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The Fabulous
Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

1957 - 1960

Part 13a (1a)
Best of the Brougham Breed (1957-58)

Being a record of the Brougham survivors of 1957 [cars #201-400]
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Car #201 is reported to be a parts car.  The photos below were supplied kindly by Jack McIlwraith of Canada.

57eb201c.JPG (8173 bytes)    57eb201b.JPG (8482 bytes)

57eb201e.JPG (7154 bytes)    57eb201a.JPG (7410 bytes)    57eb201d.JPG (6348 bytes)
It looks like there may be some parts worth saving on this one
[ Photos: © 2007, courtesy Jack McIlwraith ]


Car #204 [current whereabouts unknown] had specially dyed blue mouton carpeting. Late Extra [10/2007]: Michael Bachman, an enthusiast from Australia writes: Just letting you know that a 1957 Eldorado Brougham #204 is for sale by a dealer in Melbourne. I saw if first offered for $89,999 in October 2006 and then again in October 2007 for $130,000 unrestored!!  Yeah right!

[ images - none so far ]


Car #205 was owned in the late seventies by Gilbert Olerud of Smyrna, TN. Late extra (12/2003): Mr. Olerud III  owned the car and was offering it for sale. It is still on air ride. Any interested Brougham enthusiasts are invited to call Gilbert at (615) 459-5882 or to drop him an eMail at this address:  gilandannette(at)hotmail.com [ remember to change "(at)" to "@", OK ]. Morgan Murphy, former owner of '58 EB #634, checked out the car and has this to report: after reading about #205 on your Website, I visited the owner, Gilbert, and saw the car. It seems quite original and photographs worse than it looks in person. It is practically rust-free and ready for a restoration. Gilbert wants $20,000 for it, which I think is a bit high, but the car is on the original air. Oddly, it has the 1958 tri-power, which Gilbert says it has had since his father bought the car used in the early 1960s.

57eb205a.jpg (5804 bytes)    57eb205f.jpg (5276 bytes)    57EB205E.jpg (14352 bytes)

57eb205b.jpg (5068 bytes)    57eb205c.jpg (4394 bytes)
Photos: © 2004 and courtesy  Morgan Murphy, former owner of EB #634


Car #206 (NEW, 6/2010) [late entry] I found this  CLC Senior car while scouring the CLC Directory; there, it was reported owned by Gordon Apker of Seattle, WA.   Then I bumped into it in Kansas City, on the occasion of the 2010 Grand National meet. The new owner, Gus Frics, let me take the attached photos. He said he was the fifth owner; he was told it was sold new, by Berg Motor Co., of Midland, TX, to a Mr. C.V. Lyman, an "oil operator" (Texas oil baron?). He did not know the name of the second owner; the third was Mr. Apker, the fourth a Mr. John Rickards, then Gus.  Very nice car!

57eb206a.jpg (72622 bytes)       57eb206b.jpg (39544 bytes)


Car #208 [NEW, 6/2009] is included in the numerical listing of survivors at the top of the first page of this section;  I was contacted by one of the former owners, Terry Basey, who assumes the car is still out there, waiting to be "found" again.  Terry wrote: I was the owner of #208 for 14 years; I don’t see it mentioned.  I was interested in Broughams since the age of about 10 and bought one of the original Revell models when they came out for a $1.00.  #208 was complete, with all vanities, air suspension and 37,500 miles on the clock.  It had belonged to Howard Keck ... he had seven, trading in four of them in 1962 for new Cadillacs.  Bill Lerch purchased this car as the best of the bunch.  I purchased it from him in 1975. I spoke with Cy Strickler very frequently and bought my perfume bottle to complete the collection from the previous president of the Brougham Owners Association, before Strickler. I contacted Lanvin in the 80's (70's ?) who were sending me 6 atomizers they still had ... free!  They were sent but never arrived ... Strickler was a pilot for Delta.  He went to the Lavin Company in France to find out what happened.  They were very embarrassed and could not explain what happened to the atomizers that they did send.  Likely someone in the postal service saw Lanvin packaging and imagined valuable perfume worth stealing...I'd guess the atomizers were viewed as junk and tossed out [In 1975, I too corresponded with the Paris headquarters of the Lanvin organization and was able to get from them the "last" atomizer bottle.] 

[ photos anyone ? - those shown here earlier were placed here in error; they are of car #273 ]


Car #209 (NEW, 5/2010) was brought to my attention by enthusiast Andy Kerby Jones. He says it was advertised for sale in Hemmings Motor News. Andy has been  in touch with the vendor in the USA, who is asking $40k for a one-owner car that has never been tampered with and is still on air. The pics he sent Andy shows that it is in quite a bad way, but he has seen a lot worse.

57eb209b.jpg (12683 bytes)    57eb209d.JPG (10975 bytes)     57eb209c.jpg (11717 bytes)    57eb209a.jpg (17484 bytes)
Not easily visible is the smashed windshield and the rough interior
[ Photos: Courtesy Andy Kerby Jones ]


Car #210 is one of the finest, most fully equipped, original 1957 Broughams. It was owned for many years by Cy Strickler, first President of the Brougham Owners Association (BOA); in 1975, Cy told me he had never seen one better; he bought it in 1965 from the original owner in Atlanta (it was one of only two Broughams of 1957-58 delivered to Georgia); in 1975 it had just passed 45K miles. Cy also owned  1960 Brougham #35.  In recent years car #210 has been in the protective care of Al Haas, former President of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club. It is part of the Cadillac Company's own museum collection which is open by appointment only, for groups of 10 or more people.

br57haas.jpg (10282 bytes)


Car #211 has been on my list of survivors since the mid-seventies, when it had a "B" rating [i.e. "good condition" but not "show quality"].  This one is a bit of a mystery in that the indications on the body tag do not correspond with factory records for the car; according to the latter it left the factory painted "Deauville" gray [code #118] and had the black Karakul nylon carpets [carpet code #1].  Enthusiast Jim Crabtree writes [in June 2001]:  I am sending you photos I took last week at the Silverado Concours in Vallejo California USA. This is car #211. It was being shown by Richard Traxler from Hillsborough California. It is mint, restored (as you will see). All vanity items are there (maybe not the original perfume?). It is factory red (?) - it looks weird, I prefer darker colors but here it is, feel free to post the pics on you site. Jim photographed the body tag as well as the original owner's ID tag(!); the paint code reads #50 ("Dakota" red) and the carpet code #2 ("mouton", i.e. sheepskin); his photos (below) effectively show a red car with gray leather upholstery that seems to properly match the paint  and trim codes currently on the tag.  Is it possible that the factory could have made such a gross mistake?

eb211lhs.jpg (12951 bytes)    Eb211eng.jpg (12711 bytes)
This is one of the rare Eldorado Broughams to have (apparently) a full complement of vanity items; it has
also what appears to be the original owner's ID card [in the name of the current owner?] showing the correct
engine number and delivery location [Massachusetts] ...but its color is a bit of a mystery; factory records indicate
that only four Broughams were painted "Dakota" red; all were 1958 models (this one is from 1957) ???

eb211van.jpg (9621 bytes)    eb211va2.jpg (5091 bytes)    Eb211va3.jpg (5914 bytes)
Left:  the magnetic tumblers and other vanity items, including compact and cigarette case, located in the glove box;
Center and far right: the original (?) notepad, mirror and Arp�ge atomizer in the appropriate rear armrest slots

ebidcomp.JPG (37807 bytes)
For the sake of comparison here are two different ID plates (cars #211, right, and #436 left); the plate on the left is original; the one on he right is just too "perfect" to be genuine; even the paint code matches the car as it is today [Seminole Red, code #50] although it left the factory painted "Deauville Gray" [code #118]; in addition, the car originally had black Karakul nylon carpets [last digit of Trim code = #1], now it has mouton carpets and the appropriate code digit [#2].  In addition, this car has an "original" owner's ID card [below] made out in the name of the present (?) owner, Richard W. Traxler.  If the car were still owned by the Mr. Traxler who bought it in 1957, he would be now in his late 80's or early 90's; I do not believe this is so.

eb211id2.JPG (10806 bytes)


Car #212 is currently [1998] in Australia. Whereas it was reported [in error?] to be in rough condition ("C") in the seventies, its current owner asserts that it deserves an "A". She believes the mileage [37K] to be accurate and in keeping with the condition of the car. Other than a re-spray, it is all original. Its past history is fully documented. Among the remaining vanity items are an empty perfume bottle, the cigarette case, the mirror and the tissue holder. Lorraine believes her car was imported to Australia in October 1987 by a dealer. A well-known Cadillac enthusiast, she was approached as a potential purchaser for the car, and was able to snap it up for a good price prior to its advertised auction date. The original owner was the wife of a Texas oil-man, who struck it rich in the postwar Texas oil boom when he discovered "black gold" on the family ranch.

Br57_212.jpg (13155 bytes)


Car #213 was owned in the late seventies by Ed Meurer, Jr. of Lathrup Village, MI. Late Extra [12/2004]: The current owner is offering the car for sale through the CLC message forum for $15,000. He describes it thus: I really hate to part with it but my situation has changed, so it has to go. 1957 Eldorado Brougham in need of restoration. Tag reads : Body - 213, Style No - 57-7059X, Trim - 2281, Paint - 124. This car has been off the road since the late 70's [probably around the time it was first registered in this roster of survivors] and in dry indoor storage. It has 50 - 60 thousand original miles, a near perfect original interior, and rust free body. Motor is seized, and needs all other mechanical work you would expect from a car that hasn't been on the road for this amount of time. I talked to the person that owned the car in the 70's [Ed Meurer, Jr.?] , and was the last person to have the car licensed and on the road, he parked it because it needed brakes, exhaust, tune up etc. The car has been re-painted the original color some time ago; it needs to be painted again. The stainless roof is perfect. Unfortunately the car is only about 95% complete. The person that owned it 2 people before me took a bunch of stuff off the car, supposably to start the restoration, and it's now gone. I have found some parts, but it still needs more. It's also on Eldorado Silver [aluminum alloy] Sabre Rims. No vanities. Still on air ride, but missing the compressor and a bunch of other air ride parts. I have ownership to the car, but no keys, so I don't have any idea what works and what doesn't. I had planned on making the car into a driver, putting it on springs and keeping it on the Sabre's. This is one that if you re-built the motor you could drive as you restore. The car is located on Ontario Canada, and I may be able to deliver it somewhere for a fee. I want $15,000 US for the car, which I feel is reasonable. I have tons of pictures I can e-mail. Contact me at bankes@nornet.on.ca Later Still Extra [2/2005]: The car has changed hands again.   Currently it is owned by enthusiast Dan Giove.  And more [5/2005]: Hi Yann, Brougham 213 is currently in the shop having the drive train removed for rebuilding. It will be a long road to return her to her glory but it is going to happen. Enclosed I am sending pictures in the before mode and will follow up when completed with the after pictures. I am missing some parts so any help I could get from other enthusiasts would be appreciated. From what I have seen it appears only my car was the Bahama blue [in fact it is Copenhagen Blue, Dan; the only original Bahama Blue car is #350], can you verify this, it is why I am dedicated to this car, I love the colors. Thank you for the beautiful work on your web site. Dan Giove.

57eb213a.jpg (19059 bytes)    57eb213c.jpg (15897 bytes)    57eb213b.jpg (11580 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 2004 and courtesy of the owner ]


Car #214 was owned in the late seventies by C. Vaughan Lewis of Utica, NY.  At that time, Vaughan owned also Broughams #44, 622 and 627.  This car had a reported 10K miles and ALL accessories and was offered for sale by Vaughan in the CLC's Self Starter magazine in Nov.-Dec. 2000 for ...$65,000. Enthusiast Michael D. Brooks tells me that this car was acquired by Albert Guibara, a gentleman from San Francisco who confirmed the mileage to be circa 10K. All vanities are there. Late Extra [Feb., 2008] this is the "Grace Kelly" Brougham, owned by her father Jack Kelly.  It was offered for sale on Craig's List, in Feb., 2008, by Mr. Guibara (offers are being considered). It is described as The best original Eldorado Brougham in the World, with only 10,600 original miles and in mint condition.

StrGrKelly4.jpg (8157 bytes)    stGrKelly.jpg (6040 bytes)

57eb214Kelly.jpg (9852 bytes)    StrGrKelly3.jpg (6919 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 2008 ]


Car #215 was offered for sale on e-Bay [Internet auction site] in April, 2002. The description reads: 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 4-door hardtop, very rare Cadillac; this is #215 of 400 made in 1957; all stainless steel roof; runs and drives well; has been in storage since 1985; have all the manuals that go with car; has some body damage to right rear; all original; great start to a restoration of a very rare Caddy; I am selling this for my neighbor so (if you have) any questions you can call him at 360 249 3569 - John Ermey [...] Winner to pick up in Montesano, WA, or arrange for delivery to your home; sold as is; no warranty; please, no calls after 8 p.m. PST.

57eb215a.jpg (11283 bytes)    57eb215b.jpg (7926 bytes)


Car #217 was owned in the late seventies by Gerald Weber of Encino, CA. It was offered for sale in BOA Newsletter #1, Vol. 2, by Dave Robertson of Downey, CA, together with cars  #165 and 232 (all three were available for a total outlay of $25K). All three were described as rust-free and fairly complete, requiring complete restoration. Did #217 ever change hands? Who has it today (2009)?

Car #221 was owned in the late seventies by Richard Battistoni of Southwick, MA.

Car #222 is one of a group of five EBs acquired in 2006 by enthusiast Robert Titone, most of them being in "less than perfect condition". These are #222 [this car], 325, 594, 648 and 697 . This one currently has some major front end damage and would qualify in collector circles as a "parts car".

57eb325titone2.jpg (10492 bytes)    57EB325titone3.jpg (7661 bytes)    57EB325a.jpg (4417 bytes)
This blue car is #325

57EB325b.jpg (15276 bytes)    57EB325titone4.jpg (9842 bytes)   
I believe The car in the foreground, LH photo] is #648, shown also at right
[ Photos: © 2007, Robert Titone ]


Car #223 was offered for sale in BOA Newsletter Vol. 10, #4 for $18,000 by the second owner, Hal Sundvahl.  It was said to "need restoration" although it is a complete running car. A second ad appeared in the BOA newsletter at the end of 1999. Originally painted Nairobi Pearl [code #149], it was subsequently repainted a light, metallic blue [photo].  Late Extra [12/2005]:  enthusiast  Jim Jordan spotted the car in northern Oklahoma and sent the picture, below, for the roster.  He says  I just wanted to update the Brougham files.  This weekend I spotted Brougham number 221 (Body # 223).  Although it shows to originally have been Nairobi Pearl, it has been repainted blue some time ago.  The car is on springs and is complete but not running and needs everything.  It is for sale for $16,500 and is located in Northern Oklahoma.

57EB223.jpg (70243 bytes)
[ Photo: © 2005 and courtesy Jim Jordan ]


Car #225  is owned by California artist-photographer, Phil Toy, whom I met in June 1999 in Jan Jose, CA, on the occasion of the CLC Grand National there. Phil has also another Brougham (of which I don't yet have the number). Aficionado, Michael D. Brooks saw the car at Laguna Seca in August, 2003. He reported: (Phil) was taking photos and trying to sell his car; it was a gray color [originally, this car was painted black] with black/white interior [correct], riding on springs, with a single 4-bbl carb; the car had a 1957 front grille and bumper installed (!!!). The asking price was $50,000. A good friend of mine took some photos that I will send along.

Car #226 was offered for sale on eBay as a "project" car.  I may have to downgrade this to a "parts car" unless the buyer can convince me that the car effectively will be restored and not simply parted out.  Thanks again to Jerry Jansson of Sweden for picking this one up ! Late Extra [August 2004]: according to Greg Short, an Aussie enthusiast, this car is now "down under", in Melbourne. Greg says it is obviously a dry state car and the evidence points to it last being registered in 1972.  It was then stored inside where it was partially stripped and sat until the owner died and his widow sold it, apparently.  Despite the missing power plant, it is a solid, straight car.

57eb226b.jpg (9944 bytes)    57eb226a.jpg (6900 bytes)


Car #227 was listed as a survivor already in the mid-seventies but its whereabouts were unknown; it was offered for sale on eBay in April, 2006 where it was listed in  error as "car #72"; the vendor presumably took the last two digits of the VIN to be the unit number of the car; he has since made the correction. The car appears complete and in relatively good condition; certainly worth restoring.

57EB227A.jpg (13851 bytes)    57EB227B.jpg (13359 bytes)

57eb227C.jpg (10131 bytes)    57EB227D.jpg (9591 bytes)


Car #228  was offered for sale on Ebay in July 2015 as a "restoration project" and it is apparently located in Cameron Park, CA. The starting bid was at $30,000 with a reserve and the car did not sell. The vendor's description read: Classic 1957 Cadillac Brougham #228. Restoration project. But it does run. The transmission has been rebuilt. The motor has been rebuilt. Engine is a 55 Cadillac 500 cubic in. Rear end gone through. Wiring has been started. No title bill of sale goes with car. All body complete. Also has disk brakes. And new battery and radiator. No surface rust. Top is perfect. All chrome trim has been redone. Engine #5770119458. I am not clear about the 55 Cadillac engine size and the car appears to have been extensively modified and is missing a lot of its original parts and features. The car original paint and trim codes are 149 (Nairobi Pearl) and 959 (black leather) respectively. I recall speaking with the seller a few years back when he had car #564 for sale. He had said at the time that he was planning to complete the restoration of #228 and keep it for his own use. See pictures.

Car #230 owned by Roger Zimmermann, of Bienne, Switzerland. In my opinion, and knowing Roger's propensity for perfection, this car has to be one of the finest 1957 Broughams in existence today.    Roger has done a superb ground-up restoration, probably the finest around (with the exception of car #274, below).  Roger's car is still missing some of the "personal accessories"; he has an original "Arpège" perfume atomizer, which I sold to him in 1991.   Photo [below] is included courtesy of Roger and of French Cadillac enthusiast, François Roux, also a friend of mine, who took the pictures and wrote the story of this car appeared in the French magazine "V8", #16, pp.26-29. Roger's car was featured in the Self Starter for June, 2009.

57eb230aa.jpg (24136 bytes)
The "before" photo, soon after Roger acquired his Brougham

57eb230ab.jpg (36175 bytes)    57eb230rog3.jpg (10755 bytes)
The "during" photos, when Roger stripped his car "to the last nut and bolt", restored every part and finally put the car back together

br57230a.jpg (10547 bytes)    Br57zimm.jpg (8630 bytes)    57EB230Rog2.jpg (16641 bytes)
"After" photos [left and center] © 2003 by my friend, François Roux
[ All photos courtesy Roger Zimmermann, the owner ]

57eb230x.JPG (15565 bytes)    57EB230Roger.JPG (23793 bytes)    57eb230.jpg (17762 bytes) 
Roger with his superbly restored Eldorado Brougham at a car meet in Germany in 2008


Car #232 was offered for sale in BOA Newsletter #1, Vol. 2, by Dave Robertson of Downey, CA, together with cars  #217 and 165 (all three were available for a total outlay of $25K). All three were described as rust-free and fairly complete, requiring complete restoration. I learned later that it became a cannibalized parts car in 2006 when thieves got into the yard where it was stored. Today (May, 2007) there is not much left of it.  This information and the photo below are from CLC member, "Shane".  Many "Brougham"  parts that were sold at auction on EBay in early 2007 may have been stolen off this car !

57eb232A.jpg (3214 bytes)


Car #233 was scrapped in 1957 after it was damaged in transport by the New York Central Railroad [...two down, 702 to go!].

Car #235 [current whereabouts unknown] had specially dyed blue Karakul nylon carpeting.

Car #238 (NEW, 5/2010) [whereabouts previously unknown] was brought to my attention in May 2010 by owner-enthusiast Geoffrey Smith (Car #322). That car's trim code ends with a "0", instead of a "1" (for Karakul carpets) or a "2" (for Mouton carpets); it is believed the car was fitted with the black Karakul nylon carpeting. Perhaps Geoffrey or the owner might confirm. Geoffrey wrote: Here is #238! It is being restored in Petaluma CA by Rick Shea for a private party. The car has been in this party's family since new. Rick has spent the last four years getting up to drivable and very good condition. Most of the interior is original. The seats still have plastic covers. I noted that the door panels had a plastic center section. Every Brougham that I have seen had leather top to bottom. BTW, I checked on my car, #332, and all of the info has been deleted. What gives? I shall have a look. Geoffrey.  There as to be a rational explanation.

57eb238b.jpg (20239 bytes)    57eb238c.jpg (14104 bytes)    57eb238d.jpg (14697 bytes)     57eb238a.jpg (14592 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2010 and courtesy Geoffrey Smith ]


Car #240 had disappeared from the Brougham scene in the early seventies; in May 2003, I got this e-Mail from collector Frank Corrente in California: thought you might be interested to know we just purchased '57 Brougham #240.  Perhaps Frank will be kind enough to tell us more about the car, its history (if known), its present condition, etc. Late Extra [Dec., 2006] :   Perhaps this is the black '57 Brougham  that Frank was offering for sale in Self Starter for September, 2006 (with a $70K ticket).

Car #241 was owned in the late seventies by Rudy Stahl of Toledo, OH.  At that time Rudy owned also Broughams #155, 167 and 520. An article on one of Rudy's car's was featured in C&P.  Feb. 1979, pp.10-15.  That car appears to have had all the vanity items. It was offered for sale in 1999 by my friend Larry Muckey, for $27,500. The car was still for sale in summer, 2002. Late Extra (Dec. 2002): the car had a new owner, Paul Dehnert of Austin, TX. Paul reported that the car does have all the original vanities, with the exception of the note pad, being a repro item. He says: The car is an excellent driver with everything there and most options in working order. Larry did and excellent job of partially restoring and maintaining this car over many years. Paul also acquired this year car #59 that had been restored in Michigan by Dick Baruk, former owner/restorer of the unique Eldorado Brougham Town Car "Motorama" special that was sold again in 2006. Latest [4/2009]: the car was listed in the Dana Mecum Original Spring Classic Auction venue on May 13-17, 2009. The photos, below, are from the Internet site that advertised the sale.

58eb241G.jpg (7433 bytes)    58eb241A.jpg (11785 bytes)    58eb241F.jpg (8188 bytes)

58eb241C.jpg (7504 bytes)    58eb241E.jpg (7158 bytes)    58eb241B.jpg (7651 bytes)

The car carries in the rear window, LH side, the badge of the CLC; the owner may be (or may have been)
a member  of our club; note also that nice-looking 1960 Eldorado Biarritz in the background, upper RH image!


Car #243 [NEW, 8/2007] appeared out of nowhere and was offered for sale at an RM Auction on Amelia Island, in March 2007. Bidding peaked at $125,000, resulting  in no sale as the vendor's reserve apparently was higher. Photos may be seen on the RM Web site, here.

Car #244 may have had a custom modification; it was sent to the Styling section before it was shipped. Being on the list of survivors, we may learn more about it soon.

Car #245 was delivered initially to Illinois.   It is still in the Chicago area and belongs to Bill Buckingham Jr., who has also two other Broughams.  This car has a reported 9000 miles on the odometer! An all-white version, it had specially dyed white mouton carpeting too.  It was on show at the Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry; Henry Leland's 1905 Osceola, the first enclosed Cadillac, was on show there too for many years.  Bill sent the following facts, in August 2001: The car on the left [top, LH image] is car # 245. It's White, with white leather & white mouton. The odometer currently reads 9939 original miles. Dad bought the car in 1977 with 8,300 miles from the original owner. The only deviation from original on this car is that the previous owner removed the air ride and converted it to springs. He did it early in the cars life, supposedly around 1959 or 1960. The car on the right is car #337, and has been owned by my father since 1967.  It has 34,700 original miles, it's white with white & black leather & black mouton. It still has the original air ride, which functions quite well (most of the time). Bill also owns cars #337 and #356, below. The latter car was featured on the front cover of BOA Newsletter, Vol. 11, #4.

    Br245337.jpg (14971 bytes)    br5_245a.jpg (14385 bytes)

57eb245ai.JPG (6975 bytes)    57eb245aj.jpg (7792 bytes)    57EB245b.jpg (5180 bytes)

57eb245ac.jpg (6104 bytes)    57eb245ak.jpg (5034 bytes)

57EB245c.JPG (5033 bytes)    57EB245d.JPG (7256 bytes)    57EB245f.JPG (5344 bytes)    

57EB245a.JPG (10937 bytes)
Photos:  © 1999, Stephen Nadon, courtesy Allan Dowling, BOA,
© 2006, Yann Saunders, and © 2008 Ron Schweitzer,


Car #246 was spotted on a classic car lot in Sarasota, FL, by Alan Lease of Atlanta, GA. For more information, he gave the name of Paul S. Edenson, as well as this phone #: (813) 365-1940. A second Brougham also was offered for sale on the same lot : #485

Car #247 currently [3/2001] is offered for sale [price "on request"] by Old Timer Garage in Berne, Switzerland [it was bid up to SFr 55,000 - circa $37,000 - at auction already in April, 2001 but failed to meet the reserve]. I assume OT Garage acquired it from the previous owner, Olivier Joyet (or Jolliet?) of Lausanne, who tried to complete the restoration himself over the last 10-12 years. I know this car well; it was acquired first, in New York, by Lebanese businessman, Ali Milantchi, a wealthy resident of Vésenaz, Switzerland [part of Vésenaz overlooks the beautiful bay and historic water-spout at the western end of Lake Léman; it is the Beverly-Hills of Geneva; the other flank is mainly agricultural and farm land]. When Ali Milantchi passed away in the late sixties (?), the Brougham was acquired from his widow by a Mr. Müller, a neighboring pig farmer. Regrettably, the car served on his premises mainly as a rabbit hutch and chicken coop for a number of years; that's where I first saw it (and turned my back on it...), in the mid-seventies, when I was looking to trade my 1960 Eldorado Seville for the rarer 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham. Soon after that, it was acquired by the late Patrice Geneux, a used car dealer, also of Geneva. I supplied Patrice, at the time, with the car's full history as well as useful information and parts sources he needed for its restoration (Pat and I subsequently fell out after he cheated me on the sale of my former 1960 Seville). He began to restore the Brougham with considerable enthusiasm; but he quickly lost interest and finally botched the restoration and made a quick sale; he painted the car "prize-winning red" and upholstered the interior with a hideous, navy blue, velour interior!

57eb247aa.jpg (22180 bytes)    57eb247ab.jpg (23641 bytes)
Car #247 after the first (hastily  botched) restoration
[Photos: courtesy Christian Vaney]

After changing hands a couple of times in the eighties [one of the buyers was my buddy, Christian Vaney], the Brougham was acquired by Olivier (above) who painstakingly attempted to restore it, correctly this time, with guidance from Roger Zimmermann [car #230]; Olivier certainly did a better job than Pat Geneux, although a few details still are incorrect (e.g. red, batwing air-cleaner and chromed valve covers). But Olivier too lost interest and the car was acquired, for resale, by the current owners. As an interesting aside, when I first saw the Brougham in Müller's farmyard, it did not have the regular, cast aluminum "turbine" wheels; the latter had been removed by him, before he sold the Brougham to Pat Geneux, and put on his 1959 Cadillac Series 62 convertible (a car he had bought - over my head! - from a lady doctor in Geneva); at the same time, he took the wheels and wheel covers off the '59 Cadillac convertible and put them on the Brougham.   Subsequently, when Pat Geneux bought that car, he replaced the regular '59 Cadillac wheel covers with the special turbine-blade wheel covers from my former '60 Eldorado Seville (another reason why I fell out with him!)  So the Brougham now looked as though it had the correct turbine wheels. From the most recent pictures I have of the car [below], it appears to have acquired again a correct set of wheels!

Eb57_247.jpg (8082 bytes)

Eb57247b.jpg (6808 bytes)    Eb57247c.jpg (7601 bytes)
The car appears well-restored ...apart from that bright vermilion
air cleaner and those crazy, chrome valve covers!


Car #250 was last reported in California. Its owner, Michael Rizzuto, is actively involved in replicating many of the Brougham vanity items.

Car #251 was believed to have been owned first by Fidel Castro, Cuba's premier. It is alleged to have been a gift to him by the U.S. government ...that was before the Bay of Pigs incident! It was acquired soon after that, in Havana, in almost new condition, by His Excellency Giacomo Menasce, then Swiss Ambassador to the Caribbean island nation.  But for the alleged Castro connection, this car’s history is fully documented. Mr. Menasce imported the car to Switzerland after completing his tour of diplomatic duty.  It was licensed under Swiss tags #BE25388 [from the Canton of Berne].  In 1961, it was acquired from the ambassador, for about SFr 15,000 (circa $3,500 at that time), by businessman Pierre Schweig; the transaction was arranged by a Mr. Wenger of Fleury Garage in Geneva, the local Cadillac dealer; the car got new tags at that time [#VD90069 - from the Canton of Vaud]; it still had all the vanity items and the odometer reading was around 30K miles [as a matter of interest, Pierre Schweig happens to be also the first owner of MY first Cadillac, a black 1956 Sedan De Ville].  Pierre mentioned that the Brougham had the triple carb set up of the 1958 cars; this may have been a later modification in Cuba or in Switzerland).  Mr. Schweig sold the car in 1963 to a private individual in Geneva who wanted "an American car" to tow his caravan!  The selling price was SFr. 6,000 (circa $1,400); by now it had 78K miles on the clock.  Pierre recalled the problems they had with the air suspension, having to change one or more of the diaphragms about every 6,500 miles; as these were not readily available, the car was frequently laid up; he recalls also the compressor being changed 2-3 times [of course, this could have been simply a ploy by the garage to extort more money from the owner!]  In 1962, the car was involved in a major fender-bender in Vienna, Austria; the local GM people had to replace a fender, the front grille and the headlight units.  At one time it was acquired by the Forag Trust of Vaduz, Liechtenstein but licensed in Geneva under #GE79356; it was used there for some five more years.  It disappeared from view for the next almost ten years until it was "re-discovered" in 1977 by a friend, Christian Vaney, in a private parking "cage" in Geneva’s chic Parc de Budé residential area. I had a number of contacts with a representative of the Trust with a view to acquiring the car ...but the asking price was simply ridiculous (talk about a "solid gold" Cadillac!)  In addition the mileage was claimed to be 75K miles when the odometer reading was already 78K miles in 1963!  The car subsequently "disappeared" from its usual parking place around 1979 and for the next almost 18 years. In March, 1996, while Gita and I were touring in Arizona, a house located close to ours in suburban Geneva (about 5 miles away as the crow flies) was offered for sale at auction, following bankruptcy of the owner.  Other items were brought onto the property to make for a more interesting auction, including this Eldorado Brougham which (I was told recently) had been seized in another bankruptcy case.   Ralph, a young musician friend of mine had a workshop adjoining the property that was being sold; he attended the auction and bid on the car, "just for the heck of it"; he was the first to be surprised when he got it for a song [circa $2,700] ...well, he is a musician after all!  Had we been home at the time, I would gladly have bid it up to at least $3000! Regrettably, I learned that Ralph wanted to make a low-rider of the car! Shame! Late Extra [summer 2005]: apparently Ralph gave up on his project and sold the car.  The new owner [I don't have his particulars] intends to do a "normal" restoration. Latest [Nov.,  2006]: Jerry Jansson emailed me to inform me that the car was for sale.  I spoke with the vendor (a Frenchman) who had bought it from Ralph. Thankfully, it was NOT converted to a low rider.

57eb251sale.jpg (14726 bytes)

This "For Sale ad appeared in the Self Starter for Nov., 2006


Car #253 was owned in the late seventies by Harry Grant, Jr. of Lebanon, PA.  At hat time Harry owned also Brougham #502.

Car #254 was owned in the late seventies by Richard Oldham of Empire Chevrolet, Novato, CA. At that time Richard owned also Brougham #1.

Car #255 was reported in January 1999 as belonging to John Phillips, of California.  Enthusiast Larry Ginsburg wrote, in December 2004, that he had seen he car.  He says it is complete but needs a total restoration.  Thanks for the update Larry.

Car #257 was offered for sale by the Barrett-Jackson group in Scottsdale, AZ. Check out their Web page: http://www.barrett-jackson.com/events/scottsdale/vehicles/cardetail_list.asp?id=172091; it reads: Eldorado Brougham, body #257 of an original count of just over 412 built ["just over 412" ??? - Is that like "412½", i.e. not quite 413 ??? In fact, precisely 400 units were built]. The restoration was a 7-year, frame-up. Restored air-ride suspension, engine, transmission and brakes. Restored to original specs including dual 4-bbl carbs with factory air cleaner. Interior is authentic [original?] leather with cloth [the original was done in beige Parisienne cloth with matching beige leather - code #424 - is that the original leather color on the door panels? - see photos, below]. Carpeting is munton (fur) [read "mouton" -  BJ's marketing staff never was very good at spelling, especially foreign words and phrases; in fact, the original car had the black Karakul nylon carpets - code #1]. No expense was spared on any item on restoration. Car is in #1 condition. Restoration (was) completed in November, 2002. Cranberry color [original color is "Sandalwood" (beige) - code #144] with  stainless steel top. Interior is tan [correct] with brown carpet [wrong]. Factory turbine wheels. Engine and trunk have been detailed to factory specs. The car is reported to have sold in January, 2003, for $82,080  (yeah, right!) Late extra (11/2005): the car is offered for sale by Hyman Ltd. in St, Louis, MO.  Seems like the buyer who paid the $82 grand for it, almost three years ago, wants a major return on his investment !   Good luck, I say. Personally, I don't think the world  is ready yet for a $100K Brougham, especially one that has some imperfections and not all the vanities in place. Still, the vendor rates it as "one of the finest in existence".

57eb257a.jpg (12867 bytes)    57eb257d.jpg (6630 bytes)

57eb257b.jpg (12115 bytes)    57eb257c.jpg (8993 bytes)
These photos:  courtesy of Brougham enthusiast, David King

57eb257g.jpg (13608 bytes)    57eb257hc.jpg (11111 bytes)    57eb257h.jpg (10075 bytes)
[ these three photos: Internet ]

Car #258 [NEW, 4/2007]  turned up for sale unexpectedly in Houston, Texas, in April 2007. It looks like a nice, original survivor. Here's what the vendor wrote: My name is Jeffrey Bules.  I live in Houston, Texas.  I am writing to you to give you information about car number 258, which currently resides in Texas. A very good friend of mine passed away in December 2006.  He was a very well-known evangelist that has owned "Ethel" since 1963.  He called her Ethel "because that is all she will drink". The Reverend had owned Ethel since 1963.  He bought her from the estate of Mrs. Turner in Midland, Texas.  Ethel currently has 99,000 original miles, of which only 15,000 miles have been driven since 1968.  The Reverend used her as his daily driver until 1968. Ethel is currently for sale since we are liquidating the estate.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, feel free to have them email or telephone me.  The sale will be completed by midnight, April 30, 2007, by sealed bid.  Several of the Reverend's friends are also interested in Ethel, so we figured it was best to take bids to determine the new owner.  I am making her available for inspection April 27-29 in Houston.  I have attached the information we have sent out regarding the car, as well as the other cars we are selling from his estate.I thought this information would be helpful for your registry.  I am also a collector of classic cars.   [call 713-409-0562 for more info].  Late Extra [12/2007]:   Jeffrey wrote to tell me the car had changed hands. He is respecting the buyer's privacy and leaves it up to him to decide whether or not he wants to be listed here. Later [4/2008]: I was contacted by friend and Cadillac enthusiast, Morgan Murphy of Montgomery, AL, who informs me that he bought this car.   He has not yet sent any details as to its condition but I hope to get that information, as well as some photos, in the near future. Latest [2/2009]:  the car was offered for sale on Ebay and apparently found a new owner for $61,100.

    57EB258F.jpg (35184 bytes)

57EB258E.jpg (32993 bytes)    57EB258G.jpg (32554 bytes)

57EB258aa.jpg (11231 bytes)    57EB258ab.jpg (13105 bytes)

    57EB258ad.jpg (9452 bytes)    57EB258ae.jpg (8676 bytes)     57EB258B.jpg (18407 bytes)    57EB258ah.jpg (7945 bytes)

57EB258ac.jpg (9047 bytes)    57EB258ag.jpg (10863 bytes)    57EB258af.jpg (7337 bytes)


Car #261  was admired in the collection of Rod Brewer, during the 2001 CLC Grand National in Denver, CO. The car is in excellent condition and appears to be all original.  I did not inquire if it had still all the vanity items.

Eb261.jpg (9628 bytes)
Photo: © 2001, Yann Saunders


Car #262 was not believed to have survived. Now it has turned up again. I hope to get more details from its Australian owner in the next few weeks. This is the only car of the 1957-58 Brougham production to be painted "Starlight", not a regular Brougham color but included nonetheless on the palette for later Cadillac models [code #92]; we might refer to it as "silver". In fact, on the color palette for 1958 it is called "Rajah Silver Poly". Late extra [10/2004]:  This from lucky new owner, Greg Jensen: G'Day, Yann, this is Greg Jensen from Australia I have the Eldorado Brougham #262 in silver. We haven't started on the car yet as we are restoring a 59 Cadillac convertible, which I want to finish before we start on the Brougham. Good luck with the restoration, Greg; do keep in touch !

brg262e.jpg (6378 bytes)

brg262a.jpg (10535 bytes)    brg262b.jpg (11135 bytes)

brg262d.jpg (11792 bytes)    brg262c.jpg (7395 bytes)
[ Photos: © and courtesy Greg Jensen, Australia ]


Car #263 has been located again by Brougham aficionado, Michael D. Brooks - car #123; if I get any more information on it, I will add it here. Meanwhile, this ad appeared on e-Bay: This rare Cadillac Eldorado is being re-listed with a new and improved lower reserve. I feel very lucky and honored to be able to work with and list another Eldorado Brougham. I listed and sold two 1958 examples in the fall of '02 and I made two buyers very happy and lucky to be able to join a very exclusive group of car owners. This car is about 95% complete and does include some great original vanity items. This car which is 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham #263 is alive and is a very willing candidate for restoration. She is available to be viewed in the Chicago area and comes with a nearly complete set of original vanities (not repros). Complete vanities have sold in the area of $8000 recently [I sure would like to have details on any effective sales of "complete" Brougham vanities in the last 2-3 years]Click here to see complete pictures and details of the included Brougham vanities. Body is solid and only shows minor rust under the battery pan (common location). The stainless top is in great shape as well as the headliner and the chrome bumpers. In fact, the chrome bumpers are in exceptional condition. As a whole, the stainless pieces on the car are all in very good shape. Currently, the car is white [this is the correct, original color] and is ready for a fresh coat of paint. The car was originally painted with paint code #112 which is Chamonix white. This car is only 1 of 45 painted that color in 1957. The ID plate reads Trim #1581 which corresponds to light gray leather with white leather [and black, Karakul nylon carpet]. Only 10 produced with that interior trim combination in 1957. The mileage on the odometer shows 77,500 miles. The car comes with 5 original Turbine wheels and center caps and is still riding on air in the rear (2 new diaphragms) and on springs in the front. There is some leaking of air to the rear airbags which is common on these cars. This car also includes the complete set of jacking equipment. This is an excellent candidate for restoration. I know there are guys out there looking for a project and with only 400 '57 Broughams ever produced, this would be a terrific car to bring back to it's original splendor. Also, it is not uncommon to purchase the car with the vanities simply to acquire the vanities and then re-sell the remaining car without the vanities. Strange as that may sound, I know of at least one instance where that has happened [details, Ron?]. The car is not drivable which means that it starts and drives and stops but with many parts not securely attached, it is not safe to be driven on any roads until the restoration is complete. Fully restored Broughams have been demanding [but NOT getting] prices between $80,000-$100,000+ at prestigious auctions recently. To view 2003 Barrette-Jackson auction results of 1957 Brougham #257 ($82,080), click here;   To view 2002 Barrett-Jackson auction results of another 1957 Brougham ($81,000), click here.   Late extra (9/2003):  My inside man in Sweden, Jerry Jansson, informs me that this car is headed for Sweden ...like so many others.  It will have all the vanities advertised on that other Web site indicated above.

eb263.jpg (9777 bytes)

57eb263b.jpg (6642 bytes)    57eb263a.jpg (7438 bytes)
[ Photos: © and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #264 was owned in the seventies by Robert V. Dabao, a doctor, of San Marino, CA

Car #266 Victor M., a resident of Mexico and owner of Car #407 reports that this one too is in Mexico;  my records show that, like Victor's car, it was first delivered to California, so neither car had very far to travel!  The current owner's name is Arturo Perez.  It is in overall good car but although the upholstery follows the original pattern, it has been trimmed in dark and light gray vinyl. The original trunk lining  is still there but the car no longer rides on air.  Aside from that, it seems fairly complete, including the dual carbs and correct air filter. Car is silver in color (code #118). Victor has been very helpful in providing useful information for the Database, on "Mexican" Broughams.  In January, 2001 he wrote: I was at a Car show last Saturday. There, I saw a '57 Brougham (couldn't check on the number) and talk with two owners. Among the three of us, and a friend, a long time Cadillac fan and collector, we are almost sure there are only five Broughams in Mexico, four of them in Mexico city:  (1) #266 [this one] in the Museum, owned by Arturo Perez, (2) #407 (mine), (3) Mr. Oliveros' car (the one seen at the show) #376, which is medium metallic blue with a white, all-leather interior and the original blue carpet1, (4) Dr. Betancourt's car (I had the wrong name before. I still need to find out about it but the story is that he brought it from Europe; apparently it too is medium metallic blue), and (5) one that is in a museum in Puebla; the current owner is Fernando Garcia-Limon. The latter car is the first Brougham I ever saw, probably 20 years ago; back then it was owned by an Architect, Mr. Mestre, and painted ...bright orange! Mr. Garcia told me it still has it's original blue interior and that he painted the car back to the  correct medium blue metallic.   So, out of the five cars in Mexico, we have 3 that are medium metallic blue, one that is  dark blue metallic (mine) which originally was (and will be when restored), black, and one silver.
1 Thirty-eight Broughams (of 1957-58) had all-white, all-leather interiors; however, only three of them were painted any shade of  blue: #235 (Fairfax blue), #250 (Academy blue), and #516 (Balmoral blue); only one of these had a "special order" blue Karakul nylon carpet, code "0", i.e. car #235; the original destination of that car was Louisiana, which is not too far from Mexico, via Texas.  It will be interesting to find out, Victor, if this is Mr. Oliveros' car.

57eb266a.JPG (16971 bytes)    57eb266b.JPG (12195 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2009 and courtesy Javier Pesquera Alvarez ]

Car #267 was brought to my attention for the first time in June 2002 by its new owner, "Robbie", who inherited the car from his grandfather. He says: I don't know anything about this car and wanted to know if you would give me an idea of what it might be worth and some info about it. It has approx. 72,000 miles and has never been restored. I have been in touch with "Robbie" by e-Mail. Robbie subsequently offered the car for sale on e-Bay. The car apparently changed hands.  Late extra (June, 2003): The car is being offered for sale again on e-Bay; it is located in Knoxville, TN.  According  to the description:   The BROUGHAM has 71,661 miles from the original owner's estate [so it has done no mileage since it was last sold?], with older cosmetic restoration, on SPRINGS with rebuilt water pump, carbs and TRANSMISSION. New interior, not correct [Robbie said it had never been restored; the photos he sent (below) seem to show the correct beige leather interior, although the original carpets were white mouton (lambskin)].
  Even Later Extra [May, 2004]:  This from enthusiast Michael D. Brooks ['57 EB #123]: 1957 Brougham # 267 is currently for sale (10-May-04) in Costa Mesa, CA. Pretty shabby shape. Ladies compact is in the glove box ! I verified that it's on springs with a bad interior re-do...seat inserts are grey and rest of it is a red color. Looks like engine work has been done and new suspension parts were observed. Needs lots of work to restore but appears all there. Location is House of Luxury, Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA. When I inquired about the price, he said $49,995 [read $50K] . When I stopped chuckling I suggested $20,000 might be more realistic. He said "They sell for $80,000 restored and $25,000 will get that one perfect." Later extra still: [June 2004]; the car is advertised on eBay with a "Buy-it-Now" price of  $69,500 ! [mileage: 72,110] And even later: ...the car apparently found a new home (in Houston, TX ?); the buyer reportedly paid $40,000 for it. The mileage is unchanged.  Later still (5/2005):  the car is back on eBay with a high reserve (over $45K).  Let's see how the bidding goes this time.

57eb267g.jpg (8120 bytes)    eb267b.jpg (8868 bytes)

57eb267a.jpg (5829 bytes)    57eb267d.jpg (7766 bytes)

57eb267h.jpg (7696 bytes)   57eb267k.jpg (8720 bytes)   eb267a.jpg (8623 bytes) 

57eb267j.jpg (8983 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet and  © 2004 by Michael D. Brooks ]

Car #270 was in attendance during the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National Meet in Denver, CO, in June 2001. I recall the irate owner physically pushing me out of the way away, while it was being judged, because he had overheard me chatting with another collector, saying that the paint and trim numbers on the body tag did not match the original specs and that some of the vanities on show with the car were not original. Nice car! But not a nice owner ... at that time! Anyway, no sooner was the judging over than he advertised the car for sale, in situ, for ...$70,000! That was more than twice the posted market value for a 1957-58 Brougham in excellent condition at that time! Note that this car was offered for sale, earlier, at Kruse auctions in January and April 2001. The Kruse ad stated that the car was Fairfax blue with gray leather and cloth upholstery; its original color was black (code #110) and the upholstery beige (code #414). The original mouton carpeting was white (code #2); the restored car has blue carpets (Kruse said also that the body was by Pininfarina, obviously confusing this Brougham with the 1959-60 model!). The car was (reportedly) bid up to $52,000 but was not sold. Apparently the car did find a buyer at the next, annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, in January 2002 [lot #377]; however, there are conflicting auction results showing a selling price of either $75,000 or $81,000! Jerry Jansson, my Swedish friend and a Brougham owner himself, reported that the car was up for sale again in Monterey, CA, a few months later. I saw it on the Russo & Steele web site in August that year and thought it odd that the car should be for sale again, just a few months after someone had reportedly paid BIG money to acquire it. In my opinion, the earlier transactions probably all were "fake" ... (vendors have been known to "buy back" their own car at an auction, in cases where they deemed the highest bid to be unsatisfactory). I know that Kruse finds no fault with this "game". Late Extra (2010): the car has found a new home in Atlanta, GA. It was one of the cars at an exhibition there entitled The Allure of the Automobile, staged at the Decorative Arts and Design High Museum of Art.

eb57270c.jpg (13287 bytes)    eb270auc.jpg (9211 bytes)
[ Photo (left): © 2000, Yann Saunders, (right) auction catalog]

Brg270.jpg (10130 bytes)    Eb270.jpg (13437 bytes)
Photo (left):  Internet, 2001
Photo (right): © 2001, Yann Saunders

Eb57_270.jpg (15881 bytes)
[ Photo (left) : Russo & Steele auction catalog ]


Car #271 had a special trim modification [code #0, indicating a custom finish; gray was used instead of black for some interior trim parts. This is a survivor. It was offered for sale at the end of 1999 for $13,500 by my friend Larry Muckey. The car was still for sale in July, 2001. Late Extra [Dec., 2008]: This car and car #163 have found their way to Bahrain, in the Middle East.  I got this message from the new owner:  Currently I am the owner of 2 Cadillac Eldorado 1957 Brougham Car #271 and Car# 163. Both were purchased by my cousin Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa in our home country Bahrain in the Middle East. My cousin passed the cars on to me recently after seeing how I was intrigued by them.  Car# 271 was purchased first but was hard to restore from our country not being in the US, since then it has not been running and needs some work I plan to restore it sometime in the future. Car #163 was purchased restored 100% but as you know with these cars they have a lot to be fixed so we are working on that as we speak although the car is running fine and in excellent shape. I wanted to send you information about the cars since you are doing a wonderful job keeping the history of these prized cars. I will send pictures soon. Please let me know if you need any more information about the cars I will be happy to share. Shaikh Hamad bin Rashid Al Khalifa, West Riffa, Bahrain. Thank you for the information, Shaikh Hamad, I am happy to know that these two treasures are in safe hands and will continue to be cherished as they deserve.

Car #272 was trimmed throughout with gray leather and had specially dyed gray Karakul nylon carpeting. The car belongs to an Atlanta Doctor, in GA.  It is in very fine condition and still on air springs [new ones were waiting to be installed - 1998]. The present owner, who has the car since 1978, reports that it spent its life between Philadelphia, PA and Pompano Beach, FL.  It has only 66K miles.

Car #273 [previously shown here in error as #274]  is reported to have been bought in an estate sale of Elvis Presley cars; my records show that it was delivered initially to North Carolina. Mr. Ch. Barnette [1958 Brougham #590] reported in July 2000 that this is not the car formerly owned by the late James Carlisle of Charlotte, NC; the latter car is #274, below.  Car #273, although delivered initially to NC, was restored in Texas by Wayne Meadlin, Ed Merchant and Phil Betello, all of Fort Worth, for the owner, James Cashion, CEO of USA Life, an insurance company.  Lance Hirsch [car #436] informed me (2/2000) that the car is currently titled in Elvis' name (I understand there is no law against titling a vehicle to a person named "Elvis Presley").  Having recently viewed my Database, however, the owner has begun to question the authenticity of the title.  About the car itself, Lance says it has to be the finest Brougham restoration projects ever;  Wayne Meadlin, he says, is a most exacting, perfectionist. To date, the tab is estimated to exceed ...$600,000 (yes, you read it right, six-hundred thousand dollars!)  I spoke to Mr. Meadlin on the phone (March, 2000) and he reckons the three restorers each have put more than 3000 hours into restoring the car, thus far. Of note:  the air suspension was rebuilt at considerable expense with parts from Mastermind and - according to Wayne - under the high-cost supervision of its CEO.  According to Eldorado Brougham enthusiast, Michael D. Brooks, this car has changed hands ...for an undisclosed amount! It is featured on the front cover of BOA Newsletter, Vol. 12, #2.

br57274a.JPG (9511 bytes)    br57274f.jpg (5600 bytes)
Left: tail-end of  a $600,000 Brougham; right: chassis and  air suspension details
[Photos:  courtesy Lance Hirsch, Texas]

57eb273c.jpg (9248 bytes)    57eb273b.jpg (6322 bytes)    57eb273a.jpg (5636 bytes)
These photos taken during restoration are courtesy of Ch. Barnette and the Brougham Owners' Association (BOA)

57eb208a.JPG (20022 bytes)    57eb208c.JPG (21921 bytes)    57eb208e.JPG (33281 bytes)

57eb208d.JPG (20139 bytes)    57eb208f.JPG (22643 bytes)
[ Photos (these 2 rows):  © 2009, Yann Saunders ]


Car #274  was owned in the late seventies by G.C. Thomas Jr., of Charlotte, N.C., then by James Carlisle of Charlotte, NC.  Mr. Ch. Barnette [1958 Brougham #590] reported in July 2000 that this car is still owned by Mr. Carlisle's widow. In February, 2002, I got  an e-Mail from the person who restored this car that once belonged to Jim & Wilma Carlisle. His son now owns the car; he has a restoration shop in Statesville, N.C.

Car #276 was owned in the late seventies by Michael G. Komanda of Rutherford, N.J. He offered it for sale at that time for $5,500, describing it as rust-free, re-upholstered car, converted to springs by the factory and with only 22K miles on the odometer.

Car #277 has survived; this information was supplied kindly by Brougham aficionado, Ron Susser. He supplied also the photos below. The owner's name is Ilkka Brotherus; he lives in Helsinki, Finland. According to collector-enthusiast Bill Wetzel of CA [car #154], this is one of SIX  Eldorado Broughams sold by the Gene Winer Cadillac dealership in Bakersfield, CA. The others were #s 154, 284, 462, 323 and 686.

EB277G.JPG (13963 bytes)    EB277A.JPG (9249 bytes)

EB277B.JPG (7904 bytes)    EB277F.JPG (9212 bytes)    EB277E.JPG (6787 bytes)

EB277C.JPG (7223 bytes)    EB277D.JPG (6780 bytes)    EB277H.JPG (5493 bytes)


Car #278 has survived; I have it from Brougham enthusiast, Graham Peters,  that it was imported to Canada some time back but appears to have gone back to one of the mid-Western US states (2004-05). Graham says: I can verify that the car in the background is #278 ( saw the tag myself). To the best of my knowledge, both of these cars [he mentions also #330, below] were found in Georgia around 2002 and brought to Canada.  This is the only car of the 1957-58 production to have been painted Castile Maroon, a very dark burgundy or oxblood hue. This was not a standard Brougham color but was included, nonetheless, on the palette for the regular Cadillac models of 1957 [code #52].

Car #279 has been discovered.  Here's the story, as told to me by those who found the "treasure": Car #279 recently was discovered on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. In May 2006, A. & J. Duffus acquired it from the original owner’s son. Mrs. George Fiske Hammond took delivery of her beloved Brougham, September 6th, 1957, after admiring one at the West Coast, invitation only, introduction staged at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Mrs. Hammond, heiress to a silk and oil fortune, drove the car regularly until 1967 when she purchased a new Rolls-Royce. The car was used occasionally during the next twenty years. The last nineteen years has seen almost no mileage. #279 is in original condition, save for some minor practical modifications by the original owner. The paint is ebony (code 110) with dark & light gray leather and moutons (trim code 1502). All the vanity & personal items are included; the important color coordinated ones being original. Drinking cups and atomizer are Mastermind reproductions. A sealed, correct bottle of Arp�ge Extrait de Lanvin with box is in the glove compartment along with the original “Operating Manual” and a “Cadillac Lubrication Agreement” coupon book dated September 7th, 1957. Should one need roadside assistance there is a pamphlet of “Names & Addresses of AAA Affiliated Clubs & Associations,” dated January 15th, 1957. A period California highway map is also there. Modifications include a battery cut off switch, an alternator and quick connect air hose fitting. The car is still riding on its original air system and most accessories work. At some point, following a minor accident, the car was re-sprayed and the front seat was re-upholstered. This summer we performed minor mechanical work and cosmetic detailing, entered her in three car shows and came home with Mayor’s Choice in one and Top Pick in another. More significantly, we have driven the car 824 miles with absolutely no trouble, save the crowds she draws. This almost original 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham now has 103,308 miles on her odometer.  It remains for me to thank the author for his input and to request a couple of pics of the car to complete this entry. Late extra [10/2007]: The owners, Jeannie and Andrew Duffus, have joined the 1957-58 owners group on Yahoo and I now have photos (below) as well as this recent letter: Thank you for publishing the story of #279. We have been her caretaker for just over a year now. In that time, we have driven her 1509 miles, entered her in four car shows and been awarded four prizes. Cosmetically we have cleaned her thoroughly, painted pieces like the air cleaners and replaced some rubber seals and shrouds. Mechanically we have replaced the exhaust, stopped some fluid leaks and performed a minor tune up using mostly NOS parts. We may even have found a way to replace the front door assist springs (Clock springs?) using easily found junkyard parts (we will keep you posted on this as many Brougham owners face the dilemma of broken door springs).  This year, her fiftieth birthday, will see more appearance improvements and mechanical repairs as appropriate. Next year we may offer #279 for sale as garage space and other commitments are issues. More here.

57eb279h.JPG (12022 bytes)    57eb279a.JPG (7180 bytes)    57eb279i.JPG (9543 bytes)

57eb279d.JPG (8362 bytes)    57eb279e.JPG (5965 bytes)    57eb279g.JPG (8104 bytes)     57eb279b.JPG (6960 bytes)
Among the "goodies" and memorabilia I see in the 2nd row (3rd image from left) are most of the rare
Brougham vanity items as well as a bottle of white wine from France's Cadillac region
[ All photos: © 2007, courtesy of the owners ]


Car #280 currently [1998] is located in Hungary, a far throw from its initial destination in North Carolina. The owner, Frank Farkas, sent me the full story; here are some salient excerpts:  In 1986, I bought a book called "Cadillac Legend" [Nicky Wright], where I saw a picture of a 1957 Brougham the first time. I found it beautiful; I discovered they only made a very few of them, and I started to dream of getting one. Eight years passed and one of my friends told me there was such a car in a dealership in Budapest, Hungary. I did not believe him. Next day, another friend called with the same message. I still could not believe it. Two hours later, my own brother called and confirmed that there was this 1957 Brougham at the dealership. Now I became very excited; I had to check it out. Sure enough, there it was, but I was told it was not for sale; the owner was in the USA and would be back in a week. It turned out the owner was an old friend of mine whom I had not seen for ten years; he had moved to Florida. A week later, he called me and came to visit me ...with the Brougham. Surprisingly, he was unaware that he had a rare car; he had got it in a trade, in Florida, because he liked its looks. The car had been in a friend's garage in Florida; my friend had heard there was some problem with it, some vibrations they could not seem to fix. The owner had already spent $50.000 on the car; he had enough of it. That's when my friend suggested the trade, which the owner accepted. The Brougham came to Hungary. Anyway, my friend did not want to sell me the car ...until two days later when he tried to stop at a red light and the brakes failed. It was a miracle that he and the car survived. He said the car had tried to kill him; he did not want to see it any more. He let me have it for what it had cost him. The brake problem was quickly fixed. The odometer showed 42000 miles at the time and the car has been repainted once. The body is in great condition: no bondo, no rust, nice straight lines. On the other hand, the interior was a mess. I was lucky to find a Brougham shop manual in Germany; this helped me to carry out various repairs. By the following year, the car was ready for show. I went to thirteen shows in Europe; the Brougham earned "best of show" or "50's first place" every time. That year I did 8000 miles: I had only three minor problems which were easily fixed. The following year I replaced the interior with the correct upholstery materials. For the last two years, I have not driven the car because, in the meantime, I met Michael Rizzuto and realized that with his help I could restore it to "like new" condition. I know this will take a long time and will require a lot of work. But my car deserves it. Frank's car is featured on the cover of the BOA Newsletter, Vol. 11, #1.

Br57_280.jpg (10196 bytes)
Photo:  BOA, courtesy Frank Farkas and Allan Dowling


Car #282 was last seen advertised for sale by Mike Rizzuto of Mastermind, in May 1991. At that time it was priced at  $23,500.  It was still on air and was said to look "better than average" (???).  Late extra [7/2001]:  According to Paris-based car salesman, Beno�t Couturier  (aka Mr. C.), he bought this car (from Mike?).  Initially he said it was #5770-1129523 which caused some confusion as this is NOT a Brougham engine number.  After some research, I came to the conclusion that he meant # 5770-129523, which would make it this car.  Mr. C. asserted to me that the car was in "better than Concours condition" (for $23.5K?!?!), although I take his assertions with a pinch of salt ever since he tried to pull the wool over my eyes with the Cadillac Jacqueline [a Pinin Farina pushmobile you can read about on this page]. He sold #282, in Paris, to a former neighbor of mine who wishes to remain anonymous (by the way, he and I did NOT live on the same side of the fence."

[ images ]


Car #283 was advertised for sale, together with a parts car  [car #15], for $9,500, in one of Bill Pozzi's newsletters of the Brougham Owners' Club, in 1986; at that time it was owned by Peter Russ of Detroit, MI.

Car #284 was on sale in Germany, in 1998, for DM 75,000 [circa $45,000].  According to collector-enthusiast Bill Wetzel of CA [car #154], this is one of SIX  Eldorado Broughams sold by the Gene Winer Cadillac dealership in Bakersfield, CA. The others were #s 154, 277, 323, 462 and 686.  This one has been converted (like many others) to coil springs and was reported as "completely restored".  It is painted Jamaican green and has matching green and white trim. The original destination was California.  In the summer of 1999 the car was again offered for sale, this time for $54,000.  In the Fall of 2000, the price had dropped $20,000 (!) to "only" $34,000.  It had 61K miles. It was acquired by Brougham "detective" Jerry Jansson, of Sweden; he got it in southern Germany in 2001 and drove it back to Stockholm, Sweden, in February ...brrr!!!!  Jerry told me that this car was not completely restored; the engine was never touched, except for exchanging the 57's 2x4 carbs to the 58's 3x2 carbs. The interior is a "misch-masch" of old and new, carpet is not the original mouton, seats been re-upholstered, but with a non original pattern, trunk interior is (as always) rotted out. Late extra [10/2003]: Jerry said that work on his car had made progress; it just came back from the nice people at Competition Motors. It was driven (without the front end ) and everything works OK ...after 24 months of work. The next step is to install the renovated AC and the front clip (and a million other little things ...this is a BROUGHAM, after all!!!) Work on the interior continues. Jerry hopes to show the finished car at the Stockholm Motor Show in 2004.  Good luck ! Later still [7/2009]: Jerry, like many others, has been hit by the recession and decided to part with his cars [he has also 1960 #009]. With help from Andy Kerby Jones [1957 #155] both Jerry's cars found a new home with Roger Johansson [1957 #340]; restoration will be completed in Andy's shop in Borlnage. It has all vanities [the notepad is a repro from Andy]. Latest [5/2010]: Andy informs me that  Jerry's car went to the RM auction in March and sold for a pathetic $82,500 ... less the vanities which were sold separately to the same buyer. The car did need a repaint (wrong colour) and some chroming, but the guy Andy finished it off for wasn't willing to put any more money into the car.

Brg284c.jpg (10144 bytes)    57eb284x.jpg (11448 bytes)
I believe the LH photo was taken in Germany;  at right: in attendance at a Sweden's "Big Power Meet", 2001

57bg284b.jpg (11695 bytes)    eb627.JPG (9863 bytes)    57bg284a.jpg (12400 bytes)
These three pics are from the new owner, my friend Jerry Jansson

57EB284y.jpg (9361 bytes)    eb284.jpg (8793 bytes)
At the right: newly restored engine bay

57eb284ba.JPG (18963 bytes)    57eb284ee.JPG (15995 bytes)

57eb284ff.JPG (13932 bytes)    57eb284bb.JPG (12252 bytes)    57eb284bd.jpg (10742 bytes)     57eb284cc.JPG (14480 bytes)

57eb284ii.jpg (10123 bytes)    57eb284bc.JPG (16794 bytes)
[ Photos (above 4 rows), after a detailed restoration: © 2010 and courtesy Andy Kerby Jones ]


Car #286 was brought to my attention by, the son of the current owner, Bob Huff of St. Louis, in March 2004. Previously, it had not been listed in the roster of survivors. Here is what he said about his Dad's car:  I've been visiting the Cadillac DB for quite a long time, but have only now felt compelled to write.  My father owns Brougham #286... It's an interesting car, with an odd history, although I'd like someone to fill in the gaps. I believe someone out there will recognize this car, as it came from California, and the roof has been buffed to a shine! It has Cadillac wire wheels and was last licensed in Arizona, in 1969.... The data plate indicates that it was originally Nairobi Pearl, with Mouton... I have MANY photos, although the car is in primer, and has been for many years.... Overall, it is an excellent car, with no rust. It does need a complete restoration, though.... Also, interestingly, someone chrome-plated many of the engine parts at some point in the past. I wonder if this was some kind of mild custom/show car at some point... Dunno... I also believe there are others out there that are unaccounted for. I've seen at least one more personally, that I don't believe is in your Database, but, sorry, I am not revealing it's location or city, as I'd like to buy it.... You do a terrific job, and I enjoy every visit. I noticed you just added #340, so I thought I'd drop you a line.... Please contact me at the email address I've provided. You may visit my site for a sneak peak of my dads car.... You may have to dig a little... I will email you more photos if you are interested. THANKS!  Well, I appreciate your contacting me and I'm sure many Brougham owners/admirers will be glad to see more pictures of it.

57eb286x.jpg (4095 bytes)    57eb286a.jpg (5604 bytes)
A study in dust and cotton balls

57eb286b.jpg (4967 bytes)    57eb286c.jpg (5011 bytes)    57eb286d.jpg (4941 bytes)
Resurrection in progress...
[ All photos: courtesy and © The Huff  Report ]


Car #287   had a different engine installed by the factory on April 30, 1958; its whereabouts had been lost for many years. Late Extra [3/2006]: This from Dr. Rick Zeiger, a discreet collector of bespoke and high-quality Cadillacs: I own 1957  Brougham #287 and have for 20 years.   This is the one you see in many books with the park lights on.  It was sold new in Beverly Hills.  It is in beautiful original condition with 40K miles on the original air suspension.  Rick, we are looking  forward to adding a couple of photos of this car to the survivors' roster. Dr. Zeiger's car was featured, inter alia, in an article about the Eldorado Brougham models in Collectible Automobile for August, 1993.

EB57_58a.jpg (8738 bytes)    EB57_58b.jpg (10902 bytes)    EB57_58c.jpg (11137 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 1993, Collectible Automobile ]


Car #288 was owned in the late seventies by Duncan Emmons of Rancho Mirage, CA. Duncan was an active member of the BOA under the presidency of Cy Strickler. At that time, Duncan owned also the following 1957-58 Broughams: #41, 114, 115, 154, 348, 367, 460 and 525.

Car #289  In April 1999, Frits  Mast - Car #652  - mentioned that, while he was on a trip to Sweden last year, he encountered this car [trim 2422 paint 112]; it was located in a barn and looked in restorable condition.  This car (engine. # 5770131565) was shipped to New York. Repainted from black to white, it is currently (9/2000) in Sweden and belongs to Jan Anders Äkerlind of Östanbro 8, SE 725 96 Västerås, Sweden.  Jan also owns a couple of late 50's Cadillacs and runs a Cafe for cruisers! The info update and the photos, below, were supplied kindly by Jerry Jansson, a Brougham aficionado from Sweden. Thanks Jerry!

EB289A.JPG (4454 bytes)    EB289D.JPG (6418 bytes)    EB289E.JPG (5133 bytes)

EB289B.JPG (7143 bytes)    EB289C.JPG (6075 bytes)
Brougham #289, partly dis-assembled


Car #291 was offered for sale in the late seventies by Foster McDonald of Las Vegas, NV; it had been converted to springs; offers were invited. This car is identified in the 1996 Barrett-Jackson auction results catalog only by its engine number [#5770-132219]; it was reported to be beige and white [confirmed by the images below] although initially it had a white body with blue and white leather upholstery.  Described as a California car with excellent mechanicals as well as redone paint and upholstery, it had 4500 miles on the odometer since the work was done; it was said to "run great" and to be "fun to drive". The clipping added that the car cost $26154 (!) to build in 1957 ...at that price it had to have been very, VERY special! I sure would like to see the factory invoice for this one! Late Extra [2/2009]:  the car is on the inventory of Hyman Ltd., and is offered for sale for $115K. The images, below, are provided courtesy of Hyman, Ltd.; others may be viewed on their Web site by clicking here.

57eb291a.jpg (16934 bytes)    57eb291c.jpg (15004 bytes)    57eb291b.jpg (14005 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2009 and courtesy Hyman, Ltd.]


Car #294 was reported in the New Jersey area in January, 1995. A Mr. David Barclay offered it for sale in the January 1995 issue of "The Self Starter" [CLC monthly magazine] for $50,000; the ground-up restoration was said to be incomplete. Mr. Barclay of Colts Neck, NJ, owned this car already in the late seventies. At that time he owned also Brougham #484. Late Extra (5/2005):   from the owner, David Barclay: I own and have 100% restored this car.

57eb294.jpg (9918 bytes)
Photo:  © and courtesy of the owner


Car #298 was owned in the late seventies by Klaus Wojak of West Palm Beach, FL.  At that time, Klaus owned also Brougham #34, above. The car was first delivered to New York.  It was rated in A1 condition by the BOA,  in the late seventies. At last news, the car was acquired in Florida by Patric & Renee Crist of Gig Harbor, WA; they kept it up to 2003. From the photo below, you will notice that the car has been repainted from the original black [code #110], to a shade of blue (or silver?). The Crist's car is featured on the front cover of BOA Newsletter, Vol. 11, #2. Renee wrote: The new owner is Daryl Hedman (also a member of the Cadillac Club) of Gig Harbor. Daryl recently purchased another 1957 Brougham which was located in Michigan and I will forward you the number as soon as I hear from Daryl (he is out of town). My Husband Pat just purchased car # 361 from David Fogg who resides in San Diego [see entry below for this car].

br57_298.JPG (11660 bytes)


Car #299 is believed to have survived [awaiting confirmation before adding one more car to the roster] - 2/2005

Car #303 I was contacted by the (new) owner of this Brougham on September 15, 1999. Here's what he says: Hi, my name is Doug and I just last night received my 1957 Brougham. After reading your web page I believe my car to be #303. There is a tag on the driver's side, in the door opening, that reads engine #5770131893. Under the hood the tag reads: Style 7059X, Body 303, Trim 1112, Paint 110. The car has 61,000 miles on it and has been in a museum since the early 70's. Everything on the car works fine and it fired right up after standing almost 29 years. It is missing most of the vanity items* but is nonetheless in great shape. The original seat covers are still on the seats. The car still has air ride and it still works. The only things wrong with the car are a rotted exhaust and a couple of worn spots on the carpets. Perhaps Doug will supply a photo of his car one of these days.

*A couple of days later, Doug added: Well, some surprise when I looked in the trunk and found some of the vanity items (the cigarette case, note pad, mirror and vanity case all were there and in good shape.

Car #305 is a parts car; it was owned in the late seventies by John Miller of Natick, NY.  At that time, John owned also 1957-58 Broughams #105 and 199, 1959 Brougham #92 and 1960 Broughams #22, 75 and 97.  Late extra [Nov., 2006]: Jerry Jansson spotted it for sale on eBay, in November 2006. Here is how the vendor described it: You are looking at a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham body #305 trim #1282, paint #112. This is one of 45 cars made painted in Chamonix white, 14 cars were ordered with this trim # .I first saw this car and its mate in 1972 and it has served honorably as a parts donor for two different 57 Eldo broughams that I know of. The engine and tranny and other parts were missing when I first saw it in 1972. Body #305 still has enough good parts to help out in saving a third brougham. This car was never put up on springs and still has the rear air bags and a few other air suspension parts located in the rear. The air compressor, air holding tank and front-end air parts are long gone. The floor pan and frame are very solid.The only rust out, cancer that I see on the floor or trunk area is very near the battery box.The floor pan and frame are surface-rusted and there are two dents in the floor pan but is not rusted through except near the battery box - repairable. The gas tank is also dented. The former owner tells me that this car was dropped from a tow-truck in 1971 or 1972 and the driver's side rear bumper was broken in half. I do have both pieces. The driver's side rear skirt was also destroyed in this accident and this piece is missing. The stainless roof is dent and dimple free but does have some light scratching. Glass - the front windshield and the drivers door glass are not cracked but both do have several "bb gun chips". I consider both these pieces as unserviceable. Both rear door windows are chip and crack free.The front passenger door glass is stuck in the down position and I cannot see it - but I know the frame is at least there. The quarter vent glasses are both missing but the frames are present.Bumpers -- believe it or not but the former owner had the front bumpers re-chromed in the mid seventies and the right rear bumper is not cracked at all but does need re-chroming -- left rear bumper is broken in two. The rear license plate holder is good-needs plating. Front-end sheetmetal - both front fenders are some rust out, cancer in the lower section about 4 or 5 inches worth. Grill is missing and the hood is excellent. A piece of brightwork is missing from the lower right front fender. A strip of chrome is missing from the outside right door. DOORS - all four doors were working two weeks ago when I bought the cars but now the one rear door will not lock in place. All outside door handles are present but inside handles seem to be missing. SHEETMETAL rear of the car - one rear skirt missing as noted, the trunk lid is very serviceable and like I said the floors are solid. The sheet metal below the trunk lid was ruffed up in the 70's tow truck accident but the license holder is good. There is some rust out in the rear directly above the skirt area. This was a parts car for over thirty years and some parts are missing. The steering wheel, radio knobs and ash trays quickly come to mind. If you do not see a part attached to the car or on the tarp well then consider that part as AWOL missing. Inspections are encouraged and appointments can be made by email or by calling 413-562-9298. Tire kickers are also welcome. Car is located in Westfield, Massachusetts 01085. This car is best suited as a parts donor and as a resto-rod such as in the "Self-Starter" Feb. 2006 issue. There is no title of any kind on this car. Like I said this was a parts donor for thirty years.

57EB305a.jpg (6587 bytes)    57EB305b.jpg (8523 bytes)

57EB305c.jpg (3568 bytes)    57EB305d.jpg (5734 bytes)    57EB305h.jpg (6747 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 2006 ]


Car #306 [NEW, 5/2008]  was damaged in a fire but is restorable.   Currently [May 2008] it is in the Bud Ward workshops where it is undergoing a full restoration [this info from my buddy "Q", in Australia].  More later.

Car #307 was used only for show. Late Extra [June 2015] Received an update from a Cadillac club member who lives in Southern California who mentioned that "307 is a mess and we are putting it in storage until we can determine if some of the stories about it can be documented to justify the huge investment required to bring it back to life".

Car #308 had not been heard of since the mid-seventies; it was brought to my attention by enthusiast Stephen Kirkwood who saw it advertised for sale in Hemmings.  Stephen said I just noticed EB body number 308, vin 5770136248, is for sale in Hemmings.  Attached are photos.  exterior is "gray", and interior is "green-white."  I spoke briefly to seller and backed away from this sale for several reasons (namely, poor bondo job and excessive price for a non-running car needing complete restoration).  The price is [currently] $ 37,450 (the seller suddenly upped the original asking price of $27,450); he is  Claude Fletcher, (727) 460-0425, St. Petersburg, FL.  Late Extra [July 2004]:  the car has changed hands; restoration will begin soon in Los Angeles.

57eb308.jpg (7892 bytes)    57eb308b.jpg (8828 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 2004 and courtesy of Stephen Kirkwood ]


Car #309 was reported to be a survivor but now is classified as only a parts car by enthusiast/owner Paul Dehnert of Austin, TX (cars #59 and #241).

Car #310 is also a survivor.  That's all I'm allowed to say !

Car #311 Rumor has it that this car too has survived and may have only 19,000kms on the clock (i.e. less than 12,000 miles);   confirmation and further details are sought.  This car was was acquired in June 2000 by Mark Goerner who confirms its excellent condition.  Mark also has a second Brougham for parts.

Car #314 came out of the woodwork after 47 years and seems to be in very good shape.  It is a 2-owner car, with just over 60K miles on the odometer. It was offered for sale at auction [on the Internet site, "eBay", in November 2004].  Interestingly, the vendor (in Chicago) is selling separately a full set of the Brougham vanities [from this car ?] and is referring potential buyers to the Cadillac Database © page that relates to them. With all the facts available there (including some previous auction results just for the "Arpège" perfume atomizer), I am guessing he won't be selling the set cheap!   Late extra [2/2006]:  check out the photo of the  "vanities", below; the perfume bottle and atomizer alone are up for sale for ...$7,000 !!!  Sheesh!  There was a time when I could have bought TWO Eldorado Broughams, with complete vanities, for less than that!  Later [3/2006]:  Bidding on the atomizer topped out at $5,151 ...but did NOT meet the vendor's reserve !!! Later still [Jan., 2009]: the car was offered for sale again on EBay with a starting bid of $123,975 and a "Buy-it-Now" tag $100 bucks short of $135,000 [the financing terms are "awesome": put $30K down and pay the car off over 12 years; this would add "only" some $50K to the price tag!]  The ad says this vehicle has been meticulously gone through in 2006 after coming out of an 18-year long ownership... [the last vendor mentioned 47 years in storage]. Work performed includes a completely new air conditioning system, power seat motors and relays, power trunk pull down relay and motor, and a complete engine-out rebuild and detail, recored radiator, fuel lines, exhaust system, complete Pertronics ignition [modern, non-original system] and more. The car is also on coils and leaves, not the original air-ride.  Aside from that, the presentation and photos on the EBay ad are superb! Have a look:  here. As to the vanity items [that were actually sold separately], the vendor says: Admittedly, some of these items have no longer survived with this particular vehicle, but efforts have been taken to replace a few of them with modern equivalents [pity about these non-original (wrong shape) drinking goblets!].  By the way, the St. Louis Car Museum that placed the ad is where I bought my "Black Pryncess," a 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood 75, style 7519F 5-pass limousine - one of only 65 built. Even Later [Feb. 2009]:  Not surprisingly, at that price there was not a single bidder on the car. IMHO, owing to its restoration with non-original parts,  this is at most a $75-80K Brougham.  Although such models have been known to fetch over $120K at auction, to achieve such an amount, the vehicle needs to be close to perfect. And "perfection" in a 50-year-old Eldorado Brougham is almost unachievable today ...except at VERY great expense! Latest [June, 2009]:  A further sales attempt on Ebay again garnered no bids.  It may be wiser for the seller to put this car in the hands of a professional auctioneer, like RM, Gooding, etc.

57eb314c.jpg (10041 bytes)

57eb314a.jpg (9925 bytes)    57EB314w.jpg (12523 bytes)

57eb314d.jpg (6304 bytes)    57eb314e.jpg (4957 bytes)

57eb314b.jpg (7472 bytes)    57EB314y.jpg (17526 bytes)
This is the complete set of vanities; the perfume bottle and atomizer (center, left)
have been offered for sale for the modest sum of "only" ... $7,000 !


Car #316 From the description I got from Claude Walker, the enthusiast who discovered the car, I guess I need to consider this one as a "parts car" ...unless and until  I hear that someone has bought it and is attempting a full restoration.  Here's what Claude reports: This one is the roughest of the two [there is also a 1958 Eldorado Brougham (car #615) at the same location]. Vandals broke most of the glass including the windshield and back glass. The paint is a mess. It was a white car (paint # 112) which was painted over to black. This is now all cracked and flaking off. It appeared to have an all black leather interior but the data plate show's a # 2522 Medium blue code? It is mostly complete but missing the 4- bbl carbs. The manifold and air cleaner are there. All the turbine fin wheel covers [wheels, I hope?] are there. The info on the data plate is: Style 7059X, Body PD 316, Trim 2522 [medium blue leather throughout, and lambskin carpets], Paint 112 [Chamonix White]. I could not get to the engine to check for a number (VIN) [provided it still has the original engine, Claude, the number should be 5770-138265]. The engine compartment was full of parts and what looked like an animal nest. From just looking at the overall engine and parts it appears to have NOT been messed with. It sure looks like it is correct. I did not find a number plate on the body door jamb. This is where most of the 50s American cars had the VIN plate. Late extra [1/2004]: car was recently acquired [late 2003] "in the rough" by enthusiast Raymond Cruise who is looking for spare parts [see Guest Book entries #1905 and corrigendum at #1907].  And even later [2/2006]: the car has made its way to Australia (or perhaps it was already over there); I got this from the present (new) owner, Guy Obren: Greetings from Gold Coast, Australia. To help you keep your info updated. I have just purchased the 1957 Eldorado Brougham # 316. As your information described it is looking tired, but the body is sound and almost all the parts are in place, except windows wheels and carbs/air filter. This car is to have a full chassis off restoration, starting in the next 4-6 weeks. I will send you photos when completed, Hopefully by the end of 2006. Keep up the great work on your web site. Best regards Guy Obren PS: I am a member of the Australian Cadillac LaSalle club. PPS: Where I found the car in Melbourne, were 4 other 57-58 Broughams, that are not currently for sale [later identified as 57EB#185, 58EB#551, 59EB#41 and 60EB#32, all owned or sold by the same person]. Latest [3/2006]: Here is the latest info I got from the buyer of #615: Car #316 is in Australia. This was one of the 2 cars Ray Cruise bought from MI. #316 had already been sold and shipped when I purchased #615, so I never saw it.  I have talked w/the man who bought it [Guy Obren] and he said it's a better car than what he thought. Very latest [4/2006]: I just got this from Guy, in Australia: I have just purchased # 551, and will be restoring it at the same time as we do # 316.   Both cars will have a full chassis off restoration.

Cars #317 and 318 were owned in the late seventies by William Edmonds of Fort Worth, TX.

Car #319 This beautiful, original 35,000 mile '57 Eldorado Brougham was spied by Cadillac Mailing list (CML) members Sal Darigo and Frank Perch at a meeting of the Regional CML, Valley Forge, in Bucks County, PA. They report the car as being "immaculate" despite the absence of the drinking cups and perfume atomizer. The owner was named as Gene Epstein. This car was owned in the late seventies by Gerald Schantz of Miami, FL. Gerald owned also #320 below. He ran a "For Sale" ad in the (new) BOA Newsletter, Vol. 3, #1 (Spring 1991). At that time, the car had only 30K miles since a complete frame up restoration in 1986; it was described as an AACA winner and had been shown at Florida's Epcot Center for Cadillac Motor Car Division, in the World of Motion building. Most vanity items were included (shot glasses, vanity case, cigarette box, mirror, perfume bottle). The engine, transmission and all moving parts had been rebuilt. Asking price was $59K.


Car #320 was owned in the late seventies by Virginia Antia of Locust Valley, NY. Late Extra (3/1991): In the (new) BOA Newsletter, Vol. 3, #1 (Spring 1991) the car was offered for sale for $79.5K by Jerry Schantz (he was offering also #319, above). The ad stated that the car was 2 months from completion of a "frame off, every nut and bolt restoration". All vanity items - except the rare perfume atomizer - were included. Latest (9/2003): Thanks to Jerry Jansson in Sweden, I learned that the car is now located in Australia. It was offered to its owner, Jeff, for $99K Australian (i.e. circa $65K US). Nice looking car, Jeff, but I would hesitate to purchase it without seeing and driving it.  That's a lot of moolah!

eb320f.jpg (7402 bytes)

eb320i.jpg (7326 bytes)    eb320h.jpg (6118 bytes)    eb320a.jpg (5101 bytes)
From the photos, the car looks original (black with black and white leather)
It includes also some (but not all) vanity items
[ Photos:  courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #321 was owned in the late seventies by Shelby Jenkins of Elkview, WV. Late extra [10/2007]: The car is owned by Mark, of Hyman Ltd., restorers of classic cars. It was seen there recently by owner-enthusiast, Ron Schweitzer. He says it's a stunningly gorgeous black Brougham with a two tone turquoise interior, showing 40 some thousand miles.  His mechanic said Mark had owned it for three years and was planning to keep it. Thanks for the tip, Ron! Latest [8/2009]: Hyman Ltd. have offered the car for sale: www.cadillacdatabase.org/Dbas_txt/brg13b1.htm

[ no pictures ]


Car #322 [previously believed in error to be car #347] this one was offered for sale on EBay in August, 2005. The car has been carefully maintained and has a fresh 365cu.in. engine and transmission, with around 41K miles. The air bags and accessories are all completely functional and this car has the matching vanity kit! The interior is all original with factory carpeting. The exterior is Nairobi Pearl (silver) with a stainless steel roof that are in excellent condition also.  Bidding climbed to $81,500 but the vendor's reserve was not met  (light gray interior in some pics appears blue owing to light coming through the tinted windows). Late Extra [3/2006]:   once again the car is offered for sale at auction on eBay. It was listed again in the Self Starter for May 2006, for $125,000 OBO.  This great car was originally owned by real estate developer Mr. Dale Bellamah who purchased the car from Galles Motor Co. Albuquerque, N.M., on 9/26/57, for $13,716.13. Mr. Bellamah, was a residential real estate developer; he began building homes in Albuquerque in 1947. Aggressive advertising and a booming post-war housing market led to his success. His company, Dale Bellamah Homes, ultimately developed subdivisions in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Hobbs, Alamogordo, Las Vegas, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as El Paso, Texas. He is said to have been the sixth largest home builder in the US in the late 1950's.  Latest [Dec. 2006]: the new owner is a Texas resident.  He wrote: I am currently the new owner of 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, #322.  It is still on air suspension, and is a great car, in #2 condition, in pretty much original condition.  My name is Kenneth W. Usher.  I thought you might want to update the Database.  Thanks.

57eb322a.jpg (21364 bytes)    57eb322b.jpg (17175 bytes)

57eb322c.jpg (13751 bytes)    57eb322d.jpg (11672 bytes)    57eb322e.jpg (12755 bytes)     57eb322f.jpg (8429 bytes)
In the second interior view, left, the upholstery appears to be blue; this is due to the light entering through the tinted windows
[ Photos:  Internet, 8/2005 ]

57eb322g.jpg (26884 bytes)
Photo taken at a meet in 2007-08?


Car #323 was not known to have survived ...but has now come out of the woodwork.  According to collector-enthusiast Bill Wetzel of CA [car #154], this is one of SIX Eldorado Broughams sold by the Gene Winer Cadillac dealership in Bakersfield, CA. The others were #s 154, 277, 284, 462 and 686. One former owner was Gary Messenger, a professional drag racer from the 70s; he bought the car in late 2005 with the intention of restoring it. He removed the original air suspension and replaced with late model air bags. The current owner - Dominic C. Vinciguerra of Pomona, CA, bought it in August of 2006. The car is currently running but hadn't run in 35 years.   Dominic intends to make it roadworthy and to use it as a daily driver.

57eb323b.jpg (7712 bytes)    57eb323c.jpg (7192 bytes)

57eb323d.jpg (7798 bytes)    57eb323e.jpg (7335 bytes)    57eb323a.jpg (8031 bytes)
Not sure what the gauge is, below the dash, to the left of the steering wheel (center image)
[ Photos: © 2007 and courtesy of Dominic C. Vinciguerra ]


Car #324 This car was offered for sale on e-Bay in March, 2000.  It is described as ...a car that you can cruise in comfort at 70 + MPH all day long. Drive it anywhere. It is reported to be in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition and has the '58 tri-power carb set up (the original dual quads and batwing air cleaner also come with the car). The AC works fine as do all power windows;  glass is in excellent condition.  This car burns no oil. There is not a trace of rust on it.  It is nice and straight (never wrecked) and has nice paint.  The interior is mostly original, including some vanity items (shot glasses and mirror). The present owner has had the car for a little over 5 years and it has always performed beautifully. Two years ago he drove it from Florida to Vermont and back, and the year before that to Indiana and back.  This Brougham has special chrome-finish sabre-spoke wheels [could these have been the wheels from the '56 prototype, or just regular 1955-58 sabers?]  Late Extra [3/2010]:   Information from owner-enthusiast, Michael Brooks, reports this car WAS for sale at auction by Woldwide Auctioneers. The description reads:  Having spent several years in the Monical Collection, this Ebony Brougham has managed to survive the tests of time as one of the special 400 such cars produced. As with all of the Broughams produced, this example is lavishly equipped with such amenities as air-conditioning, sabre wheels, and functional self-leveling front seat. It is also noted that this Cadillac runs and drives well with tri-power carburetion [the '57s had  a 2x4-bbl set-up; was this engine modified to the 3x2bbl set-up for 1958?] and is quite functional including the power windows. It is one of only eight ‘57s [actually, 5] produced with the very seldom seen Trim Code 444: Beige Plain Broadcloth with Beige Leather upholstery.  This is likely a one-off color combination with the Mouton lambskin carpeting [in 1957, two other  Broughams had the beige trim with mouton carpeting:  #175 and #268; however, it is indeed the sole BLACK Brougham with said trim and carpets].

Br324336.jpg (12436 bytes)
Broughams # 324 and 336 re-discovered in Florida, 3/2000
[ photo: courtesy Joe Reinhardt ]

57eb324aa.jpg (22099 bytes)    57eb324ab.jpg (22914 bytes)    57eb324ac.jpg (21350 bytes)

57eb324ad.jpg (14181 bytes)    57eb324ae.jpg (11760 bytes)    57eb324af.jpg (16570 bytes)     57eb324ah.jpg (10416 bytes)    57eb324ag.jpg (14370 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2010, Woldwide Auctioneers ]



Car #325 has survived. It was acquired in the Fall of 2006 (along with FOUR other Broughams - #222, 594, 648 and 697) by enthusiast, Robert Titone.  In collector car circles, the four remaining cars may qualify only as "parts cars". On the other hand, Bob is hoping to restore this one for himself. He may sell or part out the others in due course. This one was originally painted Kenya Beige, which appears at odds with its original blue interior trim; the current, blue repaint is definitely more appropriate.

57eb325titone2.jpg (10492 bytes)    57EB325titone3.jpg (7661 bytes)    57EB325a.jpg (4417 bytes)

57EB325b.jpg (15276 bytes)    57EB325titone4.jpg (9842 bytes)   
The blue car is #325
[ Photos: © 2007, Robert Titone ]


Car #326 was owned in the late seventies by S. G. Wong of San Francisco, CA. It is the only car of the 1957-58 production that was originally painted Thebes Green [code #32], from the color palette for the regular 1957 Cadillac models.

Car #327 was purchased by the inventor of the mercury switch. It is a survivor and was reported in California in December, 1992.

Car #328 was delivered first to California although later it spent some time in Idaho where it was owned in the late seventies by A. Neal Deatley of Lewiston.  In January, 1995, this Brougham was sold at the annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ. The engine number was shown correctly as #5770-140310 but that is NOT the number listed in Cy Strickler's earliest roster (he has #146810).  I am assuming, therefore, that a typo was made when preparing the first typescript from manuscript notes; it is indeed possible, in my opinion, that a poorly handwritten "0" (third digit) could be taken for a "6", and a scribbled "3" (fourth digit)might equally pass for an "8". Even though this Brougham was built in 1957, still it is is painted "Desert Bronze", a 1958 Eldorado color [code #98]; Barrett-Jackson described it as "rose". This car was on sale again in June, 2001, by the Peterson Museum of Los Angeles; there was no reserve.  The car  changed hands again, after that. The new owner, Mr. Kirk Wentland, CLC member #589 from California called in April, 2003, to inform me that had acquired the car recently from "a friend of a friend" who had got it from the museum. Kirk says that the pictures, below, do reflect closely the car's real color. Among the vanities that came with the car were the metallic tumblers, the cigarette case and a 1-ounce bottle of Arpège Extrait de Lanvin ...without the atomizer top! The car also has mouton carpets although the "1" at the end of the trim code [#424] suggests that it had originally the black, Karakul nylon carpet. The mouton looks original to Kirk, so it would be interesting to get the car's built sheet to check it out.

eb328a.jpg (11986 bytes)    eb328b.jpg (11458 bytes)


Car #329 came out of the woodwork in January 2005; it had not been previously on the roster of survivors.  We have to thank Davy Borghys, a true Cadillac aficionado from Belgium, for picking up the "For Sale" ad on the Internet.   Originally, the car was painted Kenya Beige [code #148] and the trim was medium green cloth and leather [code #626] - an odd combination, in my opinion.  At some time in its history, the car appears to have been repainted "Copper"and the interior gutted completely.  The upholstery appears now to consist of two colors of leather [or maybe vinyl - yukkk!].  Door panels and bolsters blend well with the body color and the seat inserts are a neutral black. Late extra [2/2005]:  the car has been sold and is on its way to Australia. Another Aussie enthusiast [Greg Short] pointed me to this Web page where you can see more (larger) photos, with plenty of detail, inside and out: http://www.mendoseaurchin.homestead.com/1957Cadillac.html [this is NOT a link of mine, so it is not guaranteed to work indefinitely]. The new owner is Trevor Pordage, an Aussie collector whom I met while on holiday in Australia in 2005.   He wrote: It is pretty much like in the pictures that you already have  I  have spent the weekend replacing fuses trying to get the windows to work. It needs a lot of electrical work. About the only thing that works is the trunk lock down but I suspect that it is just in need of cleaning for now. I plan on giving it a quick paint back to the factory colour Kenya beige and then just drive it and enjoy for a few years then I will take it off the road and give it a full restoration.

57eb329af.jpg (7503 bytes)    57eb329c.jpg (31502 bytes)    57eb329xk.jpg (6647 bytes)

57eb329d.JPG (36650 bytes)    57eb329xi.jpg (7552 bytes)    57eb329xj.jpg (6137 bytes)     57eb329xm.jpg (6138 bytes)

57eb329ac.jpg (6079 bytes)    57eb329xe.jpg (5651 bytes)     57eb329ae.jpg (5246 bytes)     57eb329xb.jpg (7326 bytes)    57eb329xa.jpg (8299 bytes)    57eb329xg.jpg (6491 bytes)

57eb329g.jpg (7642 bytes)    57eb329h.jpg (8338 bytes)    57eb329ijpg.jpg (5382 bytes)
Car #329 now has arrived in Australia [2005]; this from enthusiast, Mark Todd: it was at the Coolangatta Wintersun festival (Gold Coast), driving around.
The car created a lot of interest so it was hard for a casual passer-by to get a clear photo, but here are some anyway - if only for your interest sake

[ Photos:  © 2005, and courtesy Mark Todd ]


Car #330 had not been heard of in thirty years when it suddenly reappeared out of the blue on this Web site in December, 2003: www.classiccaddies.com/new_page_30.htm.   It looks in "rough" condition but, with time and money, a restoration probably would be possible. The car is located in Canada. Thanks to enthusiast Keith Boardman for pointing out this car to me.  In the background (top row, right) is another Brougham (#278 - see above).

57EB330A.JPG (11316 bytes)    57EB330D.JPG (7652 bytes)

57EB330B.JPG (8696 bytes)    57EB330C.JPG (9353 bytes)


Car #331 had the factory remove the word GASOLINE from the gas filler door. This Brougham has been on the list of survivors for the last 30 years, but its whereabouts were unknown. Late Extra [10/2005]:  This message was left in the Guest Book of The (new) Cadillac Database� by Geoffrrey Smith, the car's current owner.  He says:   Just wanted to let you know that '57 Brougham #331 is alive and well in San Rafael, CA.  I've had it for 10 years.  It has only 48K miles.

Car #332 [NEW, 2/2010] has turned up; it was brought to my attention by Cadillac enthusiast Stephen Nadon of London, Ontario, Canada. It is owned  by CLC member, Geoffrey Smith, of San Rafael, CA.  The color is Florentine [Fairfax?]  blue with light blue leather interior; it has all the vanity items. This car was also mentioned by Xavier A. Gutierrez, Esq. (car #148). He wrote:   While doing some internet browsing, I stumbled upon an article about a 1957 Eldo Brougham which is not yet on the survivor's list.  It is EB # 342 [actually the magazine got the number WRONG:  it is in fact EB#332] which is apparently in very good condition and located in San Rafael, CA (San Francisco area) - owned by a Mr. Geoffrey Smith.  I am providing a link herein for you to see the concise article from the owner.   It turns out that Mr. Smith is a member of the CLC and his info is in the CLC directory.  I am at a loss to explain how a Brougham from a CLC member can be absent from the database!!!   In any case, I was very pleased to find another survivor not yet listed in the database as this is just about as rare as seeing a 57-58 Brougham on the roads!!  Greetings and thanks again for your excellent work.   Sorry for the error/omission, which is hereby put right.  Here is the link to the article about Mr. Smith's car.  On Mar. 22, 2010, Geoff kindly provided the photos below, to illustrate this entry.  Definitely a fine survivor! Geoff wrote:   Your work has been known by me for many years.  I shot these pictures in January 09.  I am preparing the car for three shows this year [2010], the first being Palo Alto.  I am having all the bumpers redone after someone botched the job a few years ago.  Also, Valley Wire Wheel in Van Nuys CA is doing a complete restoration of my wheels.  A new set of Vogue tires will complete the job.  This car is by no means a 100 pt. car.   There is still a lot of originality here, including most of the interior which is mint.  Needless to say, the car has never been off the frame, and as long as I have it, never will.  I have owned the car since 1992.  The 2nd owner in Sacramento bought the car when it was 2 years old.  How it got from TX to CA, I don't know.   I will keep you posted as to how the car does this season.  Cordially, Geoff.

57eb342xx2.jpg (19063 bytes)    57eb342xx1.jpg (32231 bytes)    57eb342xx4.jpg (22056 bytes)

57eb342xx3.jpg (14766 bytes)
[All photos: © 2009 and courtesy Geoff Smith ]


Car #334 is owned by collector-enthusiast, David Barclay.  He says it is a parts car ...and from the images, below, we may believe him.

57EB334a.jpg (9007 bytes)    57EB334b.jpg (5723 bytes)    57EB334c.jpg (8245 bytes)

57EB334d.jpg (7141 bytes)    57EB334e.jpg (5514 bytes)    57EB334f.jpg (5294 bytes)

57EB334g.jpg (7775 bytes)

Car #335 was owned in the late seventies by Larry Strauss of Lemont, IL.

57eb335.jpg (18089 bytes)    57eb335b.jpg (23956 bytes)    57eb335C.jpg (21616 bytes)


Car #336 is currently [7/2000] located in Florida.  It was acquired about three years ago from the son of the original owner. It  was driven from Indiana to Florida and kept there for about 2 years. It was then sold it to a gentleman from Ft Lauderdale.  This Brougham is described as a "nice car" but shows the effects of a long idle period.  The car is rust-free and an excellent candidate for restoration.

br57324a.jpg (15015 bytes)
Brougham #336 [photos courtesy Joe Reinhardt]


Car #337 was owned in the late seventies by the late William (Bill) Buckingham Sr., of Worth, IL.  Bill owned also Broughams #245, above, and  #356, below. Steven Nadon, a friend from Canada, reported in September 2000 that the car was still in the possession of the Buckingham family; he has written an article about the car. Gita and I were fortunate to be able to visit with the Buckinghams in the Fall of 2006.  Sadly, since our visit, Bill Sr. passed on, but his son, Bill Jr., continues to care for the family's three Eldorado Broughams, as his father did for 40 years.  Bill sent the following facts, in August 2001: The car on the right [top, LH image] is #337, and has been owned by my father since 1967.  It has 34,700 original miles, it's white with white & black leather & black mouton. It still has the original air ride, which functions quite well (most of the time). Bill also owns cars #245 above, and #356, below. The latter car was featured on the front cover of BOA Newsletter, Vol. 11, #4.

Br245337.jpg (14971 bytes)    57EB337bb.jpg (6296 bytes)
These two fine, white Broughams are currently [2001] owned
by the Buckinghams, father and son;  on the left is car #245 and on the right #377

57EB245x2.JPG (8919 bytes)    57EB245x1.JPG (6545 bytes)

 57eb245aa.jpg (11156 bytes)    57eb245af.jpg (8821 bytes)

 57eb245ad.jpg (6685 bytes)    57eb245ae.jpg (7252 bytes)     57eb245ab.jpg (6263 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 2008 and courtesy Ron Schweitzer ]


Car #338 was owned in the late seventies by Dr. Rick Zeiger of Indianapolis, IN.  At that time, Dr. Zeiger owned also Broughams #446, 516 and 531.

Car #340 was offered for sale on eBay in March, 2004. No information about this car had been previously available. Thanks to Damon Lenszner in the UK for picking this one out for me. One more car added to the roster of survivors. Here's what the vendor said about it: Car is drivable but needs tune up. Has new tires and battery. Body and frame are straight and solid with no leaks. Some minor paint bubbles, but basically rust free. Car was re-painted some years ago and new interior added [that "new interior" probably will hinder the sale !] . Showing some wear now. Driver's side window not working. One minor ding in stainless steel top. Glass in good condition. Chrome generally very good. Should be easy to restore as Broughams go [yeah, right!]. Great candidate for a ground up restoration or drive as is. Late Extra [Dec. 2006]:  The car was offered for sale again on eBay. It has been partly dismantled since the previous sale in 2004.  Later still [Sept., 2008]:  this one was taken in part exchange by Andy Kerby Jones (UK - car #197) when he sold #417 to a collector in Devon, UK.  Andy said that was a mistake; he has since sold #417 to Joger Johannsson, a Swedish aficionado. Latest [May, 2010]: Andy reports that the car has been sold to a Swedish collector in Falun , Sweden for $26k. Many parts are missing; hopefully the interior will be replaced during restoration. 

57eb340a.jpg (10040 bytes)    57eb340c.jpg (9245 bytes)
This car was originally painted Kenya beige and had beige leather trim throughout
Note how the front grille is non-original, although a correct 1957 part

57eb340b.jpg (6121 bytes)
Houndstooth interior is a shocker on a Brougham !


Car #341 was owned in the late seventies by Jay Lorenz of Northfield, IL. In May 1994, it was reported in California. At this writing [11/2001] it is in the collection  of new BOA member, Rick Thompson of Rowland Heights, CA. Rick also owns 1960 Brougham #21. Late extra [Nov., 2008]:  The car turned up for sale on Ebay, the owner, well-known Cadillac enthusiast and collector, Dr. Rick Zeiger, described it thus: Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 1957, 1 of 399 built in 1957. Body number 341.  Odometer shows 52,000 which seems believable. Original price was $13,074.  This car is a very well preserved original car.  It had original dealer installed plastic seat covers (ugly) on the original Parisienne Wool and interior when I bought it.. It is the best original cloth interior I have ever seen.  All original Deauville gray paint. There are some light dings on the drivers side and door nicks on the drivers door edge.  The chrome is all original.  There is a blemish on the left front bumper and there is some slight nickel shading between the exhaust port and the tail lights.  Exhaust ports look good.  I rebuilt the complete air suspension with NOS or reproduction parts.  Virtually the only thing cosmetically that has needed replacement was the sheep skin carpet.  The replacement was made by Mike Rizzuto cost, $4000 plus installation and is flawless.    To the best of my knowledge everything on the car works.  It runs and drives like new.  ICE COLD air.   Even the clock works!   There was NEVER a factory authorized spring conversion for the Eldorado Brougham.  I have been the Technical Advisor to the Cadillac LaSalle club for the 1957-60 Eldorado Broughams for two plus decades.  I am in the process of writing the authenticity manual for the Brougham for the Club.  I have had 15 Broughams and presently own 5.  I have never seen two spring conversions done the same way.   There is NO way to have the correct standing height with springs.  The spring cars either look like high riders or bottom over any bump.  If you like the way a 4X4 rides, you'll love a spring conversion.  The only spring conversion car I even owned, had the complete rear end assembly break off at 25-30 MPH on my way home.  The prior owner had been a mechanic for 40 years at a large Cadillac dealer. If he couldn't get it right!!  Don't buy a spring car without driving an air suspended example.  If you have driven both you will know what I mean.  Air springs get an undeserved bad rap.  Most cars didn't get their air storage tank drained 2 or 3 times a year.  If this simple task isn't done regularly, water gets into the systems and it fails.  Most suspension parts are available from Mike Rizzuto.  Cars are only original once.  This car has had my careful and knowledgeable maintenance for more than 10 years.  Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you may have. Sorry, no vanities.   I suggest you buy the  reproductions which are available at reasonable prices or look on eBay.   I have bought several vanity items that way.  If you buy this car, I will be happy to help you in anyway I can with parts and information in the future.  If you just want me to fix your car over the phone or sell you parts cheap don't bother.  I am not a dealer.  Why am I selling the car? Because my family and friends think 5 Broughams may be one to many.  I wish Broughams were my only  automotive obsession.  rojave@sbcglobal.net

57eb341a.jpg (10693 bytes)     57eb341d.jpg (10761 bytes)    57eb341c.jpg (6280 bytes)

57eb341b.jpg (11734 bytes)    57eb341e.jpg (6419 bytes)


Car #346  was offered for sale on Ebay in June, 2015.  The vendor's description reads: Original paint code 149 (Nairobi Pearl). One of 11 in 1957. Trim 1381 (Light Gray Bayou Cloth with White Leather and Wool Carpet). Mileage shows 86,550. Probably correct. Dry California desert car. Original black plates. Original motor but the pad is cracked off where the number is stamped. Does have the brougham engine block only attached oil canister down below on the passenger side. Frame number is correct as is door tag. Motor spins over. Found repair receipt from 1989. The windshield and roof are good. Car appears to have no rust holes or patch panels. Can only get the driver door to open. Car does not have the dual quad setup or air cleaner. No vanities. Includes a correct memory seat control for the driver door and a better right rear window moulding. Car has "unusual" Brougham letters which look factory made instead of the Eldorado letters on the front and back. Right rear bumper is cracked but repairable. See pictures.

Car #347  was offered for sale on Ebay in February, 2008.  The vendor's description reads: This was my fathers 1957 Eldorado Brougham. To the best of my knowledge this car is all original with the exception of: it is not on air, it has three two's, not dual quads, and it was repainted  [from Nairobi Pearl to black] by Mavin K Brown Cadillac in 1958.  The car was last started about a year ago.  The brake pedal is on the floor. The car is a California car and has been stored inside all its life. This is not a show car but is in very good condition.  The interior has no rips or tears it is gray and white leather. The glass is in excellent condition as is the stainless top.  The car has been stored on jack stands. I have the service and shop manuals for the car. Late Extra [Feb., 2008]:  with a starting bid of $75,000, the auction closed February 16 without there having been a single bid. Later [Sept., 2008]:  the car was back on Ebay with a couple more pics. The vendor added: The last time I run the car, the exhaust on the right side blew a hole in it.  I have all the original pipe to replace it.  This car is all there and it is in excellent condition

57eb347.jpg (4864 bytes)    57EB347ac.jpg (5691 bytes)    57EB347aa.jpg (5191 bytes)     57EB347ab.jpg (4235 bytes)


Car #348 was owned in the late seventies by Duncan Emmons of Rancho Mirage, CA. Duncan was an active member of the BOA under the presidency of Cy Strickler. At that time, Duncan owned also the following 1957-58 Broughams: #41, 114, 115, 154, 288, 367, 460 and 525.

Car #349 was owned in the late seventies by Ken Gaskin of Dallas, TX.  I have it on record as being in fine condition in 1978. In September 1998 it was for sale as a parts car; pity it seems to have gone to the dogs. The vendor was Peter Krell, 13509 Brookgreen, Dallas, TX 75240 [...three down, 701 to go!]. This car may have been owned by Clark Gable, although no documentary evidence is available to authenticate the claim [Gable is credited also with 1958 Brougham #634, below].  I was contacted in December, 2001 by Mr. Gaskin's son, Kenny; he says his Dad owned it from the late seventies through the eighties; he bought it in California [the state of original destination]. Kenny advises also that Peter Krell no longer owns the car; he is going to check who might have it now.

Car #350  This could be the Brougham that was reported as having been sold, in Switzerland, in 1990, for 85,000 Swiss francs [about $40,000 at that time]. I saw the latter car once at a Cadillac meet in central Switzerland, circa 1983.  It is the only Brougham of the 1957-58 production to have been painted originally Bahama Blue [code #94], which may be best described as a metallic "sky blue"; that color is listed on the palette for the regular 1956 Cadillac models. When I saw the Brougham that color, in Switzerland, it was purported to be the property of a Swiss garage owner from the Canton of Valais. I lost sight of it in 1985. Scale-model enthusiast, Bob Jernigan, took a commercially available Eldorado Brougham model and recreated this particular car ...as well as a couple of others in rare paint schemes.  In the absence of pics of the real car, here are some of Bob's model ...which is now in a collection in Japan!  Late Extra (Nov. 2012): The car has turned up again in Switzerland, where I saw it in 1883. It is for sale; the milage is given as "around 37K". In the photo (below), the blue color borders on purple; I believe that was the color I saw almost 30 years ago; the original was "Bahama Blue" (a metallic deep sky blue), with medium blue cloth and leather upholstery; it now it is 2-tone, blue (but NOT Bahama Blue) and silver. The first photo, below,  was supplied be the owner whose father-in-law believes the car was traded in by a former Miss America winner.

TBRGBAHA.JPG (7389 bytes)

Tbrg01.jpg (5690 bytes)    Tbrg02.jpg (7854 bytes)


Car #351 was owned in the late seventies by Keith Geisow of Westfield, NJ (where the car was first delivered). He advertised it for sale in the BOA Newsletter (Fall 2000 and 2001, Summer 2002).   He was "looking for best offer".  This one has ALL the vanity items and just 45K miles; it has been converted to conventional coil springs. Late Extra [12/2005]:  enthusiast, Michael Brooks [57EB#123], has seen the car and reports that it is currently in the ownership of "Jim", a Californian collector who wishes to retain a measure of anonymity. The car appears to be original in both color and trim (blue on blue).  It still has all the vanities. The owner was told the car had belonged to Frank Sinatra; Ol' Blue Eyes owned TWO of these (the number of the other car is #465).  This car was lot #S159 at a Mecum Group auction in Monterey, CA, in August 2009.  Vendor's description reads (in part): Known simply as the Frank Sinatra car, the show-stopping Lake Placid Blue Eldorado Brougham offered here is one of two owned by Sinatra, this one serving duty as his transportation whenever he visited his New Jersey home. A low mileage 4-owner example in showroom condition, it has been assiduously cared for and retains most of its original paint and interior.  Thanks, Michael, for the update.

58eb465c.jpg (53784 bytes)    58eb465d.jpg (55375 bytes)

58eb465a.jpg (38075 bytes)     58eb465b.jpg (44581 bytes)
[ Photos : Mecum.com auctions ]


Car #353 was acquired by the publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst Jr., who had a sunroof installed; the modification was carried out by Hummer Binder of New York; in the late seventies it was owned by Charles Daout of Chesapeake, VA.  At that time Charles owned also 1958 Brougham #547, 1959 car #3 and 1960 cars # 1 and 95.  That car was located in Virginia in 1978. The car is currently in Sweden.

57eb353.jpg (6876 bytes)
Photo:  courtesy Hans Emeren, Sweden


Car #355  was listed in 1975 under two different owner names (Joe Alduenda and Paul Koss, both in California. It is believed the latter was the rightful owner. He lived in San Francisco.   Late Extra [4/2007]: thanks to Dirk Van Dorst of Belgium, our CLC Liaison officer and  Director of European Affiliates, I have learned that #355 currently is located in Belgium.  Dirk will be providing updated info and pics in the near future. The body tag Kindly supplied by Dirk) shows the car to have been painted originally Lake Placid blue (27 were painted that color in 1957) and trimmed with medium blue cloth and white leather (6 were thus trimmed); it has the black Karakul nylon carpets.

57EB355plat.JPG (13898 bytes)
[ Photo: © 2007 and courtesy Dirk Van Dorst ]


Car #356 was owned since the late seventies by the late William (Bill) Buckingham, Sr.,  and his son, Bill Jr., of Worth, IL.  Bill Sr. owned also Broughams #245 and #337, above.  I was able to meet the father-and-son team and to admire all three cars on a trip to the Buckingham home in Indiana in 2006. Late Extra [May, 2008]:  Bill's son has been "Spring cleaning" his storage facilities and sent these recent photos of #356 for our enjoyment.  He says he may be offering one of these three cars for sale.  Keep an eye on this page for further details.

57eb356a.JPG (7573 bytes)    57eb356B.JPG (6680 bytes)

57eb356c.JPG (5494 bytes)    57eb356d.JPG (7844 bytes)    57EB356bb.JPG (7260 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2008 Bill Buckingham, Jr., 2 and © 2006, Yann Saunders (lower, right) ]


Car #357 had gray broadcloth installed throughout; the steering column was painted gray and the car had specially dyed gray mouton carpeting; this is a survivor too. It is owned by Phil Toy, an artist-photographer from CA. Phil's car was advertised for sale for $57K in the issue of the Self-Starter for May, 2000. It is one of ten 1957 Broughams painted Wimbledon Gray [code #116];  these were  #9, 15, 29, 67, 74, 114, 145, 247, 288 and 357 [the latter had special order trim]. I met Phil in Santa Clara, CA, in June 1999.  If interested in this car, call (415) 668-4929].[July, 2010]; this just in from the car's new owner, Jan Ringnalda:  Thank you for providing an excellent web research page on Cadillac motor cars. I have just purchased a 1957 Brougham, need to find out the body number. It is white with white/grey parissienne cloth. Hoping to be able to give you more information about it soon. It still has all the vanities and even the atomizer. Very excited about this vehicle.Late Extra [Jan, 2011]; a recent update from Jan Ringnalda:  Sorry for the long delay. This vehicle body number is 357, and was in California for at least 25 years that I know of. As I get this car back into operational condition I will send pictures, however the atomizer has gone missing. Perhaps Jan would be kind enough to provide the Database with a couple of pics of his car.

Car #359 [NEW#, 8/2008] was brought to my attention a few weeks ago by its current owner, Dick Lannen (MI).  As I was away for two months, this update is a few weeks overdue, fore which I apologize.  Dick wrote: I obtained my car from a second owner   who never titled it in his name so I have the original title from the original owner ...it was driven 10 years then basically parked ...until I got it in 1989 ...it still only has 27000 ...miles and has been restored . ..to a great show condition ...the restoration was finished in 1991 ...and won several awards here in the Detroit area including the concours at Meadow Brook ...and just recently received  Best in Show at a concours here in June ...I am able to keep it at the GM Heritage Center here in Michigan ...I am inclosing some pics, including the body plate etc.

57eb359a.jpg (12232 bytes)     57eb359b.jpg (8735 bytes)

57eb359d.jpg (7907 bytes)    57eb359c.jpg (9108 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2008 and courtesy Dick Lannen ]


Car #360 had "disappeared" from view until I got this news from enthusiast Jim Jordan of Oklahoma: This car was recently purchased by a great man named Jim Jorski in Oklahoma City, OK. The car has been in Oklahoma since 1989 and was restored, but never reassembled by its previous owner. Mr. Jorski brought it home in 4 truck loads of parts. Amazingly, every piece was there and after 3 weeks of 16-hour days. it is back together and a real beauty. Jim has already put almost 3000 miles on it in the three months since he completed it. It has the original carpet and  leather trim but the cloth inserts have been replaced; there are no vanity items. This car is a driver and draws a crowd wherever it goes.  This Brougham was delivered originally to Maryland.  Late Extra [10/2007]:  Owner-enthusiast Ron Schweitzer was informed by CLC President, Glenn Brown, that the car is for sale by the widow of the last owner. It appears she has an older appraisal report listing a value of $94K which, IMHO, is on the very high side for a car that is not 100% original and does not include the vanities. The asking price was dropped from  $125K to $98K.  Late Extra [Feb., 2010]:  The car appeared on eBay with a starting bid request of $50K, "reserve not met".

57EB360.JPG (20603 bytes)
[ Photo: courtesy Jim Jordan, OK ]

57eb360a.jpg (9658 bytes)

57EB360C.jpg (7516 bytes)    57eb360ak2.JPG (15574 bytes)    57EB360b.jpg (8290 bytes)

These two images were identified by Jim Jordan of Oklahoma as belonging to this car




Car #361 was first shipped to a Cadillac dealer in Illinois but shortly afterwards was sent to Palm Sptrimngs, CA. I got this eMail message from Renee Crist in May, 2003:  My Husband Pat just purchased car # 361 from David Fogg who resides in San Diego. We noticed that car # 361 was not listed anywhere in the online database; the number is missing totally so I thought you might like an update. I will email you photos if you like. The color is Copenhagen Blue, the original color. David's 361 was featured the cover BOA newsletter Feb. 1989. David has owned this car since the '80's. David says the last owners were the heirs of Conrad Hilton's Chauffeur who had obtained the car (the Chauffeur) from the Hilton estate upon Conrad Hilton's death. I understand there is some documentation to support the history, however we do not have it at this time. More here.

eb361a.JPG (10068 bytes)    57EB361ab.jpg (10573 bytes)

57eb361aa.jpg (10585 bytes)    eb361c.JPG (8270 bytes)
A very beautiful color combination

eb361d.jpg (7134 bytes)    EB361B.JPG (4373 bytes)    57eb361ac.jpg (8003 bytes)
Lettering on the body tag unfortunately is not totally legible in this photo (right);
nonetheless, I can confirm that the  paint code is #124 and the trim code is #2221

[ All photos:  courtesy Pat & Renee Crist ]


Car #362 spent some time in a car museum in Japan; it was offered for sale in Hemmings in April 1998.  Late Extra [3/2010]:  Information from owner-enthusiast, Michael Brooks, reports this car WAS for sale at auction by Woldwide Auctioneers. The description reads:  All Broughams were individually numbered on the body tag, and recent efforts [by Yann Saunders, inter alia] have documented all of the known survivors in an Internet registry. Amazingly, nearly 70-percent of the original cars have been documented as survivors or permanently destroyed. As with all Broughams, this stainless steel-topped sedan came with an extensive array of options and equipment including factory air-conditioning, memory seating, power side windows and vent windows, Guidematic control for the headlights, standard radio, power locks, and an automatic trunk pull down. As each of the 400 Broughams produced in 1957 were essentially all lavishly equipped with every conceivable option that GM could dream up, one of the few features that the original buyer could choose was the color and trim. The buyer of this Cadillac certainly had an eye for exclusivity when they selected Copenhagen Blue (one of 24) and matching Mojave cloth and medium blue leather (one of eight). According to the Cadillac Brougham Registry, this car, #362, was at one time part of a Virginia Collection and was offered for sale in 1998. It was also at one point within a collection in Japan. It offers a clean motor compartment with air conditioning, Dual four-barrel carburetors, and chrome valve covers. The Mouton sheepskin carpeting is still in place as is the rare upholstery. Overall, this Brougham is in very presentable condition and a great find for the enthusiast

( images )


Car #363 was owned in the late seventies by Steven Frankcek of Calumet City, IL.  Thanks to Norwegian enthusiast, Tore Klerud, for informing me that the car is currently located in Norway and is believed to have been there since the late 80s.  From Tore's description, the car appears to be in relatively good condition; he  will try to send some photos shortly.   Late Extra [June 2015] Received an update from a Cadillac club member who lives in Southern California. The car is being restored and car #307 was purchased as a parts car also. At this time "363 has a fully restored chassis, engine, trans and rear end and the body is mounted and almost ready for final paint."

Car #364 was offered for sale in September, 2001.  This one too was "discovered" by that great Swedish Eldorado Brougham sleuth, Jerry Jansson.  The ad on the Hemmings Web site reads: FOR SALE, CADILLAC: 1957 Eldorado Brougham, black with very good original gray cloth interior [should be cloth AND leather], car has working air suspension, but needs new air bags installed, could use some cosmetic restoration for show, asking $25,000. PH: 610-825-9071 evenings, PA. In January, 2002, I learned from enthusiast, Jean-Claude Franchitti ['60EB #68], that this car had found a new home. Late extra (and correction) [Jan., 2008]; this just in from the car's owner, Gil Dobbins:  I have been a member of the Cadillac- LaSalle Club for many years.   I currently own Brougham number 364 and have owned it since 1984 [my emphasis] when I purchased it from the second owner.   My father was the service manager for Scott Smith Cadillac in Philadelphia, PA.   He used to bring home a Brougham many times when they were new to road test the work done on the car that day (Air Ride).  He told me never to buy a Brougham, I have owned 8 in total.  Car number 364, the one he constantly brought home is the one I now own.   The story I have heard is that he banished the car to the back of the building because of the problems the mechanics were having getting the air suspension to function properly.  The owner had purchased another car.   Perhaps Gil would be kind enough to provide the Database with a couple of pics of his car.

Car #365 was owned in the late seventies by Avery Eliscu of Chicago, IL.  At that time, Avery owned also Brougham #422, below.

Car #366 had dark blue leather throughout; the steering column was painted dark blue; this car has survived.

Cars #367 and 368 both had the same trim modification; dark green leather was used throughout and the steering column was painted dark green (car #367 was purchased by Anita King); both cars have survived. The first of these two cars (#367) was owned in the late seventies by Duncan Emmons of Rancho Mirage, CA. Duncan was an active member of the BOA under the presidency of Cy Strickler. At that time, Duncan owned also the following 1957-58 Broughams: #41, 114, 115, 154, 288, 348, 460 and 525.

Car #368 was owned in the late seventies by Herman Sachs of N. Canton, OH [see also #367, above]. In May, 2003, Renee Crist of Gig Harbor, WA, wrote:  I have further updated information for your database. Our friend, Daryl Hedman, just returned from Michigan with 1957 Brougham # 368. He purchased this car from John Shadroni who had owned the car since the 1970s. The car is in original unrestored condition. It will require restoration, my husband estimates it in #4 condition.

    BRG368B.JPG (6509 bytes)

brg368a.JPG (10130 bytes)    brg368c.JPG (7749 bytes)
[ Photos: courtesy Renee Crist ]


Car #371 has surfaced in Sweden (December, 2003) after having disappeared in the mid-seventies. Once again the detective work of Swedish enthusiast Jerry Jansson has paid off.  He wrote: Just got an eMail from Hans Emeren of AutoCraft, saying that EB#371 is now in storage at his place [in Sweden]; not sure if he is the owner or a Mr. X. So that's another Brougham that has crossed the Atlantic (and judging from the condition of the USD, more are bound to follow). Thanks again for the tip, Jerry.

57eb371b.jpg (7537 bytes)    57eb371a.jpg (7262 bytes)
[ Photos: © and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #373 was owned in the late seventies by Dr. B. d'Aston in Hacienda Heights, CA. At that time it was reported to be in excellent condition. After a long time out of circulation, it was reported for sale, in Feb. 2002, by Cadillac enthusiast David Serafin (HansaHamburg@Hotmail.com. He spied an ad in Auto Trader Online. The vendor is Classic Cars International 355 W 7th Street Salt Lake, UT 84101, classiccarsintl@hotmail.com, phone (801) 322-5509, Fax (801) 582-6883.  Originally painted Kenya Beige [code #148] with matching leather trim [code #454] and white mouton carpets [code #2], the car is said to be now white with a blue leather interior and in "near new" condition, with a reported 46K miles on the clock.  Asking price is very high at nearly $70K. The VIN is listed as #5570146811, but that should read #57700146811. Late extra [3/2006]: regular Database visitor, Tye Cowan, reports that this car has been offered for sale again by the same vendor in Salt Lake City, UT (I had this one previously listed among the "unidentified" cars.  The ad copy a is unchanged and reads: ELDORADO: 1957 4-door Brougham, white, steel top, very, very rare, most expensive Cadillac built in 1957, 46,000 original miles, excellent blue leather, all Cadillac condition is near new condition, loaded with all options, $69,950. Classic Cars International, 355 W 7th St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, PH: 801-582-6883, FAX: 801-322-5509; www.classiccarmuseumsales.com; classiccarsintl@hotmail.com  The car was presented by Kruse at their Salt Lake City venue in April, 2005, where it was bid to $40,000 but apparently did not change hands.

Eb57373.jpg (12076 bytes)

Eb57373b.jpg (7319 bytes)    Eb57373c.jpg (7344 bytes)




Car #374 was owned in the late seventies by Jerry Griffith of Fort Walton, FL.

Car #375 [NEW, 9/2009] was brought to my attention by its owner, Paul J. Burt. He wrote: Yann, I recently purchased car #375, which I see is not in your database. From a collector in Iowa. Hasn't been on the road since 1968. In decent condition - and I will restore her. Kenyon [Kenya?]  Beige - Would you like me to send pics of the car and ID tag, etc? Happy to do so. Incidentally, I owned a 59 Eldorado Brougham - and sold it. Car #35. It went to a gentleman in Germany  (it's in the registry).

57EB375AA.jpg (12339 bytes)    57EB375AB.jpg (14362 bytes)    57eb375ac.JPG (10953 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2009 and courtesy of the owner ]


Car #376 currently [2/2001] is owned by Javier Oliveros of Mexico.  It was first delivered to California so it did not have to travel far to go "south of the border, down Mexico way". This information was supplied kindly by Victor M.  [Brougham #407].   He reports: "...trim 2482 [medium blue broadcloth and white leather, white mouton carpets], paint 122 [Lake Placid Blue]. Car is very good. Color is bright blue metallic with white all leather interior [according to the trim code, originally it had medium blue broadcloth with white leather bolsters and trim] and blue carpet.  It seems to me that the carpet is the original one [no, Victor, according to the trim code this car should have white sheepskin (mouton) carpets], same as trunk upholstery (although this one may be redone, but with original material). Leather I am sure has been replaced  [right enough, Victor, the original cloth and leather combination appears to have been replaced with all leather]. Car is riding on springs, but aside from that, it is both mechanically and cosmetically complete and in very good condition. About it's vanities, it has only the 6 tumblers. He told me he got the car about 5 years ago from the US. One funny thing about it is that it it has the speedometer in kilometers [strange indeed, Victor, but not exceptional since most European export Broughams had the kph configuration]."   Victor is still helping to gather information on other surviving Broughams in Mexico.  Muchas gracias, Victor; this is one more new addition to the Brougham Database.

eb57_376.jpg (9619 bytes)


Car #379 was owned in the late seventies by Bill Markel of Denver, CO.  At that time, Bill owned also Brougham #486, below. Late Extra [Jan. 2005]: The car still survives and is currently in the safekeeping of D. Michael Pryor who kindly sent the photo below.  We hope that Michael will provide us with whatever history he may have about the car after 1978.

57eb379.jpg (11390 bytes)



Car #383 [Tip from enthusiast, Michael D. Brooks]  was advertised for sale on the Internet in August, 2005.  The vendor had this to say about his car: I have owned this car since 1969, and cared for it car since new. She is 100% original, including paint, chrome, glass, stainless, air suspension, wheels, all mechanical, interior fabric, complete vanities [!!!], carpet, and original bill of sale, etc. She has always been garage kept. Current mileage is approx. 46,000. She is continually "turning heads" from onlookers, and is truly a fun car to drive. The price is not firm, but if you purchase the car for $60,000.00, then I will probably put a $10,000.00 bill in the car's glovebox for the new owner!  Price - $ 50,000

57eb383a.jpg (8931 bytes)    57eb383c.jpg (7594 bytes)   57eb383b.jpg (6513 bytes)


Car #385 was owned in the late seventies by Charles Meszaros of Linden, NJ.

Car #387 was offered for sale in the seventies by a Ms. Mabel Barnes on Mulholland, Los Angeles  for $7,500.  Included in THAT price were also cars  #197 and #605!  In the last months of 1999 and 2000 the car was offered for sale again, this time for $15,000 "firm". It was described as a "very presentable car that just needs the finishing touches..." In November, 2001 the car was still for sale by Nick & Lori Vermet; it was described as a very straight and rust-free California car with very good, original chrome. It was offered again for sale in the December 2001 issue of the BOA Newsletter. In January, 2002, enthusiast, Jean-Claude Franchitti, '60EB #68] said the car found a new home many moons ago, even though it still turned up for sale in the BOA Newsletter.

Car #388 was owned in the late seventies by a Ms. Mabel Barnes on Mulholland, Los Angeles; she had also EB #197 [last seen in England, 2008] and 605

Car #390 currently is in Australia [1999]; the owner contacted me in March, 1999, to say it was missing from this roster. It is an all-original car, bought in Chicago in 1998. It has a rebuilt air suspension and the odometer reading is 36,000 miles; the car was in storage for 23 years.

Car #391 was offered for sale on e-Bay in September, 2003. The description read: This auction is for a 1957 Cadillac ELDORADO Brougham ground up restoration project car.  Most parts are present but as the saying goes "some assembly is required".  In fact, ALL assembly is required. ACCESSORIES not INCLUDE [sic] are: MAGNETIC SILVER TUMBLERS, LIPSTICK KIT WITH MIRROR, WOMEN'S POWDER WITH MIRROR, COMB WITH MIRROR [that's a LOT of mirrors missing !?!?]  Looking at the pictures below, I'm not really sure whether whether I should list this one as "restorable" or simply as a parts car. YOU decide.   Latest [4/2006]:  the car is being parted out, hence I am now showing it here in italics and deducting one car from the total number of survivors. Thanks to enthusiast/owner, Tom Barnard (car #450) for passing along this important piece of information.

eb391a.jpg (7817 bytes)    eb391d.jpg (7878 bytes)

eb391c.jpg (9383 bytes)    eb391e.jpg (7569 bytes)
It will take a seriously devoted enthusiast to put this Brougham back together


Car #394 was delivered initially to Texas; it spent some time in Arizona, where it was apparently repainted from black to white. At latest news the car is back to black. It was acquired in 1997 by Peter Straathof of the Netherlands; in 1998 he sold it to another Dutch collector. When the latter passed away, in 1999, Peter bought the car back; it is currently in his museum in Amsterdam, "Het Amsterdams Automuseum" [URL = http://www.amsterdams-automuseum.nl]. The car is in unrestored condition [info: directly from Peter Straathof, 9/99]. From the photos, you will see that it is missing the  " E L D O R A D O " letters above the "V" on the front hood; also it is equipped with cast aluminum alloy sabre-spoke wheels in lieu of the usual "turbine vane" cast alloy wheels.

57EB394J.JPG (9126 bytes)    57EB394H.JPG (11633 bytes)

57EB394I.JPG (7845 bytes)    57EB394E.JPG (8136 bytes)    57EB394G.JPG (8450 bytes)
[ Above photos: © and property of Het Amsterdams Automuseum, Netherlands ]

57EB394.JPG (10165 bytes)
I believe this shows the same car when it was repainted white


Car #395 was discovered by enthusiast, Michael D. Brooks.  He wrote:  I have uncovered an unlisted 1957 Eldorado Brougham. # 395 is owned by Mr. Walt Johnson, of Portland, OR. It is for sale and is a 40K mile original car on air with all vanities except atomizer and bottle. He purchased it from the estate of a Mr. Good of Sonoma, CA in 1991; the latter was a big-time contractor in northern California. The owner states that he has every service and repair order ever written on the car. He adds that it needs nothing to drive and enjoy. I have photos that show a white car [the car was originally Chamonix White, code #112] with white & gray leather, although the dark leather could be black [the original trim code is #9581, indicating black leather with white leather inserts, with black Karakul nylon carpets]. Thanks, Michael, for another rare find!

57EB395aa.jpg (5851 bytes)    57eb395bb.jpg (8236 bytes)

57eb395dd.jpg (4380 bytes)    57eb395ee.jpg (4190 bytes)    57eb395cc.jpg (4513 bytes)
[ Photos: © Walt Johnson and courtesy  Michael Brooks ]


Car #396 surfaced again in February, 2006.  It was a known survivor but its whereabouts were not.  The new owner, Don Butler, writes:   I have recently acquired car #396. I would like to get this car into your registry. I believe it was the last one built in 1957.  Well, Don, here you are.  Now we would like to get from you whatever you may know about your car's history, as well as some pics and a description of its condition.  The last Brougham built in 1957 was car #399; actually, yours was the third to last.  Welcome to the exclusive world of  Eldorado Brougham ownership!

Car #398 was in livery service at the Cadillac plant (courtesy car); it too has survived.


Other sightings of 1957 Eldorado Brougham models
[body numbers are not known; some of them may be already listed, above]

The presence of a few Brougham models has been reported also in Sydney, Australia, by Aussie enthusiast Allan Levinson - a great guy who drives a pink 1959 Coupe De Ville! There are three 1957 cars in Melbourne, of which at least one has been converted to RHD to meet Australian requirements.  Three more 1957 models were recently brought in by Joe Belperio, the well known Caddy importer; their whereabouts are currently being investigated. In late 2002 and early 2003, Dirk Van Dorst and Tim Stevens, in Belgium, reported in detail on some of the Australian Broughams.

Another ’57 was offered for sale in Oklahoma in the late seventies; no price was quoted but it was stated that the car had only 5,400 miles! Apparently the interior had been gutted by a fire and that the car had been crated up, around 1960. This additional news came from Brougham enthusiast, Jim Jordan, Oklahoma, in August 2002:   The unknown 1957 car # that was offered for sale in Oklahoma with an interior fire was a dark blue one and sold around in 1980 for around $5,000-$6,000. It had been warehoused since 1960 owing to a lawsuit with an insurance company over the fire damage. I am trying to find out more info about this one from its previous owner.

[Fall 1996]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #3757 at a Kruse Group auction in Auburn, IN, in the Fall of 1996.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported to be in "Condition 1" but was bid up to "only" $35K.

[ no photo ]

[1/1998]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #4129 at a Kruse Group auction in Scottsdale, AZ, in Jan., 1998.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported bid up to $33K.

[ no photo ]

[Fall 1999]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #4070 at a Kruse Group auction in Auburn, IN, in the Fall of 1999.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported sold for $18,250.

[ no photo ]

[12/1999] [Car # ... unknown] 1957 Brougham for sale (estate settlement);  left side quarter-panel damage.  Contact Tom Walters of Pompton Lakes, NJ:  TOMWW4@aol.com

[1999]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #203 at a Kruse Group auction in Raleigh, NC, in 1999.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported sold for $17,300 as a "driving and running car".

[ no photo ]

[1/2001]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #1088 at a Kruse Group auction in Scottsdale, AZ, in Jan., 2001.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported bid up to $52K.

[ no photo ]

[1/2001]: I believe this is the car that was reported sold for $45,000 at a Kruse auction in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in January 2001 [lot #205].  It was described as "V-8, red exterior, black interior - an impeccable restoration of a truly unique American motor car. One of only 400 1957 Broughams made.  Multiple show winner.  Possibly the nicest one of its kind anywhere." !!!  Anyone heard of it? This must be a repaint, as no single 1957 Brougham was painted "red" (code #50); of the three closest to that color (i.e. Maharani Maroon, code #152), none had a black interior.  Mystery?

[3/2001]:  [Car # ... unknown]  Brougham fan Jerry Jansson from Sweden found this on the Hemmings Motor News web site on March 12, 2001: ELDORADO: 1957 4-door Brougham, white, steel top, very, very rare, most expensive Cadillac built in 1957, 46,000 original miles, excellent blue leather, all Cadillac condition is near new condition, loaded with all options, $69,950. Classic Cars International, 355 W 7th St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, PH: 801-582-6883, FAX: 801-322-5509; www.classiccarmuseumsales.com; classiccarsintl@hotmail.com   The only unidentified 1957 Broughams delivered with blue leather are #1, #91, #316, #352 and #381; only one of these began its life painted white [#316]; of course, one of the others may have been repainted white.

[3/2001]:  [Car # ... unknown]  I saw this one in Hemmings in February, 2001; Jerry saw it again on March 12, 2001:   ELDORADO: 1957 Brougham, disassembled for restoration, motor apart, needs rebuild, transmission rebuilt, no rust, good glass, very good stainless top and body, no parts missing, $5,500. PH: 770-992-2296, 770-992-5951, GA. According to enthusiast, Jean-Claude Franchitti ['60EB #68], this car is no longer available for sale.

[4/2002]:  [Car # ... unknown] 1957 Eldorado Brougham project car for sale in California by enthusiast and dealer, Mike Rizzuto. It is said to have 98% of the parts needed to complete the restoration of a rust free body. Price :  $10,000. This is possibly one of four cars which, according to Brougham sleuth Jerry Jansson,  went to an undisclosed collector in Sweden in 2003 [cars #70, 77, 250 and 282].

[8/2002]:  [Car # ... unknown] This news came in from Brougham enthusiast, Jim Jordan, of Oklahoma, in August 2002: I was in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Summer of 1997. At that time there was a 1957 or 1958 Brougham under a cover in a carport in the back service lot at Cashman Cadillac. The salesman I was talking to said it belonged to the owner and he didn't know anything else about it. I couldn't get any other information.

[8/2002]:  [Car # ... unknown] This from my friend Jerry Jansson in Sweden: FOR SALE CADILLAC: 1957 Brougham, red with gray interior and stainless steel roof, features most CADILLAC options including air suspension, asking $20,000. Dan Spendick, 905-206-1500, ON, Canada; e-mail: dans@rmcars.com; web: www.rmcars.com. Jerry checked that web site but found no additional info. This could be car #211.

[1/2007]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #1037 at a Kruse Group auction in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in Jan 2007.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported bid to $140K.

57KruseAuc.jpg (17022 bytes)


[1/2007]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #180 at a Kruse Group auction (in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in Jan 2008?).  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported sold for $51K. It was described as a "1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham 2-door"!

[ no photo ]

[2008]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #440 at a Kruse Group auction in Hershey, PA, in 2008.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported bid to $140K.

[ no photo ]

[1/2007]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #765 at a Kruse Group auction in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in Jan 2008.  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported bid to $104K.

[ no photo ]

[1/2007]   [Car # ... unknown] This car was lot #751.1 at a Kruse Group auction (in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in Jan 2008?).  Does anybody know the VIN or body numbers? It was reported sold for $120K.

[ no photo ]

[1/2007]:  [Car # ... unknown] There was a 1957 Eldorado Brougham for sale on Internet, in Scottsdale, in Jan. 2007, via the Russo & Steele auction company of Monterey, CA.  According to that company's web site, the car [Lot #6646] was bid up to $148,500.00. I assume no sale ensued. That car was painted dark blue with dark gray or dark blue leather trim and [non-original] dark gray mouton fur carpeting (see images, below). The ad said that "over $25,000" was spent just purchasing the ultra rare vanity items and that well over a $100,000 was spent restoring the car; it was completely taken apart, the engine completely rebuilt and had done less than 5 miles since the restoration was completed. The owner asserted that no expense had been spared on this very high-dollar restoration.  Having seen other "no expenses spared" restorations by the same vendor, Marvin Friedman of Fort Lauderdale, FL, I can't wait to see this one close up!

57ebUnk1.jpg (17827 bytes)    57EBUnk3.jpg (23822 bytes)

57ebUnk2.jpg (10017 bytes)    57EBUnk6.jpg (10454 bytes)    57EBUnk7.jpg (12131 bytes)


[12/2007]:  [Car # ... unknown] There was a 1957 Eldorado Brougham for sale in Hemmings Motor News, Dec., 2007; restored to high standards by a Brougham expert, the car has a completely rebuilt air suspension system. The burgundy exterior color is complemented by beige and brown leather trim. Chrome, paint, interior and trunk are new. Call. Rick Zeiger M.D., rojave@sbcglobal.net 310 275 8156

[Added, 7/2008]   Cars #240 and #... were seen on Frank Corrente's used car lot by an enthusiast in California.  The photos below are from Frank's web site.  One of the cars (the dark blue one?) apparently has been sold. One may be car #240; I don't have the numbers of the other one.

57EBFrank1a.jpg (6772 bytes)    57EBFrank1b.jpg (6493 bytes)    57EBFrank1c.jpg (4959 bytes)    57EBFrank1d.jpg (4738 bytes)

57EBFrank2a.jpg (5752 bytes)    57EBFrank2b.jpg (6858 bytes)    57EBFrank2c.jpg (4847 bytes)


Trivia 1: [from Lance Hirsch, car #436: I talked to someone who had several Broughams a few years back who was actually going to cut the top off a Brougham and weld the doors shut so he  could have a fair weather convertible. The catch is that the car was basically a parts car with a lot of rust. I don't think he did it, but it was because he didn't have the time as opposed to being against the mutilation of a rare car. He had a buyer for the stainless top - a customizer.

Trivia 2: an article published in Motor Life in September 1957 describes the Chevrolet El Morocco , a conversion by Allender & Co., of Detroit, made to look like a Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. It was available in two-door and four-door hardtop versions in dark blue, dark green, gray and black, as well as in a convertible version in white, blue, bronze and light green. The roofs or the hardtops were painted silver in an attempt to match the Brougham's brushed stainless-steel roof.

Trivia 3: an article entitled Why Cars are Going to Four Headlights that was published in Popular Science in August 1956, describes the new 4-headlight system that would be used on the (then) upcoming Cadillac Eldorado Brougham for 1957.

Trivia 4: an article entitled Luxury Second to None..." that was published in Motor Trend for January 1957, previews the new Cadillac models for that year, including the bespoke Cadillac Eldorado Brougham.



brg57xxa.jpg (6049 bytes)    brg57xxb.jpg (10617 bytes)
This '57 was undergoing restoration in the shops of
Paradise Motorsports Services in Lombard, IL in Fall, 2003

[ Photos:  Internet ]

ebjap1.jpg (6603 bytes)    ebjap2.jpg (6780 bytes)    ebjap3.jpg (6796 bytes)
Anyone recognize this baby, fitted with a transverse Northstar engine (possibly another Dale Armstrong car?);
it was spied on this Internet site by our Swedish Brougham sleuth, Jerry Jansson:

57eb208f.JPG (22643 bytes)
This is the engine compartment of 57EB208, owned by Steve Barton;
so it appears that Dale Armstrong may have converted more than one of these


Eb15.jpg (7853 bytes)    ebred.jpg (10412 bytes)

eb57_red.jpg (9865 bytes)    Brgfran.jpg (12796 bytes)

eb5cana.jpg (8175 bytes)    58ebpurp.jpg (7182 bytes)
Who recognizes or can identify the Broughams in the above three rows?
The colors are different! Can't be too many around like that red one with the gold sabre wheels;
I believe the lilac-colored car belongs to a Canadian enthusiast in the French-speaking province of Quebec;
Mike Fennal of Saugus, CA, owns a '58 Brougham painted a similar hue (right);   I don't yet have its body number

5758brgLilac.jpg (5196 bytes)
Here's one with the Sabre-Spoke cast alloy wheels
and a rare color (unless it's just the lighting)

brgcop2.jpg (11029 bytes)

brgcop3.jpg (7291 bytes)    brgcop4.jpg (6431 bytes)    brgcop6.jpg (4955 bytes)
This one may be already listed in the survivors' roster; it has been repainted the original Kenya Beige
and appears to have a number of the vanities; who can provide its VIN or body number?


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