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The Fabulous
Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

1957 - 1960

Part 13a (1a)
Best of the Brougham Breed (1957-58)

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Br_crst.jpg (4207 bytes)

Research carried out in the mid-seventies by Cy Strickler, former President of the Brougham Owners Association (BOA), combined with my own efforts up to about the mid-eighties has turned up more than half of all the Broughams ever built. Since this roster first went on line in 1997,  many more have been brought to my attention both by a new BOA President, the late Allan Dowling, and by individual enthusiasts and researchers all over the world, like Michael Brooks, Bill Buckingham, Jean-Claude Franchitti, Jerry Jansson, to name a few.

Although a small percentage of the cars listed herein as "survivors" may not fit the "restorable" category [my guess is about 10% of them], still it is an exceptionally high survival rate for an automobile of this vintage! In my opinion, this is due to the fact that the Eldorado Brougham was a VERY expensive automobile (in the vein of the sixteen-cylinder Cadillacs of the thirties), purchased by a VERY wealthy few who, naturally, could afford to keep them in warm, dry storage and have them always serviced and perfectly maintained by qualified Cadillac service shops. Among them were Middle-East potentates like the Emir of Qatar, media moguls like Randolph Hearst,  industry giants like Philip K. Wrigley (who was the longtime owner of the Chicago Cubs that he inherited from his  father, chewing gum mogul William Wrigley Jr.), the CEOs of Dow Chemical, Harley Davidson, Huckins Yacht Co., Briggs & Stratton, shipping magnates like Aristotle Onassis, sports personalities like speed king Art Arfons and Hollywood stars of the ilk of Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and John Wayne.

About the latter, enthusiast Lance Hirsch from Texas recalls hearing a story of how Wayne wrecked his '58 Brougham while filming Daktari in Africa. Lance found it hard to believe Wayne ever had the car shipped to Africa. He thinks it more likely that the actor wrecked the car while filming The Alamo; the timeline would fit better. Interestingly, the first Brougham that Lance bought had been sold in Los Angeles and was titled in the early '70s in Carrizo Springs, TX, not far from the filming location of The Alamo. He tried to contact with the Wayne Estate and even found a fellow Brougham owner who knew Michael Wayne (recently deceased) and lived near him. Unfortunately he got no information.

Of course, many of these cars probably changed hands five or six times in their lifetime, although I would expect that the majority were acquired by connoisseurs who were aware of their rarity and initial high cost, and took special care in preserving them.

Below is a list, by year and body number, of surviving Broughams.  The majority are mentioned in Cy Strickler's 1977-78 Roster of the BOA. I would appreciate any information that users of the Cadillac Database © might have concerning the current whereabouts of any of the cars listed, as well as the location and condition of any other Broughams not yet included here.

ebadfort.jpg (11226 bytes)
The only known Brougham ad appeared in Fortune magazine, in March 1958


[278 cars out of 400 built, i.e. 69.5%]
(excluding those highlighted in red, that are known or believed to have been destroyed or to be only a parts car)

001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 019, 020, 022, 023, 025, 026, 027, 029, 031, 033, 034, 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 043, 044, 045, 048, 049, 050, 051, 052, 055, 056, 057, 059, 060, 061, 062, 063, 064, 065, 067, 068, 069, 070, 071, 072, 074, 076, 077, 079, 080, 081, 083, 084, 085, 087, 089, 090, 091, 092, 095, 097, 098, 099, 100, 101, 102, 103, 105, 107, 109, 110, 111, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 126, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 134, 135, 137, 138, 139, 141, 142, 143, 144, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 157, 158, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 169, 170, 172, 174, 175, 176, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 192, 195, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 203, 205, 206, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 217, 221, 222, 223, 224, 226, 227, 228, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 238, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 249, 250, 251, 253, 254, 255, 258, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 270, 271, 272, 273, 274, 276, 277, 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 285, 288, 289, 290, 291, 294, 298, 303, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 359, 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369, 371, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 379, 381, 383, 385, 386, 387, 388, 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 398.

BOA-meetS.jpg (25084 bytes)
This rare color photo of a meeting of Brougham owners
was supplied kindly by Ron Schweitzer, in the summer of 2009;
it dates back to 1963, when the BOA was headed by the late Cy Strickler


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55BrgPro11a.jpg (7704 bytes)    55BrgPro12.jpg (7712 bytes)
The production Eldorado Brougham models derived from this 1956 prototype;
the "odd shape" behind the LH rear fin [LH image] is a dummy windshield/roof cutaway on a stand

Brg56Proto2.JPG (26552 bytes)
Car #1 nearing its final production version


Car #1 was shipped to Fisher Body Division on 11 March 1957; it remained with Fisher until 1967; it  may have been one of the test cars. It was last reported in California in 1978 when it was owned by Richard Oldham of Empire Chevrolet in Novato. At that time Richard owned also Brougham #254. Does anyone know where car #1 is today?  Late Extra (Aug. 2002): This from "Jim", an enthusiastic regular visitor to the Database:  on the Brougham topic, the friend with whom I went to Pebble Beach says he saw '57 Brougham #1 about 3-4 years ago in Arizona. Reportedly it was scruffy and unrestored at that time. The owner knows that it is car #1.  My friend photographed the body plate and I am after him to find the photo so I can make it available to you.

Car #2 was the THIRD Brougham built [chassis #5770-035764]. It was painted bright primrose yellow, a special color [code #0 on the original body tag] that was not included in either the regular color palette for 1957 nor on the special color palette for the new Brougham models. The late Cy Strickler, first President of the Brougham Owners' Association (BOA) said the car was used for some time in Cadillac's Engineering Department (possibly as a second test car); it had a fuel injected engine. It was later re-worked, re-painted black, mounted on 1958 chassis #58P-014243 and sold as 1958 Brougham #475.  [I have seen these photos identified in many specialized auto magazines as a "1958" Cadillac Eldorao Brougham, whereas in FACT it is 1957 car #2]. Cy also listed it as belonging, in the late seventies, to Larry Muckey of Muskegon, MI.  At that time, it was reported to be still in fine condition. Larry owned also car #471 (he was of great help to me in piecing together the story of the 1956 Eldorado Brougham town car, special, Motorama model). Late Extra [8/2002] I got this message in the Cadillac Database "Visitors' Book" from enthusiast Glen Durmisevich: I owned this car from 1978 to 1984. In addition to Cy Strickler's info, Body #2 had a 1958 VIN #58P014243. Door panels were labeled #475 [which fits the 1958 chassis number]. Previous owners include Francis J. Novak, Larry Muckey [noted above], Dr. Rick Zeiger, and myself. The car rode on springs. I sold it in 1984 to Fred Collins in California. I have photos after I painted this car and used it for my wedding. Latest [2/2010] Glen provided some photos of this car, which he once owned, after the body had been removed at the factory and put on 1958 Brougham chassis #58P014243. Glen pointed out that the structure in the background is not Meadowbrook Hall, he was told it was more likely the stone-built mansion of one of the Fisher brothers, located in the Sherwood Forest/Palmer Woods Subdivision in Detroit. 

57eb002d.JPG (30948 bytes)

57eb002e.jpg (9933 bytes)    57eb002c.JPG (13195 bytes)
The B&W photos in the upper two rows have been widely publicized; it has often been IDd in error as a 1958 model; in fact it is car #2
of the 1957 production; HOWEVER... in 1958, the body was mounted on 1958 chassis #58P014243, repainted and given a new body tag, #475;
this begs the question:  how many 1957-58 Brougham bodies were effectively built? 704 or 703 ???

57_58EByel.jpg (12352 bytes)    58eb475d.jpg (62153 bytes)
The color photo of this car, at left,  has always intrigued me; it was featured on the rear cover of a 1957 Cadillac "mailer" brochure entitled, "You and your Cadillac"
[the emphasis actually appears on the cover title].
Factory records show the paint code for this car to be "0" [i.e. special order];  the only 1957-58 Brougham to have been painted
a special order color is #2 of the 1957 production run, this car, I believe; this photo and the three B&W pics above are believed to have been taken in front of one of the stone-built
mansions belonging to one of the Fisher brothers and located in Detroit's upmarket Sherwood Forest / Palmer Woods subdivision; the photo at right, above, shows
the car after it was repainted black and mounted on 1958 Brougham chassis #58P014243 [© and courtesy of Glun Durmisevich, a former owner ]


Car #3 was the SECOND Brougham built; it did not survive;  this was the New York auto show Brougham; it was NOT the prototype exhibited one year earlier, in Paris, in December 1956. Car #3 was used in all the Brougham publicity and advertising; it ended its life, wrecked and dismantled, in California [...one down, 703 to go!]  The photos [below] was taken at the Tavern on the Green, New York, during the NY show in January 1957.

57eb003b.jpg (7019 bytes)    57eb003a.jpg (10104 bytes)    57eb003c.jpg (9400 bytes)
Eldorado Brougham on show in NY in December, 1956
[ Photos:  © 1956, Time magazine ]

57eb003az.JPG (9023 bytes)    EB57PRKx.JPG (11090 bytes)    57eb003ay.jpg (22966 bytes)
The three preceding images were factory publicity photos shot in Central Park at the Tavern on the Green


Car #4 apparently is in Sydney, Australia, possibly owned by Charlie Deen.  The Deen brothers have been Cadillac enthusiasts for more than three decades. Chances are, if you own in Australia an older Cadillac that has "collectible status", then probably it was owned at one time by one of the Deen brothers.  Late Extra [4/2007]: The car is currently for sale for $49,500 Australian dollars by "Old Yankee Imports, Pty. Ltd." [eMail: yankee57@semet.com.au].

57eb004.JPG (12285 bytes)


Car #10 was owned in the late seventies by William Claypool of Miami, FL.  At that time, William owned also Brougham #129, below.

Car #11 was parted out some 16 years ago by collector-enthusiast, David Barclay.

Car #13 was located by Jean-Claude Franchitti [1960 Brougham #68].  He describes it as missing parts, but roadworthy. Jean-Claude is on the hunt for a nice 1957-58 Brougham and in his travels has come across a few of them that were not previously listed here. I will add them in due course, with his help. This car was acquired recently (2002) by Tony Dutton, a New Zealander who currently [2002] works in Aberdeen, Scotland. In July 2002, Tony wrote: I bought the car in California a few months ago and imported it here to Scotland. I too am someone who left his native land (NZ) to seek fortune (still looking!). The car runs but needs quite a lot of work: engine, running gear, windshield, air suspension, brakes and body, before starting on all the other smaller jobs. The car had been vandalized. I plan to restore it but realize this will be a long, expensive job (I saw Mike Rizzuto's web site before buying the car). I'm not sure of the run number as the plate is missing from under the hood (why the plate is missing I don't know?) but I was told it was # 013?? The engine number is correct as stamped on the frame right hand side behind the engine mount. I will check with the Cadillac archives as posted in the CLC Website to confirm build spec etc. [Tony presumably was referring to this, The (new) Cadillac Database ©).  In a subsequent message, he supplied the picture, below; he said: Attached is a picture of the Brougham before it was shipped from California. You'll have to excuse the wheels, the turbines are long  gone, I'm afraid. You can see the vandalism damage to the windshield and some hammer dents to the panels. I plan to get some more digital pictures later this month and I will send them if you're interested.

57eb_13a.jpg (13922 bytes)


Car #14 was (is?) owned by Larry Watson;   Larry had a shop next to George Barris in Hollywood, CA;  this was his personal car. It was customized in LEAD by Bill DeCarr but retained it's stock brushed stainless steel top. Larry painted it Candy Raspberry (Pink) over Platinum (Satin) Pearl; 30 gallons of paint were used and create an outstandingly translucent color. It was upholstered by Eddie Martinez.  Meanwhile, Bill's Body Shop of Bellflower, CA, moved the fender mounted air-scoops into the front bumper impact guards, replacing the standard rubber tips with the horn bezels (I guess the horn trumpets themselves were relocated behind the front grille); the car also has custom wire wheels. In 1961, the car received over 21 awards including four sweepstakes, three best interiors, plus several first place awards in it's class. You may view (even acquire) a poster of it if you simply click here.   Here's another Web page where you can read ALL about Larry's car. Thanks to Jerry Jansson [car #284], for sharing this info with us.

57eb14ao.jpg (15075 bytes)    57eb14ap.jpg (13077 bytes)

57eb14am.jpg (18802 bytes)    57eb14aL.jpg (26333 bytes)    57eb14ac.jpg (20562 bytes)

eb57_14b.JPG (8117 bytes)    eb57_14a.jpg (8238 bytes)

57EB014A.JPG (8007 bytes)    57brg14.jpg (6529 bytes)    57EB014B.JPG (6576 bytes)

57eb14aa.jpg (25564 bytes)    57eb14ab.jpg (24692 bytes)

57eb14ae.jpg (25231 bytes)    57eb14ad.jpg (21667 bytes)

57eb14ah.jpg (18559 bytes)    57eb14aj.jpg (39795 bytes)    57eb14ak.jpg (16157 bytes)
[ Most of the photos shown here may be found on this Internet Web page ]


Car #15 is believed to be a parts car;   it was advertised for sale, together with car #283, for $9,500, in one of Bill Pozzi's newsletters of the Brougham Owners' Club, in 1986; at that time it was owned by Peter Russ of Detroit, MI.

Car #16 was not previously listed as a survivor.  Shawn Dougan of Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars informed me that the car was in that company's possession, along with #76 .  I am hoping to get more information about it, as well as a couple of pics for the survivors' roster.

57eb16bS.jpg (6426 bytes)    57eb16aS.jpg (6186 bytes)    57eb16f.jpg (6386 bytes)

57eb16c.jpg (5308 bytes)    57eb16dS.jpg (5983 bytes)    57eb16eS.jpg (4810 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2008 and courtesy Hyman, Ltd. ]

brgOhioA.jpg (6338 bytes)    brgOhioC.jpg (5033 bytes)    brgOhioD.jpg (6322 bytes)     brgOhioB.jpg (3719 bytes)
Could this be the same car?  I still have it listed as "unidentified" (after car #704);
it is (was) licensed in Clinton, OH; I will contact Hyman for confirmation


Car #17  was offered for sale on Ebay in July 2015 and is apparently located in Carmel, Indiana.  The vendor's description read: Up for sale is my Eldorado Brougham VIN #5770058219, Trim #1581, and Paint #112. The car is in nice driver quality. The word "rust free" gets slanged over the Internet quite often. To my knowledge and personal guarantee this car is rust free!!!! Not a dime or fingernail of rust. New professionally rebuilt dual carbs. New cylinders on all four wheels. Gas tank has been stripped and cleaned. New valve covers. Car runs and drives. Car has old tires that will need to be replaced. New carpet and correct trunk covering. Paint and chrome are nice but again not perfect. Car does not have any of the accessories but does come with a lot of misc parts and items. See pictures.

Car #19 was sold on eBay for $29,850  in November, 2004. This one had not been previously included among possible survivors. According to the vendor's ad,  the car is in good condition with some minor rust spots. It "needs a little TLC to make this showroom quality".  It is missing the front hood "V" and the trunk ELDORADO letters.  I imagine we shall be hearing from the new owner soon. The paint and trim appear to correspond to the indications on the original body tag. Later [Dec. 2004]: Did that sale go through or not ?  The car was again on the block in December with a minimum bid of $24,900. It found no takers.  Later still: [Mar., 2009]: This one was back on Ebay and seems to have found a new owner for  a round $26K (less than the previous sale a little over 4 years ago). Latest [Nov., 2010]: The car was advertised again for sale in Auto Trader. The description read: 1957 CADILLAC ELDORADO BROUGHAM, #19 off assembly line, matching numbers engine, transmission, have dual 4 carbs, no rust, no vanities, everything works, factory color, stainless roof, nice car for restoration, $42,000 obo. That's $16K more than the previous owner apparently paid for it some 18 months ago. The only thing that appears to have changed, from the photos shown,  is that the car now sports the regular, Eldorado Brougham turbine blade alloy wheels.

57eb19b.jpg (16183 bytes)    57EB19a.jpg (12105 bytes)

57eb019c.jpg (9152 bytes)    57eb19c.jpg (12774 bytes)

57eb019b.jpg (6003 bytes)    57eb19g.jpg (9151 bytes)    57eb19d.jpg (10198 bytes)

57eb019a.jpg (7955 bytes)    57eb019d.jpg (6676 bytes)    57eb019e.jpg (5182 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 11/2004 and 3/2009]


Car #22 was owned by Cadillac enthusiast and collector Frank Corrente. He wrote: I am sending you some photos; this car has been restored it is a very nice car. Frank says the car still has the original notepad and vanity case in the glove box.  It was featured on the front cover of BOA Newsletter, Vol. 13, #3. Late extra [2/2004]: Damon Lenszner (car #130) sent this copy of a "For Sale" notice: 1957 CADILLAC ELDORADO BROUGHAM, BLK EXTERIOR, STAINLESS STEEL TOP, LIGHT BLUE LTHR INTERIOR, 28,100 ACTUAL MILES, AIR RIDE SUSPENSION, TOTAL POWER INCLUDING FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING, VANITY, MOUTON CARPET, #22 OF 400 BUILT, ORIGINAL, UNRESTORED, BEAUTIFUL. $79,000 OBO. 562-697-7761 Later [5/2004]: the car was featured on eBay (the Internet auction site) in May 2004; starting bid was $50K (thanks for the tip, Jerry).  Jerry subsequently informed me that the car had been sold for a reported $73,000 and appears to have gone to the UK. Latest:  Yes, the car is in London, England [since 2004].  It was acquired by enthusiasts Darren Cunningham and his father.

Eb57_22.jpg (11134 bytes)
All original car with a reported 27K miles on the odometer, this one
belonged earlier to Ralph Lewis of Topeka, KS
[ This photo:  courtesy Brougham Owners' Association, BOA ]

    eb57_22b.jpg (6621 bytes)    eb57_22a.jpg (6956 bytes)
[These photos: courtesy of Frank Corrente]

57eb22a.jpg (9153 bytes)    57eb22b.jpg (9321 bytes)

57eb22c.jpg (4269 bytes)    57eb22d.jpg (5224 bytes)
Photos in the above two rows and the one below
are from eBay's Web site

57eb22g.jpg (7985 bytes)    57eb22g2.jpg (2489 bytes)
The Body Tag appears to have been was first stamped
"Body by Fisher" and then corrected to "Body by Fleetwood"


Car #25 was owned in the late seventies by Michael Green of Denver, CO.

Car #26 was owned in the late seventies by David W. Jameson of Corona del Mar, CA.

Car #29 is owned by new [1998] BOA member Alphie Quelette of Sherborn, MA;  no details are currently available about this car except that it is missing the windshield! It was offered for sale by Alphie at the end of 1999.   Alphie also is said to own 1960EB#97.

Car #33 currently [3/2002] is in the hands of customizer emeritus, John d'Agostino of California; he is planning to make a radical custom conversion of this one. The work may take him another 3 - 4 years.  John customized also car #451.

Car #34 was owned in the late seventies by Spencer Smith of Pompano Beach, FL., then by Klaus Wojak of West Palm Beach, FL.  At that time, Klaus owned also Brougham #298, below. Late extra: The car is for sale on e-Bay, February 2001.  Minimum bid is $40,000 and car is reported to be in good to excellent condition.

Car #35 has been uncovered and is in safe hands. The owner wishes to remain anonymous and I shall respect his wish. One more addition to the slowly growing list of survivors! The new owner describes it as a "pristine original car". Perhaps he might supply a couple of pics, nevertheless, for the Database.

Car #36 is owned by Dave and Linda Adler of Laguna Niguel in California.  It has been somewhat modified from original. Dave and I were in contact in June/July, 2002.  Here is what he writes:  my wife and I are the proud owners of #36. We have owned this car since November 2001. It may distress purists because our car is a "lead sled". It gives us a lot of pleasure. The car has the original interior but the power train is a 350 Chevrolet. The Chevy engine scoots the car along just fine. The original suspension has been upgraded to late model air bags. The car is in a flat color not primer. We have taken long trips in the car in supreme comfort and complete peace of mind. A lot of attention was paid to the electrical system. The A/C is a modern Vintage Air system. We listen to a 12 disc CD player. We have shown the car at a number of custom and hot rod shows to the delight of enthusiasts. Some folks register shock at seeing a gorgeous car such as ours, customized. Other people think we applied the stainless roof and suicide doors and can't believe that these parts are original. Historically, the car was saved from being parted out by the customizer, Kent Kozara of Cambria, California. Earlier this year, the car appeared in a rock video. The Back Street Boys are shown with our car as they perform the song, Drownin", which was a number one hit. Although many people inquire if the car is for sale, we always tell them NO. This is an heirloom and an important part of our family. The Caddy even has a name, Bad Andy. Thank you for maintaining this excellent web site, it is a great benefit to enthusiasts. Late extra (12/2007): The car appears to have been restored (repainted) and was offered for sale by Hyman, Ltd. I shall try to get recent pics from the vendor that show the car in its new (red) garb. Latest [ 4/2008]: This just came in from Shawn Dougan of the Hyman Co; he said:  Also we just sold car #36, which you have on your website.  The car was an unrestored car that had been painted twenty plus years ago.  The custom car #36 is not the same car.  We sold #36 to a customer in the Middle East. Could there be TWO 1957 Eldorado Brougham models with the #36 ???

    57eb36c.jpg (16425 bytes)    57eb36b.jpg (14873 bytes)
[ Photos: © and courtesy Dave and Linda Adler ]

57eb36a.jpg (25993 bytes)    57eb36cb.jpg (6803 bytes)

    57eb36d.jpg (6683 bytes)    57eb36e.jpg (5584 bytes)     57eb36f.jpg (38834 bytes)
This is how the car looks today [Dec. 2007]
[ Photos:  courtesy Michael Brooks ]

Car #38 was owned in the late seventies by Duane Sell of Hillsdale, MI.

Car #40 was advertised for sale in Ohio in May, 1992 [info supplied kindly by Jason Frey]; the car was described as black with 77,000 miles on the odometer and the asking price was (only?) $25,000. Not a bad price, says Jason, considering that in the same month of the same year and in the same state a restored 1953 Eldorado was offered for sale for $225,000 dollars!  Such, Jason, is the price differential between a sedan and a convertible of equal rarity.  Thanks for adding one more Brougham to the list. Late extra [1/2006]:  Thanks to enthusiast, David King for bringing to my attention the presence of this car for sale on EBay.  Now it is located in North Carolina.  The vendor says about the car: This car is not restored, it is all original [my emphasis].  This car has been garaged throughout it's lifetime.  The windshield glass is perfect!  There is no rust on the entire car.  This car is in absolutely incredible shape, but is not perfect.  With very little work, and a few finishing touches, this car would be Barrett Jackson quality! Paint and trim do appear original; however, from what I can see in the photos (below), the ELDORADO lettering on both the hood and trunk are not original; these block letters are too wide and too low [BTW, I saw a set of repro letters for sale on eBay, in Jan. 2007, with a starting bid of $100]. There may be also other "minor" originality flaws, such as that weird, carpet-covered instrument panel! I believe this is the same car that was offered at auction by Kruse, in Fort Lauderdale, in January, 2006 [Lot #5012].  Am I correct?  Later still [1/2007]: the car was offered for sale again, this time on eBay, by that master of inventiveness, "luvdg" [aka Marv F.]. Remember him? He's the millionaire with the museum and the Ph.D. in Ft. Lauderdale who sold that bizarre, prize-winning red, restored-to-perfection "1959-60" Cadillac convertible with TV in the dash, claiming it to be "the" 1959 prototype 1960 Cadillac show car from the 1959 GM Motorama [check it out]. Even Later [8/2007]: the car made another appearance on eBay [item #180151409687], again offered by Marv. In the description the vendor said $100,000 had been spent on restoring this elegant, exquisite, spectacular car; there were kudos to Harley Earl for the Brougham prototype he showed during the 1955 Motorama, as well as to his grandson, Richard, for his website in honor of his grandfather (see below); what bearing on the sale of this car?   According to the vendor again, every Brougham was sold before it hit the Cadillac showroom; he asserted that each Brougham came also with an Evans Cadillac Lighter and a Motorama key chain and key blank.; of course, this is b/s.  The car was offered also with ALL the vanity items ...for which the vendor claimed he had paid $25,000! They included the Evans/Cadillac hand lighter [???] in it's original box with instructions and  the rare...rare...rare Motorama key chain and blank key [???]. Interestingly, in early 2007 I noticed that "luvdg" had paid over $50 on eBay (item 290065407769) for a boxed set of silver "Cross" pen and pencil; he said it was "for his Brougham"; they were NOT the correct model for this car!  This was lot #7167 at Russo & Steele's Monterey venue in 2007; according to the catalog description, the car was restored to meticulous standards [???] over the past 12 months, with $111,000 spent on this 79,000 mile car  [in a subsequent Hemmings ad, the total receipts were claimed to amount to $130,000!]. So far as I know, no sale ensued (the bidding closed at $110,000). You will note that despite the $111,000 "luvdg" put into restoring the car, the dash is far from perfect, photos show non-authentic  hood and trunk lettering as well as some vanities. I imagine a few other corners were cut too. Latest [9/2008]: "luvdg" put this car up for sale once again on Ebay; his "Buy-it-Now" price was just shy of $200,000 ... but bidding stopped at $75,100 this time. The car was featured also in Hemmings around the same time with a price tag of $175,000. Give it a few more months and potential buyers will probably be looking at a price tag of $250K!

Here are some statements made by "Marv", the car's owner/vendor: Over $100,000 spent ... Elegant-Exquisite-Spectacular!   Exterior: Black (paint code 10) [actually "110"], interior: Black Leather, top: stainless steel, serial number [VIN] : 5770072617, mileage: 79,808 (actual mileage on the frame ... but less than 3 miles since the total [!!!] mechanical, electrical and cosmetic restoration), body number: 40.  In 1955 the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham "Concept Car" was first shown to the world at the New York GM Motorama show. It was one of the many, many creations of GM's head automotive designer, the late Harley Earl. Harley is recognized as THE automotive genius of the 20th Century. In his memory, his grandson, Richard Earl, has created a most wonderful website to honor his Grandfather ... it is www.carofthecentury.com. The car was in one word ... a SENSATION!  Everyone wanted this car ... so for the very first time and only time in it's long history, General Motors went into production and produced this car in 1957. It made it's debut with great fanfare and was shown to the public in December of 1956 in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel [car #3]. They were first released for purchased [sic] in March of 1957 ... every one was sold before it hit the Cadillac showroom [???]. The Eldorado Brougham had an MSRP of $13,094 [$13,075] ... $2000 more than the most expensive Rolls Royce or about 5 times the cost of a Corvette! A total of 400 examples were produced and the list of the original owners sounds like a list of the Rich and Famous from circa 1957. To put this in perspective ... this was more money than my parents paid for our 3 story brick home in Western Pennsylvania. In 1958 Cadillac produced only 304 examples and then ceased production forever  [except for the 200 additional units built in 1959 and 1960]. It was announced [where, when ???] that the manufacturing cost of these cars was just over $25,000 ...They had lost $15,000+ on everyone but had made a statement to the automotive world ... this car gave new meaning behind Cadillac's statement ...."STANDARD TO THE WORLD!"  These cars featured things that for some part, had never been seen before ... they had no options ... everything was standard and here is what came on this fabulous car : a dual four-barrel V-8, air-suspension, low-profile tires with thin whitewalls, automatic trunk lid opener [and "closer"], automatic "memory" seat, Cruise Control, high-pressure cooling system, polarized sun visors, Signal-Seeking twin speaker radio [the first transistorized radio mounted in a car], electric antenna, automatic-release parking brake, electric door locks, dual heating system, stainless steel (with a silver finish) magnetized glove box drink tumblers, cigarette and tissue dispensers, lipstick (cologne was mentioned in the dealer Data Book, but was not actually offered), ladies' compact with powder puff, comb, and mirror, leather notebook, STEP atomizer with 1 oz. bottle of "Arpege" perfume extract made by Lanvin, Paris, automatic starter (with re-start function), Autronic-Eye, drum-type electric clock, power windows [and vents],   forged aluminum wheels, air conditioning, Evans Cadillac Lighter [where did he come up with THAT information???], Motorama key chain and key blank [again, Where did he get THAT information???]. Buyers of Broughams had a choice of 44 full leather interior trim combinations and could select such items as Mouton (French for lambskin) and Karakul carpeting. The air suspension really NEVER worked properly on these cars ... they were just too heavy for the airbags (5500 pounds). Most dealers removed the airbags and placed the cars on springs and shocks ... as was done to this car 47 years ago. We purchased this car in it's 100% original [???], unrestored state at an auction almost one year ago[2006] ... there are no secrets here ... the price was $55,000. The mileage is actual and states so on the title....79,808. I had been cautioned that this was one of the most expensive cars in the world to restore ... I should have realized what we were in store for ... but wanted to bring it back to it's showroom condition. $100,000 plus later, here are the results ... if you think it's magnificent in the photos? Wait till you see and drive it!!! The 1st thing we did was to remove the engine and send it to Russ Jung Performance ... Russ has been building engines for more than 30 years ... in South Florida ... he is the best of the best! The carbs went to DeVeaux's ... 40 years in the business. All the glass was removed ... all the windows and the doors, trunk and hood taken off this car. The entire interior was removed ... dash ... carpets ... door panels ... seats and headliner. The gauges [were] taken out and most of the wiring, and every piece of chrome & trim carefully removed. The generator and starter were sent out to be rebuilt as was the brake booster. All the window motors were rebuilt as was the power up and down trunk mechanism. The radiator was redone as was the gas gauge and sending unit. The gas tank was removed, boiled and sealed ... then pressure tested. Every piece of chrome, trim and pot metal was redone by Florida's best ... R & H Plating (thank you Felix for a job well done). The leather had to come from Europe ... so did the head liner. The carpeting came from France (Mouton) [I would love to see the purchase order and invoice, from France, for this "mouton"; and note, BTW, that the original car was fitted with Karakul carpeting, not mouton]. The complete trunk kit from the U.S. I was able to get all of the vanities for a real bargain....LOL ($25,000!). Look at the photos ... The Evans special ladies metal handbag [compact?] with assorted items in it's original soft case and in it's original box. The special beveled glass mirror. The magnetized metal drinking cups. The Evans/Cadillac hand lighter in it's original box with instructions. The rare...rare...rare Motorama key chain and blank key [nota: this item, and the Motorama key fob, was NOT a part of the Brougham vanities]. The Lanvin Perfume ... still in the original box with the instructions [was it an original "set", completre with atomizer top (#859), or just the 1 oz. bottle of "Arp�ge" extract (#858)?]. Doing this car is a real labor of love ... Marv Turner who did such a magnificent job painting this car had almost 800 hours of labor involved ... and we had 1750 hours of in house labor as well. John O [???] of Ft. Lauderdale did an incredible job sewing the seats ... I have [been] using John for over 10 years. In our eyes ... he is the best! [did he "do" also that red "custom" 1959-60 Cadillac convertible "Motorama Show Car"  with TV in the dash?]. We have included a You-tube video of the trunk ... it is operated from the glove box ... auto release and auto close as well!

57EB40ax.jpg (11848 bytes)    57eb40d.jpg (10631 bytes)    57eb40e1.jpg (9521 bytes)
This is the "all oriuginal" car before Marve acquired it

57EB40B.jpg (29551 bytes)    57eb40xx.jpg (8142 bytes)

    57EB40C.jpg (27745 bytes)    57EB40F.jpg (22294 bytes)
In these two rows (above), Marv's new acquisition, before restoration

57EB40K.jpg (17789 bytes)    57EB40j.jpg (19273 bytes)    57EB40G.jpg (22274 bytes)

 57eb40cx.jpg (9398 bytes)    57EB40i.jpg (19943 bytes)    57EB40L.jpg (17599 bytes)
The car's "all original" interior, before restoration; the dash panel was covered with a beige, loop-pile carpet!
The original chrome instrument board appears to have been painted the same color as the lower dash !
[ Photos:  Internet, 1/2006 and Yann Saunders collection ]

57EB40N.jpg (26422 bytes)    57EB40M.jpg (18289 bytes)
Restored engine bay and original body tag

    1.57eb40d2.jpg (3942 bytes)   2. 57eb40e2.jpg (6564 bytes)   3. 57eb40d3.jpg (5824 bytes)   4. 57eb40d4.jpg (5069 bytes)
The "original" hood and trunk "ELDORADO" lettering is NOT authentic (pics 1 and 2); the correct lettering type is shown in pics 3 and 4
[ Photos:  Internet, and Yann Saunders collection ]

   57eb40x.jpg (4382 bytes)    57eb40x3.jpg (5718 bytes)    57eb40Dash2a.jpg (15170 bytes)    57eb40x4.jpg (3817 bytes)
This is the "restored" interior and dash after a claimed total investment (with receipts) of $130,000;
the interior trim (black throughout) no longer corresponds to the body tag (it should be beige cloth and leather); the dash has been hastily (and wrongly) restored, at best; on an original Brougham dash,
the padding wraps over the green turn-signal indicator lights; the metal trim panel accommodatingthe radio, the radio controls and the clock should be chrome plated, not painted [seee RH image, below]

57eb40PaintedDash.jpg (16619 bytes)    58eb447LX.jpg (7929 bytes)

  BrgDashDetl2.jpg (4427 bytes)    BrgDashDetl3.jpg (13887 bytes)    BrgDashDetl.jpg (6390 bytes)
This is how a properly restored Eldorado Brougham dash SHOULD look

EvansRealVan.jpg (2429 bytes)    EvansFakeVan.jpg (3007 bytes)
Left: Authentic Brougham vanity case; right: fake item offered with this car;
the RH case is an original, but not the leather covering nor the decorative "V";
"Marv" claims to have bought for this car a full set of Brougham vanities for $25,000;
yeah, right!

Like I said:  Caveat emptor !


Car #41 was owned in the late seventies by Duncan Emmons of Rancho Mirage, CA. Duncan was an active member of the BOA under the presidency of Cy Strickler. At that time, Duncan owned also the following 1957-58 Broughams: #114, 115, 154, 288, 348, 367, 460 and 525Late extra (3/2006): This from enthusiast, Morgan Murphy in Alabama: Just a quick note to say that Brougham #41 has surfaced again at Frank Corrente's in California. He has pictures on his Web site. The car looks pretty weathered, but Frank says it runs, is on air, and is fairly complete. He tells me the original paint code is 136 (Plantation Green). I've never seen that color before. Pretty rare. Yes, Morgan, only 7 cars were ordered in this color in 1957 (...and none at all in 1958). Late Extra [Dec., 2006]:   Perhaps this is one of the two '57 Broughams that Frank was offering for sale in Self Starter for September, 2006. This one had a $40K ticket.

Car #43 was not previously listed here.  Enthusiast Jean-Clause Franchitti writes: I did come across 57 EB #43, #95, #103. I will forward pictures. There is almost nothing left of #95 so you can consider it destroyed. #103 is in extremely poor condition but restorable, and #43 has been reassembled from parts (it does not have the original drive train). Last I heard, the whole package had been purchased by someone in Australia where the cars are now. A 58 parts car was part of the package and I will check for the number.

Car #44 was owned in the late seventies by C. Vaughan Lewis of Utica, NY.  At that time, Vaughan owned also Broughams #214, 622 and 627. One of the '57 models [car #44 or #214?]  with a reported 10K miles and ALL accessories was offered for sale by Vaughan in the CLC's "Self Starter" magazine in Nov.-Dec. 2000 for ...$65,000.

Car #45 currently [2002] is dismantled, awaiting restoration; it is owned by David Barclay of New Jersey [this from Brougham enthusiast Jean-Claude Franchitti ('60 EB #68)]. Late extra (5/2005): David says this car has gone to Texas in parts. I wonder if it will ever be reassembled ?

Car #48 was owned in the late seventies by Ron Wade of Wade's Specialty Vehicles in Vancouver, WA.

Car #49 was advertised for sale, for $8,000,  in one of Bill Pozzi's newsletters of the Brougham Owners' Club, in 1986; at that time it was owned by Gale Roberts of Florissant, MO. In March 1997 it was offered for sale in the CLC's Self Starter for $40,000 by Keith Beers, of Texas.  It was still for sale in Texas in February, 1998. The car is on coil springs and is reported to have "excellent chrome".  More recently, in April 2000, I was informed by Mr. Beers that this car was located in Waxahatchie, TX.  He said it is a running, driving car; it is black with a white interior (originally it was Fairfax blue [code #126] with a blue and white cloth & leather interior [code #218])  Keith says the upholstery was done over in vinyl (!); not immediately visible in the small photo, below (right), one may see that the original pattern was not followed either.  There were no visible vanity items left. Like car #324, below, it has the sabre-spoke wheels.  Keith mentioned also a "modified nose" (custom job).   The car was for sale for $28K [call (972) 490-7579] in Dallas or e-Mail keithhelen@aol.com for more details. Late extra (5/2005): the car was offered again for sale at auction on eBay in May, 2005. The asking price was up from $28K to $50K.  I guess to justify the price hike, the vendor mentions a recent [but unconfirmed] eBay sale of a similar car for $175,000 [car #130]. Later [10/2007]: The car was acquired in November 2005 by Texas collector and enthusiast, Bruce Bixby of Abilene from a Waxahache collector; it is being cared for there by Gordon Bartlett. With help from collector-owner-enthusiast, Dale Armstrong [#554], Gordon has returned the front end to original factory specs. Sadly, two door handles were lost at the platers, so any help finding replacements would be greatly appreciated. Former owner, Lance Hirsch [#436], believes the door handles from any regular 1957 Cadillac model should fit.  No harm in trying, for sure. Latest [Jan., 2008]: Gordon sent the updated photos, below, as well as details of the work done since the car was acquired by its new owner. Gordon says: We're still looking for front door handles , OEM factory radio and lower trunk latch Micro switch. Front End sheet metal has been returned to the original factory design.  The engine and transmission have been completely rebuilt. Factory Original cloth and Leather interior was still intact, under the vinyl seat covers; it was carefully cleaned and redyed to factory colors . The car was completely stripped and repainted factory Fairfax Blue Metallic. All Vanity items are there, except the Atomizer. The car has both sets of wheels (turbines and sabres). The factory air ride components are there, minus the actual air bags; these have been replaced with coil springs and non- factory lower  rear control arms.  Diecast parts have been replated along with the bumpers . Restoration of the car continues at this time [Jan., 2008]. Current mileage is 68K.

57eb049.jpg (9920 bytes)    57eb049b.jpg (6504 bytes)     57eb049c.jpg (6045 bytes)
Above photos:  courtesy of the former owner, Gale Roberts

57eb49ad.jpg (6898 bytes)    57eb49ai.jpg (8845 bytes)    57eb49aa.jpg (7386 bytes)

57eb49ab.jpg (8837 bytes)    57eb49ag.jpg (7080 bytes)    57eb49ah.jpg (6358 bytes)     57eb49af.jpg (5789 bytes)

57eb49aj.jpg (7118 bytes)    57eb49ac.jpg (4423 bytes)    57eb49ae.jpg (4799 bytes)
[ Photos in  above 3 rows: � 2008 and courtesy Bruce Bixby and Gordon Bartlett ]


Car #50 was owned in the late seventies by Kenneth Anderson, Jr. of Southwick, MA.

Car #52 [NEW, May, 2007] although it was a known survivor, this car's whereabouts remained a mystery for the last 30 years.  Today it is (newly) owned by Dorene and Len Esteb of Olympia, WA 98502. The Estebs purchased the car from Ralph Stangland on April 16th 2007. They will restore it.  The car has been sitting in a garage for the last 25 years.  The car was an original Oregon delivery, so it has not strayed too far from home.  The original owner was a Mr. Borden of Pacific Beach in Washington.  The car was damaged in an accident and was bought from the insurance company by a local Aberdeen auto wrecker by the name of Benny Smith.  He repaired the vehicle and drove it for a while.  After he died (date unknown), Ralph Stangland bought the Brougham from Benny Smith's estate.  Mr. Stangland drove it very little; it sat in his shop in Central Park, a community east of Aberdeen, for about 25 years.  After installing a battery, pretty much all of the systems worked; however, the engine won't be started until it is rebuilt. The car currently [May, 2007] has 97,033 miles on the odometer and does need a lot of TLC.

57EB52A.jpg (7996 bytes)
[ Photo: © 2007 and courtesy of Doreen and Len Esteb ]


Car #55 is currently reported in France; I have it on the roster of survivors since the mid-seventies, but with no indication of its whereabouts.  Mr. Branthomme, the current owner who resides in a provincial town south west of Paris tells me it was owned formerly by the French artist Armand, now a resident of the USA. The car is in reasonably good condition but has been converted to coil springs; none of the vanity items remain.  This one was shipped originally to Texas.  The present owner has also 1960 Brougham #72, the one that belonged first to the Emir of Qatar, then to a French postal worker. He picked it up in the South of France in summer, 2001.

57EB55A.JPG (11013 bytes)    57EB55D.JPG (9800 bytes)

    57EB55C.JPG (13679 bytes)
In the foreground is 1957 Eldorado Brougham #55; in the background, 1960 Eldorado Brougham #72

57eb55e.jpg (18145 bytes)    57eb55f.jpg (15149 bytes)
Although the tags on this car (U43-5FM) appear to have been issued in New York
[red Statue of Liberty between two sets of digits] I believe it is car #55  belonging to Mr. Branthomme
[ Photos: © 2002, and courtesy Dirk Van Dorst ]

nyplate.JPG (2158 bytes)
This is "a" NY number;
it is NOT the tag on the car


Car #56 was owned in the late seventies by Alvin Grosse of La Mesa, CA.

Car #57 awas known to have survived but its whereabouts since the mid seventies were not known. Late extra (7/2009): aficionado Andrzej Bujalski from Poland brought it to my attention when he noticed it for sale in the Chicago area for $100 short of $50K. There were no pics fithe cassified ad.

Car #58 ???

[ Image ]


Car #59 appears in the auction catalog results of the 1991 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, where it is identified only by its engine number [#5770-080542].  The condition was described as "very good/excellent". In the late seventies, this car was owned by Don Johnson of Dearborn Heights, MI. It underwent a complete restoration, in Michigan, where it was owned by Dick Baruk, the Brougham collector who completed restoration of the unique 1956 Eldorado Brougham town car.   The car changed hands in April, 2002, and currently belongs to Paul Dehnert, a Texan collector who recently mentioned that he had acquired also car #241.

Car #62 was known to have survived, already back in the late seventies; however its whereabouts were unknown.   In January, 2007 it turned up for sale on eBay.  It looks in quite rough condition.

57EB62a.jpg (10942 bytes)    57EB62b.jpg (11329 bytes)    57EB62d.jpg (11335 bytes)

 57EB62f.jpg (10540 bytes)    57EB62c.jpg (10516 bytes)    57EB62e.jpg (12887 bytes)
Good luck restoring this baby !


Car #63 was owned in the late seventies by Paul Overton of Overton Cadillac-Pontiac Co in McHenry, IL.  This car (engine. #5770083365) was delivered first to New York. It is currently (9/2000) in Sweden and is owned by Björn Tunqvist of Skyttegatan 18, SE 193 32 Sigtuna, Sweden (no known e-mail). The foregoing info was supplied kindly by Jerry Jansson, a Brougham aficionado from Sweden. Thanks Jerry!

57eb63.jpg (13435 bytes)
Photo [cropped] taken at a Swedish Cadillac Club centennial meet
[ Photo: © and courtesy Jan Strandberg, CAC ]


Car #64 was said to have had red leather seats and instrument panel; the carpet was gray mouton. In 1975 this car was listed under two different owner names (Jalon Brown and Don Rancatti, both in MA).   Late extra [June, 2008]:  the car turned up for sale on eBay.  I will add details shortly. It appears to be original and there is no sign of any red trim anywhere in the interior.

57EB64b.jpg (8130 bytes)    57EB64a.jpg (8828 bytes)    57EB64e.jpg (8168 bytes)

57EB64i.jpg (7005 bytes)    57EB64g.jpg (5571 bytes)    57EB64h.jpg (5037 bytes)

57EB64j.jpg (3873 bytes)    57EB64k.jpg (6947 bytes)
If you are unfamiliar with this model, the image at left shows
the lambswool carpet in the rear passenger compartment
[ Photos:  Internet ]


Car #65 was owned in the late seventies by Earl Spitzack of Faribault, MN.

Car #67 I got this message in the Cadillac Database "Visitors' Book" from enthusiast Glen Durmisevich: I currently own this car. Very good original 72,000 mile car with air suspension. Original owner was Gustav Von Reiss of Bloomfield Township, Michigan who owned it about 10 years. During that time, besides winter trips to Florida, #67 was once taken to Sweden on vacation. Previous owners included Doug Dalgleish of Dalgleish Cadillac in Detroit, Michigan who owned it about 10 years and had it repainted it’s current silver. Two-time Meadowbrook Concours d'El�gance winner (1987 and 1990). Glen wants to send some more recent pictures of his car; I will post them when received.

     eb57_67d.JPG (9320 bytes)     eb57_67e.JPG (14846 bytes)
This photo was taken at the GM Technical Center in Warren, MI ,
a most appropriate location for a car as mechanically complex as this one
[ the car is seen here with non-original, sabre-spoke, cast aluminum wheels ]

eb57_67a.JPG (12024 bytes)
This photo was taken in front of the same stately home where Brougham #2
was photographed in 1957; in this photo the car has the correct turbine wheels

brglilac.jpg (6912 bytes)

eb57_67c.JPG (9919 bytes)    EBLILAC.JPG (7817 bytes)
The small photo (two rows up) was previously shown (in error) under car #118
[ All photos of EB #67 (except lower right):  courtesy Glen Durmisevich, owner ]


Car #68 was offered for sale at auction, on Ebay, in January, 2008. It appears all original [except for having been converted to coil springs], including the seat material, Karakul carpets and headliner. It was owned by the same collector for 20 years and was delivered originally to New York. Repainted and rechromed in the vendor's shop, this is a low-mileage example of the first-year Eldorado Brougham. No vanities were mentioned. Late Extra [4/2009]:   the car was listed in Hemmings for May, 2009, by Troby's Memory Lane.

57eb68e.jpg (9575 bytes)    57eb68d.jpg (8329 bytes)

57eb68c.jpg (4879 bytes)    57eb68b.jpg (4462 bytes)    57eb68a.jpg (5553 bytes)


Car #69 On May 16, 2005, this message was posted in the Database Guest Book by an enthusiast named  "Glenn" ( no email / no homepage).  He wrote: In case your interested 1957 El Dorado Brougham #69 is in Portland Or. It's Gun metal blue. Originally, this car was painted white and had dark and light gray leather trim.  Late Extra [Dec. 2006] :  the car has been acquired by an enthusiast who wants to remain anonymous; I shall respect his wish. Perhaps he might supply a couple of pics, nevertheless, for the Database.

Car #70 was acquired from an estate in Pasadena, CA;   the car is being restored to better-than-new ($60,000 already invested according to one source - 1998);  a car for the serious buyer. Car is described in an ad from Mike Rizzuto as:  Very desirable factory color combination, dark Grey metallic exterior, light Grey full leather interior! Nice dry California car from Pasadena Estate. Currently undergoing 100 point Pebble Beach quality restoration. Body has been flawlessly metal finished using no bondo. Gorgeous lacquer paint, rebuilt and balanced engine and transmission, five perfect rechromed turbine wheels. Countless goodies go with this car. $60,000 spent so far. Looking for a new owner that wants only the very best and will, like us, not settle for less. Accepting offers, please inquire. Make no mistake, this will be the finest available at completion.

Car #71 is believed to have been parted out.  Enthusiast David King wrote, in November 2005, that he had acquired a large cache of parts from another enthusiast, Steve Barnett (ex-#563).  Among them were many from this car, including the oil change and ID tag from the driver's door jamb..  David was wondering if the stripped chassis or body had survived.  If anyone has the answer, let me know through the Database Guest Book.

Car #72 was owned in the late seventies by Tom Jaime of Bridgeport, CT, then by Kenneth J. Anderson of Southwick, MA, who had it offered for sale in one of Bill Pozzi's newsletter of the Brougham Owners' Club in 1986.   Where is it now?

Car #74 was owned in the late seventies by Louis Mickelson of Center Valley, PA. Late extra [Dec., 2005]: the car has been offered for sale on EBay with a very reasonable starting bid of $100.  Reported in the Carolinas, it appears [photos] to require considerable work to attain show car status. Late extra [3/2006]:   The car has found a new home and is in the safe hands of an owner who wishes to remain anonymous.

57EB074b.jpg (11979 bytes)    57EB074c.jpg (11455 bytes)

57EB074d.jpg (8220 bytes)    57EB074e.jpg (13961 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 1/2006 ]


Car #76 [NEW, 4/2007]; was a known survivor but had been lost from sight for almost 30 years.   Shawn Dougan of Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars informed me that the car was in that company's possession, along with #16 (above).  I am hoping to get more information about it, as well as a couple of pics for the survivors' roster in the near future.

[ images to come ]


Car #77 was offered for sale in the first quarter, 1998 for $14,500. It was described as a "disassembled CA project car". In another ad by the vendor, Mike Rizzuto, it was described thus: Rare, desirable colors, bondo and rust free, disassembled California project car from Palm Springs. Only 400 built and one of ten built with Maharani Maroon #152 paint code. The most sought after color of all! This car is in Sweden where it is being restored for a  mysterious "Mr B" by Hans Emeren of Autocraft in Vikarbyn.

Car #79 was last reported (1978) at the Indianapolis 500 Speedway Museum; at that time, the odometer showed 6000 miles. Is the car still there?  I don't recall seeing it when I visited the museum in September, 2006.  On that visit, I was more interested in the museum's 1932 Cadillac V16, "Madame X" model!

Car #80 is currently [1998] in Norway, with Classic Auto Parts of Trondheim; it is on air springs and is undergoing a total restoration. The owner, Mr. Kjell Kraakmo, informed me in March, 2003, that his car is undergoing a full "nut and bolt" restoration. Kjell was fortunate to find, a couple of years ago, a full set of NOS air diaphragms, still  in the sealed factory boxes; he also has acquired a set of the Mastermind repro airbags that he keeps in temperature-controlled storage, so he us assured that #80 will be "riding on air" for (at least) the next 45 years! Parts for these cars, he says, are going over the moon; for example, he had to pay over $1000 for a nice, original front hood "V" !

Car #81 was offered for sale in Las Vegas in the first quarter, 1998; no price was given. It was said to be in condition #4 and comes with five excellent hub caps.

Car #83 [NEW, 1/2007] has turned up unexpectedly (it was not included previously on this roster of survivors); it was offered for sale a number of times on Internet (EBay) by Chicago Classic Cars.   The listed "buy-it-now" price is gradually increasing: first it stood at $92,500, then $110,000, then $125,000.  The original owner was P.K. Wrigley [Philip K. Wrigley was the longtime owner of the Chicago Cubs, which he inherited when his father, chewing gum mogul William Wrigley Jr., died in 1932].  The description included the following: this is a pillarless 4-door hardtop sedan, Camelot Gray [the only one painted that color in 1957] with Black & White leather upholstery, all vanities except beveled mirror, original Bill-of-Sale indicating P.K. Wrigley as the buyer, original matching numbers 365cid V8 engine with dual quads, automatic transmission, autronic eye, power windows, power vent windows, power seat with memory, polarized sun visors, air conditioning, power trunk open & close, clock, signal seeking am radio with twin speakers, day/night rearview mirror, L78x15 white-wall tires, electric door locks, stainless steel roof, power steering, power brakes, forged aluminum wheels, outside rearview mirror with remote control, mileage: 50,886, VIN: 5770090427.  In one attempt to sell the car [March 2007] the vendor added the mileage (50,886mi); he said: Driven only 81 miles in the past 19 years.

57EB83a.jpg (24419 bytes)

57EB83b.jpg (20037 bytes)    57eb83c.jpg (20069 bytes)

57eb83d.jpg (10450 bytes)    57eb83e.jpg (8924 bytes)    57EB83c2.jpg (4015 bytes)     57eb83x.jpg (4199 bytes)


Car #87 [NEW, 4/2009] is reported to have survived.  It is currently [2009] not a running car. This information and the pics below were supplied kindly by CLC member Bill Refakis who found it while researching 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz survivors.  Bill said: long time owner (30 years) picked it up from a friend who had been driving it till the transmission quit; he took it apart to restore it; here it remains. I am considering this to be a parts car until such time as I'm told that it is in the process of being restored.

57eb87d.jpg (27410 bytes)    57eb87e.jpg (30252 bytes)    57eb87b.jpg (23403 bytes)

 57eb87f.jpg (23878 bytes)    57eb87c.jpg (25393 bytes)    57eb87a.jpg (31983 bytes)
Hard to tell from the pics if the car is complete and restorable (although  EVERY car is restorable  ...with enough means)
[ Photos: © 2009, Bill Refakis ]


Car #89 was reported in the Aalholm Museum, Denmark, in the seventies. I was in letter contact with its owner, Count J.O. Raben, at that time but have since lost touch.  Of the "personal accessories", the only one on this car is the beveled mirror]. [8/2012]  As per a recent update shared by Freddy Nørgaard's, the car was sold at auction from the now closed Aalholm Automobil Museum. The museum was located at the Aalholm Castle in Nysted, Denmark. [9/2012]  Yann Saunders confirmed that the auctioneer was RM auctions and that the car sold for a reported DK291,200 (circa $50,000).

57eb89s.jpg (34590 bytes)

Car #90 Brougham enthusiast Jim Jordan of Oklahoma sent in this information: This car was traded in, in 1958, on a new Fleetwood 60 Special because it was too small for its original owner, a tall fellow, in Oklahoma City. Subsequently it went to a doctor in Norman, OK and then to a couple of attorneys in Oklahoma City. It has not been seen since those attorneys went through a divorce in the mid 1970's. Late extra (Sept., 2003): This just came in from enthusiast, Ken Zimmermann, who currently owns the car: Hi, first time on your site. Just love it. So much valuable information. I wanted to update your Brougham page with information about my 1957, #90. I have owned it since 1991. Bought it from a gentleman in Middleton, Ohio. I believe he owned it for about 8 years before me. Kenya Beige, working air ride, all original condition, roof is excellent, chrome is good, paint and interior are fair. Runs well. I garaged the car in Chicago for 11 years. It currently lives in my garage in Florida. I've been a long standing member of the CLC and Brougham Owners Club, but haven't heard from the Brougham club in a long time. Is the club still in operation? A address, phone or e mail would be helpful. Thanks for all your hard work on your site. Ken Zimmerman. Sad to say, Ken, I have no idea about the future of the BOA since the untimely passing of its President, Allan Dowling, on February 22, 2003. I have not contacted Allan's widow; I will allow for a normal period of mourning.

Car #91 was not previously listed as a survivor.  It was brought to my attention by a posting from its present owner on the Cadillac-LaSalle Club Inc. message Forum. He says : I own a 1957 Eldorado Brougham that is not yet listed in the Data Index [the Cadillac Database] and I desire to put it on the market for sale. However, because of it's uniqueness, I need advice on how to set a price and what the best route is for finding a buyer. Should I set a price and advertise or seek out an auction house or go to Ebay or contact museums? Does it make financial sense to invest in paying for restoration (fix the airbags, deal with the problems caused by it sitting unstarted for twenty years, and sew a few of the seams splits in the leather seats together) prior to selling it, or look for an individual who relishes the chance to restore the vehicle? Plus, does having the original manual and the tumblers and cigarette case factor into a final price? Well, Matthew, I share the opinion of other CLC members who responded to your query.   If you are bent on selling the car, I recommend you leave it "as is" and find the highest bidder.  These cars certainly have appreciated in value over the last 10 years; from your description, it sounds as though it is in good to very good condition; it is a two-owner, low-mileage car that has never left Pennsylvania, where it was delivered, initially, in 1957.  That said, I would not recommend that anyone buy it without a thorough inspection by a Eldorado Brougham expert.  There are a few in the club. BTW, factory records show that your car had the Karakul nylon carpets and not the optional Mouton style. Late Extra [12/2004]: Brougham enthusiast Ron Susser wrote to say : #91 will be available for sale soon by me. It's in fantastic original unrestored condition. Late Late Extra [6/2005] I saw it advertised by Ron, in June 2005, with a $80K price tag. Check it out on this Web pageEven Later Extra [9/2005] :   the car was advertised on eBay.  Here are excerpts about the car's history, as provided by the vendor :  The car was just purchased from the second owner's grandson. His family has owned the car since 1958. He said : The car was purchased in 1958 by my Grandfather and has been in the family since. It was delivered at a Cadillac dealership in Lancaster, PA, and remained in PA until we moved to Illinois in 2004. It has been garaged for the entire time. From what family members say and then confirmed in the insurance papers, the price paid was $15,000. My grandfather loved the car and used it only on special occasions and to go to church.  Mr. Hicks chauffeured the car when my Grandmother went to Atlantic city for a number of years as a summer escape (pre-casinos). My mother once drove the car by herself for a weekend trip to New York City. It carried my mother and her new husband from their wedding reception to the Honeymoon car parked outside of town. It also carried my grandfather's widow Rhoda and family to the funeral in 1965. After his death the car became the property of his wife, Rhoda . She used it on occasion. As a child, I remember being driven to the pool in the Brougham as well as to a drive-in movie. My friend and I played with the electric windows and ran the battery down so that the car had to be jumped to get home. The rising of the car [air lift] when it started was a very memorable event. The car's ownership came into my hands upon my grandmother's death in 1985. I did not live in the area however, and the vehicle stayed in the garage of the same house that my mother then inherited. Mr. Hicks was the gentleman who would take care of the car and changed it's oil, gave it a great coat of wax and started it regularly. He did this until his death in 1998 at the age of 97. More pics of Car #91 may be seen on this web page.

57EB91B.JPG (9934 bytes)    57eb91q.jpg (5059 bytes)    57EB91A.JPG (5884 bytes)

    57eb91r.jpg (4066 bytes)    57eb91s.jpg (5473 bytes)     57eb91f.jpg (14687 bytes)
[ Photos : © 2004, Ron Susser, and Internet, 10/2004 ]


Car #92 was owned originally by the CEO of Dow Chemicals; it was reported as a survivor but now is classified as only a parts car by enthusiast/owner Paul Dehnert of Austin, TX (cars #59 and #241).

Cars #93 and 94 [current whereabouts unknown]  had specially dyed blue mouton carpeting.

Car #95  was located in 3/2006 by enthusiast Jean-Clause Franchitti. He  writes: I did come across 57 EB #43, #95, #103. I will forward pictures. There is almost nothing left of #95 so you can consider it destroyed. #103 is in extremely poor condition but restorable, and #43 has been reassembled from parts (it does not have the original drive train). Last I heard, the whole package had been purchased by someone in Australia where the cars are now. A '58 parts car was part of the package and I will check for the number.

Car #97 This one belongs to Adrian Vigil; it is located in New Mexico.  It was delivered first to California.  I had it listed previously as being owned in 1998 by BOA member Alphie Quelette of Sherborn, MA. Apparently, Alphie's car is 1960EB#97, not THIS car. BTW, the car illustrated below sold at auction in April, 2008, for $125,000.

57eb97e.jpg (9389 bytes)    57eb97c.jpg (4237 bytes)

57eb97f.jpg (9155 bytes)    57eb97g.jpg (7104 bytes)    57eb97d.jpg (7109 bytes)
These photos were supplied kindly by
the new owner, Adrian Vigil


Car #98 is reported to be an original, one-owner car ...but a non-runner; nonetheless it was offered for sale in 1998 for $21,000 as part of an estate sale.


Car #99 was owned from new, until the nineties (?) by Edwin Alfred of Merion, PA. Ed also owned the last Brougham ever built, #704; that car had the fins removed at one time. Late Extra (8/2002):Eldorado Brougham "sleuth", Jerry Jansson from Sweden, sent me this ad: FOR SALE ELDORADO: 1957 Brougham, restored from low mileage early serial number 99, air ride, rebuilt engine, trans, susp, etc, also 1958 Eldo Brougham, complete for parts or restoration, $35,000. PH: 845-359-5439, NY. Later (10/2002): CLC member, Joe Rubert owns this car (10/2002); the car is restored; it has 37K miles and still includes a number of the original vanities. Later still (11/2007):  the car was offered on Ebay and sold for $115,000. It was described as a"strong #2" and had a reported 45+K miles; it came with all the vanities. Even later still (3/2008):  Currently located in Texas, the car is up for sale on EBay once again.  A few more photos have been added, below.  It certaiunly looks to be in fine condition. Later yet (4/2008):  It's on Ebay again, until April 13, 2008, with a Buy-It-Now price tag of $145,000 [that's up some from $35,000 in 2002!].  Admittedly, nice ones like this are getting hard to find ...at any price! The mileage is "back down" to 38+K although it was reported to have 45+K miles when it sold in 2007. Obviously, one or other of these figures is mistaken. The auction ended ...without a buyer.  Latest (8/2008):  #99 popped up on Ebay for the 4th time in 2 years, this time with new (ugly?) wide whitewall tires. It was bid up to $105,100 but did not meet the vendor's reserve.

57eb99c.jpg (7126 bytes)    57eb99b.jpg (7217 bytes)    57eb99a.jpg (5446 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 10/2007 ]

57eb99A1.jpg (8089 bytes)    57eb99B1.jpg (5416 bytes)    57eb99C1.jpg (6800 bytes)

57EB99D1.jpg (5715 bytes)    57EB99F1.jpg (5389 bytes)
[ Photos (above 2 rows):  Internet, 3/2008 ]

57eb99AA.jpg (11429 bytes)    57EB99AB.jpg (7259 bytes)    57EB99AC.jpg (6039 bytes)

    57EB99AH.jpg (6491 bytes)    57EB99AF.jpg (4358 bytes)     57EB99AG.jpg (3467 bytes)
[ Photos (above 2 rows):  Internet, 8/2008 ]

Car #100 is currently [1998] in the Detroit area.  The owner sent me this information after reading the Brougham section of "The (new) Cadillac Database".  The car has very low actual mileage [circa 34K].  It was originally exported [I am guessing to Canada]. The car was purchased from John P. O'Sullivan of Grand Blanc, MI in Sept. 1994 (Mr. O'S had acquired it eight years previously from a vendor in central PA).

Car #101 Resides in the former Harrah's collection in Reno, NV.  This information was supplied kindly by Damon Lenszner of England (car #130). Thanks Damon. Isn't it amazing how more and more Brougham survivors just keep popping up?  Late extra [from Jerry Jansson, Sweden, 3/2006]: well,   it seems there are TWO Harrah Broughams.  Car #101 apparently is silver-gray, not blue; so it is NOT the blue car shown below; that one now remains to be identified correctly.  Can anyone supply the VIN numbers of the two cars? Latest [3/2006]#101 is now in the collection of Dr. Rick Zeiger, a most enthusiastic collector of exotic Cadillacs, as well as a regular contributor to the Cadillac Database �.

57EB101a.jpg (14818 bytes)    57EB101cb.jpg (14732 bytes)

57EB101k.jpg (9783 bytes)    57EB101f.jpg (7348 bytes)    57EB101g.jpg (9082 bytes)

57EB101i.jpg (9118 bytes)    57EB101j.jpg (9759 bytes)    57EB101l.jpg (18767 bytes)
These three rows show car #101; Jerry Jansson sent me a far better picture of  the body tag, where you can see
that the Trim and Paint numbers correspond to factory records as #859-1 and #112 respectively; trim code #859-1

is white leather with black leather accents and black Karakul nylon carpets [this appears to match the photos]; the
original paint was Chamonix White [code #112]; here we see a silver-gray car [possibly Brougham color Argent]

57eb101.jpg (8902 bytes)
This is the "other" Brougham from the Harrah collection;
Photo supplied kindly by UK enthusiast, Damon Lenszner


Car #102 [NEW, May 2008] turned up at a Barrett-Jackson auction, out of the blue; it was not previously known to have survived. I believe it is the car shown in the photos below, sporting 1953 Eldorado-style spoke wheels. It was brought to my attention by Brougham enthusiast, George Poretta.  Thanks, George.

57eb102a.jpg (10086 bytes)    57eb102b.jpg (9971 bytes)


Car #103 was owned in the late seventies by Carl Gorton of Merritt Island, FL. Late extra [3/2006]:  Enthusiast Jean-Clause Franchitti writes: I did come across 57 EB #43, #95, #103. I will forward pictures. There is almost nothing left of #95 so you can consider it destroyed. #103 is in extremely poor condition but restorable, and #43 has been reassembled from parts (it does not have the original drive train). Last I heard, the whole package had been purchased by someone in Australia where the cars are now. A 58 parts car was part of the package and I will check for the number.

Car #105 was owned in the late seventies by John Miller of Natick, NY.  At that time, John owned also 1957-58 Broughams #199 and 305, 1959 Brougham #92 and 1960 Broughams #22, 75 and 97.  Car #105 was used recently [1998] to test after-market air diaphragms. It was offered for sale in the first quarter, 1998 for $27,500 and at the end of 1999 for $27000.  Mike Rizzuto, the vendor, claims that he has $54000 invested in the car including a $10000 new air ride system. It needed only "cosmetics" to be a show car.  In Jan. 2000 this car was acquired by CLC member Tom Beard from Mike Rizzuto of Mastermind. He says it will have a wonderful new home in Florida where he will continue the restoration that Mike started.

Car #107 was featured in the Fall 2002 edition of the BOA's Newsletter (Vol. 14, #3). Owned by Robert Werner of Dayton, OH, it received a recent full restoration by Bob Morris of  Morris Auto Restoration in Bellbrook, OH, and immediately won three prizes at the Boonshoft Concours d'El�gance in Dayton, OH, September 8, 2002 ("Judges' choice", "Best of Show" as well as the category "Cadillac, 1947-77").  On September 12, 2003, the car got another award of excellence in the premier class of the Boonshaft Concours. Originally Deauville Gray (paint code 118) the car is now painted Dakota red.  Photo below, courtesy BOA. Robert is the son of Calvin J. Werner who was Cadillac President and General Manager from September 1, 1966 to June 30, 1969.   There is a fine article on this car in Hemmings Classic Car  for August, 2005.

    57EB107aa.jpg (14764 bytes)    57EB107ab.jpg (11562 bytes)    57eb107ad.jpg (8785 bytes)    57eb107ya.JPG (11324 bytes)

57EB107.JPG (11544 bytes)    57eb107zz.jpg (22700 bytes)    

57eb107ac.jpg (10485 bytes)    57eb107af.jpg (8397 bytes)    57eb107vv.jpg (31402 bytes)

57EB107X.JPG (12720 bytes)    brgAnniv50b.jpg (11401 bytes)    57eb107ag.JPG (16330 bytes)

    57EB107b.JPG (17543 bytes)    57eb107xa.jpg (29864 bytes)    57EB_Mag.jpg (21978 bytes)


Car #109 was offered for sale in the first quarter, 1998 for $33,900. Restoration was described as "under way", with only the seats, trunk and wheels to complete. Late Extra [Nov., 2007].  Belgian enthusiast, Dirk Van Dorst, saw this one on a recent trip to Hershey, PA, and kindly sent the photo, below. Apparently the car was sold recently by the Kruse organisation.  If anyone has more info (price, location?), I shall gladly add it here.

57EB109.JPG (12377 bytes)    57eb109a.JPG (10574 bytes)    57eb109b.JPG (11419 bytes)
[ Photos: courtesy Dirk Van Dorst ]


Car #110 currently is owned by Ken Long, a CPA from Dallas, TX.  Thanks to Wayne Meadlin of Fort Worth, TX for this new information [Wayne is currently restoring car #274 for its owner]. I believe car #110 was offered for sale in Chicago, IL, in January, 1971 [no price given at that time]. 

Car #113 was discovered in Sweden by my favorite Eldorado Brougham "sleuth", Jerry Jansson. This was an export car (initial destination unknown); currently it belongs to Borje Hedman of Alvdalen, Sweden. The owner currently [7/2002] has the car completely dismantled and undergoing a meticulous restoration. Mr. Hedman provided a copy of an Illinois title from June 28, 1989 listing the [then] owner as Mr. Harry Shepard of Lincolnwood, IL. According to Mr. Hedman, Mr. Shepard was the first owner of the vehicle; nonetheless, the records show it was an export model

eb57113a.jpg (13324 bytes)    eb57113b.jpg (8476 bytes)
[ Photos from the early 90s: courtesy Borje Hedman and Jerry Jansson ]


Car #114 was owned in the late seventies by Duncan Emmons of Rancho Mirage, CA. Duncan was an active member of the BOA under the presidency of Cy Strickler. At that time, Duncan owned also the following 1957-58 Broughams: #41, 115, 154, 288, 348, 367, 460 and 525.  This particular car was used as a show car for the Canadian Exposition, before it was delivered to California; rumor has it that it was first purchased by Bob Hope [Bob is also rumored to have owned car #571]. It is listed as a Senior car in the latest CLC Directory (2002), owned by member Don Weber of Sacramento, CA.

Car #115 was owned in the late seventies by Duncan Emmons of Rancho Mirage, CA. Duncan was an active member of the BOA under the presidency of Cy Strickler. At that time, Duncan owned also the following 1957-58 Broughams: #41, 114, 154, 288, 348, 367, 460 and 525.

Car #116 is a parts car located in Quincy, MA; it is owned by Rich Laretano who advertised it in the Winter 2000, BOA Newsletter. Phone (617) 847-4817 or  (617) 688-4837

Car #117 is a known survivor; it was previously listed here but the owner has requested that I remove my comments and his photos. Done [P.S.  [3/2003] Despite this car being alleged the "finest Brougham in the world", it found no buyer willing to pay six digits for it]. Late Extra [August 2004]:   the car has a new owner who kindly provided this update: Since we last spoke I have had numerous things done to the car. This has been a rather continuous process which has been successful in terms of concours events in Southern California this year. The car has consistently won either First In Class, Best of Show and the like. It was First in Class at this year's Southern California Cadillac-LaSalle Club meet on May 2 and First in Class and Most Elegant at the Muckenthaller in Orange County May 16. The car was completely restored prior to my purchase; it was without vanities and owners manual. I have since located and purchased all the vanities. I have not been able to purchase a correct owner's manual. We did find some problems with paint, chrome, a/c, electrics (seats, e.g.), radio not working, antenna not extending fully, service work on the engine, a turn signal short and the like. The car sat continuously with the previous owner and I suspect that led to some of the problems. I used Alan Taylor Restorations in Escondido, California. As you probably know, Alan has consistently prepared numerous cars for Pebble Beach and is considered one of the finest restorers in the nation [yes, I am familiar with his outfit]. Fortunately, he also has enormous experience with Cadillacs of all ages, but more importantly someone on his staff intimately familiar with all aspects of the EB. The car is not the original colors of 148 Kenya Beige with 434 Beige Cloth/Leather. It is now Fairfax Blue with Blue Leather and Mouton carpet. All of the above-mentioned problems have been rectified and all systems on the car now function correctly. If you would like some current pictures of the car just let me know. I am hopeful we can work together to update the Database. Thanks, I look forward to getting some photos from you. Later [June, 2006]:  I never got the photos but I see the car is for sale again, on eBay, with a starting bid of $225,000 and a "Buy-it-Now" price of $250,000!   Remember, those prices are not a reflection of what the car is worth (that is a matter of market trends, supply and demand), it is only an indication of what the car is worth to its present owner.  Also it will enable him - and other vendors - to up the ante by asserting, later: I saw one of these for sale on eBay, in June 2006, for $225,000!   Later still [Dec., 2007]: The car is again advertised for sale, this time in Hemmings Motor News, Dec., 2007, with a price tag just $100 short of $240,000.  Latest [May, 2010]: The car is again advertised for sale, once again on Ebay, with a price tag now of $255,000! I guess the extra $15,000 relate to the 30 months of storage. Most of the photos below are off eBay. 

        57EB117Nn.jpg (12023 bytes)    57EB117Jj.jpg (11345 bytes)

57EB117K.jpg (10079 bytes)     57EB117Mm.jpg (5935 bytes)

57eb117xb.JPG (21652 bytes)    57EB117Pp.jpg (8852 bytes)    57EB117LL.jpg (10099 bytes)

57eb117b.jpg (21646 bytes)   

57eb117a.jpg (18292 bytes)    57eb117c.jpg (17152 bytes)    57eb117e.jpg (14078 bytes)

57EB117Aa.jpg (7399 bytes)    57EB117Ee.jpg (7894 bytes)    57EB117Bb.jpg (7409 bytes)    57EB117Cc.jpg (7231 bytes)

57EB117Dd.jpg (8797 bytes)    57eb117d.jpg (11721 bytes)    57eb117xd.JPG (18793 bytes)    57EB117Hh.jpg (7836 bytes)
This car is complete with all original vanities and owner's manual;
you can see the full set in detail on this page of the Database

[ all photos:  © and courtesy of the owner ]

Car #118 graced the cover of the Brougham Owner's Association (BOA) newsletter, Winter 2001 edition, Vol. 13, #4.  This is a welcome newcomer to the roster of survivors. I am hoping to get more information about it either directly from its owners or from members of the BOA who are familiar with it. The owner's name is Mike Van Sicklen of Austin, TX and the car has a reported 61K miles. Late Extra [November, 2010]: The car is now lot #474 of an upcoming Leake auction. More photos from the Leake catalog have been added, below. Late Extra (1/2011): The car was offered at auction by Russo & Steele at their Monterey venue, 2011. The car is reported to have sold for $69,300.

eb57_118.jpg (11820 bytes)
Could this be #118? The color seems to match!

57eb117aa2.jpg (16521 bytes)    57eb117ab2.jpg (19994 bytes)    57eb117ac2.jpg (23100 bytes)

57eb117ad2.jpg (33518 bytes)    57eb117ae2.jpg (47555 bytes)

57eb117ag2.jpg (33392 bytes)
[ Photos in above three rows: Leake on-line auction catalog"] 


Car #120 appears in these photos to be a parts car.  Unfortunately, I appear to have mislaid the data as well as the enthusiast who sent me the pics; sorry. Late Extra [Jan., 2008]:  this just in from Guy Obren, a Cadillac enthusiats from Australia [perhaps it was guy who first mentioned the car to me]: #120 is now sitting along side #316 and #551; it is very complete but needs restoring. 

57EB120xx.jpg (11059 bytes)    57eb120c.JPG (4593 bytes)

57eb120b.JPG (5267 bytes)    57eb120d.JPG (3357 bytes)    57eb120a.JPG (6850 bytes)


Car #121 was owned in the late seventies by Harry King of San Jose, CA.

57eb121b.jpg (13729 bytes)    57eb121a.jpg (15501 bytes)


Car #122 [NEW, May 2009] was brought to my attention by enthusiast, Jon Crissman.  This one was owned by Peter Krell of Dallas, TX.  I am unaware of the condition of the vehicle at this time.  I do know that Peter has/had some parts cars at his disposal in the past. The car is still the original black color with medium green trim.  Peter may be contacted at 7211 Valley View Pl., Dallas, TX 75240. Ph (972) 458-2004, or at www.petesclassiccars.com. Lat Extra [6/2009]:  My friend and Brougham "sleuth" in Sweden. Jerry Jansson, tipped me that the car was for sale on eBay. Latest [7/2009]:  Peter himself contacted me to say that #122 had been sold (he ended the auction early).


[ Photos: eBay Web site ]


Car #123 was owned in the late seventies by John Vicker of Canton, OH. Brougham aficionado Jerry Jansson  found this info on the Hemmings Motor News site on March 12, 2001: Eldorado Brougham, #123, original car, Deauville gray, air, suspension, 16,955 miles. 717-362-9449, PA; e-mail:  hoffdte@epix.net  The car changed hands in the first quarter of 2001.  It will be going to a new home in Newport Beach, CA, where it will be restored to its former splendor. The new owner, Michael D. Brooks said:  "#123 has arrived. Stored in Ohio 1961 to 1999 when it was inherited by a friend in PA. Purchased from him on Feb 2001 and shipped to Newport Beach, CA in April 2001. No vanities except cigarette case. Appears to be absolutely complete and untouched original. Interior leather complete and un-torn. Exterior original paint exceptional. Chrome above average, stainless and rubber perfect. Auto start, trunk, door locks, radio, windows, etc. all work! Original spare in trunk. Engine area complete and original. Air ride works with one leaking diaphragm. To be near it feels like something very special and rare has just come out of deep storage to again join the world. 16,800 original miles. Filthy dirty BUT it is air deposited dirt....wipes off with cloth and water. No restoration needed...just an estimated 200 hours of cleaning. Needs carpet, one air diaphragm. All together a precious find!" In April 2003, Michael added:   ...The car is now totally serviced and cleaned and is truly outstanding. All vanities have been acquired (repro atomizer) along with an owner's manual. Recently Dale Armstrong went through the car and the air suspension is 99.99% perfect. A/C, antenna, seat, headlight dimmer, and everything else works perfectly. Brougham owners should consider Dale Armstrong the PREMIER mechanic in the U.S.A. for Broughams....I could go on and on about his capabilities and knowledge. This 17,000-mile car rides like a dream with no rattles, squeaks, wind noise, or vibrations.....must be better than new with radials now installed. I am extremely fortunate to have this car and will cherish it....since it will outlast me!"  Michael offered the car for sale on eBay in April, 2006; the minimum required opening bid was $105,000 or you could "Buy it Now" for $165,000.  There were no bidders.  IMO, a low-mileage, original car like this would fare better if represented by one of the major US auction houses like Russo & Steel, Kruse, Barrett-Jackson.  BTW, if you would like a DETAILED look at Michael's car, check out this Web page.   Amazing!

57EB123a.jpg (13975 bytes)    57EB123C.jpg (12527 bytes)    57eb123aa.jpg (36449 bytes)

57EB123S.jpg (6207 bytes)    57EB123V.jpg (8076 bytes)    57EB123P.jpg (14980 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2006 and courtesy Michael D. Brooks - eBay auction site ]

Car #124 [NEW, 11/2007] was brought to my attention by owner-enthusiast, Xavier Gutierrez.  He wrote: EB # 124 appears to be a survivor not yet on your list.  I have only limited information for you about this one, as follows:  The car was advertised for sale locally on the internet here in southern California in August/Sept. of 2007 with a $33,000 asking price.  When I made e-mail contact with the daughter of the gentleman selling the car, I was told that the car had been sold - I did not find out the price.  I inquired further and was advised that the car was body # 124 and reported to have 76,000 original miles, but had not been started in well over 10 years.  I saw only one picture of the car, and it appeared to have been parked outside for quite a while in a semi-rural area of Riverside county in southern California.  I have tried to get further particulars about where the car went, etc., but have not yet been successful.  I will advise if I am able to find out additional info on this new survivor.

Car #126 was for sale, in Germany, in 1997 by a car-dealer near Bremen. Originally Laurentian green [paint #134] with green and white leather [trim #6581], it has been repainted ...red! [information from Volker Meerkamp, Germany - 12/1998].  I saw this car at the International Cadillac meet at Zurzach, in Switzerland, August 2000.   Roger Zimmermann's car (#230) was there too.  All I shall say is that Roger's Brougham was the nicer of the two. The red one no longer had the Brougham wheels but, instead, the saber type used on Eldorado models from 1955 to 1958. No, I did not ask the price.

Eb57126b.jpg (11967 bytes)

eb57_126.jpg (8348 bytes)    57eb126c.jpg (7884 bytes)  
[ Photo (left):  courtesy Jerry Jansson, Sweden ]

Car #128
was owned in the late seventies by Chuck Stapleton of Fountain Valley, CA. Late Extra (5/2005):  Collector-enthusiasts David Barclay says he now owns the car.  It is a parts car. The images, below, are self explanatory.

57eb128c.jpg (6470 bytes)    57eb128b.jpg (6166 bytes)    57eb128d.jpg (4905 bytes)

57eb128e.jpg (5576 bytes)    57eb128f.jpg (5358 bytes)    57eb128g.jpg (9649 bytes) 
[ Photos:  courtesy of the owner ]


Car #129 was owned in the late seventies by William Claypool of Miami, FL.  At that time, William owned also Brougham #10, above. Late extra [9/2007]: the car has resurfaced after many years "in limbo". It is being offered for sale by RM Auctions in October, 2007 [this tip from owner-enthusiast, Michael Brooks]. Click here to access the auction web site.  The catalog description reads as follows [excerpts]:This stunning maroon [originally black] 1957 Eldorado Brougham displays an older restoration that has been refreshed and fully serviced. The brushed stainless steel roof is in immaculate condition, and although the chrome is not of concours quality, it has excellent luster and is generally very good. The paintwork and maroon and white combination cloth and leather interior [originally light gray cloth] bear a slight, but warm patina. The leather dashboard is in exceptional condition as are the wool carpets and the like-new trunk. The fully detailed engine runs smoothly and is ready to put power to the stylish road wheels fitted with original style, narrow whitewall B.F. Goodrich tires. In many ways incredibly complex and opulently equipped, the styling tour de force 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, with a mere 400 built, was a most exclusive automobile. Latest [Nov., 2007]:   according to Cadillac enthusiast, Dirt Van Dorst of Belgium, the sale went through as planned and the car found a buyer for $110,000.

57eb129c.JPG (23887 bytes)    57eb129d.JPG (24394 bytes)     57eb129b.JPG (22384 bytes)

57eb129e.JPG (19589 bytes)    57eb129a.JPG (15341 bytes)
[ These are just  screen shots: please consult the actual photos on RM's web site ]


Car #130 was not known to have survived.  It appears on factory records with a special paint code [#110-0]; this was a custom paint job where the stainless-steel top was painted black at the factory, like the rest of the car, presumably at the request of the buyer. No other Brougham was thus finished.  In August 2002, however, I got this message from the current owner of the car, John Altamura, a visitor to the Cadillac Database "Guest Book": I just purchased a 1957 brougham ser # 5770094950; the body # appears to be 130;  after checking on your site this does not compare with your info on this vehicle; the stainless top was never painted (?); based on this serial # can you tell me any info regarding this car; thank you for any assistance that you might provide. I contacted John to get more information about his new acquisition, but he never replied.   Late extra (11/2002): This just came in from the real new owner, Damon Lenszner, in England: The car has been owned since 1987 by James B. Cumming of Atlanta Georgia. True, Mr. Altamura did see the car with a view to purchasing it, back in August but the sale never did go through.  The car has been shipped to Bob Morris Restorations, in Ohio, for a 6-month restoration project and will subsequently go to the UK. Damon added this: Just a quick update; Bob Morris has reported back that in fact there have been traces of black paint on the roof. So the factory log probably is correct. His best guess is that the small, dime sized indentation in the roof happened as the car came off the production line. The easiest way of salvaging the cost of producing the car was to fill the dent then paint it. With advances in repair technology he [Mr. Morris]  will be able to repair it properly. I  would like to restore the car to its original condition; a Brougham should always have a stainless roof ...and this one will too. I'll keep you aware of things as they advance. Later extra (5/2005):   I never heard back from Damon but I did see the car offered for sale at auction, on eBay [item 4550494181] in May 2005   there was apparently but one, single, winning bid of $175,000.  If confirmed, this will be the second, known, six-figure price paid for a restored Brougham (riding on coils, not air) in the last 10 years.  It might become a trend as collectors, worldwide begin to acknowledge the rarity of this Cadillac model and give it the recognition it deserves.  In my eyes and in the imaginary Hall of Automotive Fame it holds the same rank in post-WW2 times as did the bespoke V-16s of the thirties. In fact, Damon says he sold the car to finance the restoration of a Cadillac V-16.   Which year and model, Damon ?  As you know, I am trying also to maintain a roster of surviving sixteens.

57eb130k.jpg (8633 bytes)    57eb130n.jpg (6792 bytes)

57eb130h.jpg (7536 bytes)    57eb130g.jpg (7160 bytes)
These "before" and "after" shots, during restoration,
were supplied kindly by Brougham enthusiast, David King


Car #131 was reportedly owned by Aristotle Onassis.

Car #132 was offered for sale on eBay in April, 2005.  One more to come out of the woodwork. Thanks to enthusiast, Todd Simons, for bringing it to my attention.   Vendor says the car is in excellent condition, having come out of 15 years of dry storage; it has just over 46,000 miles on the odometer and looks like an ideal candidate for a full restoration.  Apparently, it slept for a year then reappeared on eBay, in October 2006, where it was sold (?) for $56,000.  The description read: This car shows 46,002 miles & has been garage kept for many years. This car is RUST FREE! & has a solid straight body. All power options, windows, electric memory seat (that works) The car is V-8 powered with automatic transmission. The car has suicide doors. The paint is good & shows 7 of 10. The chrome is in good condition. The rear bumper needs re-chroming. The interior is all original & is all there. The car has power steering & brakes. These cars restored are bringing over $200,000 [rarely have I seen one go for that kind of money !] . The V-8 power plant is numbers matching! This is a Pina Ferina body [I assume the vendor meant "Pinin Farina"; he is confusing this 1957 Brougham with the 1959-60 cars that were assembled in Turin by PF - in any case, both series were designed by Fleetwood]  & it is solid! The car has the original wheels on the car (no hubcaps). This car is an excellent canadate [candidate?]   for restoration! Rare! Rare! The car is complete & ready for restoration or kept as original. The car has been in dry storage since 1964. The car has had 3 owners! The stainless top is in excellent condition. The car has A/C & air suspension. This is a factory original! Late extra [May, 2007]: This was received from an Australian enthusiasts currently residing in Budapest, Hungary:  Some background info. I run a car restoration business here,  I am an ex-Aussie living here, enjoying the Hungarian life and culture. The two EB's came recently to Hungary, bought in by an avid collector of American cars. This gentleman has also through his love of these cars, built and has opened Hungary's first privately owned museum of American cars. The musuem "Dream Cars" is centrally located in Budapest and is open to the general public. Mr Farkasdi Karoly and his family,  have now in excess of some 75 collectible american cars on display in the musuem. The musuem was officially opened by the US ambassor and is now a central point of interest to car enthuiasts, here in Europe. The two EB's info's are: #132 and 582.  Since arriving in my workshop four weeks ago, both cars are been completely disassembled and are in process of a full 100-point restoration, side by side. You can rest assured, they are being lovingly looked after.   Tom, thanks for helping to "save" these two cars. We are looking forward to adding further pics as soon as restoration is completed.  I believe this You Tube video shows one of the two "Hungarian" Broughams under restoration.

57eb132a.jpg (14051 bytes)    57eb132b.jpg (11685 bytes)

57eb132c.jpg (4688 bytes)    57EB132ab.jpg (4941 bytes)
Photos:  Internet

57EB132ac.jpg (9620 bytes)

57EB132ad.jpg (4834 bytes)    57EB132ag.jpg (4827 bytes)    57eb132xx.jpg (8074 bytes)

57EB132ae.jpg (4325 bytes)    57EB132af.jpg (4510 bytes)    57EB132ah.jpg (4536 bytes)
[ These additional photos came from Tom, in Budapest ]


Car #134 had specially dyed blue Karakul nylon carpet; it was owned by the CEO of the Huckins Yacht Co. This one too has survived although it had not been heard of since the mid-seventies. Thanks to hawk-eyed Jerry Jansson in Sweden for catching this ad in Hemmings for December, 2003: CADILLAC: 1957 Eldorado Brougham, car #134 out of 400, nice original, 45,000 miles, has been in storage, $15,500. Rick, 770-633-0492, Marietta GA.

Car #138  was owned in the late seventies by J.D. Fiorito of Seattle, WA.

Car #139  has survived too; the owner contacted me and sent a few photos.  It was advertized for sale on eBay in November, 2006.  The car looks in very nice condition. This example has had all the original mechanical components professionally rebuilt to original factory specifications. There are no defects or mechanical problems of any kind. The only modification from original was done by the original owner in the late 50's by converting the air ride self leveling suspension to conventional springs. It incorporates many of the Vanity Items!!!!!

57eb139d.jpg (9922 bytes)

57eb139A.jpg (7943 bytes)    57eb139c.jpg (7640 bytes)    57EB139e.jpg (6697 bytes)

57eb139b.jpg (8607 bytes)
[ Photos:  courtesy of the owner ]


Car #141 was admired in the collection of American author, Clive Cussler, during the 2001 CLC Grand National in Denver, CO. The car was in excellent condition and appeared to be all original.  I did not inquire if it had still all the vanity items. Late Extra [Feb., 2009]: The car was offered for sale on Ebay by a vendor in Utah. It appears to have undergone some restoration work, including a repaint. Later [Apr. 2009]: There was apparently no sale in February; the car was back on Ebay in April with a $75K starting bid. There were no bidders.

Eb141.jpg (9887 bytes)
Photo: © 2001, Yann Saunders

57EB141aa.jpg (4171 bytes)    57EB141ac.jpg (6362 bytes)    57EB141ab.jpg (5217 bytes)


Car #143 was offered for sale in the first quarter, 1998 for $27,000. It was said to be a nice original, on springs, with an odometer reading of 55,000 miles; some vanity items were included. This car was still for sale at the end of 1999 and 2000, and again in July, 2001.

Car #144 was recently [2001] reported in Canada by Cadillac aficionado, Todd Fitzgerald.  It was offered for sale on e-Bay [Internet auction Site] in December 2001. The ad reads as follows: Ever dreamed of having a rare eye catching automobile? Well this is a rare opportunity. One of only 400 produced in 1957 and a total of 704 produced in all. It is truly rare indeed. Distinguished by it's stainless steel roof panels and suicide doors. It was set apart from other vehicles of it's time. Only a select, privileged few were allowed [could afford ???] to purchase the Brougham. Elvis Presley [I reckon if he had one we would have heard about it by now!], Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Bob Hope were all counted as original owners of these automobiles. This one carries the body number of 144 making it one of the first 150 ever made. Add this to the fact that it belonged to the family of Jimmy Hoffa's right hand man, Joe Montana (not the football player). The Car's odometer shows 27,642 miles. The car does run, but is not road worthy as it has been sitting for some time. The car needs new paint and upholstery. The car is in good condition for its age. Has most of its parts. Notably missing is the air cleaner, battery cover and the stainless steel cups that came in the glove compartment. It does have the ladies compact. With a little work this car can be a beauty. We are selling this car for a client. For more information on condition and of car, call Bill at 1.814.355.4098 or his cell 814.591.2016. If you would like more pictures, sent a e-Mail. Seller with deliver car within 200 miles of central Pennsylvania. Outside of that area buyer must pay for delivery. Late extra [1/2002]: [from Jean-Claude Franchitti, '60EB #68] this car has found a new owner.

Eb57_144.jpg (10420 bytes)


Car #146 was brought to my attention in 2006.  This survivor was not previously listed in the Cadillac Database. Unfortunately, I can say nothing about it, other than it is in fine condition, as the owner has expressed the wish to remain anonymous at this time.

Car #147 [NEW, 8/2007] is believed to be a survivor; it was not previously included in this roster [check out the next entry].  Has anyone down there in the Fort Meyers area  heard of this one or of the doctor believed to own it ?

Car #148 [NEW, 8/2007] was not previously on the roster of survivors. It turned up unexpectedly for sale on EBay in August, 2007 and found a buyer immediately at the "Buy-It-Now" price of $34.5K. The car is said to be in very good condition [it certainly looks it] but requires restoration to attain perfection. It is on coils, not air, and comes with a few of the vanities. The vendor asserted that only 100 of these cars are in circulation; at last count, however [10/2007], the total was closer to 263 (for 1957) plus 192 (for 1958), making a grand total of 455. Late extra [Nov., 2007]:  The new owner is CLC member Xavier Gutierrez of CA. He wrote I am the new owner of EB #148, which is now in southern California.  The car was purchased from a vendor in Florida, although I believe the car was originally sold in the Buffalo, NY area.  The info provided by the E-bay seller about the vehicle's prior owner is apocryphal at best, I would prefer that you remove that "information" from the listing.... [done, Xavier] unfortunately, the seller of the car would not communicate with me after the sale and has provided me nothing about the vehicle's history - he was not the registered owner of the car, probably just a vendor.  I will try to locate the actual prior owner if possible to get more info myself).    The description of the car as listed on your site is fairly accurate but not totally.  The car is a pretty solid example, body and bumpers are fairly nice although needing a repaint..  The car runs but is not yet roadworthy as it appears the car was not used for a long time - fuel lines need work and brakes need to be checked a bit.  All windows work and the electricals seems pretty decent.  Interior fair but carpets will be replaced.  At this point the mechanicals are my priority, but have several other classic Cadillacs which keep my mechanic busy.  The odometer shows just over 24k which is believed accurate.  As you can see from the pics, this has the sabre-type wheels.  The car is on springs and there are no vanity items.  I very much look forward to the opportunity to drive this car at some point in the not-too-distant future - when I get to that point, I am sure I will not even be thinking about the missing vanity items!!  Thanks for your work on a very informative site.

57eb148a.jpg (6082 bytes)    57eb148b.jpg (4744 bytes)    57eb148e.jpg (5408 bytes)

57eb148f.jpg (4211 bytes)    57eb148d.jpg (5403 bytes)    57eb148c.jpg (3885 bytes)     57eb148g.jpg (5715 bytes)    57eb148x.jpg (5640 bytes)
As may be seen clearly from the RH image (lower row), this one has sabre-spoke wheels
[ Photos:  Internet, 2007 ]


Car #149 is the one  I saw in a small auto museum located in the former weaving mills adjoining the luxurious Grove Park Inn hotel in Asheville, NC, in May 2002.  The roster of survivors indicates that a blue car [code #122 - Lake Placid Blue], with blue cloth and white leather interior [code #248], like this one, was first delivered to North Carolina (NC) in 1957; the car I saw no longer had the white mouton carpeting [code #2]. There was a NC tax sticker on the windshield indicating that the car was last registered in that state in 1973-74. Unfortunately, the elderly attendant on duty was unable to give me any information about the car, other than that "only 50 of these Cadillacs were ever built!" In May 2002 I wrote to the family of the museum founder to try to get the engine or body number of the car, but got no reply. In November 2003, I stopped by the main Cadillac dealership in Asheville, NC, where I chatted briefly with the son of the owner; he later called me and confirmed the car's serial number to be 5770-100443, which does correspond to car #149. He believed his Dad's dealership had sold this car to the original owner in 1957 and taken it back in trade at a later date.

57eb149a.jpg (7844 bytes)    57eb149b.jpg (8124 bytes)


Car #151 was reported to have been on sale in California, in January 1999, in unrestored condition [thanks for the update, Brett (a visitor to the Database "Guest Book")]. Late extra [9/2003]: the new owner, Eric Mattson of Falbrook, CA, contacted me by eMail while I was in Europe from June through August 2003. I called him on my return to S. Carolina. Restoration of the car is well under way; it has been repainted black (code #110) from the original Lake Placid Blue (code #122); trim is now white leather with black leather inserts (code #859), changed from the original white leather with medium blue plain broadcloth inserts (code #248). Carpets originally were white mouton (code #2). At the present time there are no vanities with the car.

57EB151a.jpg (10865 bytes)    57eb151b.jpg (11147 bytes)    57eb151c.jpg (6303 bytes)

57eb151d.jpg (4410 bytes)    57eb151d2.jpg (5114 bytes)

57eb151e.jpg (6932 bytes)

57eb151e2.jpg (4260 bytes)
This text was part of a placard [above image] that sat  beside this Brougham at a show; obviously
there is confusion between the 1957-58 Brougham models, designed and built in Detroit and the 1959-60
models designed in Detroit and crated to Italy, broken down, to be assembled at the Pinin Farina shops in Turin


Car #152 was not known to have survived; nonetheless, it was discovered by CLC member, George Nolan, who wrote on the Forum message board in December, 2003: I found car #152 today very sad shape it's a shame as it was stored 25 years ago in running condition. Excellent Body and frame everything else is shot.  (...)  has been stored for 35 years in a garage in Titusville,Fl. It was purchased, I'm guessing, from the third owner in Orlando in 1967 by an Al Rennie. He in turn drove it for approx one year and parked it. The car was on one carb when Mr. Rennie bought it and he said it didn't have any power so lost interest. I purchased it from him this month and plan to do a full restoration of it. It is a very solid car body and frame wise and windows, lights and trunk work but does not run as engine is frozen and missing carbs which are in the trunk. Any and all information you might have I would appreciate it. I'm very frightened of the electrical system and want to preserve as much of it as I can. The car is on springs and I'm debating what to do about this. I do not like the color combination [the car is still the original Chamonix white, code #112, and trim is a combination of green and white leather; it has the mouton carpeting]  and will probably change it to a different Brougham color and interior. I realize this is not correct but I have to live with it. I'm sure I will be bothering you and Mike as I move through this process. Good luck with your project, George.

57eb152a.JPG (12779 bytes)    57eb152c.JPG (11818 bytes)

57eb152b.JPG (9330 bytes)    57eb152d.JPG (7849 bytes)    57eb152f.JPG (8702 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2008 and courtesy of the owner, George Nolan ]


Car #153 [NEW, 6/2009] was brought to my attention by its owner, Steve Phillips who wrote:  Hello, my name is Steve Phillips. Approximately 2-years-ago I found and bought car #153.  It is a complete car that needs to be restored.  It is on springs, has a single 4V instead of the dual 4V, and shows 37,000 miles on the odometer.  This car still has the original paint and leather interior.  The stainless steel top is flawless; all glass is in good shape.  I'm not sure at this time what I need to do with this car.  My email address is: jeherop@yahoo.com if you have any questions.  It was very exciting to me to find your registry on the Internet and see that the whereabouts of car #153 was unknown.


[ hoping for some photos ]


Car #154 was owned in the late seventies by Duncan Emmons of Rancho Mirage, CA. Duncan was an active member of the BOA under the presidency of Cy Strickler. At that time, Duncan owned also the following 1957-58 Broughams: #41, 114, 115, 288, 348, 367, 460 and 525Late Extra [2/2007]:  I got this update from enthusiast and collector, Bill Wetzel of California:   I recently purchased EB #154 after a "heads up" call from a friend of mine, Dale Armstrong.  Car #154 was the first EB to be sold by Gene Winer Cadillac in Bakersfield, CA. The original buyer was Superior Oil's  Howard Keck.  The car is in reasonably good condition and complete except for front & rear bumpers, grille &  all diaphragms.  Any direction you can give us as to finding these parts will be greatly appreciated. Gene Winer sold 5 other Broughams : #s 277, 284, 323, 462 and 686 [#s 323 and 686 are not known to have survived].  I have the names of the original owners that I received from the dealer 30 yrs. ago. Latest [4/2010]:  The car was offered for sale on Ebay. Vendor said:  Newly restored 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. New paint, chrome, upholstery & air suspension.  Originally sold and delivered here in Bakersfield, CA to world famous oilman, Howard Keck (Superior Oil/ Keck Foundation).  He reportedly made a few modifications to the interior that were  maintained in the restoration of the upholstery.  No vanities except an original, wrapped #829 Arpege perfume/atomizer set [3-4 years ago, that small vanity item alone might have added up to $10,000 to the value of the car!  However, few enthusiasts today are willing to pay that kind of money for it - check out this page of the Database for more info on the Brougham vanity items].

57eb154a.jpg (13943 bytes)    57eb154b.jpg (17481 bytes)    57eb154d.jpg (13875 bytes)

57eb154c.jpg (8964 bytes)    57eb154c2.jpg (6165 bytes)


Car #155 had Karakul nylon carpet in front and mouton in the rear; it may have been designed to be chauffeur driven. This car too has survived. In the late seventies it was owned by Rudy Stahl, an early member of the BOA.  At that time Rudy owned also Broughams #167, 241 and 520.   According to an article in C&P for February, 1979 (pp.10-15), one of these cars appears to have had all the vanity items.  Now this from the Oberhaus Museum, in Archbold, OH, which is about 70 miles west of Toledo: Oberhaus Enterprises has a 1957 Eldorado Brougham, VIN NO. 5770102030, Style: 57-7059x, Body no. 155, Trim No. 1380 ["138" = light gray Bayou cloth upholstery with white leather; final "0" corresponds to special order carpet, being Karakul nylon in the front compartment and lambskin ("mouton") in the rear];  Paint 118 [Deauville gray].  We also have a 1958 Cadillac Brougham Fleetwood, VIN NO. 58P021928, Style No. 7059X, Body No. 520, Trim No. 2122 ["212" = medium blue Mojave cloth upholstery with medium blue leather; final "2" corresponds to mouton carpets], Paint No. 110 [black]. Late Extra [9/2005]:  The car was offered for sale on eBay.  In his description of the car the vendor said it had been repainted the original color [code #118] and the engine was rebuilt.  No vanities, nice chrome, perfect roof steel, interior could use work, final assembly required (fresh from paint). Starting bid was $15,000; the reserve was not shown.  Later [again in 9/2005]: it was a "no sale"; the bidding ended at $32,600 but failed to meet the vendor's reserve.  Even later [9/2008]: the car was acquired two months later by Andy Kerby Jones in the UK. Andy says the previous owner had a funeral home in Canada.  The car was complete but needed a full restoration (it had not been stripped before the last paint job). Andy has spent the last 2½ years on restoring the car; presently it only needs final fitting up. The interior looks stunning, with original material from SMS in Portland, OR [I had a bad experience with one of the staff there in the 80s, but that's another - forgotten - story].  Andy has also all the vanities and an original OM. BTW, Andy and his wife have relocated to Sweden, to a place called Borlange Dalarna; they have opened a restoration shop there.  Good luck, both ! Latest [7/2009]: Andy wrote: I believe the Cadillac details on my car are incorrect. As you know I am currently restoring #155 and have stripped the whole car. In doing so the information on the site about white mouton carpet in the rear is incorrect. The rear carpet was infact grey mouton as it is under the rear seat frames in as new condition [Andy, I removed the reference to the color "white"]. It is believed that karakal was in the front compartment corresponding to the '0' on the tag plate. The resto is nearly complete. Have just taken the dash top to Autoline at the Power Meet for them to do. Last thing is to try to find a new windshield. I put a new one in car #197 but it's from Peru and does not have the curved top.Do not want to make that mistake again.Latest [1/2011]: The car was offered for sale on eBay and sold via "buy it now" for $115K. The ad indicated that although the pictures (included below) showed the car not completely assembled, it was no longer the case. The car is now in Sweden. It was completely restored to the highest standards and includes all its vanities.

57eb157.jpg (8298 bytes)    EB58SRVB.JPG (12874 bytes)
Photo (left): courtesy Car Exchange and Dennis Adler
On the right, possibly the same car in a different light


Car #158 has survived.  The owner contacted me in April, 2006, with this preliminary information: I have 1957 Eldorado Brougham #158 You can contact me at 440 235-0899, Cleveland, OH.  I've owned it since 1969 and would like to put it on the roster. The car is black with black and white interior. It was bought new at Central Cadillac in Cleveland, OH. My name is Don Kieliszek and you can reach me during the day or leave a message. The car is restored and in good running condition. I have pictures and can send them to you. You can also eMail me at MRCOLORFXS@aol.com. I shall be contacting the owner in the near future and hope to have more information and pictures to add here soon.

Car #161 was discovered in December, 2006 and is now in safe hands. The owner wishes to remain anonymous and I shall respect his wish. This one was included already in the numerical listing of survivors (at the top of this page) as there was an accurate record of its survival; its whereabouts were not known at the time. Perhaps the new owner might supply a couple of pics, nevertheless, for the Database.

Car #162 was seen offered for sale in 2002; it was described as a "1958" Brougham, but the body number identifies it as a 1957 model.  Thanks to Jerry Jansson in Sweden for picking out this ad on the Hemmings Web site and bringing one more Brougham out of the woodwork.  This car is said to be painted Nairobi Pearl but, again, records show that it was originally Lake Placid Blue.  The vendor says only two Broughams were painted Nairobi Pearl [code #149]; in fact eleven were so painted in 1957 and nine more in 1958. He adds: over $50,000 in receipts; needs to be completed;  $12,000. Contact: Darren Ware, 281-342-9751, LA.  The car was advertised again for sale on e-Bay in January, 2002, for $15K.

Car #163 was first delivered to Pennsylvania. It was seen offered for sale in 12/2002, in New York state. Here is what the vendor had to say: The car has been sitting in a building that I have owned for about ten years. It came there from an attorney who was liquidating an estate. Now, apparently it sat in the garage of the older couple who owned it at for quite some time. From what I gather (and this may or  may not be totally accurate) one of the elderly people died and the other didn't drive and when she finally died it came into possession of the attorney who was the executor. I am guessing that it has been sitting since 1966, since the New York State inspection sticker is still on the window. As to the condition of the car, the body is absolutely perfect except for some peeling paint around the front grill and some very small rust spots. There are no dings or dents that I can find. The stainless roof is perfect. The lights and lenses appear to all be good. The doors open and shut like a new car. The two flaws that I can see are that the drivers side wing window is broken (all of the the glass is intact with no problems) and a piece of the cast aluminum bumper under the gas tank door is broken (I have the piece). As far as chrome and moldings and other "doodads" -- they all appear to be there and the front bumper is in good condition but a trip to the chrome shop wouldn't hurt some of the chrome parts. The upholstery is not good but it is all there. The airbags are all there -   I have heard that they were commonly replaced with springs but this seems not to be the case. The car is blue [which effectively matches factory records - Yann]. The things that may or may not be problematic are that the previous owner of the building removed the engine and transmission to be rebuilt but he never got around to it. Apparently the motor ran but smoked so he was going to have it rebuilt. The hood was therefore removed and is in good condition and is with the car. As far as I  can tell everything is there and not missing, including the dual quads. He also removed the inside door panels from both front doors. Again, everything was stored in the trunk and I believe everything to be there. I believe that the car is very restorable as it is not missing much as far as I can tell, and from what I gather, the trouble and expense of locating parts for rare cars like these is monumental. By the way I am located in NY State and the car is in kind of a dark corner but if you want to see any pictures of anything specific get hold of me. Thanks, Tom Taylor.  Tom later added:  I'm sorry to say but there are no vanity items in the car. I can only guess that they went missing over the years. As for the rest of the car it is very complete as far as I can tell with no missing trim etc. Late Extra (1/2003): The car was sold in January, 2003, and is now relocated in Canada; it was bought by an acquaintance of Vic Brincat [Brougham #402] and now lives in Ontario. Vic will be going to take some pictures of it in the next couple of weeks.  Enthusiast Keith Boardman pointed me to this Web site which offers more information and photos of this car: http://www.classiccaddies.com/new_page_30.htm. Victor, a Brougham owner from Mexico pointed me to the latest photos now on line.   Aficionado, Stephen Andrews, says the price of this beauty is  $67,500! Another Brougham enthusiast, David King, pointed to this Web site :  http://adcache.collectorcartraderonline.com/10/0/6/78998606.htm.   Latest [Dec., 2008]: This car and car #271 have found their way to Bahrain, in the Middle East.  I got this message from the new owner:  Currently I am the owner of 2 Cadillac Eldorado 1957 Brougham Car #271 and Car# 163. Both were purchased by my cousin Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa in our home country Bahrain in the Middle East. My cousin passed the cars on to me recently after seeing how I was intrigued by them.  Car# 271 was purchased first but was hard to restore from our country not being in the US, since then it has not been running and needs some work I plan to restore it sometime in the future. Car #163 was purchased restored 100% but as you know with these cars they have a lot to be fixed so we are working on that as we speak although the car is running fine and in excellent shape. I wanted to send you information about the cars since you are doing a wonderful job keeping the history of these prized cars. I will send pictures soon. Please let me know if you need any more information about the cars I will be happy to share. Shaikh Hamad bin Rashid Al Khalifa, West Riffa, Bahrain. Thank you for the information, Shaikh Hamad, I am happy to know that these two treasures are in safe hands and will continue to be cherished as they deserve.

57eb163a.jpg (7375 bytes)    57eb163b.jpg (6403 bytes)

57EB163C.JPG (10763 bytes)    57EB163D.JPG (6896 bytes)
Top row photos: © 2003, and courtesy of Vic Brincat, 58EB#402
Lower row photos: Internet web site (on a tip from Victor, an enthusiast, in Mexico)

57eb163h.jpg (16042 bytes)

57eb163j.jpg (14132 bytes)    57eb163k.jpg (9087 bytes)

57eb163l.jpg (11024 bytes)    57eb163f.jpg (11850 bytes)
Photos these 3 rows: http://www.classiccaddies.com/new_page_30.htm

57eb163.jpg (13702 bytes)
This image:  from Collector Car Trader On-Line
(tip from Brougham enthusiast, David King)


Car #164 [NEW, 1/2008] has surfaced in Australia. One more for the records.  It will be going to Perth, on the west coast, where the owner hopes to be able to speed up its restoration.   No other details or photos are currently available.  I will add them later.

Car #165 [NEW, 7/2009] was offered for sale in BOA Newsletter #1, Vol. 2, by Dave Robertson of Downey, CA, together with cars nos #217 and 232 (all three were available for a total outlay of $25K). All three were described as rust-free and fairly complete, requiring complete restoration. Did #165 ever change hands? Who has it today (2009)? Until I hear of the car again, I will continue listing it as a parts car.

Car #166 has just come out of the woodwork [May, 2006]; it is for sale at auction on eBay by a used-car salesman in Oregon.  The latter has had many negative feedbacks, so ...buyer beware.  Car looks good but due diligence commands a close, critical inspection. Originally black, the car has been repainted white. Thanks to CLC member, Tom Barnard [58EB#450] for tipping me to this sale.  Like me, Tom likes to see an "as yet undiscovered" Brougham survivor being added to the roster.

57EB166A.jpg (20936 bytes)    57EB166B.jpg (15270 bytes)

57EB166C.jpg (13296 bytes)    57eb166D.jpg (12141 bytes)    57EB166E.jpg (13534 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, May 2006 ]


Car #167 had specially dyed gray Karakul nylon carpet. It has survived. In the late seventies it was owned by Rudy Stahl, an early member of the BOA.  At that time Rudy owned also Broughams #157, 241 and 520. An article on one of Rudy's car's was featured in C&P.  Feb. 1979, pp.10-15.   That car appears to have had all the vanity items. The car currently is painted dark blue and is owned by Graham Saggers, a British enthusiast (this update from another Brougham enthusiast in England, Andy Kerby Jones, car #197).

br_stahl.JPG (14820 bytes)    57EB167C.JPG (20718 bytes)
Left: Car #167 when it was  owned by Rudy Stahl
Right: now in the UK, after a repaint to dark blue


Car #169 was brought to my attention by CLC member, Walter Youshock. He writes: The car originally(?) came from New Jersey and was purchased and used by Marvin Roth, owner of a novelty supply business in Wilkes-Barre, PA, probably in the late '70's or early 80's. After Marvin's death, his son sold the car to Adam Coffee of West Nanticoke, PA, the current owner. Apparently, the headaches of restoring one of these wore on both Marvin and his son. The all beige leather interior was redone in all blue leather. Not a superb job, but not terrible, either. The A/C is not working; the Memory Seat switch has been replaced with a basic two-way; the power trunk doesn't work; none of the vanities are with the car; it is not on air suspension; and the rear bumpers are in desperate need of replating. The body is, however, in very nice shape and the 5 original wheels are still on the car. We are trying to get him to join the club and, as it becomes available, I can update you or someone else with more information.

57eb169c.jpg (13930 bytes)

57eb169a.jpg (8846 bytes)    57eb169b.jpg (11165 bytes)
[ Photos: Courtesy Walter Youshock ]


Car #170 was owned in the late seventies by Dr. E.M. Lucas of Los Altos, CA.  The car is currently [1998] in Australia. Many of the vanity items and personal accessories are still there (notebook, perfume, mirror, tumblers); the plastic cigarette case is missing.  The name of the new owner is Malcolm Graham.  Perhaps Malcolm will be kind enough to give us an update about his car (how, where he picked it up, condition, is  he converting it to RHD, etc.) This car is featured on the front cover of BOA Newsletters, Vol. 12, #1 and #4.

Brg170b.jpg (10705 bytes)

Brg170a.jpg (9751 bytes)    Brg170c.jpg (12942 bytes)


Car #172 is currently in Sweden, where it arrived recently (April, 2004) according to aficionados Kjell Kraakmo and Jerry Jansson. It had been on my list of survivors since the mid-seventies but with no indication of location or condition. This car is on regular springs (converted in the 60s). Repainted from black to red (possible also in the sixties), the car carries the following paint indications next to the body tag: PAINT - RUBY MAR � A1838M - R&M ALPHA CRYL - DOWNING MOTORS.  Enthusiast, Stephen Kirkwood, has been able to provide some of the history of this car.  He wrote [Dec. 2006]: I recently met and befriended Mr. Glen Cole of Alexandria, Virginia (he belongs to the Potomac Region CLC).  He owned 2 Eldorado Broughams for many years and, in 2004, sold them to the "mysterious" Swede who is buying up so many ["Mr B", whose cars are or were being restored by Hans Emeren of Autocraft in Vikarbyn, Sweden].  Neither one was listed  in the Cy Strickler surveys of the 70s. EB #172 was purchased by Mr. Cole in 1969 from a gas station on Lee Highway, Falls Church, Virginia.  It was still on air ride and had most of its vanities.  The car had been owned for years by a judge in Atlanta, Georgia (installed on the dash was a name plate reading:  "Judge Martin McFarland"). The other car is #608.

Ebswed2.jpg (8169 bytes)    Ebswed3.jpg (6515 bytes)
The car in the foreground (both pics) has been identified
by enthusiast, Stephen Kirkwood, as '57EB #172

[ Photos:  © 2004 and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]

Car #174 was mentioned to me first by Cy Strickler, former President of the BOA, in  November, 1975; at that time the car was one of many owned by George Allgood; Cy said it had a bad interior, lousy paint, several missing hard-to-find exterior parts and flat air suspension. At around the same time, I saw it offered for sale in the BOA newsletter, for $3,100, by Henry Rapheld of San Jose, CA; it was described as "original" and in "average condition". Subsequently, it was reported to me in January, 2000, by German (former) Brougham owner, Volker Meerkamp (Volker recently [1/2000] sold his car, which is going back to the USA). Car #174 is painted Kenya Beige; it is still on the original air springs. It is a  running car that is 98% complete.  Missing are the backseat armrest vanity mirror, the cups and holder.  The owner is Tom Isenhour (isenhour@vnet.net).  Cadillac aficionado Craig Seman tells me the car was converted to coil springs;  I await further info about this car from its current owner.

Car #175 was brought to my knowledge simultaneously by an enthusiast in Belgium and a used car vendor in Germany who acquired the car in France and is importing it to Germany for sale. It is one of fourteen 1957 Broughams that was exported; the original destination is unknown but I suspect it may have been Canada or Mexico; the owner believes it was later acquired by a collector in the south of France, about 15 years ago. As you can see from the photos, it is far from perfect. It is no longer on air and the condition of the engine is unknown. This car is one of six that were painted Maharani Maroon (oxblood) in 1957 [paint code 152] (cars #71, 77, 108, 175, 292 and 374 -- cars #71 and #108 are not known to have survived). Trim is plain  broadcloth and leather in beige [code #444] and the car originally had the lambskin carpet [code #2]. It sports a set of gold-toned, cast alloy sabre-spoke wheels that appear to be in better condition than the car. I am hoping to get more details in the coming weeks. Update [1/2004]: Martin Kresse, an enthusiast from near Karlsruhe, in Germany, has had a close look at the car, which is currently [1/2004] located  in Roeschwoog, France, just a 20-minute drive across the border from Martin's home.   From the many photos Martin sent of the car, it will require much devotion and many Deutschemarks on the part of any buyer (including possibly Martin ?!?!) to put this one back into fine shape.  Mark you, Martin ...I've seen worse !

57EB175A.JPG (6472 bytes)    57EB175B.JPG (7020 bytes)

57EB175C.JPG (5646 bytes)    57EB175D.JPG (7155 bytes)
It would appear from the lower photo, right, that the car was once repainted white (obviously a
professional job judging from the interior door color) then back to a muddy shade of red (amateur job)

57EB175K.JPG (5709 bytes)    57EB175L.JPG (5074 bytes)
(Left): The erroneous (?) sabre-spoke wheels on this car [although it just MAY have been ordered that way]
(Right): Martin says the original beige upholstery material is still found beneath the brownish, faux-fur seat covering

[ These two photos: © 2004 and courtesy Martin Kresse ]


Car #176  was brought to my attention by Ron Schweitzer who stumbled upon it in the NATMUS Museum, located directly behind the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum at Auburn, IN.  Ron describes it as being on air ride ...but in dire need of a good cleaning! The car is on loan to Natmus by its owner, John Schreiber, of Hoagland, Indiana. The original owner was F. Zollner, founder of the Zollner Piston Corp. in Fort Wayne, IN, and owner of the Fort Wayne Pistons basketball team that moved to Detroit as the Detroit Pistons in 1957. Zollner was one of the founders of the NBA. Pictures here are by enthusiast Chris Summmers.  Thanks for the pics, Chris. Late Extra (6/2011): the car was offered for sale on Ebay.  It appears to have a full set of matching vanities.

57eb176a.jpg (4881 bytes)    57eb176b.jpg (4184 bytes)     57eb176d.jpg (3878 bytes)

57eb176e.jpg (3465 bytes)    57eb176c.jpg (3850 bytes)


Car #177  was offered for sale on Ebay in January, 2015.  The vendor's description read: Car still has ORIGINAL air suspension (NOT working). It has been stored for 40 years with a 4 Brougham collection. Car does run off of a gas can and will drive...but gas in tank is bad and fuel pump among other known and unknown issues. Paint has cracks and is peeling. Video available of the car running and also power trunk in operation. VEHICLE HAS NO functioning BRAKES! Cooling system needs attention, water pump leaks. Original issue OEM GM fan belts were on the car AND SAVED for historical purpose! Title records miles as 31,009 actual. This Brougham is SOLID and STILL has its ORIGINAL exhaust system to include resonators (VERY RARE) and mufflers, all SOLID! Shocks are the original issue spiral design. VERY nice original windshield! History of the car is known to be a Dan Howe of Ohio that owned the car in 1964. Then a Ted Stapleton of Dayton. Original color keyed (green) vanity case is complete and also loaded with 1950's KENT brand cigarettes with Micronite filters! Original white leather beveled mirror, original ARPAGE perfume with box. Original cross mechanical pencil. Clear acrylic shot glass case and cigarette case are high quality BROUGHAM reproductions by Mastermind. See pictures.

Car #178   currently (6/2000) located in the Netherlands (Holland).  It was bought recently from Edward Meschi by Albert Braaksma.  Albert reports that although he had only seen some small pictures of the car [it was still en route to Holland when he wrote this] he said he had a good feeling about it.  The engine number is 5770-103886 and the car seems to be painted the original Lake Placid blue color. The car had not run for about 10 years

Car #179 appeared in the Barrett-Jackson auction results catalog for 1991, where it was identified by its engine number [5770-110140]; the car was said to be blue (the original color was indeed "Lake Placid Blue") and in "excellent" condition. In tzhe (new) BOA Newsletter, Vol. 3, #4 (Spring 1991), David Taft (car #413) reported seeing it at the auction. He did not see it actually cross the block.

Car #180 turned up in Sweden this summer (2005).  It was "discovered" on August 6, by Brougham sleuth, Jerry Jansson, during the (rainy) Classic Car Week Show  at the Race track in R�ttvik.  Originally a Texas car, it has retained its black color; it appears to have been in Norway since 1998.   Jerry is in touch with the owner so we may expect some more info and photos shortly.

57EB180a.jpg (14276 bytes)    57eb180b.jpg (14310 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 2005, Jerry Jansson ]


Car #181 was owned in the late seventies by George Varnell of Humble, TX. It turned up again for sale on the Internet in August 2003 with an asking price of $52,500 (then dropped to $49,800). Check out this Web site for more details. Thanks again to Brougham sleuth, Jerry Jannson, for bringing it to the attention of the Cadillac Database. Late Extra [4/2005]:  this car is in Chicago but will soon be on its way to Auckland, New Zealand.  It will be the first Brougham in that country.  It was acquired by enthusiasts Richard & Judy Glasson whom Gita and I had the pleasure of meeting during our 2-month tour of Australasia in March-April, 2005.

eb181sd.jpg (9083 bytes)    eb181in.jpg (6887 bytes)

eb181.jpg (7989 bytes)    eb181rr.jpg (7597 bytes)

EBCHICEX.JPG (8547 bytes)

EBCHICX2.JPG (6809 bytes)    EBCHICX3.JPG (6391 bytes)
[ Above two rows: Chicago Exchange Internet site, 2004 ]


Car #183 was owned in the late seventies by Bob Cook of Hazel, KY. He said it was drivable but needed a lot of cosmetics; the price was $3,500.  Jerry Jansson (our EB man in Sweden) found this one for sale in September, 2001; the ad on the Hemmings Web site reads: FOR SALE 1957 CADILLAC Eldorado Brougham, body #183, 80,636 original miles, ebony [black, code #110] with original medium blue (cloth) and medium blue (leather) interior [code #222], converted to springs but have original air suspension parts, some vanity items included [rear vanity mirror, Arp�ge perfume bottle, stainless steel cups and holder, comb and powder puff], $27,500. PH: 650-348-0130, CA. A sale went through in October, 2001 ( $21,677) and the car was on sale again on e-Bay in June, 2002; the minimum starting bid was $22,100. This one is really moving!

eb183a.jpg (11840 bytes)    eb183b.jpg (9071 bytes)


Car #184 is owned by "Fred", a visitor to the Database in February 2001; he said: Hello! I like your web page and database for the 1957-58 Broughams; you might add two more to it if you like; I have #184 (this one is a parts car .  Fred had also #701; he sold it in 2003.  Late extra [10/2005]:  Got this eMail message from Elliot Imeson, the new owner : I purchased the car from Fred in March of 2004 and have been working on restoring it since that time. The sheet metal in the body was in good condition except for the floors. I have since replaced all of the floors and trunk floors. I have restored the air suspension and am in the process of re-assembling the frame. With a lot of work I hope to have the body back on the frame some time in the spring of 2006. Thanks for your time and I will keep you updated as I progress.  Well, Elliot, I say keep up the good work and keep us posted. You'll be pleased to know that I elevated #184 from "parts car" to full "survivor" status.

Car #185 was not previously listed here; the car is located currently in Melbourne, Australia. The picture was kindly sent by Tim Stevens; he says both cars are roadworthy. Tim is from Melbourne but lives in Belgium; he is familiar with this car (as well as with 1958 Brougham #551, 1959 Brougham #41 and 1960 Broughams #32, #70, #73 and #99, all owned by the same person).

5758_aus.jpg (4949 bytes)
Left:  58EB#551; right: 57EB#185


Car #186 [NEW, July, 2008] was not previously listed here although it was known to have survived; I was contacted by a Database user who wrote: A car collector friend of mine has a '57 Brougham in storage. Its #186 and it is Laurentian Green [original] with green and white leather [original], green vinyl headliner and loop carpeting [original]. It in restorable condition and has been in his ownership for over 30 years. Very original, but needs a   restoration. It's a lifelong, local Southern CA car.   Thanks for the info! If you can get some pics, including the body tag, I shall gladly add them here.

Car #192 was offered recently (1999) for sale in Australia's  Unique Cars magazine (Fall 1998 - info from Allan Levinson); the car was delivered originally to California;  in 1978 it enjoyed a  "B" rating [good]. The following additional information - possibly about this car - was sent to me by "Brigitte", in January 1999. She says "...1957, with a 365 V8, Hydra-Matic transmission, exterior color #118, trim #1111. It is in rough shape, but could be restored. It is possibly car #192, as the owner had pictures of it on the Internet, and he showed a picture of a plate on the car that said it was body #192. The car is located in Ojai, CA, and the asking price is $11,000. The owner is George Garvey, and he can be reached at (805) 646-8714. It can be seen on the Internet at Highway One Classic Auto's Classic Classifieds." [ Mr. Garvey's own "for sale" ad reads: "Have owned the car for 28 years. It sat out and was not used since 1980. Registered in Nevada. One rust through on left rear door the size of a quarter. Windows do not operate, although glass is intact. Most air ride springs are there, but not necessarily on the car. Nothing seems to be missing expect [except] the donuts [???]. Correct wheels. Tires are incorrect, but suitable for transportation. Never been repainted. Small damage to right rear has not been repaired well. Runs on one single four barrel (have three two barrels for interested parties). Good stainless top and front window work started. New water pump, fuel pump, fuel lines, battery, brakes. All slave cylinders and master cylinders are rebuilt. Brake linings and drums are in good condition. The car will run and stop. Needs exhaust manifold gaskets for quieter operation. A full restoration would be best, but a fluff job [???] would make the car a good driver; $11,000 or trade for interesting vehicles." Late extra (5/2005): This from the new owner, Albert Matsa, a resident of Australia's Gold Coast, in Queensland, south of Brisbane.  To update your records on 57 E.B. 192, I purchased the car from a dealer in South Australia in late 98.  It is in storage at my business premises. I purchased the car on the word of the salesman . I remember when it arrived on the back of a transporter, after a 1000 mile delivery trip;   the driver jumped into the car and backed it off. I was surprised, because we all know how colorful the words of a car rep can be. The car is as described in your data base.I have driven it a few times many years ago. It is 100% complete less the vanities. It drives good for one still in original condition. I have restored 4 classic cars in the last 15 years and still have all of them. I'm currently finishing off a '57 Seville and looking for reproduction hubcaps for sabers if any one can help [McVey's ???].

57eb192.jpg (13693 bytes)    57eb192ab.JPG (17073 bytes)


Car #195 was offered for sale in the BOA newsletter, Vol. 12, #3, Fall 2000.  It was reported in #2 condition,  without any vanities. The person to contact was Matt Massoth at (913) 651-2866.  In Summer 2002, the car was still for sale, with a $20,000 price tag. Late Extra [March, 2008]:  this from owner-admirer Michael Brooks:  A local guy has 1957 Brougham #195 up for sale.  You will see it in the April 2008 Hemmings which says "1957 Eldorado Brougham #195, black exterior, white & gray leather interior, dependable daily driver, new paint and upholstery, coil spring suspension, $50,000 spent on mechanical repair $89,000  949-348-2652". The owners name is Frank Marter.  I will probably be seeing it within a couple of weeks. He said it has no vanities. Latest [September, 2008]:  this car (???)  was offered for sale on Ebay in August/September 2008.  There was a "Buy-it-Now" price of $70,000.  Only one offer was made; the car didn't sell.

57eb195A.jpg (8775 bytes)    57eb195C.jpg (7207 bytes)    57eb195B.jpg (6369 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 2008 ]


Car #197 was owned by S.F. Briggs of the Briggs & Stratton organization. In the late seventies it was owned by Gail Walter Hansen of Las Vegas, NV. I saw this car offered for sale by a Ms. Mabel Barnes on Mulholland, Los Angeles, for $2,500.  Two other Broughams also were offered: cars  #388 for $1,500 and  #605 for $5,000 [all three cars could be had for $7,500]. Yes, granted, that was twenty-five years ago! In March, 2001, I learned that this totally stripped car was imported into the United Kingdom, from California, in May 2000, by Andy and Helen.  Here's what Andy told me about it: Work completed so far includes total engine and transmission rebuild; chassis sandblasted and powder-coated, painted in original Copenhagen blue [code # 124], all stainless steel re-polished, all chrome stripped and re-chromed [does that include front and rear bumpers, Andy?] ...there's still plenty to do and I foresee it taking about another two years.  Probably the worst job is going to be the wiring as it had all been hacked about and taken out. Basically the car body was in excellent condition with no rust [it was rated in A1 condition in the mid-seventies, Andy] ... roof is lovely with no dents, just oxidation which cleaned up fine."  Keep in Touch, Andy; let us know as work progresses.  Late Extra [11/2007]: The car has changed hands. The new owner is Alan Carrington. He wrote: I own car #197 now and have done so for the last couple of years; I am carrying on with the restoration; I have just custom made the complete wiring loom for the whole car; she is coming along nicely. Andy got the engine colour wrong so I have pulled it and repainted it; am also fully detailing everything. Here are a few photos of when I collected it from Andy's house and some of my garage with the engine out [BTW, none of the attachments came through, Alan!]

57EB197.JPG (10412 bytes)
Restoration work in progress in England
[ Photo: © and courtesy Andy Kerby Jones ]


Car #198 was on the block at Scottsdale, AZ, on January 18, 1998 [Barrett-Jackson auction]; it is the car featured as the background image to this page. The car had 100 miles on the odometer after a partial restoration on a 48K mile car; it was offered with a full set of cups and all manuals. Late Extra: the same car was on the block again on January 23, 1999 and is reported to have sold for $27,000 [thanks for the update, Brett]. Late Extra [3/2010]:  Information from owner-enthusiast, Michael Brooks, reports this car WAS for sdale at auction by Woldwide Auctioneers. The description reads:  Records indicate that this Brougham has traveled only 100 miles since the restoration ten years ago. As one of only 27 examples built in Lake Placid Blue, it is yet even more exclusive having been fitted with medium blue Mojave cloth upholstery with medium blue leather hides. Only eight Broughams received this interior. Blue Mouton sheepskin carpeting remains in place, along with the seek-scan radio. Most notable, this Brougham includes the full set of rare stainless steel tumblers and owner’s manuals. Being an older restoration, it is now showing age and ready for some cosmetic updates. With the two four-barrel carburetor set-up producing 325 horsepower, one can only imagine the impact of the Brougham in 1957.

Br57_198.jpg (7193 bytes)
[ Photo: © 1998, Yann Saunders ]

57EB198aa.jpg (18116 bytes)    57eb198ab.jpg (20946 bytes)    57eb198ac.jpg (18523 bytes)

57eb198ad.jpg (12402 bytes)    57eb198ae.jpg (12613 bytes)    57eb198af.jpg (16632 bytes)
The data plate at far right, usually riveted to the firewall,  appears to have been removed and refitted with metal screws
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Car #199 was owned in the late seventies by John Miller of Natick, NY.  At that time, John owned also 1957-58 Broughams #105 and 305, 1959 Brougham #92 and 1960 Broughams #22, 75 and 97.

Car #200 was last reported at France's Le Mans speedway motor museum. I got the photo [below] from friend and CLC member Gilles Dreux of France [April 1999], as well as confirmation that the car is still in the museum collection.  Regrettably, the museum is no longer open to the public.  The car is registered in Paris [59HJ75] and carries in the center of the front grille a badge of the Principality of Monaco. In April/May 2003, this car caught the eye of Database visitor, Brian E. Downey who wrote: I read with great interest your "Best of the Brougham Breed" and I noted your mention of the history of car #200. I do remember that in the summer of '57 (and for many years thereafter) our family would vacation in Ocean City, NJ.  Another family, who became legendary as vacationers there, was the Philadelphia Kelly family, including John B. and his daughter, Grace [the movie actress who subsequently married Prince Rainier of Monaco]. I am almost positive the Kellys had a '57 Eldorado Brougham that I would see parked at their home; it looked identical to, and may even have been, the car I sat in [at Scott Smith Cadillac, Ardmore, PA] in the summer of 1957. What caught my eye in your Database was your mentioning that car #200 has a badge of the Principality of Monaco. Considering Grace's subsequent life as its Princess, is this mere coincidence ...or is #200  perhaps both the car once owned by the Kelly's as well as the one I sat in almost 50 years ago?  Well, Brian, anything is possible!  Rainier of Monaco is an avid auto collector; Grace could well have given him the car as a "wedding gift".  I doubt, however, that the car would ever have left the Palace collection.  I'll put some sleuth's on the case and see what I can dig up. Late Extra [Feb. 2008]: Well, it seems this is NOT the Grace Kelly car; the latter was offered for sale on Craig's List in Feb., 2008. It does appear to have the same paint color and trim, but gthe "French" car is far from original and the car being sold is described as:  The best original Eldorado Brougham in the World, with only 10,600 original miles and in mint condition. Unfortunately, neither the VIN nor the body number are listed in the ad.  Late Extra [8/2008]: This came in from enthusiast Kurt Linhof of Denver, CO: Here are two versions of the same shot of #200, I took during race week this June [2008] at the LeMans Museum.  Your narrative for #200 has older photos and says the museum was closed to the public, at least at the time those were taken - I don't know how long it's been open again, but it's obviously been re-modeled and it's open to the public ...at least during race week.  #200 is well-presented and while not featured, is given a respectable piece of real estate and looked good, aside from the drooping right-side Dagmar.  It appears to be in  restored condition otherwise, although I didn't inspect the ride height so can't comment on the suspension, all I can say it is a GREAT looking specimen, but they all are, in almost any condition...

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The car looks low on its haunches, suggesting an air suspension problem
Also dig that projector in place of the RH door rear-view mirror

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