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The (new) Cadillac Database©

The Fabulous
Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

1957 - 1960

Part 19
Brougham Bibliography

Being a list of the sources of information, photographs and documents
presented in this section of the Cadillac Database

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Many of the facts and information found in this section of The Cadillac Database© were drawn from the following books, magazines, club publications, etc. I should like to give due credit here to the authors who contributed detailed material on the Eldorado Brougham, as well as related material, to the following books and magazines on which I relied for this section.

Please refer also to this page of the Cadillac Database, listing other books containing information on the bespoke Eldorado Brougham models.


1. Exit Dream, Enter Reality, article by Don MacDonald, Motor Trend, April 1955

2. Fortune Magazine, March 1958 [Eldorado Brougham ad]

3. Elegant Eldorado, article in Motor Trend, September 1959

4. Les Plus Belles Voitures du Monde, Hachette, 1963

5. Eldo Meets Mark II, article in Special Interest Autos, December, 1970

6. The X Cars, by Henry B. Lent, 1971

7. CADILLAC - The Complete Seventy-Five-year History, by Maurice D. Hendry, 1973

8. American Car Spotters' Guide: 1940-1965, by Tad Burness, 1973

9. Towards the Eldorado Brougham, article by Cy Strickler III, The Milestone Car,
    #9, Autumn 1974

10. Car Styling Quarterly, Vol. #XI, July 1975, and Vol. #XII, October 1975

11. Quarterly Newsletters and Rosters of the Brougham Owners' Association (BOA),
      by Cy Strickler III, 1975-1976

12. Special Interest American Cars: 1930-1960, Petersen Publishing Co, 1976

13. Automerica, Ant Farm, 1976

14. Cadillac Limited Editions, article in Car Classics, February, 1977

15. GM Motoramas Prodded Penurious Purse Gauged the Wares of the Future,
      article by Robert C. Ackerson, Old Cars, February 22, 1977

16. The Final Broughams, article by Pierre Ollier, Special Interest Autos, August 1978

17. Eldorado - A Fifties Fantasy, article by Jeffrey I. Godshall,
      Automobile Quarterly, 1978

18. Cars of the Sixties, Consumer Guide, Vol. #250, Fall 1979

19. 1957 Cars, Consumer Guide, 1980

20. Voitures de Rêve, by Jean Rodolphe Piccard, Edita-Vilo, 1980

21. 100 Ans d'Automobile, L'Automobile, 1980

22. Dream Cars, by Michael Frostik, 1980

23. How Many are Left ?, Autos of the 50s and Autos of the 60s,
      by Automotive Clearinghouse, 1981

24. The American Sports Car, Consumer Guide, Vol. #239, 1981

25. Prototype Cars that Never Were, Consumer Guide, Vol. #299, February 1981

26. Fins and Chrome, by E. John De Waard, 1982

27. On the Edge of Rationality, by Dennis Adler, Car Exchange, July 1982

26. Eighty Years of Cadillac LaSalle, by Walter M.P. McCall, 1982

28. Classic Cars - CADILLAC, by LeRoi Smith and Tony Hosain, 1983

29. General Motors - The First 75 Years, Automobile Quarterly, 1983

30. Eldorado, A Classic Source Book, by Thomas E. Bonsall,
      Bookman Dan Publishing, 1984

31. Cadillac Automobiles 1949-1959, Brooklands Books, 1988 (?)

32. Miscellaneous General Motors publications from 1955 to 1977, (Cadillac Division),    

The Cadillac Merchandiser, 1955
Eldorado Brougham Owners' Manual, 1958
Miscellaneous Sales Brochures, 1955-1960
Cadillac Data Books, 1957-1960
The Cadillac Serviceman, (miscellaneous issues), 1957-1960
The Cadillac Craftsman, June 1977
Press Portfolios, miscellaneous years
Cadillac Master Parts Books, miscellaneous years

33. The Self-Starter, monthly newsletter of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.

34. The Cadillac Connoisseur, monthly newsletter of the Cadillac Club International

35. Old Cars Price Guide, miscellaneous issues

36. Cars and Parts, miscellaneous issues

37. Année Automobile, [Swiss] yearly catalog editions, miscellaneous years

38. Revue Automobile, [Swiss] yearly catalog editions, miscellaneous years


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