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Cadillacs on the Golf Course

Msc_tees.jpg (4501 bytes)
Golfing tees

t_golf.jpg (6180 bytes)
This electric golf cart was for sale by auction,
on the Internet (e-Bay), in March, 2001




Cadillacs for Campers

60Trailer1.jpg (4859 bytes)    60trailer2.jpg (4762 bytes)

60trailer3.jpg (5529 bytes)    60trailer4.jpg (8237 bytes)
Seen on eBay in 2007, this "camp trailer" was built
(in Australia?) from the front end of a 1960 Cadillac


...and for Scooter Fans

5960vesp2.jpg (13704 bytes)    5960Vesp1.JPG (14257 bytes)




Cadillacs on the water

CADBOA2.JPG (3603 bytes)

Cadboat.jpg (12443 bytes)
Manufactured by Cadillac Marine & Boat Co., in Cadillac, MI
[ the name of the city justifies the name of the company ]

CADBOAT2.JPG (5618 bytes)
An updated brochure for the
Cadillac boat ...sweetest boat afloat


Enthusiast, Kevin Mueller, wrote in May 2005:  Hi:  Loved your site!  Thought you might like to know I have the only known example of this boat (photo below). If you like, you may add its picture [done, Kevin].

Cad_Boat.jpg (6080 bytes)

59finbo2.jpg (3234 bytes)    59finbo3.jpg (6050 bytes)    57finboat.jpg (6228 bytes)
Kevin confirmed the fins were a feature of the boat when it left the yard; it got a lot
of press at the time; the photo on the left appeared in Newsweek on January 1, 1956
(almost three years before the like-finned '59 Cadillacs made their appearance); the
other photo, right, graced the cover of Newsweek on April 15, 1957. I tend to share
Kevin's opinion  that this "wild" boat may have influenced the design of the '59s !




Cadillac in the home

cadmixer.jpg (3671 bytes)
This old blender is labeled Cadillac

Ruler.jpg (3573 bytes)    Measur.jpg (4576 bytes)    Thimble.jpg (3501 bytes)
Two tape measures and a thimble, both advertising the Cadillac

03shvmug.jpg (4626 bytes)
Shaving mug decorated with the
ever-popular 1903 Cadillac tonneau

    Vacuum.jpg (3611 bytes)
Fifties Cadillac-brand combination vacuum cleaner,
made in France; ad says it is the ONLY one
that can vacuum, wax and dry your floors all at once
(info and pic from Philippe Ruel)

AR13LAMP.JPG (4026 bytes)
Decorative storm lantern, integrated
with ceramic model of a 1913 touring car

[ Japanese origin ? ]

Prsly_cd.jpg (6201 bytes)    rec_covr.jpg (4594 bytes)
Records and record covers; the one on the right was sent kindly by "Daniel", an enthusiast  who said:
Attached is the picture of the album  "Mambo Sinuendo" which you requested people to send you ,
and I have to say you have the best, most professional Cadillac site I have ever seen!
[I have many more of these record covers in the collection but can't seem to find the time to sacn and process the images]

...and a nifty guitar to play along with the records!

Radios, CD and tape players

Tun63rad.JPG (7467 bytes)
Not strictly speaking a toy but, nonetheless, a nice replica
of the 1963 Series 62 convertible, made by Federal, Hong Kong,
Ref. #CAD-1; the "toy" is in fact  a portable radio; it is 10" long

59radio.jpg (10671 bytes)    59radio2.jpg (4922 bytes)
1959 Cadillac (tail) radio and tape deck

cadbears.jpg (9913 bytes)
Cadillac bears: Lover Bear is white with red ears and feet; on the back is the outline of a Sedan de Ville; Tropical Bear is white with red ears and blue feet; on the back is embroidered a tropical beach sunset); all bears have a tag with the Cadillac script and crest; on the inside is the GM logo

59pram.jpg (9864 bytes)    59pram2.jpg (5911 bytes)
This luxurious "59 Cadillac" perambulator was designed and built for Preston, Eva and Brontė, the three
lovely children  of Cadillac enthusiasts [ can you tell ?] Wendy and   Quentin Hall of Brisbane, Australia

art59wag.jpg (15612 bytes)
Here's a cute "Lil Red Wagon"
for fans of "fifty-nine" fins

59Plantr.jpg (11345 bytes)
From a Swedish enthusiost comes this maxi-planter for your yard




Cadillac Stuff for smokers

Cad_cig2.jpg (3486 bytes)    CAD_CIG3.JPG (3179 bytes)
This old pack of 20 cigarettes carries the
superimposed logos of Cadillac and La Salle
as used in the late twenties and early thirties
[ made by: Cadillac Sales & Service, Co., Saginaw, MI ]

Tobacco.jpg (3573 bytes)
The Scotten Tobacco Co.
sold the Cadillac of tobaccos

Cigars2.jpg (7756 bytes)    CIGARS~3.JPG (3324 bytes)
And here is the Cadillac of cigar boxes
complete with authentic crest of circa 1957-58

ARZIPPO.JPG (4843 bytes)
Probably a modern-day creation
with decorative '55 Cadillac model




Cadillac beverages

AR_DRINK.JPG (5966 bytes)    BEERCAP.JPG (3833 bytes)
Left, a soft drink brand of the forties and fifties ?
[ image: Internet (thanks to a tip from enthusiast, David Link) ]
Right, a Cadillac beer cap of the thirties


The infornmation and these images below come from
the Internet, also on a tip from enthusiast, David Link

COLA2.JPG (5354 bytes)

COLA1.JPG (8490 bytes)

COLA3.JPG (6134 bytes)

COLA4.JPG (6915 bytes) COLA5.JPG (3504 bytes)

Cadillac Cola Bottle, 24 fluid oz., 11½" tall, 3" diameter (base);  top of bottle is embossed Cadillac; upper label reads Serve cold, Cadillac [in wreath] Bottled by MOHR Bros. Bottling Co. Toledo, Ohio Phone: CH. 4-3778; lower label reads Famous for Flavor, Cadillac Cola by Authority, Cadillac Beverages - Detroit; Cadillac coat of arms is virtually the same as as used on Cadillac automobiles

rum.JPG (3595 bytes)    Wine74.jpg (3001 bytes)
Cadillac rum (left) and wine (right)
The name Cadillac is perfectly legitimate for the wine,
which is produced and bottled in the vineyards
surrounding the town of Cadillac, in France




Cadillac Pet Food !

CadDogFood.jpg (5044 bytes)
This contribution was sent in by Doug Scarrow,
who collects trivia bearing the "Cadillac" name




Cadillac "people food" !

A "Cadillac" cake for a happy birthday;
I don't know the birthday boy's name, but you can tell he was 43 in 2012
[ Photo:  ACCF Forum ]




Cadillac "bits" in your Car

ms_bulbs.jpg (7348 bytes)    ms_bulb2.JPG (7379 bytes)
Spare bulbs for the old 6-volt system

partsbox.jpg (11661 bytes)
You might carry some original spares
like these hub cap parts for the 1941-42 Cadillac)

Cadbrsh.jpg (5744 bytes)    CADBRSH3.JPG (7210 bytes)
...or a stiff bristle brush to keep the carpets clean
[ I believe this one is from the teens ]


[ misplaced image ???]

This is a tape measure in
the shape of a Zippo lighter

SHFTKNOB.JPG (3449 bytes)
Chrome-plated shift knob
to add zest to your Escalade




Cadillac Stuff at the Office

typeribn.jpg (4774 bytes)
Typewriter ribbon

LETOPENB.JPG (7752 bytes)
Old letter opener (only the blunt end is shown) with
intertwined Cadillac & La Salle crest emblems

LETOPENC.JPG (4080 bytes)
Modern letter opener with Cadillac script

MOUS_PAD.JPG (7142 bytes)
Mouse pad (various designs are available)

106PRWGTH.JPG (3715 bytes)  2 PAPWGHTA.JPG (3383 bytes)   3PAPWGHTB.JPG (5089 bytes)  4PAPWGHTC.JPG (5979 bytes)
(1) Although it reads "1906", this one depicts the 1907 Cadillac Model M  touring car with folding rear tonneau;
(2) This crest and shield are reminiscent of the era from 1955-1958;
(3) This item carries an unpainted brass crest emblem from the center of a 1941-1954 vintage wheel cover
(4) Here's another use for the ever popular Cadillac Authorized Service sign of the thirties

    PEN_RAK2.JPG (5640 bytes)    PEN_RACK.JPG (6844 bytes)
Pen and pencil set; detail at left shows Tootsietoy 1907 Model K coupe (erroneously marked "1906")

PNCL_BOX.JPG (7833 bytes)
Here's a pencil box in the shape of an early fifties Cadillac

Cadpena.jpg (3880 bytes)

Cadpenb.jpg (4028 bytes)    Cadpenc.jpg (4627 bytes)
[above two rows] Cadillac promotional ball-point with
Cadillac script on the pocket clip and crest on the swivel top

PRNT_BL2.JPG (4945 bytes)    PRNT_BLK.JPG (2442 bytes)
Cadillac-Oldsmobile waxing seal
(image at right is reversed to show CADILLAC name)

AR38AMBU.JPG (18445 bytes)
Ink blotter, advertising Chambers Ambulances
and eaturing a 1938 ambuilance on Cadillac chassis
[ blotter measures circa 9x4" ]

11RUBSTP.JPG (5452 bytes)    60stamp.jpg (5568 bytes)
Rubber stamp your mail with an antique or classic Cadillac

59PHON2.JPG (7329 bytes)

59PHONE.JPG (5923 bytes)
1959 Eldorado Seville phone handset

AR59CALC.JPG (7153 bytes)    AR59CAL2.JPG (5812 bytes)
Pink 1959 Cadillac desk calculator

Phoncard.jpg (5073 bytes)
Talking of telephones, here's a 30-min.
phone credit card from (I guess) Sweden
it depicts a '56 Caddy tail-fin



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