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1957 - 1960

Part 17
Baby Broughams for Big Boys

Being a look at some Broughams in Miniature
for the avid Brougham buff and toy car collector

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tbrhot2.jpg (9809 bytes)
Selection of Eldorado Brougham toys from the collection of
Charles Barnette, Texarkana, TX [1958 Brougham
From L-R:  Revell [1:24 scale], Gunze-Sangyo, [1:32 scale],
Western Models [1:43 scale], Hot Wheels [1:66 scale]

[ Photo: © Rusty Thompson, courtesy Charles Barnette ]



For those who, like me, could not afford to buy a real Cadillac Eldorado Brougham when it was new ($13'074 for the first generation, $13'075 for the second), some satisfaction could be derived from acquiring one's dream car in miniature.

For many years I was a fervent collector of Cadillac cars in miniature (scale models, scale replicas and toys). During these 40-odd years, I acquired or had purposely built many replicas of the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham and of the Motorama show cars that preceded it.

Changing circumstances in my home and professional life caused me to have to part with my Cadillac toy collection in 1989.  At that time, I believe it was the single, largest collection of scale model Cadillacs in the world.

On this page are listed the Eldorado Brougham or EB-related toys that were in my collection in June, 1989, together with others that have been marketed since that time. I shall gladly update the following list if any Database user(s) would kindly provide appropriate and current information.


NEW [FOR January, 2002]: On this Web site you will find for sale a very nice looking, tinplate replica of the 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham by Japan's Marusan company, masters in making tin toys for the last half century. This was marketed in 2002.


Custom models inspired by the Eldorado Brougham

19. 1959 Pininfarina Skylight coupe
Serial #1
(wood and plastic replica)
built in, 1973

trd60bg.jpg (6805 bytes)
This replica in circa 1:43 scale is whittled from balsa wood and trimmed with PVC windshield
and windows; it was commissioned from René Daffaure (RD Marmande
1  toys, France)


20. 1959 Pininfarina Starlight coupe

Serial #3
(wood and plastic replica)
built in 1973

trd60pf.JPG (6650 bytes)
This replica in circa 1:43 scale is whittled from balsa wood and trimmed with PVC windshield
and windows; it was commissioned from René Daffaure (RD Marmande toys, France)


21. 1961 Pininfarina Jacqueline coupe

Serial #3
(wood and plastic replica)
built in 1972

tjacpf.jpg (7253 bytes)
This replica in circa 1:43 scale is whittled from balsa wood and trimmed with PVC windshield
and windows; it was commissioned from René Daffaure (RD Marmande toys, France)


1 The "RD" models were commissioned - through Dr. Michel Sordet, a friend and fellow toy collector in Geneva, Switzerland - from their maker, Rene Daffaure [hence the name RD]. René hand-built these models, one by one, from bits of  balsa wood and plastic, on the kitchen table of his home in Marmande, in S.W. France [which is the reason these models are known sometimes as Marmande or RD - Marmande models].  René specialized in building replicas of cars that had raced at Le Mans; he may have built some 8,000-10,000 of them over a period of some twenty years.  During that time, he built also about 200 Cadillacs in miniature; more than half of these were commissioned by me.   His first scale-model Cadillac was the well-known 1950 Series 61 coupe that ran in the Le Mans race that year; René built a few dozen of these.  He made also some scale replicas of the Cunningham barquette nicknamed Le Monstre,  powered by the sturdy 1950 Cadillac V8 engine, that also ran at Le Mans in 1950.  The RD   or Marmande models, although crudely built, possess a fascinating appeal.  Their charm is surpassed only by their rarity.  Indeed, some of the Cadillac models I commissioned from René are unique.  I believe my friend Dr. Sordet has the largest, single collection of RD models in the world; his RD collection consists mainly of replicas of Le Mans race cars.  My former RD models are currently [1998] in safe hands in Zürich, Switzerland.


Eldorado Brougham Toy Trinkets

22. & 23.  Unidentified comic ceramic lookalikes
by [unknown]

Serial # ...???
built in the nineties (???)


Unknown Scale

t50sglas.jpg (7381 bytes)    T57brg6.jpg (8787 bytes)
(Left): This cute, glass replica, advertising spark plugs,   depicts an unlikely
2-door Cadillac Eldorado Brougham in shocking metallic pink

(Right): Similar to the preceding replica, this ceramic imaginary Eldorado Brougham
2-door model may inspire a foolish owner to convert his real car!




Circa 1:64 Scale



tbrhot1.jpg (8683 bytes)    tbrghot.jpg (5755 bytes)
Left: this customized version was seen on e-Bay in 2002
Right: Hot Wheels (USA) - new issue, 2002

[ Photo: © Rusty Thompson and courtesy Dr. Charles Barnette ]



Brtomarx.jpg (4906 bytes)   
The front bumper is not in exact proportion
to the rest of the toy but it is still a fine replica




Circa 1:43 Scale



T57wmbrg.jpg (6292 bytes)    t57bkltd.jpg (6764 bytes)
From Brooklin Models in England come these fine replicas of the bespoke
1957/58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham; on the right is catalog #27, limited to 750 pieces

T57brka2.jpg (6190 bytes)    T57brka1.jpg (5381 bytes)
New edition of the same toy, also from Western Models, England. Enthusiast
Luke Sanz added: This is a 1:43 scale white metal model of a 1957 Cadillac
Eldorado Brougham by Brooklin Models (BRK 27A). The "A" designates
that it is a revised and updated version of the earlier BRK 27
Luke added this better photo of the revised Brooklin model:

<<<<<image to be processed >>>>>




[ image needed ]

1956 Eldorado Brougham Town Car for $285, made (on order only) by "VF" models in  Germany. 




Circa 1:32 Scale



tphil00.jpg (8062 bytes)
Built kit, by Gunze-Sangyo (Japan), from the growing collection of my son, Philip



 57custy.jpg (6215 bytes)    57custx.jpg (7154 bytes)
Eldorado Brougham lookalike toy, scale and origin unknown; appears to be soft plastic or rubber molding
with plastic wheels; the toy features non-authentic continental kit and quad trumpet horns mounted on the hood




1:24 Scale



Tfm57br2.JPG (8198 bytes)
The first scale-model (kit) of the 1957/58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
was issued by Revell, USA.  This one is from the Franklin Mint, circa 1999;

it is highly detailed and, consequently, very expensive

TBRGBAHA.JPG (7389 bytes)

Tbrg01.jpg (5690 bytes)    Tbrg02.jpg (7854 bytes)

Tbrg03.jpg (11958 bytes)    Tbrg04.jpg (9237 bytes)
The Franklin Mint replica comes only in black; that fact has inspired a keen enthusiast
to create his own, personal series, based on actual cars and colors delivered by Cadillac;
here we see work in progress on
car #350 of which only a single one was painted Bahama Blue
[ interiors, of course, will be color coordinated also to match the original cars ]


[ Castille Maroon example - photos to come ]



brtoy57.JPG (42621 bytes)    t57brg2.JPG (7379 bytes)
This is the first scale-model (kit) of the 1957/58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham issued
by Revell, USA, in 1/24 scale; it was re-issued in the late eighties; on the right
is a factory promotional built-up kit of the Revell replica, complete with the two scale figurines

t57ebrev.jpg (6081 bytes)    Trv57br.JPG (6340 bytes)  
This one is from the author's former collection

brtoytc.JPG (32478 bytes)

Trv56tc.JPG (6395 bytes)    t56ebtc.jpg (6485 bytes)
From the author's former collection too comes this conversion of the stock, Revell Eldorado Brougham kit
into the unique, 1956 Eldorado Brougham Town Car that toured the Motorama circuit that year;  
showing off the true scale of the toy (left) is a one-ounce atomizer bottle of Arpege perfume extract from Lanvin,
Paris; this accessory was standard equipment with each of the 704 Eldorado Brougham models built in 1957/58




Circa 1:18 Scale



[ showcase photos to come ]

Cheap at the price
This is an absolutely beautiful Model of the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Sun Star has done a great job with this American Classic; it has opening front & rear doors (which are of the so-called 'suicide' style), the hood and trunk also open,




Circa 1:16 Scale
[about 13 inches long]



Teb57mar.jpg (6183 bytes)    t57ebmar.jpg (9397 bytes)

t57ebma2.jpg (10293 bytes)
Marusan Toys (Japan)
These photos were taken with a wide-angle lens; in reality the car
is more stubby and appears too wide but it is still a fine replica (circa 13" long)
For more details, or to order one, e-Mail my friend, Ron Smith:

< nojoke@apk.net >



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