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The Cadillac V-16

Part 1m
Photographic Studies of the V-16 chassis
by Anton Bruehl, 1929

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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.


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( en bas de page on trouvera un court résumé en français)


The magnificent photographic studies below were commissioned by the firm from talented professional photographer, Anton Bruehl, in 1929.  They describe better than any words the beauty - both aesthetic and mechanical - of the chassis and motor of the first production automobile to have a sixteen-cylinder engine: the Cadillac, Series 452, of 1930. 

The brochure from which these photos are drawn is a very rare piece of Cadillac merchandising literature issued at the time of the New York Auto salon of January, 1930.  I was very fortunate to be able to view and to photograph that item in a private collection in Washington, DC, back in 1985.


The mighty Cadillac V-16 chassis and engine

The cover of the 1929 photo portfolio by
Anton Bruehl serves as the background image


16brlbey.jpg (16525 bytes)


16brlpis.jpg (11253 bytes)

Bird's eye view of the
sixteen-cylinder engine

Pistons, rods and
crankshaft assembly



16brldif.jpg (8686 bytes)


16brlshk.jpg (8562 bytes) 16brlaxl.jpg (8969 bytes)
Pinion, ring gear
and differential assembly


Front spring
and shock absorber

Rear axle housing
and differential carrier



16brlcam.jpg (11864 bytes)


16brltsp.jpg (10012 bytes) 16brlvlv.jpg (16253 bytes)
Spare camshafts
with 16 cams each


Timing sprockets
and silent chain

Valve rocker arms
and silencer mechanism



16brlstr.jpg (14998 bytes)


16brltrn.jpg (9160 bytes) 16brlsyn.jpg (12751 bytes)
Steering arm, I-beam
and brake mechanism


Transmission rear support
and brake booster



Helical gears in
Syncro-Mesh transmission





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( résumé en français)

Nous devons à Anton Bruehl, photographe professionnel, les magnifiques photos ci-dessus qu'il a prises à l'usine Cadillac, en 1929, à la demande expresse de la firme.

Elles traduisent mieux que les mots ne sauraient le faire, la beauté aussi bien esthéthique que mécanique du moteur et des principaux organes de la premiere voiture de série mue par un moteur de seize-cylindres: la Cadillac, Série 452, de 1930.

Elles sont tirées d'un prospectus très rare, émis à l'occasion du salon de l'Automobile de New York en janvier 1930, document que j'ai eu l'honneur et le plaisir de pouvoir consulter dans une collection privée à Washington, en 1985.



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[ Background image: cover of Anton Bruehl book of V-16 photographic studies ]