patron, Chris Cummings, informed me that the car was auctioned by Kruse, on April 1-2, 2005 during the Greater Salt Lake City Auction at the Thanksgiving Point. It was reportedly sold for $150,000. It was described by the auctioneers as  a 1931 Cadillac V-16 four door Imperial Limousine in two tone green, with green leather; it was a  mint, 100-point show winner for 7 passengers, d/m [?], pilot rays, divider, all gold trim in the passenger compartment. It came with the owners manual. The vehicle title was in French (suggesting it may have been for a time in Canada's Quebec province, or even overseas. Serial # is shown as 5ER703215 [read "SER", not "5ER"]. On the cover of LVA #90715 for April 12, 1990, there is a photo of a V16 (possibly a 4375) with license #5R.90.53 (?), located at the time in a museum at St. Félicien,  near lake St. Jean in Canada.(owner: Jean Ménard, 2365 Chemin de la Rive, Almacomté Lac St. Jean, Québec, 68B5 V3 Canada - or contact Club "Le Tacot", 83 La Chapelle, Sainte Cécile de Milton, Québec, JOE 2 CO, Canada).


V631LIM2.JPG (8322 bytes)     V631LIM.JPG (7980 bytes)     v6_4375srvX.jpg (29648 bytes)
I think the car on the right is the same as the one on the left ... but in a different light
[ photos:  Internet 12/2003 ]

This B&W photo is from the French weekly, La Vie de l'Auto (1997)





Photos (above 4 rows):  Internet, 2011

The car is a survivor according to this VIN


4375 ?


This one belongs (belonged?) to a member of the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA). I believe it is the car in the upper photo, listed in the CLC Directory as belonging to Ed Meurer in Michigan.  A former owner was John O'Sullivan of Grand Blanc, MI. The car was on display for a year at the then new Auto World facility in Flint,  MI.  Late Extra (Apr. 2014): My friend and V-16 owner-historian, Chris Cummingssaid he spoke with Ed Meurer in 2014 and learned that his Series 4375 imperial sedan is engine number 702402. The original owner was the President of Mexico. Ed bought from a man named Weaver who had bought it from John O’Sullivan. It was Mr. O’Sullivan who restored the car.


[ Photo: CCCA ]

The lovely lady in period attire is the late Patricia Stork, beloved mother of my friend and fellow Cadillac enthusiast
Jeff Stork, who took the photo in October, 1983.  Jeff said: No one ever loved Cadillacs more than she did.


4375 ?


[unknown] Owner-enthusiast, Chris Cummings notes that the windshield sunvisor is missing; he does not have the VIN; he has only seen photos of the car in connection with the 2006 "Concours of the Eastern United States" on this web site: "ConceptcarZ.com". Any additional information about it would be appreciated.


v6_4375Bab.jpg (34375 bytes)



4375 ?


R. De Mieri, NY [CLC Directory, 2002]

4375 ?


R. Messick, CA [CLC Directory, 2002]

4375 ? ?

J. Nestlehutt, GA [CLC Directory]  

4375 ? ?

This one belongs to CLC member Ron DeMieri of Bethpage, New York

4375Mieri1.jpg (13195 bytes)     4375Mieri2.jpg (9747 bytes)
4375 ?


Jan Ströman, author of the excellent book, "Swedish Coachbuilders", kindly supplied these photos of such a limousine that was involved in a deadly crash. The car belonged to a Mr. Anders Lindahl, owner of a factory that made a popular brand of Swedish soft drinks. Unfortunately, Mr. Lindahl lost his life in the accident. The car later was sold and went to Denmark. Its current whereabouts are not known.


[ Photos: © Jan Ströman ]


4375 ?


Olle Ljungstrom, who supplied me with much info about V16s in Sweden, reported that a similar limo that had been imported to Sweden was cut back behind driver's seat to make a truck!



This possible survivor was brought to my attention by owner-enthusiast Chris Cummings.  He said: When I was 14 and just discovering the existence of Cadillac V-16 cars, I checked out a book from the local library about antique and classic cars. One of the photographs in that book was the image [below] being offered by Walter Miller (Autolit) in ebay item number 290407175569. The caption in the book I checked out described the car portrayed in the photo as "Senator Glass's Limousine." Senator Carter Glass of Lynchburg, VA, (1858-1946) gave his name to the Glass-Steagal Act, the legislation that separated investment banks (the big broker-dealers like Merrill Lynch and Goldman) from commercial banks (Citibank, etc). It was considered at the time to be an essential response to the stock market crash and onset of the Great Depression. Today, its effects have been almost totally erased. Chris later added: "It has fancy octagonal rear-view mirrors mounted on the spare tires.  Many of these elegant and comfortable cars failed to survive the wartime scrap drives, obsolescence, neglect and the depredations of the elements.  This one made it at least as far as the mid-century year in what looks like very good shape.   One of the horn trumpets is a little cock-eyed.  And someone has added an anachronistic bumper guard to the front ensemble [stock Cadillacs  from 1941 featured a similar kind of front bumper guard]."  Has it survived? Where is it now?

4375SenGlass2.jpg (22608 bytes)


4375-S #50 700022 This car was shipped to San Francisco [probably to Don Lee] on February 6, 1930. It belonged at one time to Elmer Franzen of Minneapolis, MN. Rick LeForge kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of the body tag that he took in the fifties.
4375-S #45 700038 Was the showroom V-16 at the Don Lee outlet in Oakland, CA; it was later converted to a pickup-towcar!

4375S-45_0038.jpg (35280 bytes)
[image courtesy Rick LeForge]


4375-S #164 700331

(NEW, 1/2013) My favorite Cadillac sleuth (Chris Cummings) has unearthed another "sort of" surviving Sixteen. It appeared for sale on the Hemmings Motor News Web site. Cadillac V16 connoisseur, Alan Merkel, said the engine originally powered a town sedan.  He said: The Bonham’s website has a body tag for Series 4375-S sedan, body number 164.  The car has 1956 California tags on it. Chris wrote:  This very intriguing car sold on January 17 for $44,850 (of which $5,850 was the buyer’s premium). Someone did an awful lot of work to create this ambulance out of a Series 4375-S sedan (with a town sedan engine). The front only looks like 1934-35 Cadillac V-8.  It’s fabricated.  The fenders look like extended and customized 1930 V-16 fenders. There’s a second generator mounted on the left-hand side of the engine, and the crankcase vent has been moved to accommodate it.  Extra juice is understandable, given flashing lights and sirens. The stretch of the sedan body involved some complicated cutting to preserve the wheel arch (no change in wheelbase). The fabricated side-hinged rear entrance door uses the original sedan rear window. And generally, stretching a composite wood and steel body has to be more difficult than doing the same thing to an all-steel body. I think it served on a naval base, maybe during WWII. Someone told Al Preuitt that the conversion work had been done by Derham.  I dunno about that, but it IS quality work  (see the Bonhams website). It has also described as: a fascinating ambulance conversion of a 1930 V-16 Series 4375-S seven-passenger sedan. The engine is from a Series 4361-S town sedan. The coachbuilder kept the original wheelbase (148") but lengthened the rear quarter of the body significantly and created a side-hung rear entrance. The fenders appear to be customized 1930 Cadillac parts, with skirting and a streamlining effect. The rear fenders are extended to go with the new body length. The fronts are styled to look like 1934 Packard fenders. The stock 1930 radiator is enclosed in a shell that looks like a 1934-1935 Cadillac V-8 or V-12 part, but matches up nicely with a 1930 hood and allows the 1930 radiator filler neck to protrude. The grille is very similar to (but different from) the '34-'35 Cadillac counterpart. The engine has a second generator on the driver's side and a voltage regulator for it on the firewall (understandable in view of the extra lighting and siren an ambulance would carry). Somebody did a LOT of work on this beast. License plates are 1956 California. I'm speculating from the grey paint and the shape of the scraped-off lettering that it may have served a naval base, perhaps during WWII.  Late Extra: (from Chris again) The car was sold for $44,850, including a $5,850 premium.  










4375-S    ?


This V16 is not fully documented. It is one of  the 367 "Sixteens" that shipped from the factory in February, 1930 (the first 3 "Sixteens" were shipped in December, 1929, and 5 more followed in January, 1930). Its chassis and motor were used, later, to create a 2-pass. roadster. More information about the latter car may be seen above, under "3902 (4302)" in the first column. This VIN was supplied by RM's Chris Summers, in 2013. The transformation (from "4375-S" sedan to "3902 [4302]" roadster) is believed to have been done a long time ago. In my own archives I came across a snippet indicating that VIN 700353 (described there erroneously as a Fleetwood style "4302" roadster) had been offered for sale at auction, in Geneva, Switzerland, in the nineties. It was V16 enthusiast, Alan Merkel, who pointed out in 2013 that VIN 700353 had served as the power plant for the re-bodied "3902 (4302)" roadster. The fate of this VIN's original sedan body is not known at this time. 
4375-S #247 701071 Although the body tag suggests this car began life as a 7-passenger sedan, I have heard from an enthusiast that it has a crank-up chauffeur's division. He is trying to find out if this was a factory mistake or an after-market addition [see also spare engines section, below - this may now be an "engine only"].
4375-S #254 701098 V-16 sleuth, Chris Cummings, brought this one to my attention.   He wrote:  There is a series 4375-S seven passenger sedan, now residing in the United Kingdom. According to the owner, Brian Hughes of Middlesex, England, the build sheet says that this car is body #254 and was delivered to Uppercu Cadillac, Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Hughes bought the car about fifteen years ago from a man named Colpitts in upstate New York.  Mr Colpitts had been given the car in 1958, by his father.  He told Mr. Hughes that the car had belonged to the head chef at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.  There's a picture of it in a book by the late Beverly Rae Kimes; the caption recites the Waldorf chef provenance.
4375-S #256 701154 I heard again from the owner, Paul Van Acker of the Netherlands, whose information I  had lost during a computer wipe-out. Paul said the car was shipped to Don Lee Cadillac in April 1930.  The original color was  "Classic Blue" with "Boatswain Blue" lower panels.  (note the unusual present color scheme). Paul bought the car in the UK from a Mr. Jack Tattersall in 2005; he had got it from a Mr. James J. Reeve who, before that, had acquired it from Mr. David Weber of St. Louis, MO. He believes Mr. Weber got it from a Mr. James C. Chafee of Del Mar, CA. It is believed the car was used in the movie, "The Great Race", either by Mr. Weber or Mr. Reeves. If anyone can verify this information and perhaps send a snapshot of the car during the race, I'd be most grateful, as would also Mr. Van Acker.   Late Extra (Apr. 2014): My friend and V-16 owner-historian, Chris Cummingsinforms me that the car has found a new owner.

Paul03.jpg (10219 bytes)           Paul14.jpg (5183 bytes)


Paul07.jpg (6270 bytes)


4375-S #333 701321 This survivor was in poor condition when Rick LeForge took a "fingerprint" of its body tag in the fifties.  At that time it was owned by "Cadillac Jim" Pearson.  It had severe rust damage.
4375-S ? 700519 A rusted-out hulk according to Rick LeForge
4375-S #449 701324

[see entry, below, for engine numbers 701324 and/or 703106]

4375-S #472 701502

C. Sorrell, Jr., NJ [CLC Directory, 2002].  According to the owner, who contacted me in April, 2004, this car is in need of total restoration. Late Extra (November 2012): Meanwhile the car has been fully restored, as may be seen in the photo below (this information should have been passed on earlier; it appears to have got "lost in the Email").

4375-S #399 701673 According to Rick LeForge who kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of the original body tag, the car was shipped to Indianapolis, IN, on May 20, 1930.  Rick says it was owned at one time by Paul Schinnerer.
4375-S #449


This car was offered for sale by RM Auctions in May, 2006.  The body number seems high compared to the engine number (did the car get a replacement engine, perhaps? - the chassis and motor numbers differ: the former is 703106 and the latter 701324). This car left the factory on June 12, 1931, bound for "PDX" [???]; Rick LeForge kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of the original body tag that he took when the car was in the collection of Wayne Merriman. He described the car at that time as a "rough original".  This one is from the J.C. Stevens estate collection. It was last used in 1983.  Mr. Stevens was a member of AACA and used the car frequently on Glidden Tours. Thanks to Chris Cummings for the tip and to RM for the info and photos. In the auction catalogue, RM described the car as a true time warp sixteen-cylinder Cadillac, all complete and correct. Fitted with proper headlights, dual rear taillights, Trippe driving lights, city and country horns, distributor, carburetors, vacuum tanks and more. Additional accessories include dual side mounts, luggage rack, stone guard, jump seats, rear vanities and an original mascot. Last used in 1983, this vehicle was actively used by Mr. Stevens in several AACA Glidden tours. An impressive motor car by all standards. Late Extra [10/2008]:  One   owner [current owner?], Karl Kahlberg, AZ,   was looking for a pair of jump seats for the carLater [5/2009]: this plea from V-16 owner-admirer, Chris Cummings: The fellow who owns the car that was sold in the J.C. Stevens estate auction a couple of years ago is talking about selling the engine and replacing it with a modern engine and transmission.  I’ve been calling around to everyone I know to see if someone wants to buy the car and prevent the unthinkable. If you know anyone who’d like to buy a solid, unrestored seven-passenger sedan, here’s one that’s available.

v64375b.jpg (18342 bytes)     v64375a.jpg (11691 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 5/2006 ]


4375-S #449 703106 [see entry, above, for engine numbers 701324 and/or 703106]
4375-S #438 703171

This V-16 was shipped to Columbus, OH, on September 30, 1930. One former owner was "Cadillac Jim" Pearson of Kansas City. The car was completely rusted out; only the chassis and cowl remain (no engine).  Info from Rick LeForge. Rick supplied a "finger print" of the body tag that he got in the 50s.

4375-S ? ?

C. Harper, NH [CLC Directory, 2002]

4375-S ? ?

J. Tallman, FL [CLC Directory, 2002]

? ? Unidentified (no spare tire cover).

v6_4375grn.jpg (7122 bytes)    


4376 #16 700827 Enthusiast-historian Rick LeForge kindly supplied a "fingerprint" of this car's original body tag, that he took in the fifties. I believe this is the car offered for sale by Jean-Claude Labrecque of Quebec, Canada, in 1983-84, in the classifieds section of Cadillac Connoisseur, the magazine of the Cadillac Club International of Palm Springs, CA); it was described as a "fully restored" style 4376-S (???), 3-tone red coupe, with V-windshield, sidemounts, white wall tires, rumble seat and trunkLate extra [2/2009]: this car or one much like it was offered for sale by Hyman, Ltd. in Feb. 2009.  The asking price was $285,000.  Latest [Dec., 2010]: The car is shown on the website of Significant Cars.com, as having been sold.


v6-4235b.jpg (36482 bytes)    
(Left) Mark Hyman Auctions photo; (right) Internet, 2014

4376SV.JPG (10450 bytes)     v6_4376ad.jpg (16066 bytes)
Owner (or former owner?): Tom Lehnen
[ LH and RH photos: © 2009, courtesy Hyman Ltd. ]

v6_4376ab.jpg (13516 bytes)     v6_4376aa.jpg (15654 bytes)

4376 #46 701259 On the list of survivors prepared by Rick LeForge, this one was owned by John Lungrine; it was parted out
4376 #43 701295 Rick LeForge informed me that this car was shipped  to New York City, NY, on April 25, 1930. At one time it was reported in the collection of John Lundberg and in "good condition". Again according to Rick, It may have been acquired, later by a Mr. Jon L. Carson from TX..
4376 #20 ? Rick LeForge provided a "fingerprint" that he got by pressing a scratch card against the body tag and rubbing an image of it with a soft pencil
4376 ? 701341 Coupe for two passengers; one of 98 built in 1931 [PHOTOS BELOW], This car (or one very much like it) was offered for sale by J.C. Leake, Muskogee, OK, in June 1995. It was described erroneously as a Madame X coupe (all true Madame X cars have four doors)

V6_4376.jpg (6613 bytes)     V6p476.jpg (11428 bytes)
(Left) this survivor was featured on the cover of the Self Starter in May, 1975;
it's owner at that time was a Mr. Donat Chartier, Jr. of  Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada

(Right) this appears to be the same car; photo  Copyright 2000, Robert Erickson


4376 #53 701540

This 2-pass. coupe was shipped to Milwaukee, WI [beer capital of the USA], on May 9, 1930.  Formerly owned by a Mr. Grover Phillips [I found no connection to him on "Google"], it was owned later by Eddie Vorvech of Chillocothie, MD. Rick LeForge kindly sent me a "fingerprint" of the original body tag that he took in the fifties. Chris Cummings gave me some updates on the car in November 2013. At one time it was used in a demolition derby in 1958 (photos below). A complete new restoration was completed in 2013 and the car won a prize at Pebble Beach. It was sold to KC Vintage Cars by Karl  Kahlberg. I was been erroneously named  “Madame X", a model designation given by Harley Earl and reserved for some 4-door closed models. Late Extra (4/2014): I believe this car is correently owned by Brent Merill of Ontario, Canada





Cropped photos (above 2 rows):  ©Richard Michael Owen

Photos: "KC Vintage Cars", KY - Internet, 2014


4376 #74 701772

Recently (Dec. 2011) advertised on the Internet and in Hemmings, this car (like so many others) was brought to my attention by my V-16 "sleuth" Chris Cummings; it is new to the roster. It is described as a ...rare V16 1930 Cadillac 452 Fleetwood Coupe. At over 81 years old, its all original Forest Green exterior and Brown Vinyl [looks like leather] Interior have developed a patina that gives this fine American classic character. It remains as delivered new [in that case it should have leather upholstery] and completely intact. Recently sorted out in our shop, the original V16 starts right up and shifts smoothly into gear. The massive, vacuum assisted drum brakes have been completely rebuilt. All of its interior instruments are in working order and their displays are crystal clear. Specifics on this particular car are as follows: 1930 Cadillac 452 V16 built and delivered in Pennsylvania. It remained in the North East all of its life until purchased by its current owner in 1991, when it was shipped to Illinois. With so many options available from the factory in 1930, each of the [V-16] Cadillacs are [frequently] 1 of only 1. Ordered with the Fleetwood Coupe, Series 4376 Body Style, Body Number 74 of 98 built. Extras include Side Mounts, Wire Wheels, Wide White Wall Tires, Rumble Seat and "V" Windshield. Bought at the Oborne Estate auction in 1991 by its current owner this car was originally owned by the Gifford F. Oborne for many years. He was an avid collector of 1930Copyrights automobiles and specifically V16 Cadillacs. The estate auction consisted of over 40 of these types of vehicles. This particular Cadillac was purchased from Wayne Merriman another avid collector [whose name you will encounter in a number of these roster entries] by Oborne many years prior and who at some point had the V16 rebuilt. At the time of the auction it had 51,637 original miles on it. It has been stored by its current owner for the last 20 years and the current mileage now reads 51,639. Auction documentation is included with the vehicle which currently has a clean Illinois Title. With only a 1000 units produced just after the stock market crash in 1929 [actually 2883 units in 1930 and 3251 counting the 1931 production] and even fewer yet still available, this V16 offers something more than most; originality. There may not be any finer, more universally accepted, or financially conservative automotive investment than the V-16 Cadillac.



[ Photos:  Internet ]


4376 #181
This style 4376 coupe resides (2010) in the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History near Rosanky, Texas. Chris Cummings got the engine number from a staff person there and it is the same as the style 4335 convertible coupe owned by author, Clive Cussler (above).  Both cars have a similar paint scheme and similar, unusual metal spare tire covers). The coupe has a leather-covered roof and landau irons similar to those found on a 4335 car (but painted). The body tag says that it is body number 181 and the style number is 4376-S or -B or -8, according to the staff person. Chris thinks that both cars may have been owned by the same person, at one point, and that owner had the cars finished to be a matched pair - convertible and stationary coupes. He surmises that the paperwork for the Cussler car shows engine #702089, but that that engine is now in the 4376 car. There's no way to be entirely certain without examining both cars personally. For now it's an intriguing puzzle.  Late Extra (January, 2012) - Chris informs me that the car is to be auctioned in Texas, in April  2012 (lot #34). Tiffany, from the Kruse Auction Co., kindly sent this reply to my query about  the car's VIN and Body numbers: Driver's Side back toward firewall - 73163; Delco Remy Tag - Model 927E Serial 1863; Passenger Side toward grill - 702089; Passenger Side - Fleetwood Body Corp Job No. 43756, Body No.181.  The "Job No." given by Tiffany is actually a misprint; the correct number (shown on the photo of the car's body tag, below) is actually "4376S" ... which in itself is a bit of a mystery, as that number does not appear an my known listing of all (?) Fleetwood body styles built up to the second quarter, 1933, dated July 1, 1933]. In this regard, V-16 owner-admirer Ross Morgan from Australia queried also the fact that the number of the body (181) exceeds the total number of units built (76); the answer in this case is that Fleewood built identical bodies also on V-12 (and possibly V-8) chassis. It is not uncommon to see other sixteens with a body number greater than the total number of units actually built with that engine configuration. Now we need similar information re author Clive Cussler's convertible coupe, style #4335, that carries the same VIN as this car. The plot thickens.





4376 #97 ? [NEW, 4/2010] This beautiful and rare survivor resides in Slovakia (formerly a part of Czechoslovakia).    It was brought to my attention by Slovakian enthusiast; Valentin Zbynovsky of the Veteran Car Club of Slovakia [www.veteransk.sk]. Valentin wrote: Please find enclosed some photos of one surviving Cadillac V16 which I did not find in your Database. It's a 2 passenger coupe by Fleetwood. The car is in the collection of Mr. Anton Kiaba from Slovakia. He bought it a couple of years ago in the USA.

4376SlovA.jpg (16855 bytes)     4376SlovB.jpg (20594 bytes)     4376SlovC.jpg (18117 bytes)
Obviously a beautiful restoration of  this rare Fleetwood coupe body style;
although 98 were built, few have survived, as may be educed from this survivors' roster

4376SlovD.jpg (20383 bytes)     4376SlovE.jpg (14867 bytes)
According to the body number, this appears to be the second-last such coupe to have been built;
The car appears to have belonged in the past to a CCCA member, W.F. Brown II;
I have not found anyone of that name listed in the current [2010] directory


4380 #1 700150 Listed by Rick LeForge as having been owned by Elmer Franson; it was built in Fleetwood, PA. This one was offered for sale by Cadillac dealer Dave Towell of Akron, OH, in the Self Starter classifieds for June, 1966. Asking price was "only" $5000. I saw it again in SS for 11-12/1967 where it was offered for sale by a Me. Gunnar Henriouille of Sacramento, CA (no price indicated). Dave was also selling a RHD Fleetwood style #4175 as well as a #4235 convertible coupe [both listed here]. This one left the factory with a black lacquer paint job, silver pinstriping and chrome wheels. One source said the car left the factory in January, 1930. However, only five cars shipped that month [engine numbers 700004 through 700008], so it must have shipped in February.  Late extra [6/2004]: the car was offered for sale at a J.C. Leake auction, in Tulsa, OK, in June 2004. Identical in color to #383, below, it initially created some confusion for me. It was described as having been verified [by whom] as having been built for the New York Automobile Show (January 1930?). However, most experts agree that only two cars were ready for that show were, first, a Madame X  limousine-landaulet (style 4108C) and, second,  a razor-edged town brougham with French cane applied to the lower, rear body (style 4264B). Another source me that the original body (#1) for this car was destroyed and the chassis was fitted with Fleetwood style 3882, from a V-8 chassis. THAT V-8 may have been on show in NY in January, 1930. Check out the pages on Fleetwood styling codes for a description of body styles ending with digits "82"; I have not yet come across a description of any Fleetwood style #3882 but that does NOT preclude it's having been built. According to James Schild who wrote the definitive book on Fleetwood, styles with initial digits"38", like this one, were mounted on only a few 1928 and 1929 chassis with 140" wheel base and the V-8 power plant.
4380 #19 700494 According to a listing prepared by enthusiast Rick LeForge, this car may have been owned initially by Hopalong Cassidy [William Boyd]. The photo of the well-known cowboy star, below, was retrieved from the Internet; I believe it is from the vast collection of Walter Miller whom I shall credit for allowing me to show it here.

30Boyd4380.jpg (47993 bytes)


4380 #41 700503 This Fleetwood style cost initially between $6650 and $7225; the price went down to $5750 in October 1930. I had it as being owned [formerly?] by Al Waters MD, of Bloomington; I saw it in the Self-Starter in October 1993, p.21. In September 2011, Angelo Van Bogart, Editor of Old Cars Weekly, wrote to me as follows: Mr. Lindsay still owns his V-16; he has owned it since I moved to Wisconsin to work on OCW in 2001. Dave's V-16 is the car shown below: I can confirm this because I took that picture of his car for my Cadillac book. I cannot speak to the origins of the other all-weather phaeton(s). The next time I am at Mr. Lindsay's home, I will get the data from his car to help clarify the database entry.  Angelo mentioned in passing that Mr. Lindsay owns also a pair of matching 1931 V-12 roadsters (one black, one red). The cover of Mr. Van Bogart's book is included here: http://cadillacdatabase.org/Dbas_txt/Books.htm [antipenultimate row, center]. As I have stated there, Cadillac - 100 Years of Innovations is, IMHO, the best Cadillac book since Maurice Hendry's 75 Year History published in 1977.

NEW, Feb., 2015 This car was offered for sale by a vendor in the UK who sent many photos as well as the VIN and body number now shown here. This car sports the "Goddess" hood ornament, an earlier pic shows it with the equally authentic "Heron" ornament.  Note that the name “TIFFANY” is typed in the top margin of the factory build sheet for this car; this could indicate that the car is connected to the well-known glass company, or one of its principals. Note (2):  


V630LDSY.JPG (10233 bytes)
This is  Mr. Lindsay's car
[ Photo: Copyright Angelo Van Bogart ]

4380SRVX.JPG (9415 bytes)     4380G.JPG (8992 bytes)     v6hoodtl.jpg (8003 bytes)
[ Photos at center and right: Copyright 2002, J. Scott Harris ]




Photos in these 4 rows courtesy Mr. Davlet Abdullayev, UK


4380 #34 700543

This V-16 was shipped to New York City, NY, on March 19, 1930. When it was examined on March 30, 1969, by enthusiast Rick LeForge, he noted that it had the early engine layout with chrome-plated vacuum tanks, brass covers and a black oil filler. Rick took a "fingerprint" of the body tag at the time.  It was the first car to enter the renowned  collection of Dick Gold of Minneapolis, MN.  Sheldon J. Lewis had one of these for sale (in "rough condition")  in the Self Starter classifieds for August, 1966.   This may be also the car included in the inventory of Mark Hyman Ltd., in August 2008 (stock #3792 - that was offered for sale for $299,000.  A more recent ad for this car was published by Hyman Ltd. in February, 2009.  You will agree that the photos are beautiful!  Thanks to Jon Riley for pointing out this one. Hyman Ltd. description of the car reads as follows: This V-16 all weather Phaeton, Job and style number 4380 with Body number 34 was delivered new on March 19 of 1930. It is a correct matching numbers car with engine, chassis and body numbers correct as per its original construction. It is indicative of the quality and features which have made Cadillac V16s the standard of excellence in Classic cars. Restored some years ago, it is beautifully liveried in Cream and Beige with Brown fenders and a Brown accent with Tan broadcloth upholstery and Tan cloth top piped in Brown. Its opening vee windshield and divider window are the epitome of sleek luxury and exclusivity. Dual sidemount spares with rear view mirrors, Pilot-Ray driving lights, top boot and a luggage trunk on a folding rack complete its exhaustive equipment list. New wide whitewall tires, a fresh, comprehensive service and detailing have readied it to be driven and toured with pride and distinction. It runs quietly and smoothly and offers a new owner the opportunity to freshen its cosmetics for a new round of concours display. There is no greater American Classic than the Cadillac V16, and no body style more adaptable and attractive than the Fleetwood Convertible Sedan. Late Extra [May, 2009]: The car is to be offered at auction by Bonham's as lot #248 at the Greenwich CT Concours d'Elégance on June 7, 2009. Latest [Dec., 2010]: The car is shown on the website of Significant Cars.com, as having been sold (this info from Chris Cummings).


4380srv.jpg (5722 bytes)      
The car at the right appeared on the front cover of Classic Car, the magazine of the CCCA, in June 1975;
the owner was not identified. However, according to Chris Cummings (what would I do without him)
there is a strong possibility that it once belonged to Dick Gold 

[ Photo (right): © and courtesy CCCA ]

      4380Hym1.jpg (5909 bytes)     4380Hym3.jpg (5839 bytes)     4380Hym3a.jpg (5746 bytes)     4380Hym17.jpg (6817 bytes)

  4380Hym13.jpg (6008 bytes)     4380Hym2.jpg (5191 bytes)     4380Hym14.jpg (4933 bytes)     4380Hym9.jpg (4127 bytes)

             4380Hym4.jpg (4714 bytes)     4380Hym6.jpg (3912 bytes)     4380Hym5.jpg (4208 bytes)     4380Hym7.jpg (3789 bytes)

4380Hym8.jpg (3749 bytes)     4380Hym8a.jpg (3698 bytes)

4380Hym10.jpg (6050 bytes)     4380Hym11.jpg (7152 bytes)
[ Photos:  courtesy Hyman Ltd. ]

4380-34.JPG (17013 bytes)
[ Photo:  Bonham's auction catalog ]



[ Cropped photos in these 4 rows: courtesy RM Auctions ]


4380 ? 700834

R. Shappy, RI {Dick was kind enough to keep my own daily driver in dry storage all summer long while Gita and I were in Europe;   thanks again, Dick]. This is CLC Senior car #343. This car was offered for sale in Hemmings, in May 2005, for $325,000 (engine number was shown as 701834 - which is right ?).


v6p4380f.JPG (9415 bytes)     4380lali.jpg (5296 bytes)     v64380ds.jpg (7910 bytes)
Photos (left and center):  Copyright 2000, Yann Saunders; p
hoto right,  courtesy Dick Shappy
[ note rare Lalique, eagle's head, glass hood ornament ]

4380Sha7.jpg (6536 bytes)     4380Sha3.jpg (5230 bytes)     4380Sha5.jpg (6616 bytes)

4380Sha6.jpg (7928 bytes)     4380Sha4.jpg (8426 bytes)
Here is Dick's car after getting a new top and upholstery in 2005
[ Photos: Copyright 2005 and courtesy of the owner ]


4380 ? 701266

Was sold by Kruse International at auction Salt Lake City, UT, in April 2005 for $230,000. The car is reported as having non-matching numbers and may be, therefore, a conversion or rebuild. Someone has installed power steering in the car!  Late extra [5/2009]: Chris Cummings informed me that the car was offered for sale again, for "only" $195,000, by Gullwing Motor Cars, Inc. in Astoria, NY. It was described thus: 1930 Cadillac V 16 All Weather Phaeton four door convertible. The car has Madam X body with rare V windshield [in fact, the "Madame X" ("Madame" with an "e") bodies were mounted ONLY on closed cars with a job/style number starting with digits "41..."]. Two tone green with green leather interior. It has dual side mounts with chrome covers, and mirrors, divider window, pilot rays. This is an excellent car, ready to drive anywhere, power steering added option. For only $195,000.


v6_701266S.jpg (9164 bytes)

4380-1266a.jpg (60341 bytes)     4380-1266b.jpg (16627 bytes)     4380-1266c.jpg (18116 bytes)

4380-1266d.jpg (16872 bytes)     4380-1266i.jpg (11665 bytes)     4380-1266j.jpg (22532 bytes)     4380-1266g.jpg (18891 bytes)


4380 #84 701323

This V-16 was shipped to New York City, NY, on March 28, 1930. Rick LeForge got a "fingerprint" of its body tag when it was owned by  Elmer Franzen of Minneapolis, MN. Research on Google, in May 2009, revealed that the car had been offered at auction by England's "Sotheby's" auction house, in 1996, as Lot #60.  This from the auction catalog: This car from the Darling collection came from the Elmer Franzen collection in Minneapolis, MN, a respected and long-time collector. The car is finished in pale green lacquer with a black swept panel, fenders and aprons. The interior is trimmed in light brown Bedford Cord with light brown carpets and has a tan Hartz cloth top. The car has the deluxe division window, dual side mounts, luggage rack and the correct Goddess mascot. The indicated mileage is 41,597, which is commensurate with the good overall condition of the automobile. Cadillac described the All-weather Phaeton as "a car combining the dash and swagger of the sporting models with the practical features of the sedan." Among the many unidentified photos in my collection is this one. The car shown resembles the Sotheby catalog description. This car is owned by a wealthy Swiss collector who wishes to remain anonymous. He's actually a former neighbor of mine, though Gita and I did not "live on the same side of the fence." I'm hoping to get the VIN and body number one of these days. 

V64380XX2.jpg (12260 bytes)
Possibly this car, which is currently in Switzerland


4380 #69 701371

This car was shipped initially to Fleetwood, PA. Formerly owned by Joel Saitman [info from book "Fleetwood" by James J. Schild].  This one was offered for sale on Ebay in February, 2009, with a "Buy-it-Now price of $425,000. The vendor's ad mentioned: This car is the recipient of a first class total restoration. It was restored to compete in any major concours and shows in a spectacular fashion. This car has won its share of trophies in concours and CCCA judged events. Most recently shown at Meadowbrook [2008?]. This car comes with its original build sheet, invoice paperwork, Cadillac operator's manual, and Fleetwood Bodies Owner's manual. The car was built on April 8th of 1930 and delivered to a San Francisco dealer. It has been a California car from new. The entire car is a work of art and is ready to compete at most any level. Please contact us at 949-496-3000 or mark@familyclassiccars.com.   This numbers matching V16 Cadillac runs and drives as fantastic as it looks. Late extra [4/2009]: there was a no-sale in February and the car reappeared on Ebay in April; this time the "Buy-it-Now price was reduced by $30K to $395,000. Later [6/2009]: the car is back on Ebay at the same price. Later still [10/2011]: the car is now offered for sale by Hyman Classic Cars; it has been reduced again from $375.000 to $325.000.   Latest [2012]: the car may have been sold as it no longer appears in the Hyman Web site. This additional description is featured in the "Pre-War Car" Web site:  This 1930 Cadillac 452 V-16 All-Weather Phaeton, Fleetwood style 4380, is one of those few, highly regarded Pennsylvania-bodied V-16s. Its All-Weather Phaeton coachwork displays many of the attributes which distinguish the best of Fleetwood coachwork, particularly the straight-through body line, rollup windows and division and the distinctive vee-windshield that only the Fleetwood-built bodies employed. It was originally delivered to Cadillac's Los Angeles dealer, Don Lee, and has been authenticated as complete and as-built engine, drivetrain and body on its original chassis. It also has its original Cadillac-supplied luggage trunk, an item that rarely survives with its original chassis and body. Equipment includes a set of full chrome Buffalo wire wheels, dual sidemounted spares with mirrors, radiator stoneguard, Pilot-Ray lights and Cadillac heron radiator mascot. It is subtly liveried in two shades of green accented by a contrasting green coachline, a LeBaron-style hood sweep panel, tan leather upholstery and light tan cloth top with tan piping matching the upholstery. The restoration is to concours standards, endorsed by its recent selection for display at the Meadow Brook Concours, and it has been maintained in concours-quality condition by its owners. Documentation includes a copy of its original Cadillac data sheet authenticating its original, as-delivered configuration, owner's manual, Fleetwood Bodies owner's manual and other historic paperwork. The interior woodwork is exquisite, not only in finish and presentation but also in its intricate detail and the elaborate figure of the wood itself. This is one of the finest examples of Cadillac's legendary 452 V-16 with important Fleetwood, Pennsylvania built All-Weather Phaeton vee windshield open coachwork, restored and maintained to concours standards in beautiful contemporary colors, a rare, beautiful and powerful example of one of the finest and most exclusive chassis of the classic era.





4380grn5.jpg (5564 bytes)     4380grn9.jpg (4194 bytes)     4380grn3.jpg (6877 bytes)

4380grn9c.jpg (4907 bytes)     4380grn9d.jpg (3560 bytes)


4380 #98 701495

Rick LeForge says the original body was destroyed and a roadster body (style #4302) was later installed [see "4302" cars, above]. This car was shipped initially to Chicago, IL, on May 7, 1930. It was owned at one time by Paul Schinnerer.

4380 ? 701561

[NEW, added 10/2010] This one was kindly brought to my attention by the ever-watchful Chris Cummings, himself a veesixteen owner. It was sold as lot #21 at a Christies' auction in Paris, in February 2002, where it fetched just under $139,000. The catalog descibed the car thus: This car was sold new on May 12, 1930 to a customer in New York. Mr. LCopyrightscher purchased it from a collector whom we believe was Mr. Joe Tamborello from Houston, Texas in around 1990. The car had clearly undergone a superb earlier restoration to concours standards, however Mr. LCopyrightscher decided that it would benefit from a little freshening up. This work was undertaken by the well-known Californian restorer, Mike Fennel, before the car was shipped over to Europe. This all weather phaeton is still in superb overall condition, despite the restoration being a number of years old. The main faults we found were a few blemishes in the paint, largely on the driver's side rear wing [fender] and also some older damage to the rear mounted trunk which has previously been touched up. Like the other V16s the chrome on the Auto Vac is slightly tarnished. The remaining chromework is in very fine condition and should respond well to some further polishing. The interior upholstery is to show standards, as is the burr walnut finishing.

4380ParisAuction.jpg (30034 bytes)
[  Photo:  Christies' auction catalog, 2002 ]
V-8 Body
701630 Re-body [see "ex-4375" entry, above]

4375srvx.jpg (13965 bytes)


4380 #124

From the Le May Museum collection. Enthusiast Joe Reasoner supplied these facts : Harold Lemay spent several decades amassing a collection of over 2200 automobiles.  Before his death in November of 2000, he set in motion the creation of a museum to house the vehicle (currently being shown at the old Marymount Military Academy in Pierce County, Washington and at the residence of his widow, with the remainder of the collection stored in over 50 buildings throughout the county).  The Museum is currently in the fund-raising phase to build a museum to house around 1500 of the best cars in the collection.  A site has been chosen and architects have started the design phase.  At the present time, the museum only shows the collection by appointment and once a year at the annual car show on the last Saturday in August [Nota: engine #700499 was installed initially in a Fleetwood limousine style #4375]. The two photos below possibly depict one and the same car.


4380LMAY.JPG (7238 bytes)    
Photo (left): courtesy Joe Reasoner; (right) courtesy"Fanauto" #182, 11/1983


4380 #175 702636

Elliott Klein, AZ [CLC Directory].   Elliott is another keen V-16 historian.  I am grateful for his help with this project.


v6_4380Klein.jpg (8257 bytes)     v64380xx.jpg (8864 bytes)

4380KLEI.JPG (9482 bytes)     V6KLEI4.JPG (5864 bytes)

    V6KLEI3.JPG (5129 bytes)     V6KLEI2.JPG (7742 bytes)   
[ Photos (above 2 rows): courtesy of the owner ]


4380 #201

Was brought to my attention by Jeff Maltby in January of 2010.  The vendor says:  the car was sold new in Baltimore, MD and currently is owned by the estate of the third owner who bought the car in the 1940s. It has not run in 30 years. The body retains its original paint and most of its original upholstery. The car is complete and extremely solid throughout. This car could be made into an Original Preservation Class car with minimal work or easily restored to a high point concours car. How many more unrestored, early V-16 open cars are out there? The asking price: $145,000.00.  Chris Cummings added that the car had been acquired by Clark Rittersbach of Platinum Classics and Concours Classics; he believes it has been sold already to a client. The car does not have its original engine, but the firewall is stenciled with the original engine number. Correction, 01/2011:  Mr Rittersbach contacted me and has confirmed that this car is currently undergoing a full restoration for a client.  The correct, original engine is on hand and will be installed in the car before completion.


4380orig1.jpg (21614 bytes)     4380orig2.jpg (23827 bytes)

4380orig3.jpg (13769 bytes)     4380orig4.jpg (13972 bytes)

4380orig9.jpg (31626 bytes)     4380orig8.jpg (35776 bytes)     4380orig6.jpg (30215 bytes)

4380orig7.jpg (27157 bytes)     4380orig5.jpg (32911 bytes)


4380 #290 703110

Was brought to my attention by Chris Cummings.  The car was offered at auction, at no reserve, during the Houston Classic Auction 2009. Lots of photos and information may be seen on the auction web site, here. The car is a holding of the Sterling  McCall Museum near Houston, TX. Mr. McCall owned a large group of new car dealers in the Houston area.  The car was restored before he acquired it.  Not much is known about its history, because Mr. McCall did not keep extensive records on his cars. 


    4380aa.jpg (25425 bytes)

4380ab.jpg (25393 bytes)     4380ac.jpg (25152 bytes)

4380_blu.jpg (8787 bytes)     4380Blue.jpg (11746 bytes)

4380ad2.jpg (15206 bytes)     4380af.JPG (11462 bytes)
[ Photos (exc.  3rd row, left):  World Wide Group auction web site ]


4380 #338 ?

Sharp restoration of a classic All-Weather Phaeton by Dick Shappy's team in Rhode Island. This is a Fleetwood body style with which Dick is very familiar. He had two of them in his shop when I had the pleasure of visiting him on the occasion of a CLC Grand National meet in ....


"Before" and "After" pictures






4380 #363 ?

Possibly a survivor;  Rick Leforge supplied a "finger print" of the body tag that he got in the 50s. He lists the car as having been owned at one time by "Cadillac" Jim Pearson; he thought the tag might have been replaced and the style/body # stamped by hand.

4380 ? 703172 C. Gillet, MD [CLC Directory]  Late Extra (Oct. 2010): Chris Cummings informed me that he had seen the car and just got the engine number right off the crankcase. The car was reportedly delivered new to Culiffe Cadillac in Baltimore in October of 1931, with a price tag of $9,700. It was meticulously restored from the frame up at Al Prueitt’s facility in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, for Ray Bowersox, who subsequently sold it to CLC member Charles B. Gillet of Baltimore, Maryland (another source says Mr. Gillet has owned the car for 20 years and acquired it in basket case condition. It is said to be one of the last bodies built by Fleetwood in Pennsylvania, before the company was acquired for GM Corp by Fisher Corp.   However, the number of the engine (unless it is a replacement) shows that the latter was built in October of 1931, almost 18 months after Fleetwood's operations all were moved to Detroit.


Gilet4380.jpg (7945 bytes)     v6-4380Gillet.jpg (51302 bytes)
Photo (left):  Aksel Olesen, Self Starter, 2/2006; photo (right) Antique Automobile magazine

Photo (left): CCCA, Michigan region

Photos:  Copyright 2011, Dr. Warren Koehl


4380 #383 703245

Former owner, R.W. Turhone (according to Rick LeForge listing). Jim Lepman, CA, acquired this car from the Blackhawk collection in 2002; it underwent a 100-point restoration by Alan Taylor Restoration Co. of Escondido CA. Jim's car is the 6th to last V16 of the 1930-31 production run; it was actually built in February 1932. Don't let the high body number [383] fool you; although only 250 all-weather phaetons were built on the V16 chassis, many more were mounted on the V8 and V12 chassis; these were included by Fleetwood in the total, ascending body count. Jim gave me the VIN and body numbers shown in the 2nd and 3rd columns. He provided a copy of the build sheet for his car. Late extra [2/2005]: the car was acquired recently by enthusiast and collector, Aaron Weiss. He confirmed that the car is a 1931 model and that I had the right numbers for the style and the body.


31V8_AWP.JPG (10351 bytes)     4380lep3.jpg (10685 bytes)
Photo (left) shows the Fleetwood AWP body style mounted on a V8 chassis (owner James Dewey, CCCA)
Mr. Weiss' car is shown, right (the high body number was an initial cause for confusion)

4380lep1.jpg (8706 bytes)     4380lep2.jpg (6436 bytes)
The car is already in fine condition, as may be seen in the preceding photos;
nonetheless, Mr. Lepman, the previous owner,  decided to bring her up to Pebble Beach
concours quality at the capable hands of Alan Taylor Restoration in San Diego
[ Photos: Copyright 2002, Jim Lepman ]

4380srv2.jpg (6746 bytes)     v64380xa.jpg (11131 bytes)
Could this be the same car? The one on the left does not appear to have painted wheels
nor the metal sidemount covers; it is one that I saw offered for sale in 2004 and misrepresented


4380 ? ?  



4380 ? ?

This one turned up at a car show in Moscow, Russia, in 2005.  We know that of the seventy units exported in 1930-31, one of them went to Moscow.  Could it be this car, or is this a more recent import ?


4380Moscow.jpg (7535 bytes)     V6_mosc1.jpg (7762 bytes)     4380Russia.jpg (9549 bytes)   
[ Photos: Copyright 2005, 2008 and courtesy Andy Chrisanfov ]


4380 ? ?

Paul Schinnerer, CA [CLC Directory]


v6phschi.jpg (8601 bytes)     v630AWPxx.jpg (12404 bytes)
[ Photo: courtesy CLC region, S. California ]


4380 ? 700817

V-16 owner and researcher, Chris Cummings, identified this one as belonging to Don Jones of Porterville, California; Don has owned the car since 1950 or 1951. As you can see form the photo, the paint scheme is almost identical to the one owned by Paul Schinnerer (above). Don traded $250 worth of meat for the car. It recently showed up on the CLC message forum with a wolf whistle mounted on the driverCopyrights side intake manifold (photo lower row, RH).



Red arrow in lower image, RH,  points to "wolf whistle" horn on intake manifold
[ Photos:  Ross Morgan, via Internet ]


4380 ?  


This car was once owned by  Joe Sulley an early member of the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA). The photo was taken in the fifties.

v64380g.jpg (8989 bytes)
[Photo: Copyright and courtesy CCCA ]


4380 ? ?

A. Edmonds, FL [CLC Directory] . I saw this fine all-weather phaeton at the Amelia Island Concours d'ElCopyrightgance on Sunday March 13, 2011. Time flies when one is having fun and I had so much fun that I never got around to introducing myself. Fortunately, Chris Cummings filled me in on the details.   Andrew Edmonds lives at Vero Beach, Florida, and  is a CLC member with 10 Cadillacs (according to the 2011 directory) ranging from 1913 to 1995, and including a 1940 V16 convertible sedan, a 1958 Eldorado Brougham, a 1970 commercial car (ambulance) and a 1995 custom station wagon. 




4380 ? ?

Dick Williams, UT [CLC Directory].  I visited Dick in the early eighties when I was looking for a 1959 Eldorado convertible; he had many for sale

4380 ? ?

Alan Merkel, PA [CLC Directory].   Alan has done intensive research on the early sixteens.  He was very helpful to me when I began my own investigations.

4380 ? ?

Gunnar L. Henriouille, Sacramento, CA [info from Rick LeForge, Apr., 2009]

4380 ? ?

E. Dauer, FL [CLC Directory]

4380 ? ?

J. Duggan, NY [CLC Directory]

4380 ? ?

R. Ellenbaas, MI [CLC Directory]  

4380 ? ?

C. Harper, NH [CLC Directory]  

4380 ? ?

J. Stamper, NH [CLC Directory]  

4380 ? ? This one was advertised for sale at auction [lot #1042 - venue unknown]; it was said to have traveled 50 miles since restoration; it has CCCA premiere status and is described as one of the world's best; black in color, it was bid up to $131,000
4380 ? ? This one was offered at auction [Kruse?] as lot #399 [unknown venue]; described as red, with a split "V" windshield and mahogany interior, it was once a 1st place Grand National winner. In immaculate condition, it was bid up to $166,000 and sold.
4380 ? ? Advertised on the Internet as partly restored and needing to be completed. Owner (vendor?): Harold F. Jones, Yucaipa, CA
4380 ? ?

J. Kinkead, MN [CLC Directory, 2002]

4380 ? ?

T. Young, CA [CLC Directory, 2002]

4380 ? ?

Recently (2011?) sold at auction.  Details anyone?

4380 ? ?

This one was photographed in the Louisiana basin, in the 60s, by Rick LeForge; he describes it at that time as "dying";  I wonder if anyone had the brilliant idea to save it?

4380unk_LA60s.jpg (37211 bytes)
[ Photo courtesy Rick LeForge ]


4381 ? ?

This one may or may not have survived.  It was brought to my attention by a sharp-eyed Chris Cummings who spied the photo on Internet in December 2103. The car was purchased new by American businessman Reed Adalbert Albee, noted adoptive father of American playwright Edward Albee. in Larchmont, NY. His adoptive mother was Frances Albee. According to her obituary in 1989, she was a woman with “star radiance,” “tremendous magnetism,” and who was once “irresistibly beautiful.” It reveals much about Frances’s affluence and place in New York society but leaves much unsaid about her family relationships.


It is quite possible that the lady in the center photo and the one seated on the Cadillac fender
(RH photo) is Mr. Albee's wife, Frances, at the Lawridge Horse Show in Port Chester, NY, on May 13, 1934
[Photo (L) and detail (R): © Historic Images.com; RH Photo: Bert Morgan]


4381 #19 701810

This car was shipped to Detroit on May 5, 1930.  According to enthusiast-historian Rick LeForge, it was owned at one time by  a Mr. Blake, in Fleetwood, PA.

4381 ? ?

Prices for this style started at $5950.  One of them (formerly owned by John Rolfe of Sussex, England) came to the UK from the USA for a vacation, in 1938; it had to be abandoned there, in a  London West End Hotel, owing to the outbreak of WW2. There was a magazine article about the car in England's Motor Sport for November, 1962 [pp.894 & 898] following the re-appearance of the car in Sussex.  The engine number was given as "3026", which corresponds to nothing; engine #703026 corresponds to a blank record sheet in the factory archives. As the car was fitted with 7.00x19 tires, it certainly came after #702004. I received the following complementary information in May, 2000, from V16 aficionado, Craig Watrous:  The car was initially shipped to Cadillac of Canada (Toronto) CKD; no factory build sheet exists for it [this may confirm the engine number as being #703026], nor for the next four V16 engine serial numbers;  John Rolfe purchased it for 50 UK pounds in 1951 from a used car dealer located on the Great Western Road leading west out of London.  Rolfe did considerable work on it in the Laguna factory. It was featured in the British publication "Motorsport" in November, 1959 [did Craig mean November 1962?]. Rolfe moved to San Francisco in 1961/62 then to Oregon. In the early 60's an immigrant to the US was limited in the amount of cash they could bring. But, they were allowed to bring one car. Hence Rolfe brought the V-16 and subsequently sold it to raise money. This is the car I first saw in Jon Lindbergh's ownership in 1962. Lundberg traded it to Joe Mikula for a 30 V-16 "V" windshield coupe. I acquired it a year or so later.  Was this one possibly owned also by Norm Uhlir of the CLC (there is a photo of a very similar car in an old Self Starter issue). A color photo of this very distinctive body style was found on eBay in 2011; I am wondering if these are one and the same car.


V64381.jpg (9080 bytes)     4381srv.jpg (54280 bytes)
Left: this is the car when it was owned by Joe Mikula, circa 1967-68
Right:  could this be the same car (Internet photo)?


#6 700298

Stamped into the body, the passenger sill reads Fleetwood Body Corp Type 3991. This appears to be a Fleetwood design for the V-8 chassis that was subsequently adapted to fit the longer wheelbase of the V-16 chassis. With a mere 35K miles on the odometer, the car was reported to have sold for $150,000 in just three days at auction. Late Extra [April, 2008]: enthusiast, Chris Cummings, informed me that the car was up for auction again, this time by the Worldwide Group (Lot #20 at their venue in May, 2008); it remained in its unrestored state. Later [March, 2009]: I was contacted by Rick Kelvin, husband of the new owner, Nancy Kelvin, a former resident of Las Vegas. He noticed in the Database that there was listed a "Special 7-passenger towcar" (assumed standard Fleetwood V-8 body modified to receive the V-16 engine); he believed his wife's car was that one. Nancy, researched in depth the car's previous ownership history and ascertained that it had been purchased in 1930 by Dr. John R. Brinkley of Milford, Kansas, the so-called "goat gland doctor.   Rick later supplied me with a detailed report on his and his wife's findings.   I decided that the story was worthy of having its own page in the Cadillac Database. Late Extra [July, 2009]:  I have created an individual page about this car; you can link to it by clicking here.


4391b.jpg (11019 bytes)     4391a.jpg (9460 bytes)
This survivor, formerly from the Wiglesworth Automotive Collection, was sold at auction in October, 2004;
seemingly it had been acquired just two weeks earlier, also at auction,  for "just" $92,000
[ Info and photos: Copyright and courtesy of Cadillac enthusiast, Johan Boltendal from Holland ]

v6heink.jpg (7995 bytes)
Fleetwood style #4391 transformable Brougham (town car) closely resembles Ms. Kellman's car; thirty of the former
were built; immediately above is one of  TWO V-16s acquired in 1930
operatic singer, the late Ernestine Schumann-Heink


4391 #18 702814

Reported in Osceola, IA.  Info from Rick LeForge who supplied a "finger print" of the body tag that he got in the 50s. There were a few 1931 parts on the car. He said it was mostly in original condition (in the fifties); the interior was in very fine condition; most of the chrome was redone (yet he described it as "good to poor"); the front seat leather was replaced with the wrong material; a pot-metal part for the footrest was broken; the cigar lighters were the wrong type as was some of the door hardware (non-Cad). Late extra [June, 2009]:  This from V-16 owner-admirer, Rick Kellman [see survivor style #3991, above]: There was speculation when the [this] car was up for auction last year at Worldwide, that it was possibly the Schumann-Heink chauffeur-driven limousine that is identical to ours in configuration. That car exists (although made later) I believe somewhere in California. Rick LeForge reported a V16 in Iowa as being a 4391, body #18. I took the name of the city (Osceola) and contacted a Mr. Noel Friday through my CCCA registry book. He told me that he owned the Schumann-Heink town car between the years of 1967-72, and bought it from two brothers in California. As far as he knew, the car went back to California after he sold it. I have attached a picture of that car also [RH photo, below], taken by Mr. Friday during the period of his ownership. Mr. Friday is an insurance broker in Iowa; he was nice enough to dig through his files and provide me with this photo [below, right]. At the time he owned the car, he was aware of the opera singer's connection, but in those days I don't think provenance played a significant part like it does today. Mr. Friday told me he was sorry he ever sold it, and asked if I ever wanted to sell mine he would be interested, but UNRESTORED only. I would LOVE to see both these cars side by side, although I know the condition of the opera singer's town car to date, would be more pleasing to the eye.  I certainly have no objection whatsoever to your posting this update on your "SURVIVOR" page. After all, getting at the core is what it's all about.


v6heink.jpg (7995 bytes)     4391Heink.JPG (21621 bytes)
The RH car in the photo (above)  was acquired by opera singer Ernestine Schumann-Heink; it is believed
that Ms. Schumann-Heink bought TWO sixteens at ONE time; the RH photo was provided kindly by Rick Kellman
and shows the  Schumann-Heink car when it was owned ion the late 60s and ear5tly 70s by Mr. Noel Friday
[ LH Photo: the late Al Waddell collection, courtesy of John Conde and the Self Starter annual, 1990]



5. Bodies by Fleetwood
[ Styles with initial digits "44..." ]

Latest available information
4476 #5 703184

Shipped to Erdice Cadillac at Davenport, IO, on November 24, 1931, I got a card "fingerprint" of this car's body tag from enthusiast-historian, Rick leForge, in May 2009; he took the print in the fifties, when it was owned by "Cadillac Jim" Pearson who, sadly, passed on in October 1993. At that time Rick said it was a "good, original, complete" car. Jim noted at the time that it sported the wrong 20" wheels; he later acquired and put on the correct wheels. The car was built on a late 1931 V-16 chassis with a black terminal box, a '31 distributor and cap, tin bumper bracket covers; it left the factory with a pair of stainless-steel spoked sidemounts.  Late extra [1/2013]: the following information was supplied kindly by V16 aficionado and friend, Brent Merrill from Canada, whom I met at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elégance in March 2011. Brent recently acquired the car from Steve Plunkett (also from Canada) who said the previous owner to him was another V16 enthusiast, Neil Nicastro. Steve bought the car through RM auctions in November 2004. Mr. Nicastro may have bought it in October 1982 and apparently traded it to RM, likely in 2004. Jim Pearson's son Jeff sent Brent some historical information about the car that he got from a Mr. Sonny Elliott, a former business associate of Jim's when Sonny was 17 and Jim around 26. Sonny remembered the car that Jim owned at one time; he bought it for a possble $4,000 from Akron Cadillac Dealer, Dave Towell,  another acquaintance of mine since 1978; it was Dave who bought and sold 1930 Fleetwoodb #4108C, currently owned by Steven Nannini, as well as the unique 1931 boat-tail roadster by Pinin Farina that is also listed in the Database; Dave bought #4476 in 1968 after attending the AACA Hershey Fall Meet; he had bought it from a Mr. Harold Raymond of Quincy, IL. Jim owned this car for about 15 years and sold it around 1982 for $50K to a Mr. Dave Gano, in Ohio.  Brent has contacted  Dave Towell who remembered owning; however, given that this happened 45 years ago, Dave does not remember much else about it. He may have some photos of it, if he can find them. Later [same week): Brent has been able to track down Richard Gano, a former owner;  Brent said: it was Richard and his son who restored the car; they confirmed to me that when they got it, the car did not have side mount covers or the Trippe lights; they first bought the sidemount covers later from Jim Pierce [Pearson?] for $5000 and later the Trippe lights, so they put both items on during the restoration. Richard bought the car from Jim and agreed to pay his son to restore the car, which the latter did ... and put himself through university that way. Now the son runs the father’s manufacturing company ... I guess everyone was a winner in that restoration as the car is still 100-point and beautiful. Brent sent me a copy of the build sheet, showing the original color to be black on black, with a gold bronze stripe; the car had 6 wire wheels mounted with 7.50x19" Royal tires; this was a rush order (marked "sold rush") and the buyer was to call as regards the method and route of shipment. This was the last but eight  of the 3,251 V16 models built from 1930 up to February 1932. Later [Jebruary, 2013): Brent  contnued his quest for information about his "new" V16; he was able to get in touch with David Gano who had bought the catr from Jim in1977. David sent som pics aas well as these comments (excerpts): ... congratulations for buying one of the nicest V16s that exist! ...(pics) show the motor home that he (Jim), Sonny Elliot and I drove back to Ohio, with the car in tow ... I have some great pictures taken with Jim Pearson and Sonny in Kansas City, circa 1976/7, that I’ll scan and send to you ...  It's not often that a collector can find (and share) the history of a car this old. Great work Brent!


Note absence of a golf bag door on the LH side of the actual car   

I believe the photo on the left shows the car before the sidemount covers were added (provenance unknown);
not sure of the meaning of the number 17433-5 it is  possibly just the number of the photo in someone's archives; 

     v64476srv.jpg (13160 bytes)
I believe these two photos date back to the time when the car was restored by Richard Gano's son;
Trippe lights (not visible in the photos) were installed later; metal sidemount covers are installed here

v6-4476srv2.jpg (61214 bytes)
This photo was taken in front of the home of collector-enthusiast and owner, Steve Plunkett, of Ontario, Canada

Gita photographed the car at the 2014 Concours d'Elégance at Amelia Island, SC,
where it was awarded the prize for the "most elegant Cadillac" at the Show
[the current owner (2014) is also Canadian]



6. Unidentified or Incomplete Cars

Latest available information
? ?

1928/29 sport phaeton, mentioned in Triplett article, C&P, July '72, p.91. Special order from Fleetwood for well-known band leader. This car spent many years in Obie's Auto Museum, on Long Island where it was re-discovered and subsequently restored; the "heron" hood ornament was replaced by a "Goddess"; wind wings were added as were whitewall tires; door handles were updated form 1929 style to 1930-31. Cadillac enthusiast, Jeff Maltby, photographed the descriptive placard relating to this car in the Merle Norman collection, San Sylmar, CA, in 2002.  It reads: Although technically not available in 1930 this dual-cowl phaeton body was installed new at the factory.  The first purchaser, a band leader of some repute, convinced Cadillac to install an earlier, unsold body on this V-16 chassis [PHOTOS BELOW]. Writing in the CCCA monthly "Bulletin" (May, 2004), member Benner Hunt confirmed that the car was owned once by AMR Max Obie.  Mr. Obie had said that the car's wealthy owner so loved his 1929 Fisher sport phaeton that he had the factory transfer its body, later, onto a new V-16 chassis. Late Extra:  The car is now part of the Merle Norman collection [Jack Nethercutt] in San Sylmar, CA.  Latest (March 2012):  I chanced on the car during the 2012 edition of the Amelia Island Concours d'ElCopyrightgance. An updated  placard beside the car had this different text to the one viewed by Jeff in 2002: The car's original owner, Jay Gilbert Maurer, an orchestra leader, stated the way the car is bodied was because he had a 1928 or 1929 Dual Cowl Phaeton V-8, and he wished to buy a V-16. However, he found the standard V-16 Phaeton unacceptable with roll-up windows. Mr. Maurer, because of some contacts at GM, was able to get them to put a special Fisher Sport Phaeton body on the V-16 chassis. Then he purchased the car ... In 1954, Max Obie purchased the Phaeton from the original owner, that had languished [the car and not the owner] in a barn since WW2.  Gaylord R. "Jim" Pearson, the car's 3rd owner, was a founding member of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, the Classic Car Club Museum & a member of the Antique Automobile Club of America. The  car was restored by Jim Pearson, Kansas City in 1978-79 [it must have been completed in mid-June1978, because he passed away the very day Gita, the kids and I arrived in Kansas City on our first trip to the USA].  In 2005, the Phaeton as purchased by the present owners, Helen and Jack Nethercutt and is part of the Nethercutt Collection. 


V629flt.jpg (11400 bytes)     V629phae.jpg (9980 bytes)
(Left) photo: Long Island Automotive Museum
(Right)  photo: Kruse auction catalog (?)

        v629Pha3.jpg (9217 bytes)     v629pha.jpg (12406 bytes)     v629dc1.jpg (20932 bytes) 
As displayed in the Merle Norman collection, San Sylmar, CA


On display at Amelia Island Concours d'Elégance, March 2012
[ Photos: Copyright 2012, Gita Saunders ]



Phaeton -- 700132 This engine was mounted in a 1933 Chrysler Imperial originally owned by Lou Fageol of boat and car racing fame. I got the engine number from the late Gene Babow, a friend taken too soon. He gave it as "CL700132" and described it as a 1933 V-16 engine but I am assuming that Chrysler merely added  the prefix "CL" [being the Imperial designation code] to the original  Cadillac engine number and THAT number is from the 1930 production.

v633chr1.jpg (9389 bytes)     v633chr2.jpg (10009 bytes)     v633chr3.jpg (8500 bytes)
These three photos  courtesy of the late Gene Babow


7. Unidentified Survivors
[ ...and motors or incomplete cars


Latest available information
#7 700072 Shown earlier as having perhaps belonged to Paul Schinnerer, it's full history has been found owing to the permanent and indefatigable research done by my friend Chris Cummings. This odd car appears to belong in the Fleetwood group with styling codes starting "43.." (raised, curved hood panel and straight sill). It resembles vaguely Fleetwood style #4380, except that it has a fixed (non-convertible) top, with a cloth-like ciovering, and unusual quarter windows. I suspect that this is a re-body, or a conversion. Among bodies mounted on the V-16 chassis in 1930-31 was one known custom Fleetwood job (#3981), but the latter had solid rear quarters (i.e. no quarter windows). The car below resembles more closely Fleetwood style #3982 (which is like #3981 but with quarter windows).  In the Fleetwood product catalog for 1930 a body much like this one may be seen mounted on a La Salle chassis; it may have been mounted also on a Cadillac chassis although there is no factory record of it. Late Extra [11/2008]:  Chris, who is an avid fan and owner of a V-16, informed me that the car below is a 1930 Series 452; it is currently a holding of the Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum at Union Station, Ogden, UT [near Salt Lake City]. The car is believed to have been built for a Mrs. Browning, a member of the John M. Browning arms manufacturing family of Ogden, UT. Chris was able to get the VIN for us, AND a body number. Latest (Oct. 2010):   Chris has continued researching this "odd" car and sent me the following corrigendum: This entry is not for a 4380. The car in question is the one that Paul Schinnerer proudly told me he put together out of a V-8 sedanette cabriolet body and a V-16 chassis that he found in Mike McManus’s classic cars junkyard. He sold that car [this custom Sedanette] to Wayne Bemis, who subsequently sold it to Matt Browning, and it sits today in the museum on Ogden, Utah that inherited some of Matt Browning’s cars.  The car was not built for Mrs. Browning, after all. Attached was a copy of an article Chris wrote about this car for the Self Starter; here are some excerpts: According to Cadillac’s records, engine number 700072 was originally installed in a Series 4330-S five-passenger sedan that was shipped new to Seattle, Washington ... it was converted at some point into a tow truck, and the body was sawed off at the base of the windshield pillars and removed, leaving only the cowl, hood, radiator shell, front fenders and running boards .,. In 1961, V-16 enthusiast Paul Schinnerer paid Mike McManus $300 for the disembodied Cadillac V-16 chassis bearing engine number 700072 ... About a year and a half later, he heard about three other [defunct] Cadillac cars in Santa Barbara, behind a row of house trailers that had been there since 1947 ... [among them was] a 1930 Fleetwood V-8 sedan with a fascinating body [Fleetwood style #3982] that he immediately wanted, in order to match it with the V-16 engine and chassis he had.  The seller told him that this particular car [the V8 Sedanette] had once belonged to the United States ambassador to the Republic of Ireland ... Exactly when Matt Browning acquired this particular Cadillac V-16 remains somewhat unclear, but one gentleman who used to work on his cars for him believes that the car joined Mr. Browning’s collection in 1980. Thanks, Chris, for continuing to help keep the Cadillac database factual and up-to-date.

3982Browning0.jpg (78942 bytes)     3982browning2.jpg (47628 bytes)

V6KimballMus.jpg (6851 bytes)     v6sdnetB.jpg (10678 bytes)     v6sdnetA.jpg (9502 bytes)   

v6sdnetD.jpg (13495 bytes)     v6sdnetC.jpg (12563 bytes)     V6KimballMus2.jpg (3629 bytes)     v6sdnetE.jpg (8096 bytes)

fwindls.jpg (7245 bytes)     fwindi2.jpg (3797 bytes)
Immediately above: Fleetwood's 1930 "Fleetwind" sedanette, style #3982, a fixed top sedan with quarter windows and a light-colored "Burbank" leather top over metal;
designed for the La Salle, this body style was built also on the Cadillac chassis (including one V-16);  the name "Fleetwind" applied also to style #3981 (no quarter windows)

[Unk.] ? ? Anybody recognize this one? It was advertised for sale for $10,000, back in the seventies. It came with "part of the body" and was described as a "solid, complete unit"  Located on a farm in Iowa at the time, I wonder if it was ever re-built or converted?

UNK31.jpg (4337 bytes)


[Unk.] ? ? This one is in Peru.  Any information would be appreciated.

v6peru1.jpg (11648 bytes)     v6peruid.JPG (13688 bytes)




? Also listed in the Self Starter classifieds, in October, 1967, was another V-16 coupe with rumble seat and  "Madame X" windshield.  The vendor was Robert C. Kull of Mattoon, IL. His asking price was $6,000. Mileage was not stated.  Again, the only V-16 models that could fit this description would be Fleetwood styles 4206 (only 1 built),  4476 (11 built) or the unique Fisher-bodied job LX2913. In the same issue, Mr. Kull had for sale also a 1932 "Madame X" that needed work; price was $3,995 (photo below). That car too has survived and has been beautifully restored.  It was built for R.S. McLaughlin, president of GM-Canada. Originally it had the wooden artillery wheels [check this page].

v6325132.jpg (10296 bytes)
This is NOT a photo of the "unknown"
V-16 coupe mentioned here; it is a 1932 model


[Unk.] ? ? This "modern" racing machine apparently is powered by a first-generation Cadillac V-16 engine.

V6racer.jpg (6077 bytes)




700001 This one is included on Rick LeForge's listing of cars he believed had survived


700906 A convertible coupe that was parted out by Mike McManus breaker's yard.  No indication if it was a "4235" or a "4335". Included on Rick LeForge listing.


702874 According to research by Stan Squires, this engine was owned, circa 1970, by George E. Klein of Warrington, PA, who described it as having been used by the "Government of California". My friend Chris Cummings has donsesome research in which the engine of this car appears to be involved. I will add his comments


702882 Included on Rick LeForge listing. This partly legible excerpt from the shipping ledger for 1931 gives the original destination as Cincinnati. The indications in red ink are mostly illegible, but for the date "4-9-31" (?).




702883 Included on Rick LeForge listing as having been shipped on January 7, 1931. This partly legible excerpt from the shipping ledger for 1931 gives the original destination as Boston. The indications in red ink are mostly illegible, but for the date "4-9-31" (?).No model or destination shown




702885 This partly legible excerpt from the shipping ledger for 1931 gives the original destination as Syracuse. The car is not known to have survived.




702887 This partly legible excerpt from the shipping ledger for 1931 gives the original destination as St. Louis. The car is not known to have survived.




702886 Last of the sixteens built in 1930 (December 31, 1930).  Included on Rick LeForge listing. No model or destination shown


702887 First of the sixteens built in 1931 (January 9, 1931).  Included on Rick LeForge listing. No model or destination shown


702891  According to the V16 production ledger this car, in the "43" group, went to Minneapolis. It is not known to have survived.




702894  According to the V16 production ledger this car, in the "43" group, went to Chicago. It is not known to have survived.




702895 In the lower row of this poor copy of the V16 production ledger, this car's group is not clearly identified; it was shipped first to St. Louis. It is not known to have survived.




703232 Was the last car shipped from the factory (on Feb. 20, 1932). Info from Rick LeForge


703251 This penultimate V-16 shipped from the factory on February 18, 1932.   Info from Rick LeForge.


703252 The last of the 452/452A series carried VIN 703252, although only 3251 units are known to have been made, suggesting that the factory skipped a number. Who knows ? Info from Rick LeForge.


? Jim Ellis of Pasadena, TX had for sale a "Madame X 4-door convertible", unrestored, with extra parts; it was listed in the Self Starter classifieds in the issue for 11-12/1967 (p.16); asking price was  $10,500. The only 4-door convertibles on the V-16 chassis in 1930-31 were styles  4260 and 4380 (as well as a unique touring car, style 4257H); I wonder what this one was?


? In some correspondence exchanged in the 70s between Stan Squires and presumed owners of 1934-37 V-16 models, I found a note from a Robert L. Chamberlin, stating that he owned both a 1930 and 1931 V-16.  He did not specify the body styles nor the engine numbers. These cars may already be listed here.


? The same vendor had also a "Madame X coupe with rumble seat."  It had a "V" windshield as well as a "removable aluminum top" (???). That car too was offered for sale in the Self Starter classifieds in the issue for 11-12/1967 (p.16).   This "perfect original car", with just 22K miles, was a giveaway at $7,850 !  The only V-16 models that fit (partly) this description would be a "top-chopped" Fleetwood style 4206 (only 1 built),  4476 (11 built) or the unique Fisher-bodied job LX2913.  I wonder which one it was and where this one is today


? A 1931 5-pass. sedan was offered for sale, in Michigan,  in the SS, Oct. 1967, on p.15
[Unk.] ? ? There is a 1931 rumble seat coupe, located in IL
[Unk.] ? ? A 1931 4-door Madame X convertible (???) was advertised for sale in the SS for Nov.-Dec. 1967, on p.16.
[Unk.] ? ? A 1930 "limousine" was advertised on the Internet, in August 1995, by The Guild of Automotive Restorers Inc.

7. Engines/chassis only/unidentified cars


Notes / Comments

[Unk.] -- -- Craig Watrous, a V16 owner/admirer mentioned in May 2000 that he has been keeping track of  several of the 1930-31 sixteens but regrets that he does not have the engine numbers
none -- 700021 This one is included on Rick LeForge's listing of cars/engines/chassis he believed had survived. It was located in Sacramento, CA, complete with radiator and radiator shell
none -- 700283 This engine was offered for sale on e-Bay in December, 2003. According to the vendor, it did need some work but was complete.
none -- 700425 This engine is [and always has been, according to one vendor, Shawn Oosterlinck] a display V-16 engine.  It was offered for sale on e-Bay in April 2000 and again in May, 2001.  Minimum bid requested at that time was $20,000. A further ad appeared on Ebay in May 2008; starting bid this time was $9,500; there did not appear to be any reserve price. Three bidders participated in the auction.  The winner picked up the item for just $200 over the starting bid. It is believed a SECOND demo engine exists [see this page of the Database].

V16dispEng.jpg (7197 bytes)     v6_eng2.jpg (5910 bytes)
[ Photos:  Ebay, May 2008 ]

none -- 700466 This engine is currently [2012] on display at the Gilmore Museum in Kalamazoo, MI, as part of the exhibits in the temporary "Cadillac wing".

[ Photos:  Ebay, May 2008 ]

Unk. Unk. 700659  Late Extra [October, 2014]:  This closed car with modified front fenders was discovered recently (2014) by Duncan Fox of New Zealand. It was found in an unnamed Asian country [Burma, perhaps]after WW2. It had been stored in a cave for many years to prevent the Japanese invaders from capturing it for their war effort. Duncan is negotiating its purchase from the current owner and will keep us appraised of his progress.


none -- 700661 This V-16 engine currently is in a boat hauler.  I wonder what land-yacht it powered in the thirties?
none -- 701071 [Tip from enthusiast, Chris Cummings] Currently for sale at “Old Dead Cars” website (http://www.olddeadcars.com/) together with Engine Number 702573 and a Series 4375 chassis and body that probably belongs to one engine or the other. Contact is Dave Cox, docauto@hotmail.com. This engine number is in the Cadillac Database survivors gallery under Series 4375-S.


-- 701112 Only the engine remains. Included on Rick LeForge listing.


-- 701144 Only the engine remains. Included on Rick LeForge listing.


-- 701173 This V-16 was shipped to Newark on May 15, 1930. It was at one time in the collection of Jack Nethercutt [Merle Norman perfume products, San Sylmar]. According to Rick LeForge, the car was junked; only some engine parts remain.
none -- 701304 For sale on e-Bay, Jan. 2003 (located in Tempe, AZ)
-- 701334 Only the chassis remains. Info from Rick LeForge
[Unk.] -- 701378 Advertised in June 2008 in Australia's "Car Point" web site was this 1931 Cadillac V16 running chassis. It is located at a place called Monarto, which is 70km from Adelaide.  Contact (only by mobile phone): Ed Schofer, 5254 Monarto, S. Australia, Mob.Ph. #0412930890.  I have a couple of sleuths, down under, whom I have contacted and who will try to help us get more information about this rig.  We already have the engine number, thanks to my buddy, Quentin Hall.

v630Oz1.jpg (8124 bytes)     v630oz2.jpg (9545 bytes)

v630oz4.jpg (7415 bytes)     v630oz5.jpg (11109 bytes)
[ Photos:  © CarPoint, Australia - courtesy of the vendor ]


-- [701519]?
The Fleetwood style number is shown on the records provided kindly to the Cadillac Database by Rick LeForge as "4735-S"; I believe this should read "4375-S".  The car was shipped initially to Philadelphia, then diverted back to New York City, NY, on May 8, 1930. Only a badly pitted engine remains.  Info from Rick LeForge
#320 701608

This info from the list of survivors prepared by Rick LeForge. Only the chassis remains. The car was owned at the time by Wayne Merriman. Could this be a typing error in the style number or effectively a LaSalle body mounted on a Cadillac V-16 chassis (initial digits "46" identify Fleetwood   bodies mounted on the LaSalle 134" wheel base chassis in 1931)? 

? 701733 This 2-pass coupe [actual style unknown] was shipped to Dayton, OH, on May 23, 1930. Formerly owned by "Cadillac Jim" Pearson of Kansas City,  according to enthusiast-historian Rick LeForge, the body was junked and only the engine currently remains.
4175 ? 702050 Formerly owned by the late Jim Pearson. Only the engine remains.  Info from Rick LeForge.
none -- 702159 For sale on e-Bay, March 2006. Enthusiast Chris Cummings passed on the tip.  The engine is missing manifolds, carburetors, vacuum pump, distributor, water pump, generator, water pipes, oil filler caps etc.    The oil pan is cracked.  The listing says that the crank turns freely and the pistons and valve train are in place.  The seller doesn’t have the car the engine came in, or any of the missing engine parts.
none -- 702225 For sale on e-Bay, Jan. 2003 (located in Tempe, AZ)
none -- 702573 [see #701071, above]
4375 ?


Former White House car. Body was junked. Only the engine remains. Info from Rick LeForge. According to Rick LeForge, this 7-pass. limousine [imperial], a former White House car, was shipped to Washington, DC, on 12 Sept. 1930. The body was later junked. Only the engine remains. It was owned at one time by Elmer Franzen of Minneapolis, MN. Late Extra [6/2009]: I saw this motor during the 2009 Grand National in Las Vegas; it is currently in the collection of Sun Belt Corp.  owner, Jim Rogers. The Sunbelt Communications Company is the owner and operator of several television stations located in the western United States. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV,   Sunbelt was founded in 1979 following the purchase of KORK-TV, Las Vegas NBC affiliate, by local attorney James E. (Jim) Rogers and 16 Las Vegas residents. KORK-TV was renamed KVBC in 1980, and Rogers expanded Sunbelt's reach to include other stations in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming. Most of Sunbelt's stations are NBC affiliates. Rogers has three children, Suzanne Rogers Plant, Kimberly Rogers Cell, and Perry Rogers, and six grandchildren. He is married to Beverly Barlow Rogers, who is also active in Sunbelt and its charitable endeavors. Rogers was selected because of his success in business, generosity to the community and involvement with education, including ISU. He was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the top 12 philanthropists in the U.S. Jim and his wife Beverly have a passion for classic cars which has resulted in their creating one of the best collections of classic cars in the United States. The 160 automobiles they presently own range from a 1931 Cadillac V-16 to a 1976 Rolls Royce. The collection has been shown throughout the western states and has been used in many events, including parades, marches, advertisements and local affairs. Their interests also include a horse ranch located in Pocatello, ID, where they raise and ride Tennessee walking horses.


v6_702631i.JPG (20703 bytes)     v6_702631F.JPG (20802 bytes)     v6_702631G.JPG (19711 bytes)

v6_702631C.JPG (23098 bytes)     v6_702631K.JPG (19806 bytes)     v6_702631D.JPG (13207 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2009, Yann Saunders ]


4391 ? 703227

Only the engine remains.  Info from Rick LeForge; owner was listed as Bob McGinnis of San Diego, CA

??? ? ?

Restored engine, sold by RM Auctions in late 2009 for $10,165 [lot #155]

     none --     703192 Note on build sheet says "to remain open"; the date of November 20, 1931 appears on the record .  Info from Rick LeForge
     none --     703193 Note on build sheet says "to remain open";  the date of February 10, 1932 appears on the record .  Info from Rick LeForge


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